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Produced and released by Williams Electronic Games, Inc. on August 1st, 1993.

12.716 Indiana Jones Pinball Machines were produced.

Game Design:
Mark Ritchie
Artwork: Doug Watson
Software: Brian Eddy
Sound: Rich Karstens
Music: Chris Granner


This Indiana Jones pinball game might be as legendary as the Indy films as it is known as one of the best pinball machines ever created based on a film. And this might be one of the most complex pinball games ever created as well.

The pinball's playfield.

When it was released in 1993, this Indiana Jones pinball had the most modes of any pinball game ever created. It actually has 16 modes to complete before reaching the final Wizard mode! This pinball is packed with so much stuff that it uses every circuit available on the WPC pinball system. (WPC was the standard platform for every Williams pinball machine created during most of the 90's.)
The game also has two World War II planes on the playfield. But one of the best features of game has to be the user controllable, tilting upper playfield that allows you to move the playfield left and right, guiding the ball through the maze to obtain a great multiball.

This is also the only pinball game ever created that incorporates 3 video modes. Each video mode is completely different:

Mode 1: A gunfight at the raven bar - move a crosshair left and right over the screen trying to shoot the bad guys.

Mode 2: Escape in the mine cart - Move the mine cart left and right through the tunnels, steering for the open tunnels and avoiding the closed ones.
Mode 3: Choose wisely - Several glasses are shown on the display, one of which the player must follow while the glasses get shuffled for a couple of seconds. Choose the right one!

And when it comes to sound effects, this Indiana Jones pinball incorporates some of the coolest voices and sounds featuring Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Short Round and many more! Thanks to Williams DCS sound system, Indiana Jones was also the first pinball to use a digital stereo sound system.

With it's wide body design, this pinball has wonderful ball flow, and is incredibly tough to master if you're looking for a game that's tough to conquer. This machine has always been a "must have" for Indiana Jones as well as general pinball collectors.



- Indiana Jones Pinball Rules Sheet, by Adrian.
- Perfect Amusements


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