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New Indiana Jones Toys by Disney
Tuesday, January 9, 2001 - Gilles V has received some info and pictures of some new Indy toys recently spotted at Walt Disney theme parks. The new line consists of a 10 inch Indy vinyl figure, a 6 inch Indy action figure, and several Micro Action sets: a motorcycle set with Indy & Henry Jones, an airplane set, a tank set, and a figure set with Indy, Marion, Cairo Swordsman, German Mechanic, and two Nazis. Hit the link above to view some pics. of the new Indy Toys.


Mail Order the Indy Toys by Disney
Friday, January 12, 2001 - Gilles V has posted more pictures of the Indiana Jones toys that can (only) be bought at Disney theme parks. You can also order them:
You can order directly through Disneyland DelivEARS at (800)362-4533 M-F 8am-5pm PST, and Sat. 8am-4pm PST. The 10" figure is $15 and the Micro play sets are $10 each. Standard shipping is $6.
Click the link above for more info.


Indiana Jones DVD Rumors
Monday, January 15, 2001 - Gilles V

Digital Bits reported that the Indiana Jones Trilogy will likely find its way to DVD in 2002. Is this true? Who knows! We hope so. Maybe they will use the DVD release to build up hype to Indy 4? Hit the link above for more info.  Thanks to MovieHeadlines.Net for the news.
And why does George Lucas hate us?? Check out an editorial at SirStevesGuide. It's about the Lucasfilm (Star Wars in first place) DVDs.


Indiana Jones Toys Information
Monday, January 22, 2001 - Gilles V

Rebelscum.Com has posted a cool article on the new Indiana Jones toys by Disney. The writer of the article has received over a hundred emails from people who have questions about the new Indy toy line. In an attempt to inform the people he wrote the article. There's a listing of items, their origin, their value, and more! There's also instructions on how to order them.
Hit the link above to read the article.


BIG Scoop on the Toys McCoy Indy Figure!!
Thursday, February 1, 2001 - Gilles V

Bellosh (Lost Drafts writer) recently had the idea of writing an article for a website of a friend of him who helps to run, about the Toys McCoy line, because they're planning a series of features on pop culture 'masterpieces' which the Toys McCoy line is. So he emailed some Japanese dealers for info about Toys McCoy, and incidentally asked if they had any Indiana Jones figures left (Bellosh has a lot of friends who want one). Most didn't reply, probably due to language difficulties, but one guy did, and here's what he had to say:
Thank you for your contact to me. Indie already gone. We have no stock now. I can give you big news what Indie will be released new version in this year from Toys McCoy. Please wait for a while.
Obviously there's no official information, but why would a dealer make this up? They hardly want to annoy potential customers. Bellosh thinks it's a true bill. So what could it be?
Many thanks to Bellosh for the scoop!!  And check out his The site is loaded with good stuff!!


Indiana Jones DVD's for Xmas 2001?!
Saturday, February 3, 2001 - Gilles V has heard rumors that The Phantom Menace DVD will be released around Thanksgiving 2001 but more important, the rumors also mention Indiana Jones on DVD just in time for Christmas. Let's hope that we don't get excited for nothing. Only time will tell if the rumor is right.


Indy Disney Toys Info and Pics
Wednesday, February 14, 2001 - Gilles V

Toy Mania talks about the new Indiana Jones toys from Disney. Especially about the 4.5" figure that comes with a braided bullwhip, revolver, sword, and torch. The toys will continue to be available only at Disney Theme Parks, with no plans to sell them outside the park. The figures were sculpted by the same talent at Applause that produced the Star Wars Episode I collectibles. Because they are mainly targeting park visitors' impulse purchasing, any future figures being produced is solely at the discretion of Disney. However a strong response to the figures could trigger more characters and accessories.
Hit the link above for more info and detailed pictures of the 4.5" figure. Thanks to MovieHeadlines.Net for the news.


Disney Indy toys now in Disneyland Paris
Wednesday, April 11, 2001 - Gilles V

The popular new Indiana Jones toys by Disney are now available in Disneyland Paris. This is good news for the European Indy fans because Disney stopped mail orders of the Indy toys a few months ago. The only way to get the Indy toys is to visit a Disney park or to buy the toys overprized at eBay. (And don't believe if someone over there says that the Indy toys are sold out and are limited!!)

The Indy toys available in Disneyland Paris are the Micro Action Airplane, the Micro Action Motorcycle Set, and the 10" Indiana Jones Vinyl Figure. More Indy toys will hopefully be available soon.

Thanks to Indiana Jones Chronicles for the news.


Indiana Jones DVD rumors
Wednesday, May 30, 2001 - Gilles V

Dark Horizons & Shaun B reported that 2 independent sources have confirmed Lucasfilm is working on the Indiana Jones trilogy for release on DVD in early February 2002.  The DVD's are rumored to contain a feature on the production of the Upcoming Indiana Jones film.  This production entails variations in scripts and potential story boards. Don't get over excited now, these are still only rumors!


Raiders DVD release in 2002?
Sunday, July 29, 2001 - Gilles V

The Digital Bits has it on good authority (from multiple sources) that the original Raiders of the Lost Ark is being planned as a DVD release in 2002. It's still very tentative, and they're not saying another word about how they know. In fact, they're not saying another word period. But The Digital Bits feels confident that if all goes well, Indiana Jones will be cracking his whip in your home theaters by the end of next year.

Thanks to MovieHeadlines.Net for the alert.


No Indiana Jones DVD's on the horizon
Thursday, August 16, 2001 - Gilles V

A Dark Horizons visitors has some bad news for the Indyfans. The visitor spoke with a rep from Paramount, who gave a video presentation on new upcoming DVD releases, and after the presentation was finished the visitor was able to approach the gentleman with two questions.

"No word on Indiana Jones, nothing signed, nothing planned." was the rep his answer.

Damn, and just when we had some new hope for the Raiders DVD that had been rumored to be released in 2002. Or maybe Paramount and Lucasfilm are waiting for Indy 4 to go into production... so they can add some behind-the-scenes footage or some other Indy 4 specials to come with the Indy Trilogy DVD's. Just don't give up your hopes!


More Indiana Jones DVD rumors
Saturday, August 18, 2001 - Gilles V

MovieHeadlines.Net just reported that at the Star Wars Q&A session at the convention, Steve Sansweet was asked when an Indiana Jones DVD could be expected. He said that there aren't any plans in effect for one yet, but that you could expect it to coincide with Indiana Jones 4 when it is eventually released. And this while Dark Horizons reported earlier this week that noting is signed and nothing planned for the Indy DVD's.

But a source close to has reported that the Raiders of the Lost Ark DVD is near completion. However because of some minor difficulty between Paramount and LucasFilm, we may not be seeing this great work as soon as we want it. But the good news is that we most likely will see it before the summer of 2002.


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