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No Spielberg commentaries on the Indy DVD's
Monday, January 28, 2002 - Gilles V

Steven Spielberg has talked about the Indiana Jones DVD's and why we won't have to expect him to do director commentaries on any of his DVD's. Here's a report that has received from Donny Kennedy:

I am a cinema-television student at USC, and right now I have a class that analyzes the style of Steven Spielberg. He came in this past Wednesday, the 23rd, as a surprise guest speaker. (We were told it was going to be John Williams). Someone asked why he didn't do director commentaries on any of his dvd releases, and he remarked that he didn't like talking about his films on a soundtrack, because it takes away from the experience. Then he said that George Lucas had been begging him to put one on the Indiana Jones Trilogy dvd release, but he refused. He didn't say when, but it sounded like it was in the works. I was excited, but forgot to ask when. There's 350 people in the class, so it was hard to get a question in anyhow.


Raiders DVD gets a potential holiday 2002 release
Monday, March 18, 2001 - Gilles V

The Digital Bits' Rumor Mill has reported that you might expect to find the Raiders of the Lost Ark DVD in stores around this years holidays.

Here's what they said:

We've received credible (but still very tentative) information that Raiders of the Lost Ark is finally moving forward as a potential holiday release. This seems to be supported by a recent report in the French DVD magazine Les Années Laser (who were among the first to confirm the Episode I DVD - thanks to Bits reader Alain G. for the tip), which says it's a potential "Winter 2002" release.

Thanks to Mark Lanio for letting us know.


More Indiana Jones DVD information
Friday, March 29, 2001 - Gilles V

Moriarty from Ain't It Cool News wrote an article about the new Lord of the Rings DVD and also mentions the Indiana Jones Trilogy DVD's, especially Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Here's what Moriarty wrote about the Indiana Jones DVD's:

People filed in around me, and I couldn't help but listen to the guys sitting behind me. One of them talked about working on the Once Upon A Time in the West DVD for Paramount, and how there's a lot of work that needs to be done on it... He also talked about the brand-new high-def transfer of Raiders of the Lost Ark that's just been done, and how he's heard the plan is to do each Indiana Jones film separately in 2-disc sets, with Raiders due as early as fourth quarter of this year, where it would go head-to-head with Attack of the Clones, Spider-Man, The Fellowship of the Ring extended version, and the Back to the Future box set.

There you have it again, Raiders DVD possible release in 4th quarter of 2002. And each Indy film separately in 2-disc sets. Awesome!

Thanks to Owen Davis for letting us know. Hit the link above to read the full article.


Some Indiana Jones DVD facts
Friday, April 19, 2002 - Aaron H

Here's some more Indiana Jones DVD news from one of our contacts, who has been proven reliable many times over: "The DVD project is a little bit screwed up, but may be getting to a point where it may be straightened out."

Here are some more Indy DVD rumors:

  • Work was done on the DVD's in 1998-1999, but was put on hold. However, much of the work that as done was experimental and had to be approved by Spielberg, but as we all know it was shelved...for reasons unknown.
  • They will be in HiDef video transfer format.
  • Dolby Digital EX 6.1 surround sound.
  • Ford and Lucas are expected to do commentaries, as well as Spielberg, even though he has stated otherwise.
  • A well known documentary director/producer was approached to do a documentary.
  • Extra scenes (cut scenes and abandoned concepts).
  • And other features that have yet to be confirmed.
  • Best of all, Paramount has confirmed that the DVDs are in the early stages of being worked on again.
  • Think a late 2002 or late 2003 release (to coincide with the release of Indy 4).

More news as we get it...


Indiana Jones DVD & Video talks
Sunday, May 5, 2002 - Gilles V

At this weekend's Star Wars Celebration in Indianapolis, Star Wars producer Rick McCallum was asked why the remaining Young Indiana Jones episodes have not been released to video. McCallum responded that "Paramount is the sole reason" the missing Young Indy episodes are not on video and why the Indiana Jones films haven't been released on DVD yet. Looks like Lucasfilm's problems with Paramount are still not over.

And about the rumored Raiders of the Lost Ark DVD release for the end of this year, The Digital Bits has reported in their reliable My Two Cents column that Paramount officially confirmed that the Indiana Jones films will not be released on DVD this year. Damn!

Thanks to Aaron and FourTales for letting us know.


Indy Trilogy on DVD by Christmas 2003
Monday, July 29, 2002 - Gilles V

Ain't It Cool News reported yesterday that highly placed sources now tell them the entire Indiana Jones trilogy will be released on DVD by Christmas 2003.
Now let's hope that it's release date doesn't change anymore... and that they don't change Raiders it's classical title to Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark - like Paramount did with the release of the most recent Indy Trilogy video's!

Now we're talking about the Indiana Jones Trilogy on DVD: All the Indy Trilogy DVD's that can be found on or sold at online stores like are not the real stuff! They are illegal no matter what the seller may tell you! And besides, who would want to buy a film on DVD with the title Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark...


Official Indiana Jones DVD release announced?
Tuesday, September 10, 2002 - Gilles V

Here's the original Indy DVD news message posted on Monday, Sept. 9:

DVDRAMA has reported today that the Indiana Jones DVD's have been officially announced at the Deauville film Festivals. Paramount Pictures has shared some news about their DVD releases for 2003 at the festivals and the Indiana Jones DVD's have been mentioned... the worldwide release date is October 2003!

A reliable visitor has contacted Lucasfilm after reading this news message and received a response. Lucasfilm explained that there was a similar announcement at the Deaville film Festivals a year ago. The only difference was that the release was supposed to be 2002. Lucasfilm also said that there are still no specific plans on an Indiana Jones DVD release, and there has been no official announcement at this year's Deauville film Festivals.

Nothing has changed and we still don't know when the Indiana Jones Trilogy DVDs will be released or what they will have as specials. Every Indy DVD news you have heard so far are most likely false. And no, those Indy DVDs that are for sale at and other online auctions are bootlegged, bad quality, DVDs... in other words: illegal!


No new Indiana Jones novels on the horizon?
Wednesday, October 16, 2002 - Shipwreck

I recently contacted Bantam/Ballantine/Dell/Random House's with a burning question for many of us: "Will there be any future Indiana Jones novels?" Here's the answer from the Publisher that holds the rights to Indiana Jones:

"We are indeed aware of the new film, but unfortunately, we are not involved with its novelization, nor are we any longer interested in new books for the Indiana Jones series." Richard SanFilippo; Bantam Dell Editor.

Looks like the game is up for the moment. We can only hope that as the new film approaches, they'll change their tune. Perhaps an adventure in words can still be created.


Young Indy TV-series are coming to DVD!
Friday, October 25, 2002 - Gilles V

DVDFILE.COM reported that we may be looking forward to not only the Indy trilogy on DVD but also an extensive set episodes from The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (aka The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles) that Lucasfilm is planning to bring to DVD with extensive making-of material and more.

In a recent Video Business article Star Wars producer Rick McCallum talked about Lucas' DVD plans for the acclaimed series, which will be a multi-year project involving "leading industry producers" and extensive historical and other behind-the-scenes documentaries. Full specs and any possible release date information are likely a long way off.

Thanks to Steven and IwantINDYonDVD from The Raven Bar for letting us know.


More Young Indy DVD info from McCallum
Saturday, October 26, 2002 - Gilles V

Lucasfilm Producer Rick McCallum talked with Video Business Magazine about the Young Indy DVD's. McCallum has mentioned that The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles is on a steady track to DVD:

"We are so committed to those... what we're going to try to do is produce historical documentaries about each of the historical characters. It's a way of giving it to a school and saying, 'Look, we know how hard it is to teach children. Try and use this as a tool. Let them see something that is fun for them and easy for them to watch.' It will probably take three or four years to get it done. We're hiring some really great documentary filmmakers."

Thanks to Chuck Halverson for letting us know.


'Indiana Jones Trilogy' album coming next year
Tuesday, November 26, 2002 - Gilles V

Silva Screen has produced an Indiana Jones Trilogy album featuring some of John Williams' best music from Steven Spielberg's trilogy, including 'The Raiders March', 'The Map Room', 'The Basket Game', 'The Mine Car Chase', 'Indy's First Adventure' and Cole Porter's 'Anything Goes'.
Completed in Spring 2002 at Smecky Studios in Prague, the Indiana Jones Trilogy recording sessions involved the 82-strong City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus.

This Indiana Jones Trilogy album is set for a February 2003 release. Click here to learn more about this album.

Thanks to Jeff Zagenczyk and Erik Woods for letting us know.


Spielberg reveals more Indy on DVD info
Monday, December 30, 2002 - Gilles V

Two weeks ago, Steven Spielberg was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal about Minority Report, Indy 4 and his new film, Catch Me If You Can. During the interview, Spielberg said the following: "We're aiming for next fall. George Lucas and I are having an argument with Paramount. Paramount wants to come out with all three movies in one package. George and I want to come out with one film at a time and then come out with all three movies, and maybe even the fourth one, in one package later." (Paramount says there is no argument and discussions are ongoing.) You have probably read this before but there's more...

Variety reported on December 27 that Steven Spielberg said that the release of Indy 4 to theaters would be "synchronized" to the release of the first three films on DVD. So the idea seems to be that Raiders hits DVD in 2003 (maybe fall 2003 as previous DVD rumors mentioned), Temple of Doom arrives on disc in 2004 and Last Crusade shows up in early 2005, just before the new film hits theaters.

It looks like we may certainly expect to see at least one of the Indy films on DVD by the end of 2003. If Lucasfilm wins we will most likely see Raiders of the Lost Ark on DVD (maybe as a 2 disc set) and when Paramount wins we will get all three Indiana Jones films in one box together with a fourth 'Special Features' DVD. Exciting!

Thanks to The Digital Bits for the news.


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