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Indy Adventure anniversary merchandise
Thursday, January 6, 2005 - Gilles V

You might know already that Disneyland will be holding an Indiana Jones and the Forbidden Temple's 10th anniversary event coming up on March 3rd. But what wasn't revealed before was what merchandise will be available for this event!
Click here to view the complete list of merchandise, varying from pins, clocks, a waterglobe, ride models to full-sized replicas.

Here follows a complete list of Indy Adventure merchandise:

  • 10th Anniversary Event Logo Pin
  • 10th Anniversary Event T-shirt
  • Eye of Mara Decoder Pin
  • Indiana Jones Adventure Eye of Mara Charm Bracelet
  • Mara Face Resin Clock w/Bobble Skulls
  • 10th Anniversary Event Watch & Compass Set
  • Resin Frame w/Mickey Mouse and Pluto
  • Mara Waterglobe
  • Resin Attraction Vehicle with Mickey, Goofy and Donald
  • Indiana Jones Adventure Attraction Building
  • Resin Obelisk
  • Indiana Jones Adventure Framed Pin Set
  • "Mara's Coffer of Destruction" by Elisabete Gomes
  • "Beware the Eye of Mara" by Dave Avanzino
  • Mara Head Figure
  • Indiana Jones Adventure Jeep

Click here for more information, photos and prices of all these items.

'IndyandMarion' has let me know that the recently announced new Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular goods are now in and are very hot items! They also have a slew of mugs and glasses as well as new photo frames.
Click here to view these Indy items that are now available in the Adventure Outpost at Disney-MGM Studios, Florida.

Thanks to Aaron Higgins & 'IndyandMarion' for the information.


Young Indiana Jones Chronicles on DVD
Sunday, April 24, 2005 - Aaron H

Scott Chitwood, at ComingSoon.Net, is reporting that George Lucas has hinted that The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles will be finally arriving on DVD shortly:

"He [George Lucas] confirmed they are working on bringing the early 90's TV series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles to DVD as well."

And has posted an official summary of George Lucas' first convention appearance since 1987 at Celebration III yesterday. The summary contains a quote on the Young Indy DVDs:

Asked about the possibility of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles on DVD, Lucas joked at the perfect lead-in question, "Is this a set-up?" He added, "We are working very hard on completing the entire series with about 100 documentaries to do along with it, based on the main historical characters found in the series."

The YIJC DVDs have been in the works ever since the vast success of the Indy trilogy's DVD debut. However, like all things Indiana Jones have been, the YIJC DVD project was put on the back burner due to Star Wars. Now that the filming is complete and the final product is in the can, Lucas is looking at his "other favorite" adventure series.


Master Replicas working on Indiana Jones collection?
Monday, September 19, 2005 - Gilles V

Last week, published a report of Master Replicas presentation during Comic-Con 2005. Stephen Dymszo, Master Replicas Vice President of Product Design, showed up at Comic-Con in San Diego to share news about new Star Wars prop replicas in both the design and production stages.
Although it does not get mentioned in's article, we can clearly see the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra replica (from Raiders of the Lost Ark) in a speak peek picture for 2006. This lead to the rumor that Master Replicas is producing an Indiana Jones prop collection.

This was very exciting news, until I found out that Master Replicas does not hold an Indiana Jones license at this moment. Something they need if they want to sell Indy prop replicas.
Hoping to get more information, I contacted both Master Replicas and Lucasfilm. Master Replicas answered that they had no information on Indiana Jones. And Lucasfilm has let me know that they have no licensees in the area of Indiana Jones collectibles.

But don't give up hope! This could also mean that they are working on an Indiana Jones replica collection but that it's too soon to share info about it yet.


Lucasfilm talks about the Young Indiana Jones DVDs!
Saturday, October 8, 2005 - Gilles V published another report from the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith DVD junket with Jim Ward, Sr. Vice President of Lucasfilm and President of LucasArts. Jim Ward mainly talked about the upcoming Revenge of the Sith DVD but also answered a question on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles tv-series DVDs.

Q: Has there been any talks about bringing the Indiana Jones Chronicles to DVD?

Ward: "You betcha! We issued some of them on VHS. We decided not to issue the second batch of them on VHS because the market is moving to DVD. We have been working on that for over a year and a half."

Star Wars producer Rick McCallum was also present at the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith DVD junket. Also McCallum shared some more information about the The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles tv-series DVDs to

Q: What are the plans for the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles with the boom of TV shows on DVD?

McCallum: "We have been upgrading the quality of the original 60 mm image. We are also re-doing the soundtracks so that people can take advantage of it in their home. But also over the last 18 months, we have been doing… we're up to like 56, 60 documentaries now —and we're planning 95 altogether plus a lot of lectures that tie in the historical aspects of what's taking place in relationship to where Indy is as this young kid and as a young man. So I'm really excited about that. It will have finally the opportunity to get it out to the audience worldwide that it never really reached in the United States. Because it was an extraordinary success outside of America. And even though we had 10, 11 million really faithful viewers and we were put all over the place, it was just that during that period when network television was falling apart. So, we never really got the mileage that we really expected or wanted. So I'm really thrilled that the DVDs look great so far. We've got about 3 completed. We have 22 that we're doing all together. And you know it's going to be exciting. That will be done in about 18 months. The thing about the DVDs for us is we don't just do one video master for anything. We really make an effort to try and get the best quality that we possibly can, putting the best material, and it does take a long time. We've been working for almost 2 years on this (ROTS) DVD. We've been simultaneously finishing up the film and also at the same time trying to put some really great stuff together."

And last, Jim Ward also briefly mentioned the new Indiana Jones video game his LucasArts is currently working on:

Ward: "We are also working on an Indiana Jones game for the summer of 2007, which we would hope would come out with an Indiana Jones movie."



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