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Indy Info from New York ComicCon Day 2
20/04/08, 3:50pm EST

My second day at the New York City ComicCon was off to a great start, it was a beautiful spring day, the streets were filled with with people, vendors on every corner selling popcorn, pretzels and even Pope pennants (he was in town, but not for the ComicCon). Today at the Con was going to be more movie focused with presentations on Hellboy 2, Hulk 2, Frank Miller's The Spirit and best of all Steve Sansweet from Lucasfilm would be there to talk Star Wars and Indiana Jones!

As like the previous day there were many Indyfans in costume, I talked with them about everything Indy from films to costuming. There are still those generational divisions when it comes to which film is the best, with younger fans (16 - 24) loving Temple of Doom, (25 - 34) it's Last Crusade and fans over 35 it is Raiders of the Lost Ark. Yet they all agree on one thing -- they can't wait for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and that they want more Indy adventures (so bring on Indy 5 & 6)! A quick tip of the fedora to Rodrigo, Kent and all the other Indys in costume!

Strolling around "artist alley" where all the artist are set up for fans to get autographs, prints, sketches and original comic art, I did a double take when I saw a business card bearing familiar art. I saw the image that is very familiar to, the cartoonish style Indiana Jones with Short Round art, I looked at the name on the card done in Raiders-style type and it was none other than DENNIS BUDD! Dennis was there promoting his latest project Model Operandi, but we talked about his work with Indiana Jones and he even had some beautiful watercolor Indy portrait cards he had done. If you like what Dennis has done on, you should see his other great pieces at There were more Indy Topps sketch card artist in the crowds including Jeff Chandler who did the great series of sketch cards depicting Raiders of the Lost Ark scene for scene! Jeff said he had so much fun he didn't have time to do Temple of Doom cards, but he does have more great work coming in the Crystal Skull set. Jeff even posted some of his work on The Raven a few months back if you wanted to see this great line of Indy art. Indy artist were everywhere from Jim Kyle, Mark Brooks and Brian Kong. I hope somewhere down the road Topps collects all of these tiny treasures into an Indy book for fans to see. Speaking of Topps they were handing out an Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull card at the show (#P4). I asked why there was no Allison Doody autograph card in the Indy Heritage cards that had everyone form George Lucas to Vic Tablian (Monkey Man and Barranca), and the answer was, they just couldn't find her. So, Allison Doody if you are reading this - call Topps or maybe Official Pix so Indyfans can complete their autograph collection!

Sitting in the IGN Theater at the Jacob Javitts Center, I was in a sea of stormtroopers, Jedi and Indiana Joneses and everyone was excited. When Steve Sansweet came onstage to thunderous applause to introduce clips from the new Star Wars cartoon The Clone Wars the crowd went crazy. He talked about the new Star Wars game The Force Unleashed as well as the Star Wars Robot Chicken DVD, but when he mentioned Indiana Jones the applause increased tenfold. We saw a trailer for the young Indy DVD set, which was due to have its third box set coming out on April 28th, Sansweet mentioned the original Indy trilogy coming out on May 13th, the trailer for Indiana Jones the Lego Video Game, and then showed the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull trailer that was released back in February. The sweetest thing Sansweet showed was the new book by J.W. Rinzler covering the complete history of Indiana Jones. He held up a copy of the book, but unfortunately it would not be available until May when the movie came out. There wasn't one of the three thousand fans in that room that didn't have a quick thought about rushing the stage and trying to swipe the book from his hands but seeing armor clad stormtroopers everywhere gave us all a second thought.

Leaving the Jacob Javitts Center and heading uptown, I started seeing more fedoras in the crowds. I turned to the gentleman next to me wearing a black fedora, only to see it was legendary comic book artist/writer (and now movie director) Frank Miller! What a day, I not only got my Indy fix, but had the chance to walk and talk with one of my favorite authors about 300, The Spirit, movies, comics and even get an autograph! I wondered to myself what would a Frank Miller version of Indiana Jones be like... definitely more gun play and blood!

What a great day it was in the Big Apple to be an Indyfan!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


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