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Free Raiders DVD Promo Coming in Your Cereal
01/03/08, 4:20pm EST

As we saw earlier there are plans for Kellogg's to release an Indiana Jones cereal, but it looks like Indy fever is spreading to other Kellogg's cereals.

Raisin Bran Crunch has a deal where you can obtain a FREE* copy of the DVD that started it all; Raiders of the Lost Ark! Just by collecting 12 Tokens from the boxes of various Kellogg's cereals or just be sending 1 Token with $11.99 you can get your copy of Indy's first big screen adventure.

Now while we all know about Raiders, the box does feature copy and art talking about Indy's newest quest for a lost South American city and its mysteries while being pursued by evil, sword wielding spies. Indy fans will have start searching their aisles in grocery stores soon as the quest for a balanced breakfast and spine-tingling action is about to begin!

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge
click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge
Thanks to 'Agent5' for taking these photos.

From Ian Brocklehurst, a UK teacher in Greece, we received two photos from a nice looking Kellogg's Cornflakes box with Indy 4 packing found at a local supermarket. The photos are very blurry but give a good look at the lay-out.

click to enlargeclick to enlarge
Thanks to Ian Brocklehurst for these photos.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock & Gilles V


Indiana Jones Special Edition DVDs Details
03/03/08, 1:38pm EST

Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom and Last Crusade Debut Individually for the First Time on DVD, With All-New, Exclusive Bonus Features on Each Movie

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (March 3, 2008) – According to the American Film Institute, he’s the greatest action-adventure hero of all time – and his unforgettable exploits can be relished by fans old and new as never before when all three INDIANA JONES movies debut as individual Special Edition DVDs and in an all-new box set on May 13.
Released by Lucasfilm Ltd. and Paramount Home Entertainment, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Special Edition DVDs boast all-new, exclusive bonus features that dig deeper into the making of these cinematic milestones than ever before. All three were originally restored and remastered in 2003. Created with fans of all ages in mind, the bonus features provide never-before-seen explorations of the making of these classic movies and showcase the characters, action and extraordinary visual effects that have made the movies indelible cinematic treasures.
Each film makes its DVD debut just days before the highly anticipated return of the “Man in the Hat” in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

An entire generation of movie lovers will get to see these classic films in a digital format that makes them even more amazing than when they were first in theaters,” said Howard Roffman, Vice President of Lucasfilm Ltd. “These new, individual DVDs are a fantastic way to introduce young audiences to the unforgettable, action-packed adventures of the most daring archaeologist in the world.

Directed by Steven Spielberg from stories by executive producer George Lucas, the three INDIANA JONES movies earned six Academy Awards® and nearly $1.2 billion worldwide. From the groundbreaking excitement of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) to the sinister mysteries of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) and the father-son adventure of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), the heroic Dr. Jones continues to delight audiences with his thrilling on-screen exploits.
Previously available only in a trilogy box set, the three films of
THE ADVENTURES OF INDIANA JONES were restored and remastered to deliver an exceptional viewing experience to existing enthusiasts and a whole new generation of fans. All-new bonus content delves into the making of the legendary series as the filmmakers and cast look back and a new world of adventure opens up with
Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and others offering hints about what to expect in the newest installment.

Raiders of the Lost ArkIndiana Jones and
the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Special Edition DVD is presented in widescreen enhanced for 16:9 TVs with Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround, French 2.0 Surround and Spanish 2.0 Surround and English, French and Spanish subtitles. The disc includes the following special features:

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark: An Introduction by Steven Spielberg & George Lucas
  • Indiana Jones: An Appreciation—The cast and crew of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull pay tribute to the original trilogy.
  • The Melting Face—A recreation of the amazing physical effect of the villain’s melting face in Raiders of the Lost Ark, including
    Steven Spielberg and George Lucas commenting on the evolution of visual effects and CGI.
  • Storyboard Sequence—The Well of Souls
  • Galleries
    • Illustrations & Props
    • Production Photographs & Portraits
    • Effects/ILM
    • Marketing
  • Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Game Demo and Trailer

Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomIndiana Jones and the
Temple of Doom

Special Edition DVD is presented in widescreen enhanced for 16:9 TVs with Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround, French 2.0 Surround and Spanish 2.0 Surround and English, French and Spanish subtitles. The disc includes the following special features:

  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: An Introduction by Steven Spielberg & George Lucas
  • Creepy Crawlies—Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Frank Marshall reminisce about snakes, bugs and rats.
  • Locations—Travel across the world to discover where the films take place and where they were shot.
  • Storyboard Sequence—The Mine Cart Chase
  • Galleries
    • Illustrations & Props
    • Production Photographs & Portraits
    • Effects/ILM
    • Marketing
  • Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Game Demo and Trailer

Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Special Edition DVD is presented in widescreen enhanced for 16:9 TVs with Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround, French 2.0 Surround and Spanish 2.0 Surround and English, French and Spanish subtitles. The disc includes the following special features:

  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: An Introduction by
    Steven Spielberg & George Lucas
  • The Women: The American Film Institute Tribute—The three
    Indiana Jones women (Karen Allen, Kate Capshaw and Alison Doody) reunite for a discussion.
  • Friends and Enemies—Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and
    Indiana Jones writers discuss how they created the most iconic characters in film history, including a look at new faces in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
  • Storyboard Sequence—The Opening Sequence
  • Galleries
    • Illustrations & Props
    • Production Photographs & Portraits
    • Effects/ILM
    • Marketing
  • Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Game Demo and Trailer

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark has a running time of 115 minutes and an MPAA rating of PG.
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom has a running time of 118 minutes and an MPAA rating of PG.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade has a running time of 126 minutes and an MPAA rating of PG-13.

For even more information about the adventures of Indiana Jones, visit

Paramount Home Entertainment (PHE) is part of Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), a global producer and distributor of filmed entertainment. PPC is a unit of Viacom (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B), a leading content company with prominent and respected film, television and digital entertainment brands. PHE is responsible for the worldwide sales, marketing and distribution of home entertainment products on behalf of various parties including: Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Studios, Paramount Vantage, Paramount Classics, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, CBS, PBS and Hasbro and for providing home entertainment fulfillment services for DreamWorks Animation Home Entertainment.

Lucasfilm, INDIANA JONES and related properties and titles are trademarks and/or copyrights, in the United States and other countries, of Lucasfilm Ltd. TM & (c) Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved. All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.


The Indy Race Begins
03/03/08, 5:40pm EST

Cool Toy Review continues adding to their coverage of the recent International Toy Fair along with Hasbro updates about the new toys based on the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

While puzzles have been a movie tie-in standard the box art of the new ones based on Kingdom of the Crystal Skull look great. The best packaging art though has to be for the Akator Temple Race Game showing Indy doing the 100 yard dash with Crystal Skull in hand! These might be spoilerific, but at the same time they're terrific to look at as well! There is also a DVD game but it is not shown for fear it may be SPOILER-ish as well.

to Cool Toy Reviewto Cool Toy Reviewto Cool Toy Review

So if you want to look, the images are here, if not do what Indy and Marion did once and "keep your eyes shut"!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indiana Jones Room Lights
05/03/08, 4:06pm EST

Last week Indiana Jones was invading the food aisles on cereal boxes and then toy shelves with action figures and Mighty Muggs but now he can light up your world - literally! Orders are now being takend for room lights in the shape of the Chachopayan fertility god from Raiders and another based on a crystal skull from the movie of the same name.

While the site also lists pre-orders on Indy beach towels, pocket watches and water bottles, one wonders how the designers of these room lights missed putting out a set of Shankara Stones that light up, not only would that be cool but scary away those pesty Thuggees.

Source: National Console Support

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Young Indy on DVD: A Tour of Volume 3; Disc 2
05/03/08, 4:38pm EST is taking an in-depth look at the upcoming release of volume 3 of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones by spotlighting the creepiest episode of the series; Masks of Evil. While not broadcast in the U.S., this was part of the VHS tape releases of the series in the late 1990s, and involves Indy's first experiences with the occult.

Indiana Jones is on a top-secret undercover mission in Transylvania. The forces of the mysterious General Targo have raided enemy and allied P.O.W. camps for reasons unknown. Some figure that Targo may be building his own separatist army. Teamed with special mission agents, Indy infiltrates Targo's castle-keep to learn that the bloodthirsty general may be styling his campaign of domination after the legendary Vlad Tepes. Is there more than just a penchant for impaling bodies on spikes that connect Targo to Dracula? With bleeding walls, spontaneous combustion and undead soldiers, this is one Indiana Jones adventure you won't forget.

So, head over to for a preview and leave the lights on if you get scared!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


It's Time to Party - Indy Style
05/03/08, 5:04pm EST

Indy 4 party products.
Indy 4 party products.
While looking online for birthday party supplies for our son, my wife asked my son if he wanted to pass on his Ben 10 cartoon theme and go for something else. He looked over on the computer screen and said, "No, you can buy that for Dad's". I looked over and what did my eyes see?

INDIANA JONES PARTY PRODUCTS! I remember in the heyday of the 1980s seeing Temple of Doom themed plates, napkins and cups with Indy holding his whip and Thuggee sword looking for trouble or birthday cake, well 24 years later... he's back! (as well as other party goods sites) are starting to get Indy party supplies, now your Indy premiere party will be all set! Though it might be hard breaking a pinata with a bullwhip! The Chinese Yo-yo whips are cool, but where are the goodie bags of snakes, rats and bugs!

Party on!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


TF2008 Indiana Jones Toys Video Tour
05/03/08, 6:19pm EST

As we said the guys over at Cool Toy Review have out done themselves with the great photos of all the new Indiana Jones toys coming our way. Well, just when we thought it couldn't get any better, not only have they posted all hi-res images, but have now added VIDEO!

Great job guys and can you let us know where to steal some gold - it will be an expensive year for Indy fans!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


New Cover to Tomb of the Gods Comic Book!
06/03/08, 7:24pm EST

Tomb of the Gods
Tomb of the Gods cover by Tony Harris.
I have received great news today, Tony Harris is drawing the cover to the Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods mini series from Dark Horse! Tony Harris is better known for his awesome artwork for comic book series such as Starman and Ex Machina!

Here follow the details for the Tomb of the Gods mini series:

Indiana Jones and
the Tomb of the Gods #1

Rob Williams (W), Steve Scott (P), Michael Atiyeh (C), and Tony Harris (Cover)

On sale June 29
FC, 40 pages

Dr. Henry Jones Jr. may be the world’s preeminent archeologist, but that doesn’t mean he’s spent his life in the library! Ready and able to do whatever it takes to preserve the final remnants of history’s most significant happenings, he’ll go head-to-head against Hitler’s elite who want nothing more than to exploit objects of ancient power in pursuit of world dominance!

Be there for the beginning of this roller coaster thrill ride of non-stop excitement as Indiana Jones dons his hat, packs his whip, and undertakes an endeavor more awesome than anything ever!

Indiana Jones sets out on an all-new adventure that will take him around the globe!

Very special thanks to 'Yodazone' for the comic cover!

Posted by Gilles V


New Indy 4 Poster on Sale at
11/03/08, 5:28pm EST

The Indiana Jones adventures continue this summer, and has got the poster to prove it!

You can now Pre-order the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Theatrical Poster for $19.99.

An Indy poster wouldn't be an Indy poster without the skilled hand of artist Drew Struzan, who has composed artwork for each installment of the Indiana Jones series. Indy looms large in the composition, as he should be, surrounded by some old friends and some new enemies (we'll let you decide which camp the snake falls into). This is one poster you'll definitely want to snatch in time for the movie's release in May!

A special note to collectors -- This poster is an authentic, double-sided theatrical one-sheet that is identical to those that will be displayed in the movie theater light boxes. In the past, StarWarsShop has offered theatrical one-sheets to collectors before the film's rating is printed on the poster, which any collector will tell you these days is the more common variation. We're offering the rarer rated version to our shoppers, and will ship them as soon as they're available in April, well ahead of the film's release.

They are also offering the official novelization of the film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull by James Rollins -- autographed for $24.99. The novel will ship on May 20th.

Included with your purchase of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull novelization is an autographed bookplate label hand-signed by author
James Rollins.

Thanks to Scott for the heads up.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


DK's Ultimate Indy Guide Offers New Pics
15/03/08, 2:37pm EST

It seems some people were lucky enough to get an advance preview of DK Publishers Ultimate Guide to Indiana Jones and from what we can see it looks to be a must have for Indy fans.

First up there is a great 2 page spread showing Indy and all his adventurer's gear and pics of him from the comics as well. And for anyone who has ever had a cluttered desk, well, you have got nothing on Indy's! Gathered from his various expeditions we see statues, trinkets and artifacts all over the place. Indy and his fans share that "collector's fever", as most fans have similar collections, but of Indy action figures and toys.

Finally there is a new weapon added to the arsenal, a switch blade. Now we can't see Indy trading in his gun, whip and trusty pocket knife but this Italian made stiletto appears to be the weapon of choice for maybe a 50's style fighter.

You can see the sneak peak at: the Replica Prop Forum, and just have to wait to see the whole book when it hits the stores in May!

Thanks to Raven forum member, Jack Burton for the preview.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Harrison Ford Official Pix Signing on March 18th
15/03/08, 2:37pm EST

As Marcus Brody, might say "The pen is mightier than the sword", but how quick is it when it comes to autographs? Last time Official Pix's offereings of Harrison Ford signed photos (50 of Indy and 50 of Han Solo) were gone in under 30 seconds! This time, fans will get another shot, and even better a brand new Official Pix "Exclusive" Indy pose from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, its the one of Indy on the boxes in the warehouse.

Here is the news from the man behind Official Pix, Ben Stevens:

Update: The pre-order for the second Official Pix Indiana Jones Harrison Ford autograph has ben scheduled for March 18th at 11am. A link for the item will be placed on our home page here. We hope everyone that wants this very cool image from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will be able to get one!

After a record breaking 30 second sell out of our first batch of 100 authentic-licensed Harrison Ford autographs, we are very proud to announce that Mr. Ford has just agreed to do three additional signings over the course of the next three months!

All three Official Pix signings will be limited to 50 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull LE prints, and 50 Star Wars photos.

Official Pix is extremely proud to announce these followup signings with blockbuster actor - Harrison Ford and hope that these signings will lead to additional opportunities down the road. Pre-order details for round two will be posted here and at as early as next week!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull hits theaters May 22nd!

So be ready on march 18th for chance at this rare Indy collectible!

Source: Official Pix Blog

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Borders' Indiana Jones Collection Book
18/03/08, 2:53pm EST

Collector's Edition
Indiana Jones - The Collector's Edition
On a visit to my local bookstore, I made a great find for getting the new generation into the literary versions of Indiana Jones - all in volume. Borders bookstores has an exclusive hard cover edition of Indiana Jones - The Collector's Edition by Scholastic books. As mentioned in an earlier report, Scholastic has released versions of Indy's earlier aimed at younger readers. This Borders exclusive features Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark by Ryder Windham, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom by Suzanne Weyn, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, again by Ryder Windham. The Temple of Doom even includes a new introduction identifying Lao Che's diamond as none other than the Eye of the Peacock diamond which Indy pursued after the end of WWI in the television film; Young Indiana Jones and the Treasure of the Peacock's Eye.

The 657 page book also features 24 pages of color images, divided into 3 sets of eight pages featuring images from the respective films, with comments on the pages, like "If adventure has a name, it must be Indiana Jones", and "Can you keep up with the Joneses?" done in the Raiders type style.

For a cover price of only $13.99 (US) this is a great edition to add to any Indy fan's library. Look for it at Border's bookstores.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


First shots of New Indiana Jones Pinball Game
18/03/08, 3:57pm EST

New Indy Pinball Game
Pinball backglass image.
If you ever had the chance to put some coins in the 1993 Williams' Indiana Jones pinball game you know what a fantastic time it was. Well, for those of you who remember that experience, or for those looking to take up the Indy challenge once again in an arcade prepare for the new adventures of Indiana Jones pinball style!

Due to hit arcades to coincide with the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in May, this new game by Stern Pinball combines all four of Indy's big screen adventures for some bumper banging, flipper-flipping, steel ball bouncing fun! Pinball News has posted details and images of the new Indiana Jones pinball game!

Thanks to Matt and Brandon for the e-mails alerting us to the new pinball fun!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Topps TV Shows Indy Sketch Cards
18/03/08, 4:19pm EST

What began with Marvel Comics legendary artist John Romita, Topps Trading Cards unleashed a unique one-of-a-kind chase cards that has had art and trading cards fan searching packs for years. From Marvel to Star Wars, from Lord of the Rings to Heroes, these subsets of cards are a proven hit, so it is only fitting that Indiana Jones enters the fold with cards drawn by top in artists.

In the Topps TV video, you not only see samples of the new Indy cards, but hear from artist Michael Duron who jumped "up and down" when he got this latest assignment... drawing his hero - Indiana Jones. With Michael's work, alongside many of the other artist we have been profiling like Matt Busch, Trevor Grove, Adam Hughes and others this latest set of Indiana Jones Heritage Cards which come out Wednesday March 19th will be flying off store shelves!

Plus, in May there will be Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Topps cards with even more great cards and autographs randomly inserted from Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall, Kathleen Kennedy and others so be on the look for them!

Thanks to Les at ThrowMeTheIdol for the info on Topps TV.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indiana Jones Heritage Trading Cards On Sale
18/03/08, 5:39pm EST

March 19, 2008 -- After a nearly 25-year hiatus, Topps is back together with Indiana Jones.

The storied card marketer, who offered Raiders of the Lost Ark cards in 1981 and Temple of Doom cards in 1984, plans an ongoing program around everyone’s favorite action-adventure hero.

Heritage Cards PackagingIn comic and hobby stores today, Indiana Jones Heritage takes a retrospective look back at the original movies – Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade. Complete with packaging and card designs inspired by Topps earlier work with the property, Indiana Jones Heritage has a decidedly vintage, “old school” feel. Many memorable, iconic scenes are included in this 90-card, triple movie treat. Plus, reminiscent of Topps cards from yesteryear, packs include one piece of bubble gum.

ToppsTV's new video, which spotlights the company’s artist sketch cards, has just debuted on multiple sites, including YouTube and It most prominently features Topps' latest series to include sketches – Indiana Jones Heritage. This video explains what sketch cards are, explores their history and includes an interview with one of the sketch artists.

The second phase of the program commences prior to the theatrical release of the new movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. While the film premieres in theaters on Memorial Day weekend, Topps will ship its all-movie series to hobby, specialty and mass merchandisers on May 1. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie cards promise to be a worthy companion to the highly anticipated film and a treasured keepsake for years to come.

The Indiana Jones property has inspired many talented artists whose work has adorned familiar movie posters as well as the covers of numerous books and comics. A fine selection of these breathtaking images – plus newly commissioned, never-before-seen works – will comprise the program’s third card series, Indiana Jones Masterpieces. Planned for release around the holidays, Indiana Jones Masterpieces follows in the tradition of Topps’ highly successful, all-art-based Lord of the Rings Masterpieces.

"The marketplace is enormously excited that we’re back in business with Indiana Jones," states Ira Friedman, Topps VP of Publishing. "It helps that most of our customers are fans who grew up on the original films and, just like Star Wars (another Lucas creation), consider these properties near and dear to their hearts", says Friedman.


A look at some of the Indy Sketch Cards
19/03/08, 4:24pm EST

If you don't have the time or money to chase down every one of the new Indiana Jones Heritage sketch cards randomly inserted 1 in boxes of the new cards, /Film is showing the sketch cards by the following artists:

- Joe Corroney
- Jessica Hickman
- Kevin Graham
- Grant Gould
- Russ Walks
- Allison Sohn
- Jeff Chandler
- Cat Staggs
- Mark McHaley
- Kilian Plunkett
- Cynthia Cummens
- Mark Raats
- John Watkins-Chow

Click here to see them all -- and good luck finding some!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


The Indiana Jones Heritage Cards are Here
19/03/08, 4:41pm EST

Indiana Jones Hertage Cards
Indiana Jones Heritage cards unwrapped!
I was waiting for my kids to get home from school with feverish excitement, counting down the seconds to rip open the new Topps Indiana Jones Heritage card set! The door opened, the backpacks were thrown down, our dog, Indiana, did his customary welcome tackle and then we were off! Ripping the package featuring the classic Richard Amsel one sheet image made me remember the summer of 1981, when I last did this - same artwork, but a better wrapper! New images of the classic films, Raiders, Temple and for the first time Last Crusade! Poster artwork, pre-production sketches from comic legend Jim Steranko, and so much more! We went through the cards calling out; "Hey, look at this poster art!", "Cool, it's Short Round!", "Is this an artwork card?", "and "Did you find it yet?"

Then it happened as it always does...

My eldest son, Spencer, has luck like no other person I know... his first concert, he shakes Bruce Springsteen's hand and gets his guitar pick, he had Bill Murray sing him "Happy Birthday" at age 5 at a picnic, met two of the fourteen astronauts to walk on the moon, gets picked to be a movie extra, and always... I mean always pulls the special card out of a pack of cards! It wasn't Harrison Ford, Karel Allen or Kate Capshaw, I have those... but there was one autograph I never had -- until today! He pulls out the John Rhys-Davies autograph card and said ; "Do you want Sallah?"

So, a successful card searching day, more a complete set of 90, a sequential card, an autograph, a Kingdom of the Crystal Skull preview card -- and my other son, Owen was thrilled to have so much bubble gum!

Get out there an buy some packs - they are great!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock with help from my sons Spencer and Owen!


Indy Sketch Cards by Patrick Schoenmaker
19/03/08, 6:23pm EST

Frequent visitors will definitely recognize the name and work of Patrick Schoenmaker as he is the creator of two amazing header illustrations for (see the top of this page!) but Patrick is also a contributor to Topps' Indiana Jones Heritage sketch cards series!

Dutch artist Patrick Schoenmaker has illustrated 40 sketch cards for the series, all in his great and unique style, and you can now view most of his sketch cards online at his The Trumpet Parade blog!

Click on the images for a closer look at Patrick's sketch cards.

Schoenmaker's Sketch CardsSchoenmaker's Sketch CardsSchoenmaker's Sketch Cards

Special thanks to Patrick Schoenmaker for sharing his sketch cards! You can view more of his Indiana Jones artwork here.

And you can still view the amazing Indy sketch cards by artists Trevor Grove and Adam Hughes here on

For even more Indy sketch cards; has published a great article, and images, on another Indiana Jones Heritage sketch artist named Joe Corroney! Also definitely worth checking out.

Posted by Gilles V


Young Indy on DVD: A Tour of Volume 3; Disc 4
20/03/08, 3:37pm EST

This time we get to see another unaired episode of Young Indy featuring him in the post-WWI years, and meeting such notable celebrities like Paul Robeson in an episode dealing with racism. Here's a description:

Winds of Change (1:36:54)

Disheartened to see the mistakes of the old world repeated in Europe, Indy returns to the U.S. On the steamer trip across the Atlantic, he meets and courts a beautiful young New York aristocratic named Amy. Back in Princeton, Indy takes a summer job helping Professor Robert Goddard, a scientific genius determined to cast aside preconceived notions of altitude calculations and rocketry to envision a future where mankind can break gravity's bonds and leave the Earth.
Not everyone can be so forward thinking, though. Indy again sees the ugliness of racism as he takes his good friend, Paul Robeson, into New York to meet Amy and runs afoul of small-minded thugs who have trouble seeing whites and colored people socializing together. Compounding Indy's frustrations is the frosty reception his father gives him when, after four long years of war, they are finally reunited. The elder Jones still treats Indy as a child and refuses to listen to his worldly insights gained from his experiences abroad, which leads to a volcanic confrontation between father and son which sets them on separate paths, not to cross again for almost twenty years.

For more check out

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Hasbro Toys Indiana Jones Q&A
21/03/08, 4:33pm EST

Hasbro toys recently answered some questions from toy collectors, more specifically, Indy toy collectors and here's what they said:

Private Universe: With the success of the Battle Pack format in the Star Wars line, can we expect to see something similar for Indy? "Rope Bridge Showdown" containing Indy, the aforementioned rope bridge, Thuggee's and crocodiles would be neat! You've already introduced the concept of multi-packs of army builders with the German Soldier 2-pack (and fans are loving you for it), so the recreation of specific scenes with some environment elements thrown in would certainly be well-received.

Hasbro: We are looking at some IJ battle pack concepts, and the one you mention is a possibility either for the Deluxe assortment or battle packs at some future point.

Private Universe: The figures in the Indy line all appear to have ball-jointed heads. The customising-orientated among us would like to know if the neck posts/ball and sockets are of similar dimensions so that quick swaps can be achieved (eg, Indy head on a German Soldier body = instant Indy in German Soldier Disguise / Cario Indy head on KotCS jacketless Indy body = super-articulated Cairo Indy) ?

Hasbro: We have sculpted IJ with standard head and neck post sizes, but as with Star Wars, our Asian engineering team and the factory do what they feel is needed for production of the figure. This means that some figures change in neck post size and they won't always be consistent. Since timely manufacturing and durability are two of our most important parameters, we often give ground on some of the more minor issues like universal part sizes.

Thanks to "Inky_skin" for the link.

Source: The Private Universe

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indiana Mickey at Disney
21/03/08, 4:48pm EST

Like the Mickey and friends Star Wars figures before him, Indy is getting the mouse treatment too. has a photo of Mickey Indy with a golden idol that will be available at the park starting in May.
This is a 3 3/4" series articulated action figure with an approximate retail of $9.95.

Thanks to Kris Van de Sande from and Les at for the heads up on Mickey.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


MediCom to Produce Indiana Jones Figures
24/03/08, 5:17pm EST

MediCon figure
Indy figure by MediCon
If Indy fans had a tough time figuring out which 12" line of Indy figures to get, well their choices just got more diverse. Adding to the Hasbro and Sideshow line will be MediCon with new Indiana Jones figures, starting with Indy and his Dad. Cool Toy Review has a picture of the new figures that should be available this summer.

To see the accessories check out as well!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock Opens on April 1st - No Foolin'
26/03/08, 3:53pm EST

And no, this isn't an April Fool's joke --, the new online store for all things Indy, will be offering scores of new exclusives and products when it opens its virtual doors in one week -- mark your calendars now!!!

Why, you ask, should you show up for IndianaJonesShop's grand opening? Because a bunch of limited exclusives will be posted on opening day, with 10% knocked off all products between 12:01 am EST and 8:59 pm EST! Not only that, there's a special gift with purchases over $100 while supplies last (more on that in a moment). But like all things Indy, you just gotta check out what's (literally) in-store for the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!

While StarWarsShop has offered a limited selection of Indiana Jones wares over the past year, you've now got a retail destination for all things Indy -- no need to search through riff-raff to locate those Indy treasures! will be launching with over 100 products, adding new items every week. There's no doubt about it -- IndianaJonesShop is the new home of Indy products -- exclusives, vintage, new, and imported!

In addition to a 10% discount on all Indy products opening day, orders totaling $100 and over will receive a vintage issue of Marvel's original Indiana Jones comic book series for free. A fresh stash of these were recently discovered within Lucasfilm's own Licensing Archives, and were set aside exclusively for this launch event.

Here's a little bit of what you can expect to find when IndianaJonesShop launches April 1st:

  • Shared Exclusive Gentle Giant Bronze Indy on Horse Statue
  • Authentic vintage Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1984 theatrical posters (both the Style "A" and Style "B")
  • Exclusive Crystal Skull Theatrical Poster
  • Exclusive T-Shirts and Accessories
  • Shared Exclusive Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide Collectors Edition
  • LEGO Indiana Jones Sets
  • Full line of new Hasbro Indiana Jones action figures and toys
  • Kotobukiya Collectible ARTFX Statues
  • ...and much, MUCH more!

Don't be counted a fool April 1st -- make sure your browser is locked to anytime between 12:01 am EST and 8:59 pm EST to get the launch-day discount and free gift while supplies last!


Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Playing Cards with Indiana Jones
27/03/08, 4:03pm EST

Remember when Indy and Short Round were playing (or rather cheating at a game of cards on the way to Pankot Palace? Well, you can play cards with Indiana Jones too -- literally! Photos of the new Indiana Jones playing cards have surfaced on the net and players can choose from Crystal Skull or Original Trilogy sets. Just be careful who you are playing with!

See the images at Indiana Jones Comunidad Fan Española!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Radio Making-of Sideshow's 12" Indiana Jones Figure
28/03/08, 4:51pm EST

The March 25th episode of Sideshow Radio features an intriguing inside look at the making of our new Indiana Jones 12-inch figure. Listen as Kevin Ellis from their Cut and Sew Department, talks about the clothing and what goes into the creation to the jacket.
Kevin talks about asking Indy costume expert Keith Carter who talks about the subtle differences from each movie and the such attention to detail as the length of the pockets! From zippers to shirts and pants to the Mark -7 gas mask bag - this 12" Indy has it all!

Take a listen and you will soon see what is coming your way from the folks at Sideshow! Download it and give it a listen.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indiana Jones Gentle Giant Exclusives
28/03/08, 4:53pm EST

One of the things that I will be searching for next month, as I make my way through the cavernous halls of the Jacob Javits Center for the third annual New York City Comic Con, will be the exclusive offerings from Gentle Giant. While Gentle Giant's Indy on horse statue and mini-bust are due in July, I just received this information regarding the paperweights modeled after the Indy 4 "crate" teaser poster seen at last year's San Diego Comic Con. Here's the details from their recent email:

On Friday, April 18th and continuing through Sunday, April 20th. Come out and visit Gentle Giant Ltd at booth 923! There you will find the Indiana Jones and New York Comic Con Exclusive(s)

Indiana Jones Artifact Crate Paperweight (3 collections) $35 each
Each crate features a detachable magnetic whip and fedora, a removable crate lid and rubber snakes.
Collections are randomly packed. Every crate will contain one of three artifact collections.
Collection 1 includes: the Golden Idol and Temple Tablet.
Collection 2 includes: the Sankara Stones and Holy Grail Cup.
Collection 3 includes the Crystal Skull.

*** Due to unavoidable delays in production,Gentle Giant is NOT taking pre-orders for pick ups at New York Comic Con. All exclusive products available at the show will be allocated daily so there will be product available to attendees for all 3 days of the show.

Sales of products will begin 1 hour after the show opens to the general public daily (see below.) Exhibitors will only be allowed to purchase on Sunday, April 20th.

Friday, April 18th - Sales begin at 4:00 pm
Saturday, April 19th - Sales begin at 11:00 am
Sunday, April 20th - Sales begin at 11:00 am

However, if you are a Premier Guild Member, we will have the exclusive products debuted at NYCC available for purchase on our website approximately 1 week after the convention ends. More information will be sent out regarding the details of this offer.

Well, let's see if some lucky Indy fans (like me -- I hope) walk off with the Gentle Giant exclusives!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Snacks! Why did it have to be snacks!
28/03/08, 7:11pm EST

A quick stop at your local supermarket can turn into a challenge for the taste buds, as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull tie-ins are appearing on everything from cereals to snack crackers. But as my stomach growled louder than the rolling boulder at the beginning of Raiders I held my ground, and passed over some of the "action filled" cereals from Kellogg's that filled the aisle end cap display. As I stared the tiger (Tony the Tiger wearing a fedora on Frosted Flakes) down, I made my decision, and carefully balanced different boxes of cereals, as not to have them come tumbling down. I chose wisely, as it was a two boxes for $6.00 sale, and picked up my box of Frosted Flakes and Cocoa Krispes, and pushed my shopping cart as fast as I could before I ended up buying the Apple Jacks and Corn Pops emblazoned with Indiana Jones cracking his whip!

But then as made my way toward the bottled water, I saw more Indy, this time on Cheez-It Crackers, again on sale two boxes for $4.00. Okay, just these. I bravely passed up the Keebler Chocolate Mint Grasshopper cookies offering the Raiders of the Lost Ark DVD and head on to finish my shopping.

Almost done, I made my way to the milk, and there frozen in all its glory, Indiana Jones M&M Ice Cream Cookie sandwiches. "No more", I shouted; "No more"! Okay, maybe just one box and then I moved on to the checkout lines. The cashier looked at my items and said; "you must really like Indiana Jones, huh" ( as if my Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull T-shirt didn't give it away). "Oh are those movies back?" I shrugged, and made my way out to the car.

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge
Treasures from your local supermarket and
two Kellogg's box photos (front & side) provided by Ian Brocklehurst

After all these food items I wonder if even Indiana Jones can help me find my waistline?

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


IndianaJonesShop has Opened its Doors!
01/04/08, 1:25pm EST

Put on the coffee or set that alarm because IndianaJonesShop has opened its doors!

There's limited exclusives, a 10% discount (for the first 24 hours), and free vintage comic book with purchases over $100 while supplies last!

Limited exclusives include vintage theatrical posters pulled from Lucasfilm's archives, the bronze-plated Indy on horseback statue, signed books and much more at IndianaJonesShop!

Posted by Gilles V


Mail-away Indy Search Light Offer on Eggo Waffles
01/04/08, 6:24pm EST

If last week's trip to the "Temple of Food" wasn't tempting enough for the taste buds and deadly to the waistline, I went back for more (in reality, my wife called and told me we were out of milk). I raced through the aisles in my attempt to avoid the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull food tie-ins but came to a screeching halt at the freezer case. There in front of me was something that was somewhat nutritional and actually usable. Emblazoned on the boxes of Kellogg's Eggo Buttermilk Waffles was an offer for an "Indiana Jones Search Light", and like last week this was a special; three boxes for $5.00.

Like an ancient Siren's call it lured me towards it with promises to "track down the fun" and "shed light on any action packed adventure", best of all it was just $3.99 with one Indy Token. So somehow it fell into my cart and into our freezer. As I explained to my wife when I returned and she rolled her eyes at the sight of the Eggos, this was something we can actually use someday.

And before she could answer the lights went out!

At 9:45pm Sunday evening the lights in the neighborhood went out, just like they did in Cairo when Howard Carter opened King Tut's tomb in 1923. Was it the curse of the "crystal skull" reeking havoc on the town of Trumbull? As we sat in the dark, I said that if only we had an Indiana Jones Search Light things would be different. She opened the kitchen cabinet and found another flashlight and said "C'mon genius, it's time for bed".

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge
Indy Search Light offer with Kellogg's Eggo Buttermilk Waffles,
Indiana Jones 4 SPOILER advert on the side.

Oh well, maybe I don't need every piece of Indiana Jones merchandise.

Posted in the dark by Mitchell Hallock


For More Indy Fun "Raid"
02/04/08, 5:25pm EST

Today's junk food excursion into morbid obeseity was at the local pharmacy/store known as Walgreens where one of the specials of the week was a $1.50 off two bags of 10.5 to 14 oz. of Mars Candy bags... featuring what else... Indiana Jones.

There was the new "mint Crisp" green variety of M&Ms, along side the traditional regular and peanut covered treats featuring Indiana Jones "Art-facts" on the bag. The bags are also promoting the website where on the bag of the bag, but at the time of this writing there is no Indy related material.. yet.

Anyway, I think I will roll over to the convenience store later and see if I can wash these chocolate babies down with some Indy Dr. Pepper. If this keeps up I will have to purchase three movie tickets on May 22nd to fit my fat asp!

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Fat asps... very dangerous!

Posted by the ever-growing Mitchell Hallock


Limited Edition Art Lithographs at IndianaJonesShop
03/04/08, 3:11pm EST

The latest additions to the Indiana Jones Shop include three fantastic illustrations part of a new series of limited edition fine art lithographs created by "some stellar talent"! These three illustrations are:

Especially note the great animated "Escaping the Tomb" take of a classic Raiders scene! If its stunning style looks familiar but you can't exactly remember where you've seen it before, scroll up and at the top of this page you will see an earlier Indy illustration by the same talented artist; Patrick Schoenmaker!

"Escaping the Tomb" by Patrick Schoenmaker.

And here follows a quote by "This piece makes you wish we could see a fully-animated Indy adventure!"

Click here to view more Indiana Jones artwork by Patrick Schoenmaker. And be sure to have a look at Patrick's Indiana Jones Heritage sketch cards!

Posted by Gilles V


Sideshow's Premium Format Indiana Jones Teaser
05/04/08, 8:59am EST

Sideshow Collectibles had a great start with their 12-inch Indiana Jones figure, that even had the exclusive version of only 1500 dell out in an hour, is teasing fans with word of the Premium Format 1/4 scale Indy figure.

All we see is a glimpse of what is to come -- so keep your eyes peeled!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Hasbro Adverts Start to Appear for Indy
05/04/08, 9:05am EST

Hasbro Indiana Jones
Artwork by Andy Smith
for AdventureCon®.
Print ads showing the new Indiana Jones 3 3/4" and Adventure Heroes figures are appearing in magazines and online and Hasbro is giving fans a chance to have the new figures - in desktop format. The Hasbro/Indy website has two variations of the print ads that can be saved as wallpaper -- so you can look at your new plastic treasures before you have them "in your hand"!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


San Diego ComicCon Indy Mighty Mugg Exclusive
08/04/08, 1:41pm EST has posted some of the Hasbro Toys Q&A where they talked about the upcoming Indiana Jones exclusive Mighty Mugg that will be out in July at the San Diego ComicCon. It is certainly unusual and while the actual number has yet to be released one knows that these will be on every Indy fans must have list!

Check out the images of this golden dust gatherer at

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indyfans Get a Sideshow Indy Close-Up
08/04/08, 3:06pm EST

Brandon Kleyla, director of the soon to be premiered (at the Newport Beach Film Fest on April 27th) Indyfans and the Quest for Fortune and Glory, got a close-up look at Sideshow Collectibles new 1/4 scale Indiana Jones figure on a recent tour of their California facilities. These stills from the Indyfans film show Brandon giving the new Indy a once-over and from what he saw, Brandon added; "This is a piece that EVERY Indy fan must own"!

click to enlargeclick to enlarge
click to enlargeclick to enlarge

From what we can see, Brandon, we agree with you -- now if only we can sell a few museum pieces and other bits of treasure lying around to afford all of these Indy collectibles heading our way!

Thanks to Brandon at for the sneak peak!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Second Cover to Tomb of the Gods Comic Book!
08/04/08, 3:20pm EST

Tomb of the Gods
Tomb of the Gods cover by Tony Harris.
Dark Horse has revealed the cover art for the second issue of their Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods mini series on their website. This second cover was created by amazing comic artist Tony Harris who also created the first cover for the Tomb of the Gods series.

Here follow the details for the second issue of the Tomb of the Gods mini series:

Indiana Jones and
the Tomb of the Gods #2

Writer: Rob Williams
Cover Artist: Tony Harris
Penciller: Steve Scott
Colorist: Michael Atiyeh
Genre: Action/Adventure

Indiana Jones continues to uncover clues that point to a discovery unlike any other while his enemies attempt to silence him forever in part two of Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods!

For Dr. Henry Jones Jr., impossible odds and death-defying escapes are all in a day's work, but when rumors of an ancient artifact of unthinkable power prove to be more than simply legend, Hitler's legions of evil redouble their efforts to destroy the do-good Professor Jones before he foils their ambitions for global domination once again!

Hitch a ride with the world's greatest archeologist for a journey of maximum excitement!

Publication Date: Jul 30, 2008
Format: Full color, 40 pages
Price: $2.99

Source: Dark Horse

Special thanks to 'Yodazone' for the high-res comic cover!

Posted by Gilles V


The Indiana Jones Handbook
10/04/08, 4:43pm EST

Know how to escape a snake pit? Drag under a truck? Avoid the "wrath of God"? If there answer to any of these questions is no, do we have a book for you! Presenting The Indiana Jones Handbook by Denise Kiernan and Joseph D'Agnese from Quirk Books due in May. is giving Indyfans a peak at this "how to" guide on being Indy albeit with a sense of humor.

Timed to coincide with the movie release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, this handbook has step-by-step instructions, helpful diagrams and full-color photography from all of the Indiana Jones films. The handy guide also includes fun sidebars about Dr. Jones' experiences from the films and real-life tidbits about archaeology.
The book is broken down into various chapters to help you find answers to your most pending adventurer questions. If you need to quickly survive being poisoned or perhaps brush up on bullwhip basics, go to Chapter 1: Expedition Essentials. Get a few pointers on how to run on top of a moving train or escape quicksand in Chapter 2: Getting Around. Chapter 3: People Skills comes in handy when you've been tied up or need to win a fistfight. Handle tarantulas, snakes and rats like a pro thanks to Chapter 4: The Animal Kingdom. For the beginner archaeologist Chapter 5: On-site Skills has useful information on how to locate a lost site and then excavate it. Break a zombie curse and escape the wrath of God thanks to Chapter 6: Supernatural Skills.

Take a look for yourself as well as see some of the books sketches at

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indiana Jones Mad-Libs
11/04/08, 3:38pm EST has just let us all know about a funny way to look at the world of Indiana Jones with Indiana Jones Mad-Libs:
Also in the works is an Indiana Jones Mad Libs book that includes stories and dialog from all four movies including Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Creating a Mad Libs story is easy. Each story has key exclamations, adverbs, nouns and adjectives missing. The writer selects words at random to fill in the blanks for a hilarious new story! Write stories on your own, or make it a game with a friend.

Both Star Wars Mad Libs and Indiana Jones Mad Libs books are written by Roger Price and Leonard Stern, and are published by Price Stern Sloan, the Young Readers Division of Penguin Group. Indiana Jones Mad Libs is due in stores May 2008, while Star Wars Mad Libs hits the shelves September 2008.


Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Raiders of the Snack Attack
13/04/08, 3:26pm EST

Well, as I have been chronicling my Indy food finds of late, I thought you would like to see this week's passages from my junk food journal... and the cruel ending it had in store for me...

DAY 1: The riddle of "Puzzle boxes, Indy reading and a light up adventure spoon"!

I have shared my shopping excursions for Indy related materials and my fears of becoming an Indiana Jabba from all the Indy snacks (note on this week's spree I bought the "low-fat" Club crackers). Well, this time I am learning some restraint and looking at the value of some of these items, and to justify it to my wife, what extra value can be found in these purchases beyond a few calories and some nutrition.

The back of cereal boxes have been providing kids (and adults) substantial reading material over breakfast for years. While not in the same category as The New York Times of Wall Street Journal, these cardboard periodicals have provided food for thought and provided a wall shielding the annoying brother and/or sister for decades. With Indy about to return, adventurers fueling up for a busy day can start to prepare for a quest with some amusing games. On the back of the Indiana Jones cereals that I have found (Kellogg's Cocoa Krispies, Corn Pops, Apple Jacks and Frosted Flakes) there have been a variety of puzzles to entertain the brain while eating. One can enjoy the challenge of an Akator Maze from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Crack Indy's Code with a cryptogram, or outmaneuver an opponent in the "Floor of Fate" connecting game. There are also some trivia questions bound to make any Indy fan roll their eyes at the simplicity. These puzzles are also on the ice cream boxes (M&M Cookie sandwiches) if you are "Jonesin' for adventure" with a "whip-crackin word find" and some more trivia.

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge


click to enlarge

Now, I mentioned the Eggo Waffle mail away offer for an "adventure Indiana Jones search light" that may come in handy if you are stuck in the dark. Well, if you can't wait to for the mail to bring you some light, try boxes of Kellogg's Apple Jack's for a light-up, Indiana Jones adventure spoon! Coming in red, yellow and green, these babies will light the way if you find yourself eating in the dark. The spoons also come etched with Indy symbols from the upcoming film, from a skull, ant and the ever dangerous snake (being a super-smart guy, I naturally pulled a yellow light crystal skull spoon that bathed me in supreme intelligence as I munched my cereal). So there are two reasons why these Indy items are good for you! In addition, my fellow Indyfan, Brandon, let me know that you can get an Indiana Jones Canteen Offer on the back of Kellogg's Pop-Tarts! See, the value of all this! Food! A Spoon to eat the food! And a canteen to wash it all down!


click to enlarge

What would a trip to the store be without a browse down the magazine aisle, this week you can find several Indy-related periodicals. We have Harrison Ford gracing the cover of Mens Journal and National Geographic Adventure in both he he touches on his return to his most famous screen character (here's a hint - it isn't the Russian sub captain in K-19). And you can still read my letter to the editor in Vanity Fair's April issue on George Lucas's comments about Indy fans (I know - its a shameless plug for me). Now I have reading materials! This Indy buying spree is becoming more well-rounded (as am I).

Now, it may be the "gears" and not the mileage if you don't keep your body running right, don't worry Indy has that all taken care off. The Indiana Jones DVD Mail-in Offer for a copy of Raiders of the Lost Ark, is on boxes of Frosted Mini-Wheats, Raisin Bran Crunch and Nutri-Grain Bars, Indy fans can rest easy knowing their colons will be rolling like a giant boulder and clearing the way of any unwanted waste products thanks to the off-worldly powers of "fiber". 'Nuff said on that subject.

DAY TWO: A trip to the candy counter and worse!

The chip in my back molar became something of a problem the day after my Indy Shopping Spree. What was an annoyance was now getting painful -- and munching on some Indy peanut M&Ms wasn't the smartest thing to do. So I went in for a dental check-up and heard those dreaded words... decay... and worse ROOT CANAL! As I await my impending dentist appointment and a root canal, I thought I would show what was at the corner gas station -- a yes, more Indy snacks. Always one to put his pain aside in a quest for a story and news for Indyfans, I bought these M&Ms and Snickers emblazoned with the image of Indiana Jones and art-facts on the back. These tidbits of wisdom include, "Indiana Jones was named after George Lucas's dog, Indiana", startling revelation I know loyal readers, but the truth (or tooth) is out there!

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Anyway, I am going to get shot (with novocaine) so be on the lookout for more snacks and brush well afterwards! There is more Indy items out there; Dr. Pepper, Indy cereal and the fabled Indy Bacon Burger King Whopper.

Oh yes, the adventure will continue... ouch!

Posted by Mitchell "Super-Size Me" Hallock


Hasbro Unveils Wave 3 of The Indy Action Figure Line
17/04/08, 3:41pm EST

Hasbro will be delivering with their 3rd wave of Indiana Jones action figures items that Indyfans have been waiting for for almost twenty years -- Last Crusade figures!

Starting with an amazing depiction of young Indiana Jones (the late River Phoenix), this detailed figure of Indy as he is about to be transformed into a treasure hunter is incredible with its resemblance to the on-screen actor who inspired it. Equally impressive in detail is Dr. Henry Jones, the Grail Knight, Elsa, and the the evil Nazi, Vogel! The line also includes new Indy figures as well!

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge
click to enlargeclick to enlarge

Added to the already announced line from Raiders, the Crystal Skull, Indyfans can only hope for the Temple of Doom line to keep this tradition of excellence going! Speaking of Temple, the line of Adventure Heroes featuring Indy, Mola Ram, Short Round and Willie have also surfaced. Though cartoon-ish in style, the line is also a dream come true to Indy collectors.

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Look for all these new Hasbro figures to hit in May and then during the summer.

You can already pre-order them at

Thanks to Michael Johnson for the heads up.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy(s) at the New York ComicCon
19/04/08, 2:42pm EST

As I got off the train ready for the show wearing my Indiana Jones lapel pin, I wondered if I would see any Indyfans today at the Comic Con. It was a good sign as I got of Grand Central Station door in New York City and there before me was a double-decker tour bus going by with its sides showing Drew Struzan's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull artwork all over it. Indiana Jones was about to take the Big Apple and the entire world by storm in about a month!

I headed off to the Jacob Javits Center for the the 3rd annual Comic Con NYC, to see what was new in the comics and movie world, but more for the latter as I hooped there would be plenty of Indy related material and I was right! As soon as I walked in I saw the Dark Horse Comics booth showing off all their latest and writers John Jackson Miller and Rob Williams, talking Star Wars, but they were also the authors of the forthcoming Indiana Jones 4 adaptation and Tomb of the Gods miniseries, though at this point in time they cannot discuss the particulars of their Indy assignments. I did bump into the Dark Horse Comics owner, Michael Richardson and thanked him for keeping Indy going in the pages of his comic books after Indy rode off into the sunset in 1989. Mike confessed being a huge fan of both comics and movies (noting that Dark Horse itself has produced some 25 films; including the great Don Rickles documentary to date with more on the way) and LOVING Raiders of the Lost Ark, saying it is on of the GREATEST movies ever made! I asked if there would be more Indiana Jones comics to come after the miniseries Tomb of the Gods and he said they will see how fans react, and he hopes to keep bringing more out and possibly a monthly Indiana Jones series!

Across the aisle from Dark Horse, Gentle Giant was displaying their Indy mini busts, statues, paperweights and new Indy "bust-ups". The new prototypes that hadn't been finalized (and a polite note not to photograph them) were on display as well -- and fans will love them! The Temple of Doom Indy minbust looks amazing! Indy figures of him and his Dad and more. I also learned that Gentle Giant did a 3D scan of Harrison Ford's face on location during Crystal Skull, so future offerings will be an exact duplicate if the man with the hat! But the best was the NY ComicCon Exclusive Indy Paperweight based on the "Property of Dr. Jones" teaser poster, there were three versions of what 'treasure " was inside. I picked #70 of 3,000 and was rewarded with the Idol and a tablet with the R2 and C-3PO hieroglyphic, while my friend John got the one with the Grail and Sankara Stones. I bumped into Dan Curto from Rebelscum and Cool Toy Review and he opened his to find a crystal skull. For $35.00 each they were a cool little item to have and the packaging was great too -- each crate also had 3 rubber snakes and the contents had magazines in them showing a copy of LIFE and a newspaper headline saying Nazis had discovered rockets? Later in the day, I met Star Wars Super-Collector and Lucasfilm's Content Manager and Director of Fan Relations as he was in line buying an Indy Paperweight and admitting that he was an Indyfan as well and to check out his presentation on Saturday for Indy/Star Wars news!

A trip to the Kotobukiya booth to see the ARTFX Cinescene of Indy in the Raiders temple. These statues combine several key scenes in the movie into one statue (I even made a video of it on my camera as it spun around). At there booth a rep named Frank, told me three other scene statues were coming soon, from TOD, LC, and KOTCS. He described the Crusade one as combining Indy on horse, the tank going over the cliff, the Grail knight and Indy's Dad all in one statue. There will be other great molds as well as some amazing Indy products that will be available in Japan. There will be some cool new images of these unique looking Japanese Indy figures in the coming days.

Many book publishers were there from The Indiana Jones Handbook (GREAT BOOK - by the way), to Indy Sticker Albums and the Lost Journal of Indiana Jones that will all be out in just a few weeks!

I went to "Artist Alley" and bumped into Tommy Lee Edwards who had just finished his Topps Indy Sketch Cards and had many Indiana Jones drawings in his portfolio that were originally done as part of the Indy DVD box set but were never used, he also confessed as to naming his son Henry after Indiana Jones. Down the aisle to get an autograph from the great comic artist, Alex Ross, who as it turns out to be a huge Indy fan as well and his wife said they even named their dog, a Yellow Labrador, Indiana (and here I thought only we did that with our dog).

But the best thing at the show this year were the amazing amount of Indiana Jones fans in costume. Everywhere I looked I saw, Indys, Marions, Nazis, Henry Jones Sr., even Short Round (rather taller than I remembered) and little kids running up to the Indy's and hugging them and getting pictures! I stopped and talked to some and they all said how they can't wait to see Indy back! Man of the folks were also Star Wars 501st Stormtroopers, Jedis and Slave Leias who hung up their light sabres and metal bikinis (the girls that is) to get into the Indy Spirit by dressing up. So a big hi to all the Indyfans and readers; AJ Locascio, Tim Chung, Jim Tripp, Mr. Coniverse, SparrowParty and all the rest!

Best of all, there was Bryan Morton, who usually portrays Anakin Skywalker, and was handpicked by George Lucas himself to be Anakin in the 2007 Rose Bowl Parade march wearing his fedora and leather jacket. Bryan even did a Harrison Ford chin scar to get the costume accurate! Indys to left of me, Indys to the right of me -- I was in a see of Indiana Jones fans -- and it was COOL!

Off to bed, but I will be back with more news and images from the 2nd Day at the New York ComicCon!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Early Crystal Skull LEGO Not Ready For Sale!
19/04/08, 2:43pm EST

Indyfan and Lego enthusiast Chris Perly who wrote the review of the Indy Lego sets in December sent me an email about finding and then losing the new Crystal Skull sets that apparently weren't ready for sale just yet!

Hey, Mitchell.

I found 3 of the 4 CS Lego sets at my local Wal-Mart today. Took them to the register, where they rang up as "Cannot Sell". The cashier told me they had been recalled, and I said I found that hard to believe. I talked to the Cust Serv manager, and she told me they were probably put out too soon, and she cannot override the computer. She wasn't able to tell me when they would be released. My buddy Shane had the same experience at another Wal-Mart.

Both in Orange County, CA

That stinks, Chris - its like finding your Christmas presents in November! Oh well, they will be yours soon enough!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Dr. Pepper and Dr. Jones, a Winning Combination
19/04/08, 2:45pm EST

The folks at Dr. Pepper have started running there newest campaign featuring every one's favorite college professor -- where you can win one of 23 trips, T-shirts, movie tickets, Burger King food and more -- head on over to their site for more details and good luck!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy Info from New York ComicCon Day 2
20/04/08, 3:50pm EST

My second day at the New York City ComicCon was off to a great start, it was a beautiful spring day, the streets were filled with with people, vendors on every corner selling popcorn, pretzels and even Pope pennants (he was in town, but not for the ComicCon). Today at the Con was going to be more movie focused with presentations on Hellboy 2, Hulk 2, Frank Miller's The Spirit and best of all Steve Sansweet from Lucasfilm would be there to talk Star Wars and Indiana Jones!

As like the previous day there were many Indyfans in costume, I talked with them about everything Indy from films to costuming. There are still those generational divisions when it comes to which film is the best, with younger fans (16 - 24) loving Temple of Doom, (25 - 34) it's Last Crusade and fans over 35 it is Raiders of the Lost Ark. Yet they all agree on one thing -- they can't wait for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and that they want more Indy adventures (so bring on Indy 5 & 6)! A quick tip of the fedora to Rodrigo, Kent and all the other Indys in costume!

Strolling around "artist alley" where all the artist are set up for fans to get autographs, prints, sketches and original comic art, I did a double take when I saw a business card bearing familiar art. I saw the image that is very familiar to, the cartoonish style Indiana Jones with Short Round art, I looked at the name on the card done in Raiders-style type and it was none other than DENNIS BUDD! Dennis was there promoting his latest project Model Operandi, but we talked about his work with Indiana Jones and he even had some beautiful watercolor Indy portrait cards he had done. If you like what Dennis has done on, you should see his other great pieces at There were more Indy Topps sketch card artist in the crowds including Jeff Chandler who did the great series of sketch cards depicting Raiders of the Lost Ark scene for scene! Jeff said he had so much fun he didn't have time to do Temple of Doom cards, but he does have more great work coming in the Crystal Skull set. Jeff even posted some of his work on The Raven a few months back if you wanted to see this great line of Indy art. Indy artist were everywhere from Jim Kyle, Mark Brooks and Brian Kong. I hope somewhere down the road Topps collects all of these tiny treasures into an Indy book for fans to see. Speaking of Topps they were handing out an Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull card at the show (#P4). I asked why there was no Allison Doody autograph card in the Indy Heritage cards that had everyone form George Lucas to Vic Tablian (Monkey Man and Barranca), and the answer was, they just couldn't find her. So, Allison Doody if you are reading this - call Topps or maybe Official Pix so Indyfans can complete their autograph collection!

Sitting in the IGN Theater at the Jacob Javitts Center, I was in a sea of stormtroopers, Jedi and Indiana Joneses and everyone was excited. When Steve Sansweet came onstage to thunderous applause to introduce clips from the new Star Wars cartoon The Clone Wars the crowd went crazy. He talked about the new Star Wars game The Force Unleashed as well as the Star Wars Robot Chicken DVD, but when he mentioned Indiana Jones the applause increased tenfold. We saw a trailer for the young Indy DVD set, which was due to have its third box set coming out on April 28th, Sansweet mentioned the original Indy trilogy coming out on May 13th, the trailer for Indiana Jones the Lego Video Game, and then showed the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull trailer that was released back in February. The sweetest thing Sansweet showed was the new book by J.W. Rinzler covering the complete history of Indiana Jones. He held up a copy of the book, but unfortunately it would not be available until May when the movie came out. There wasn't one of the three thousand fans in that room that didn't have a quick thought about rushing the stage and trying to swipe the book from his hands but seeing armor clad stormtroopers everywhere gave us all a second thought.

Leaving the Jacob Javitts Center and heading uptown, I started seeing more fedoras in the crowds. I turned to the gentleman next to me wearing a black fedora, only to see it was legendary comic book artist/writer (and now movie director) Frank Miller! What a day, I not only got my Indy fix, but had the chance to walk and talk with one of my favorite authors about 300, The Spirit, movies, comics and even get an autograph! I wondered to myself what would a Frank Miller version of Indiana Jones be like... definitely more gun play and blood!

What a great day it was in the Big Apple to be an Indyfan!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy at ComicCon: A Photo Retrospect
22/04/08, 4:53pm EST

Here follows a selection of photos taken by Mitchell Hallock during his visit to the New York ComicCon this past weekend.

And here follow the reports of Mitchell's two day visit to New York:

New York ComicCon - Day 1

click to enlarge
Indy signage

click to enlarge
Indy Desk Set
click to enlarge
Gentle Giant Exclusive Crate

click to enlarge
Mitchell's Indy Paperweight!
click to enlarge
Michael Richardson -
Owner of Dark Horse Comics

click to enlarge
Kotobukiya Jones
click to enlarge
Tommy Lee Edwards

click to enlarge
Tommy Lee Edwards art of Indy
click to enlarge
Indy w/idol

click to enlarge
Indy at rest
click to enlarge
Indy and Tall Round!

click to enlarge
Mitchell with Else, Indy, Henry Sr, Marion and Dietrich

New York ComicCon - Day 2

click to enlarge
Steve Sansweet presenting the Complete Making of Indy book.
- photo by Mike from The RPF

click to enlarge
Indy Art from Jim Kyle
click to enlarge
Jeff Chandler

click to enlarge
The work of Jeff Chandller
click to enlarge
Kent McKee as Indy

click to enlarge
Rodrigo Pellegrini as Indy or Hamlet?


Birthday Greetings from Indiana Jones
24/04/08, 2:19pm EST

click to enlarge
Hallmark card.
What better way to mark the passage of time than with an Indiana Jones birthday card from hallmark. Peering out amongst the rack of Snoopy, Transformers, Superman, Spider-Man and the rest were the faces of Indy and Mutt. With the phrase 'Adventure awaits you at every turn, Birthday Boy!' the recipient can open up the card to help Indy through a maze and discover some treasure and earn his hat and bullwhip. If you do not do a great job you get solace in knowing that you should 'take heart, rookie. You're alive - and there's always next time!'

Personally, I am waiting for the card that shows Indy saying 'Come on Genius' on the front and open it to find him with a cake with candles and saying 'Hurry up and blow out the candles or you'll melt your face'! With Toht's melting face! Oh well...

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


M&M's Online Indiana Jones Game Kicks In
24/04/08, 2:37pm EST

click to enlarge
M&M's advert.
After seeing the various M&M's candies showing up for weeks as well as magazine ads, it was only natural that the online game tie-in begins as well.

Selecting which trait to use (Speed, Skill, etc), the player takes an onscreen M&M's Indy on a quest through a temple maze to find the long lost Mint flavored M&M's! Feeling up for the challenge? Well be a candy coated chocolate hero and roll over to!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


New Crystal Skull Pix Coming for Sale
24/04/08, 5:31pm EST

Official Pix is announcing that they will soon be stocking new images for sale from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!
On their site they have announced:

New Indiana Jones IV Photos At Blockbuster
Our good friends at Blockbuster have secured four new EXCLUSIVE Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull images from Official pix. These very cool IJ4 images have been packaged in a special debossed IJ logo 11x14 inch mat and will be available in some 4500 stores nationwide in limited quantities. If you are a IJ collector, don't miss them when they hit the shelves May 1st!

New Indiana Jones IV Photos Coming
We are happy to announce that on May 1st Official Pix will introduce 25 new 8x10 inch licensed Indiana Jones IV images for sale online. Customers who do not want to see spoilers before the film should definitely stay away as many of the images are very revealing!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy Jones and the Kingdom of the Soda Can
25/04/08, 6:19pm EST has just put up a picture of a store display for Dr. Pepper and the Indiana Jones "Explore" promotion and it is a duesie! It has inflatable planes, life size cut-outs of Indiana Jones, temple like displays holding cans of Dr. Pepper. Remember, this promotion also features images depicting the major players in Indy's latest adventures in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. also has posted the images of the cans as well. I wouldn't mind having some of these for my collection - the cardboard displays of Indy, that is! The cans will be popping up at stores any day and as we reported the online Indy game is already underway.

Anyone feeling thirsty?

Thanks to Les at for the Dr. Pepper images.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy Burger King Kid's Meal Toys
25/04/08, 6:25pm EST

The folks at Burger King are serving up a Kid's Meal toy that is the first of its kind for Indy fans! While there was Temple of Doom glasses in the 80s, a toy with a meal has never happened until now! has posted a flyer depicting the eight toys that will be in bags once the current Iron Man promotion ends. From Motorcycling' Mutt to Mine Car Indy and Boulder Chasing Indy the set covers all of Indy's big screen adventures. Though I am disappointed in the lack of exploding Belloq head but this set is sure to be highly prized and high in calories type of chase for any Indy fan.

Take a peak now at what awaits!

Thanks to Les at

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indiana Jones Playing Cards by Cartamundi
27/04/08, 2:55pm EST offers us a first look at the upcoming playing card products by Cartamundi. Playing cards company Cartamundi will be producing some excellent quality playing cards for both the original Indiana Jones trilogy as well as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Visit for a first look at the various Indiana Jones playing cards sets to be released.

Posted by Gilles V


Gentle Giant Indy Web Offering of 2008 Exclusives
29/04/08, 4:28pm EST

For those of you not lucky to attend the New York City Comic Con, Gentle Giant is offering you a chance to get the Indy exclusive paperweight.

This email from Gentle Giant arrived with details:

We know that you have been patiently awaiting the web sales of the Gentle Giant Convention Exclusives recently available at the 2008 New York Comic Con. Tentatively; we are looking to put the following items up on the web, this Friday, May 2nd.

Indiana Jones Artifact Crate Paperweight (3 collections) $35 each
Each crate features a detachable magnetic whip and fedora, a removable crate lid and rubber snakes.
Collections are randomly packed; therefore we cannot guarantee the contents of each crate ordered. Every crate is specific to one of three artifact collections. Collection 1 includes: the Golden Idol and Well of Souls hieroglyphics Tablet. Collection 2 includes: the Sankara Stones and Holy Grail Cup. Collection 3 includes the Crystal Skull.

Tom Bombadil Mini Bust $55 each
The elusive character from the Lord of the Rings literature has been brought to life by our Gentle Giant artisans. Tom Bombadil is based on designs from WETA and the Lord Of the Rings trilogy.

Fred & George Weasley Mini Bust (2 pack) $90 for 2 pack
Fred offers a treat from their Skiving Snackboxes while George laughs hysterically on the side lines.

30 Days of Night Iris or Marlow Action Figure - Feeding Frenzy Edition $30 each
Each include: Action figure with base, liquid filled (bloody) mouse pad and Bonus comic book. Randomly selected packages may include an authentic movie prop patch (Barrow Sheriff Department or Alaska Fire Marshall.)

These items will be limited to One per Premier Guild Member. ALL duplicate orders will be cancelled. Items will be available on a first come first serve basis. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service at (please use "CONVENTION EXCLUSIVE INQUIRY" in the subject line) or you may phone 818.504.3555

Thank you for your continued support of Gentle Giant Ltd.

So good luck at getting your Indy Exclusive!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy 4 Trading Cards Final Signers List
30/04/08, 6:13pm EST

click to enlarge
Indy 4 cards, final signers flyer.
Have a closer look at the flyer on the right for a final list of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull signers for Topps' autograph cards.

There will also be a "hot box" in every case, containing an additional autograph or sketch card.

The street date for these new Topps cards series is May 7th!

Posted by Gilles V




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