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Indiana Jones 4 Comic Book Adaptation Cover
01/01/08, 9:53am EST

UPDATE: Steve Anderson's great art is apparently not the cover to the comic adaptation! Click here to read the full story.

click to enlarge SPOILERS
Beware as full cover reveals
Les David from Throw Me The Idol discovered the cover to the upcoming Dark Horse comic adaptation of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull this weekend.

This comic adaptation cover was premiered at the Diamond Comics website and came with this following announcement. And don't worry, it mentions no story spoilers:

The most anticipated movie event of the summer comes to comics in this adaptation of the fourth Indiana Jones film!

The intrepid Doctor Henry Jones Jr. is back in his biggest adventure yet! This time, the world-renowned archaeologist finds himself caught in a series of events that all point to a discovery unlike any other. But will his rivals in pursuit of this priceless treasure seize his quarry from right under his nose? Not if he, and a few unexpected companions, have anything to say about it!

The thrill and the humor, the action and the romance, the hat and the whip—everything you love about Indy is here! This is a tale sure to please longtime fans as well as foster a whole generation of new ones!

Click here (beware for SPOILERS!) to view a higher resolution version of this Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull comic adaptation cover created by artist Steve Anderson.
Although Steve Anderson's signature could not be found on the cover illustration, a close up of this image can indeed be found at Anderson's portfolio site.

Special thanks to Les David from Throw Me The Idol for the info.

Posted by Gilles V


Hugh Fleming back on Indiana Jones comic covers!
03/01/08, 7:08pm EST

Dark Horse Associate Editor Jeremy Barlow responded to the comic adaptation cover art by Steve Anderson at the Dark Horse Star Wars forums today.

Jeremy Barlow: "That is NOT the cover to the comic adaptation -- it is a "solicitation only" image that Lucasfilm provided for us. The cover(s) will be original painted works by Indy and Star Wars artist Hugh Fleming. Resume speculation!"

Hugh Fleming is the artist responsible for the popular cover artwork of the Indiana Jones: Thunder in the Orient and Indiana Jones and the Spear of Destiny comics Dark Horse published in the 1990s. artist Paul Shipper had an interview with Hugh Fleming on his Indy comic cover artwork back in 2002. You can still read the interview here.

Special thanks to "yodazone" for the link.

Posted by Gilles V


Lifesize Indiana Jones in LEGO
05/01/08, 12:07pm EST

Lifesize LEGO Indiana Jones
Photos provided by Adam McDaniel.
Visitors to the famed New York City landmark, the FAO Schwartz toy store, may find more than the four newly released Lego Indiana Jones sets. In fact, they will find the man in the hat himself! Well, not Harrison Ford in the flesh but rather a life size replica of Indiana Jones made from thousands of LEGO bricks!
This impressive Indy display of LEGO bricks, engineering and "saintly patience" stands amidst Harry Potter's Hagrid, and the shelves of LEGO sets of building blocks.

Also spotted in a Target store in Danbury, Connecticut, on Wednesday by yours truly, was a LEGO display case spotlighting the new sets. Under the display case bearing the Indiana Jones logo was a completed diorama featuring the LEGO Raiders "Escape from the Temple" and Indy and his dad from the Last Crusade set.

Special thanks to Adam McDaniel for the lifesize LEGO Indy photos shown at the The Raven message boards.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indiana Jones Heritage Sketch Cards
05/01/08, 3:37pm EST

The Scoundrel Art Community has a forum completely dedicated to the Indiana Jones Heritage trading cards series by Topps where artists of the Indy sketch cards meet to talk about and share their Indiana Jones Heritage hand-drawn sketches.
This Indiana Jones Heritage forum is a must visit as you can get a glimpse of some amazing Indiana Jones Heritage sketches drawn by artists like Mark Brooks, Rich Molinelli and Tom Hodges.

As of 8 November 2007 artists started getting confirmation they were officially working on this set. At this Indiana Jones Heritage forum you will also find a frequently updated list of all confirmed artists and how many sketch cards they will produce.

Here follows the list:

Len Bellinger - 56
Mark Brooks - 56
Colleen Doran - 56
Ingrid Hardy - 56
Jessica Hickman - 56
Tom Hodges - 56 or 106
Adam Hughes - 56
Karen Krajenbrink - 56
Leah Mangue - 56
Randy Martinez - 56 (possibly more)
Allison Sohn - 56 or 106

Tom Feister - 81

Grant Gould - 106
Mark McHaley - 106
Rich Molinelli - 106
Jason Potratz (and Jack Hai) - 106

Katie Cook - 156
Daniel Cooney - 156
Michael Duron - 156
David Rabbitte - 156
Sarah Wilkinson - 156

Dennis Budd - 206
Kevin Doyle - 206
Matthew Goodmanson - 206
Chris Henderson - 206
Amy Pronovost - 206

Jeff Chandler - 256

Alex Buechel - #??
Matt Busch - #??
Kody Chamberlain - #??
Joe Corroney - #??
Doug Cowan - #??
Cynthia Cummens - #??
Jan Duursema - #??
Tommy Lee Edwards - #??
Kevin Graham - #??
Paul Gutierrez - #??
Josh Howard - #??
Lee Kohse - #??
Brian Kong - #??
Jake Minor - #??
Jason Palmer - #??
Sean Pence - #??
Killian Plunkett - #??
Patrick Richardson - #??
Craig Rousseau - #??
Brent Schoonover - #??
Howard Shum - #??
Cat Staggs - #??
Chris Trevas - #??
Russ Walks - #??
John Watkins-Chow - #??

Be sure to frequently visit this Indiana Jones Heritage forum as I'm certain we'll get to see a lot more amazing hand-drawn Indy sketch cards on there!

And special thanks to Dennis Budd, who will be drawing 206 Indy Herritage sketch cards, for letting me know.

Posted by Gilles V


Latest issue of LEGO Magazine features Indy
06/01/08, 12:49pm EST

If appearing as a life size Lego statue at FAO Schwartz wasn't enough for everyone's favorite archeologist and adventurer, this month's LEGO magazine/catalog features a detailed look at the latest sets.

Click on any of the scans for a closer view of the catalog.

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge
click to enlargeclick to enlarge

All four can be ordered individually or as a set (a $119.96 value for only $114.99) at

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


LEGO Indiana Jones Stolen Treasure Review
06/01/08, 12:55pm EST

LEGO's latest series of Indiana Jones building blocks set have hit stores in earnest and fans have been busy clicking together their own recreation of some of Indy's greatest moments.
Indyfan Chris Perley has just written a review about the fun of putting together the famous pursuit of the Ark from Raiders of the Lost Ark that included a jeep, horse and truck! Now you can recreate Indy's famed chase on your kitchen table or living room floor, thanks to the folks at LEGO.

Be sure to check the review, photos and see why Chris gives this set 4 out of 5 Fedoras.

Source: Cool Toy Review

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Official Pix adds 30 More Indiana Jones Images
08/01/08, 2:49pm EST

Ben Stevens and the folks at Official Pix have just added 30 new images to their growing library of stills from the Indiana Jones films. Many of these images include never before seen shots of the characters, including several great new ones of Short Round and Indy.

The site also contains authentic autographed photos from films such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. If you look good you will discover autographs from veteran Indy actors. There's Julian Glover (Walter Donovan) as General Veers in The Empire Strikes Back and John Rhys Davies (Sallah) as Gimli the Dwarf in Lord of the Rings available.

With Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull a few months away, look for Official Pix to be adding even more great products and images!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Young Indiana Jones Volume 3 DVDs coming April 29
08/01/08, 4:10pm EST

The Years of ChangeDVDActive has confirmed that "The Years of Change" is the subtitle of The third Volume of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.
According to Paramount Home Entertainment, this next and final installment will be available to own from the 29th April.

In addition DVDActive has also released high resolution versions of the box cover of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones - Volume III. Definitely worth checking out!

Visit our Young Indiana Jones on DVD pages for more information on these The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones volumes.

Thanks to 'Adamwankenobi' from The Raven for the news.

Posted by Gilles V


Topps Indiana Jones Heritage Ads
10/01/08, 4:02pm EST

Hitting mailboxes and newsstands is the latest issue of Star Wars Insider Issue 99, that contains several items of interest for Indy fans.

The first is an advertisement for the fantastic new series of Topps trading cards (see scan of ad) entitled the Heritage series. This set is styled after the original Raiders of the Lost Ark set from 1981, but now includes images from Temple of Doom and Last Crusade. Fans will remember that the Last Crusade never received the trading card treatment in its original run in 1989, thankfully this gorgeous new set addresses that! Look for the new series to start shipping in February.
And remember there will be another set of cards for Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull from Topps in May.

The Star wars Insider also contains a great article with Sean Patrick Flannery and Rick McCallum as they share their recollection on the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones now available on DVD.

Finally, there is the latest installment of Indiana Jones Vault #7, this time exploring the eerie, cave designs for 1984's Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Star Wars Insider issue 99!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Hasbro's "Ticket to Adventure" program
10/01/08, 4:40pm EST

Hasbro's new Indiana Jones action figures series will come with a "Ticket to Adventure" program that will require collectors to gather together several artifacts they will need to obtain exclusive mail-in figures.

Current information reveals that you will be able to collect the following exclusive figures:

  • Indiana Jones Action Figure with Horse
  • Indiana Jones Crystal Skeleton Figure with Throne
  • 12" Scale Ark

Visit to view images of this "Ticket to Adventure" program.

And thanks to Steve for letting us know.

Sources: and Cool Toy Review

Posted by Gilles V


Kotobukiya Indiana Jones license
10/01/08, 5:20pm EST

Kotobukiya will be releasing two Indiana Jones ARTFX statues in May 2008! One statue of Indiana Jones and a second of Henry Jones, Senior.

Apparently the Indiana Jones ARTFX statue comes with a removable hat/alternate head, a replaceable left arm and a replaceable right hand.
The also amazing looking Henry Jones, Senior ARTFX statue comes with a replaceable umbrella.

Click on any of the following photos for a closer view.

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge
click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge
click to enlarge

Very special thanks to, Japanese fansite, for the info & photos!

Posted by Gilles V


LEGO Indiana Jones site goes live!
14/01/08, 4:18pm EST

The official LEGO Indiana Jones site has opened its doors and welcomes all adventurers young and old. LEGO's Indy site looks good and is filled with product information, movie clips, wallpapers, screensavers, posters, character info and announces an upcoming "LEGO Indiana Jones Museum" game.

The LEGO Indiana Jones site also contains some hidden secrets!
For example, If you go to the downloads page you will notice an incomplete number. Fill in the last two numbers matching the crate number from Raiders of the Lost Ark, you will get a bonus download.

click to enlarge
LEGO Magazine - Jan. 08
Also, the latest LEGO Magazine features an interview with Adam Grabowski, one of the designers of the Temple Escape playset. Click here to view a scan of this interview with LEGO Indiana Jones Designer Adam Grabowski.

This Designer interview is featured in the Jan. 2008 issue of LEGO Magazine.

Thanks to Luuk Schmitz for the site link. And special thanks to Shipwreck for the LEGO Magazine scan!

Posted by Gilles V


New Hasbro Indiana Jones toys rumor list
14/01/08, 4:48pm EST

The UK based Star Wars & sci-fi website The Private Universe has published a list of all Hasbro Indiana Jones toys to be released during the coming months.
Their source is the latest Paugus Toy Company news letter. But I can no say how accurate this list of figures and release dates are just yet.

Here follows the rumored list of Indiana Jones toys by Hasbro:

    WAVE 1 - February 2008
    Marion Ravenwood
    Indiana Jones Cairo
    Indy Temple of Doom
    Cairo Swordsman
    German Soldier with gun
    Monkey Man with monkey
    WAVE 2 - April 2008
    Indiana Jones
    Indiana Jones
    Mutt Williams
    Mutt Williams
    Irena Spalko
    Narzca Warrior
    Cemetery Warrior
    Russian Soldier
    WAVE 3 - June 2008
    Indiana Jones
    Dr. Henry Jones
    Young Indy
    Grail Knight
    WAVE 4 - September 2008
    WAVE 1 - March 2008
    Deluxe Indiana Jones with Trap
    Deluxe Indiana Jones with Trap
    Deluxe Indiana Jones with Horse
    Deluxe German with Motorcycle
    WAVE 2
    Mutt Williams with Motorcycle - April 2008
    WAVE 3 - May 2008
    WAVE 4 - June 2008
    Wave 1 - April 2008
    Wave 2 - April 2008
    Wave 3 - July 2008
    Wave 4 - September 2008
    Wave 1 - March 2008
    Wave 2 - April 2008
    Wave 3 - July 2008
    Wave 4 - September 2008
    Indiana Jones 3.75” Vehicle Assortment
    Wave 1 - March 2008
    Wave 3 - April 2008
    Wave 4 - September 2008
    Waves - TBC
    Indiana Jones 3.75” Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Playset - TBC
    Indiana Jones 1:64 Scale Die-Case Adventure Playset - TBC
    Indiana Jones Role Play – Whip - April 2008
    Indiana Jones role Play - Sword - June 2008
    Wave 1 - July 2008
    Wave 2 - September 2008

Special thanks to Gary and 'ChromiumBlue37', from The Raven, for the links!

Posted by Gilles V


Indy Comic Writer Talks About the Top Secret Project
19/01/08, 4:02pm EST

Fulfilling a dream he had since writing his first Indiana Jones story in high school, Dark Horse Comics scribe, John Jackson Miller is involved with many of George Lucas's creations. Not only is he involved with launching the first ever Star Wars "crossover story" that goes back thousands of years to the days of the Old Republic, through the early days of the Empire, the Rebellion to 150 years later into the Legacy and the story of the descendants of the Skywalker clan but he is also working on the adaption of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The very busy Miller spoke with Comic Book Resources and had this to say about all things Indy:

An equally thrilling experience for veteran writer John Jackson Miller, was penning the trade paperback adaptation for the other big-time Lucasfilm property Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which is based on the story by George Lucas and the screenplay by David Koepp.

Dark Horse is set to release Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on May 22, 2008 – the same day the movie will premiere worldwide. “It was a great thrill to get a peek at what the filmmakers had planned for this long-awaited sequel, especially since I was one of the fans waiting for it,” said Miller. “As with Star Wars, Indiana Jones was one of those franchises I followed through both the movies and the comics. I even wrote my first Indy story back in high school, so it was always a source of inspiration. Way back before there was definitely a film planned, I was already lobbying Editor Jeremy Barlow for a crack at the adaptation. I’m really hyped about the movie and working on the adaptation was a lot of fun, all around.

Asked to tease CBR News with a look inside the top-secret book, Miller responded, “The Dark Horse adaptation arrives in May with art by Luke Ross and inks by Fabio Laguna. The covers are by Hugh Fleming, who’s painted other Indy work. Between the covers? Paper, ink and a fine adventure, that’s all I can say,

Click here to read more on Miller's Star Wars work for Dark Horse Comics.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


LEGO Indiana Jones Lost Tomb
22/01/08, 4:08pm EST

Chris Perley returns with another review, this time he looks at the LEGO "Escape from the Lost Tomb" playset. As always, you can read about it at

Thanks to Brandon at

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Mr. Potato Head: Taters of the Lost Ark
23/01/08, 4:45am EST

In a USAToday article discussing the upcoming International Toy Fair taking place next month in New York City, one eagle-eyed The Raven forum member noticed a familiar looking fedora adorning Mr. Potato Head, namely Indiana Jones or id it Indiana Spud.
Joining recent reenvisioned media icons to become spudstars, such as Star Wars's Darth Spudder, Spudtroopers and Marvel's Spider Spud, the Indiana Jones version will be coming from Hasbro as part of it's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull toy tie-ins.

Click here for extra info and to have good look at the new Mr. Potato Head in Indiana Jones gear.
It will look very charming alongside your replica of the Raider's Chachapoyun Fertility Idol.

Thanks to 'QBComics' and 'JimmyPSHayes' on The Raven for the news and Everett for the USAToday article link.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Spielberg, Lucas and Ford Autograph Topps Cards
24/01/08, 4:07pm EST

Our friend at posted a piece of earth-shattering news regarding the upcoming set of Indiana Jones Heritage Cards coming from Topps. Joining early signature chase cards from Karen Allen, Paul Freeman and other Indy stars are the following limited number chase cards featuring signatures from:
Topps Autograph Cards
Autograph Update!

- Steven Spielberg (Director)
- George Lucas (Executive Producer)
- Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones)
- Frank Marshall (Producer)
- Kathleen Kennedy (Producer)
- Lawrence Kasdan (Writer of Raiders)
- Kate Capshaw (Willie Scott)
- David Yip (Wu Han)
- Alfred Molina (Satipo)
- Michael Byrne (Vogel)

And 1/1 cut signature cards featuring departed Raiders of the Lost Ark actors;

- Denholm Elliot
- Pat Roach

That is some great news for trading and autograph collectors, official counts and availability information will be forthcoming from the good folks at Topps!

Thanks to Brandon Mysinger for the heads up.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Rubie's Offers Indiana Jones 4 Costumes
28/01/08, 3:40pm EST

Indiana Jones costumes at Rubie'sIt may be a little early to be planning your next Halloween or other costume party get-up, but the folks at are already there!

Featuring costumes and play props from the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the costume makers have versions of Indy's classic clothing for adults, kids and even dogs! They also have versions of Mutt's 50s leather look and many more to choose from. So if you are looking for that new fedora, whip, sword or want your dog to stand out amongst the pack start shopping now!

I know that my Golden Retriever, Indiana, will look perfect wearing a fedora, but it will be a real pain to get him to use a bullwhip.

See the costumes at

A big thanks to Brandon at for the tip!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Raiders of the Lost Ark 11" ARTFX Statue
28/01/08, 3:58pm EST

Online entertainment store Forbidden Planet has revealed a new Indiana Jones ARTFX statue depicting the famous opening scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark!11" ARTFX Theatre Statue

Part of a new line of Indiana Jones statues which will coincide with the new 4th movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

This Indy Theatre Statue stands approximately 11 inches tall and depicts one of the most famous Indy moments of all time, the Golden Idol escape scene from the first movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. Included within this theatre is Indy with his trademark fedora, whip and outfit, the impaled corpse, rolling boulder, vines and the Idol itself. This item requires limited assembly of its pvc plastic parts and comes with a themed base.

Visit Forbidden Planet for more!

And thanks to Mitchell Hallock for the link.

Posted by Gilles V


Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Novelization
31/01/08, 4:35pm EST has revealed the cover of the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull novelization, written by New York Times bestselling author James Rollins.
Indiana Jones 4 Novel

Your Indy bookshelf will soon expand with the literary adventures of Dr. Jones and his companions. The novelization of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will be penned by bestselling author James Rollins. His past works include Subterranean, Excavation, Deep Fathom, Amazonia, Ice Hunt, Sandstorm, Map of Bones and Black Order. Del Rey is publishing the novelization in hardcover. Here's a look at its cover art, adapted from the teaser poster art by Drew Struzan.


Posted by Gilles V


Taters of the Lost Ark Hi-Res
31/01/08, 4:53pm EST

Taters of the Lost Ark Hi-ResThe folks at Cool Toy Review have posted images of what we mentioned last week, that being the latest incarnation of Mr. Potato head in the guise of Indiana Jones. Looking at the copy on the box, it looks like this is a singing spud! Press his hat and hear the "Raiders" March! I know John Williams has received great awards in the past, like an Oscar, but did he ever imagine his music would be coming out of a plastic potato? Probably not.

Indy Spud also comes with a replica of the Raiders Fertility Idol (or is it a Fertilizer Idol since he is a vegetable), and what starch wouldn't be complete without his trusty bullwhip!

This hot potato will be frying off toy shelves soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Posted with humor by Mitchell Hallock


Indiana Jones 4 Junior Novelization Cover
02/02/08, 4:05pm EST

Indy 4 Junior Novelization cover
Junior Novelization cover
by Steve Anderson.
Two days ago we had our first look at the Indiana Jones 4 novelization cover featuring the teaser poster art of Drew Struzan.
Today we get a better look at the cover art of the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull junior novelization, illustrated by Steve Anderson.

Click here for another image of the Indy 4 junior novelization cover.

And be sure to check out Steven's other amazing Indiana Jones illustrations at his Steve Anderson Design website!

The Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull junior novelization is written by James Luceno.

Posted by Gilles V


Harrison Ford To Sign For Official Pix!
05/02/08, 8:02am EST

Official Pix Exclusive
Exclusive Indy 4 photo.
Official Pix is proud to announce their first ever signing with everyone's favorite Indiana Jones and Star Wars actor, Harrison Ford!
Mr. Ford will be signing an exclusive licensed limited edition Indiana Jones photograph and one very cool Han Solo image!

The brand new exclusive 11x14 inch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull image will be limited to just 50 hand numbered pieces making it an instant collectible! Each of these hand signed photographs will come bagged, boarded, and include our numbered COA. Price: $459.99.

Our STAR WARS 8x10 inch image (shown here) is likely the most iconic image of Han Solo. Each hand signed photograph will come bagged, boarded, and include our numbered COA. Price: $439.99.

This pre-order will begin on Wednesday February 6th at 11am Central Time at For additional information on this autograph opportunity, and to view the exclusive INDIANA JONES photograph, check out the Official Pix blog here.

Posted by Gilles V


Indiana Jones: Past, Present, & Future
05/02/08, 4:09pm EST

Take a visual tour of Indiana Jones collectibles through the ages this week over at Cool Toy Review. Beginning with the vintage Kenner action figure line, there will be new additions all week long featuring all things Indy! There's lots of cool toys to showcase, and at the end of the week, take a peek at what the future holds for everyone's favorite adventurer!

Visit Cool Toy Review for much more!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Young Indy Volume 3 DVDs Coming April 29
06/02/08, 6:51pm EST

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (February 4, 2008) – More Than 30 Companion Documentaries Supplement Young Indy's Adventures With Insights Into the Facts Behind His Globetrotting Exploits

Excitement and early 20th-century history combine in the action-packed final volume of creator George Lucas' Emmy® award-winning The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, coming to DVD April 29.

In a compilation "like no other DVD collection ever released" (Dallas Morning News), The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: The Years of Change, provides an up-close look at history with the world's favorite action hero as a guide.

Presented on 10 jam-packed discs, The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: The Years of Change offers more than 25 hours of entertainment, including seven feature-length episodes and more than 30 entirely new documentaries exploring the people, places and events Indy encounters in his travels -- from the creation of the Middle East to the Broadway boom, the birth of jazz and even the early days of Hollywood.

"It's great to know that Young Indy is being re-discovered on DVD," Lucas says. "We always hoped the series would show that history isn't just something old and dusty that you find in libraries. History is all around us, and it's exciting because it's always teaching us something about our own world."

In The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: The Years of Change, Sean Patrick Flanery (Boondock Saints, The Dead Zone) stars as Indy, alongside such acclaimed actors as Anne Heche (Men In Trees), Jane Krakowski ("30 Rock") and Jeffrey Wright (Casino Royale).

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: The Years Of Change is released by Lucasfilm Ltd., CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment. The 10-disc set features a comprehensive assortment of exhaustively researched special features that provide insights into world history.

"Young Indy shows a different side to Indiana Jones and reminds us of the academic roots behind Indy's affinity for adventure," said series producer Rick McCallum. "The hero we know as 'Indiana' is first and foremost Dr. Jones, a man whose love for history and thirst for knowledge started when he was young, proving that learning about the world can lead to incredible things."

The acclaimed documentaries were produced over a four-year period by former CBS News producer David Schneider. "It has been an honor to help realize George's vision for the Young Indy DVDs as an in-depth exploration of history with real-life facts that spark viewers' curiosity and inspire them to learn even more," Schneider said. "This set offers more of everything that Indiana Jones fans love: more action, more excitement and more historical information to truly bring the past to life."

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones DVD collections have received widespread praise from critics. "Vivid and imaginative" (Baltimore Sun) with "grand content" (Los Angeles Times), each of the three volumes features an unprecedented amount of special features that includes interviews with scholars, historians and luminaries from a wide range of disciplines. A critically acclaimed combination of adventure, romance and history, The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones was shot in 35 countries and utilized the talents of the industry's most distinguished actors, directors and writers, earning 12 Emmy Awards and 27 nominations over the course of its run. In addition, The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones was the first television series to use digital production, pioneering processes that would pave the way for Lucas' own Star Wars prequels.

The Young Indiana Jones films also feature the work of some of the industry's biggest names in directing and writing. Series directors include Bille August (Les Miserables), Mike Newell (Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire), David Hare (Strapless, screenplays for The Hours and Damage), Terry Jones (Monty Python and the Holy Grail and The Life of Brian), Deepa Mehta (Water), Joe Johnston (The Rocketeer, Jurassic Park III), Nicolas Roeg (The Man Who Fell To Earth, Don't Look Now), and Michael Schultz (Car Wash, TV's Everwood). Writers include Rosemary Anne Sisson (Upstairs, Downstairs), Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption) and Jonathan Hensleigh (Die Hard with a Vengeance).

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones complete three-volume collection contains 22 feature-length movies and 94 documentaries, interactive games developed by River Deep, an interactive timeline produced by Terra Incognita Productions and an historical overview by noted author and University of Texas history professor H.W. Brands.

The third of three comprehensive collections, The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: The Years Of Change is a 10-disc set presented in full screen with Dolby Digital English Stereo and English subtitles. The DVD is Not Rated in the U.S. and rated PG in Canada.

The DVD disc breakdown is as follows:

Disc One: Tales of Innocence
In Italy, Indy's espionage work takes him behind enemy lines where he embarks on an important propaganda assignment that he hopes will bring a swift end to the war. Along the way, he engages in a comic rivalry with Ernest Hemingway over the affections of a beautiful Italian girl. After being wounded in action, Indy is transferred to North Africa where he joins the French Foreign Legion. While trying to uncover the identity of a traitor in his own ranks, Indy battles hostile Berber tribesmen and engages in an innocent flirtation with author Edith Wharton. Directors: Bille August, Michael Schultz; Writer: Jonathan Hales

Companion Historical Documentaries:

  • Unhealed Wounds: The Life of Ernest Hemingway
  • The French Foreign Legion: The World's Most Legendary Fighting Force
  • The Secret Life of Edith Wharton
  • Lowell Thomas: American Storyteller

Disc Two: Masks of Evil
A top secret mission for French Intelligence brings Indy to Istanbul during the First World War. Exploring the city's dark and dangerous streets, he is thrust into a web of betrayal and murder when he discovers a vile plot to assassinate French espionage agents. Evil of a more enduring kind awaits him in Transylvania where he engages in mortal combat with bloodthirsty Vlad the Impaler and his horrific army of the living dead. With his very life at stake, Indy must garner all his strength and wits in order to defeat the fiend and save mankind. Directors: Mike Newell, Dick Maas; Writers: Rosemary Anne Sisson, Jonathan Hensleigh; Guest Stars: Bob Peck

Companion Historical Documentaries:

  • For the People, Despite the People: The Atatürk Revolution
  • The Greedy Heart of Halide Edib
  • The Ottoman Empire: A World of Difference
  • Dracula: Fact and Fiction

Disc Three: Treasure of the Peacock's Eye
The war in Europe ends but a new adventure begins for Indy when a mysterious man's dying words -- "The eye of the peacock!" -- send him on a thrilling treasure hunt for one of Alexander the Great's most treasured possessions. Pursued by a dangerous one-eyed man, Indy follows the trail of the diamond from London to Alexandria to the South Seas where he has a run-in with a murderous band of Chinese pirates. The shipboard battle that ensues is a spectacular display of swords, guns and flying fists. Marooned by the pirates on a remote desert island, Indy is captured by savage headhunters, but before they can turn him into a shrunken head and cannibal stew, he is rescued by anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski and makes a life-altering decision. Director: Carl Schultz; Writer: Jule Selbo

Companion Historical Documentaries:

  • Bronislaw Malinowski: God Professor
  • Anthropology: Looking at the Human Condition
  • New Guinea: Paradise in Peril

Disc Four: The Winds of Change
Working as a translator in Paris brings Indy in contact with T.E. Lawrence, Prince Faisal of Arabia and Ho Chi Minh. The brutality of realpolitik devastates the idealistic young Indy, and he returns home only to discover the ugly face of bigotry as encountered by his boyhood friend, Paul Robeson. Directors: David Hare, Michael Schultz; Writers: Jonathan Hales, Matthew Jacobs

Disc Five: The Winds of Change Bonus Disc
Companion Historical Documentaries

  • The Best Intentions: The Paris Peace Conference and the Treaty of Versailles
  • Woodrow Wilson: American Idealist
  • Gertrude Bell: Iraq's Uncrowned Queen
  • Ho Chi Minh: The Price of Freedom
  • Paul Robeson: Scandalize My Name
  • Robert Goddard: Mr. Rocket Science

Disc Six: Mystery of the Blues
Going to college and working in a seedy speakeasy brings Indy into contact with jazz great Sidney Bechet, who teaches him how to play the blues. Unfortunately, he also crosses paths with up-and-coming thug Al Capone and it's only with the assistance of his dorm roommate, future Untouchable Eliot Ness, that Indy is able to solve a vicious murder and prevent himself from ending up in a pair of cement overshoes. Director: Carl Schultz; Writer: Jule Selbo; Guest Stars: Nicholas Turturro, Jeffrey Wright, Jane Krakowski and Harrison Ford

Disc Seven: Mystery of the Blues Bonus Disc
Companion Historical Documentaries:

  • Jazz: Rhythms of Freedom
  • Al "Scarface" Capone: The Original Gangster
  • Prohibition: America on the Rocks
  • On the Trail of Eliot Ness
  • Louis Armstrong: Ambassador of Jazz
  • Ben Hecht: The Shakespeare of Hollywood
  • Hellfighters: Harlem's Heroes of World War I

Disc Eight: The Scandal of 1920
In New York City, Indy covers a lot of ground as he stage-manages a Broadway musical, parties with 5th Avenue high society, reads poetry with Greenwich Village bohemians and trades barbs with the literary wits of the Algonquin Roundtable. Composer George Gershwin accompanies Indy in his adventures as he attempts to ensure that the show goes on despite temperamental stars, malfunctioning props and the fact that he's dating three very different women at the same time. The film includes wonderful production numbers and a marvelous musical score. Director: Syd Macartney; Writer: Jonathan Hales; Guest Star: Anne Heche

Companion Historical Documentaries:

  • Tin Pan Alley: Soundtrack of America
  • Wonderful Nonsense: The Algonquin Round Table
  • Broadway: America Center Stage

Disc Nine: Hollywood Follies
While working for a Hollywood movie studio, Indy finds that he is no match for wily, megalomaniacal director Erich von Stroheim when the two lock horns over the ever-increasing budget of Stroheim's film Foolish Wives. Though battered by the film industry, Indy decides to give it one more chance and goes on a location shoot with legendary director John Ford. Ford and his cronies, including aging gunman Wyatt Earp, help him to see the magic of movies and moviemaking, and when an actor is accidentally killed, Indy pitches in to save the film.

Companion Historical Documentaries:

  • Erich von Stroheim: The Profligate Genius
  • The Rise of the Moguls: The Men Who Built Hollywood
  • Irving Thalberg: Hollywood's Boy Wonder
  • The World of John Ford

Disc Ten: Interactive Disc
Special Features:

  • Extensive Interactive Timeline that details the history and locations of Indy's adventures and previews footage of the companion documentaries.
  • Historical Lecture: New Gods for Old
  • "Hunting for Treasure" Interactive Game


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Indiana Jones Ice Cream
08/02/08, 3:48pm EST

Indiana Jones Ice CreamIf the Indiana Jones cereal, Pop Tarts and Dr. Pepper don't satisfy your hunger, a helping of Nestlé's Indy Ice Cream is a great way to finish your meal. From the box art the ice cream bars seem to be covered with an orange coating wrapped with a chocolate swirl over a peanut butter flavored ice cream.

Now where were these frozen delights when Indy was trekking across the Egyptian desert? They would have been the perfect dessert to have to get that dry, dusty taste out Indy's mouth after being dragged behind a truck!

Look for these tasty treats in your frozen food section at your local grocery store around the time Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull debuts in May.

Special thanks to Dennis Bruhn for the photo.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Young Indiana Jones DVDs coming to the UK
10/02/08, 12:31pm EST

The Emmy-award winning TV series The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones makes its long-awaited Region 2 DVD debut in the United Kingdom on 25th February from Paramount Home Entertainment RRP £44.99 Certificate 12 (UK).

Volume One of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones will be available in the UK and on from the 25th of February. No news yet when the Second and Third volumes will get released for Region 2 but we'll let you know as soon as we hear more.

Visit our Young Indiana Jones on DVD pages for more information on this great series.

Source: Shine Communications

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Indiana Jones the Magazine
11/02/08, 4:15pm EST

Indiana Jones Magazine
Magazine issue #1 newsstand cover.
Indiana Jones Magazine containing movie news, interviews with the cast and crew of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and much more will be coming to bookstores and magazine stands just in time for the new film.

This lavish, color photo filled, 100 page magazine will be on sale on May 22nd featuring the Drew Struzan teaser poster art, while a variant cover featuring a photo of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones will be an exclusive available from Diamond Distributors at comic shops.

Source: Scoop

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


New Indiana Jones Comic Books
13/02/08, 2:02pm EST

The fantastic writers and artist and Dark Horse Comics have been keeping Indy alive in the pages of their comic books for years, and 2008 looks to be the beginning of a new era! Not only is the Indiana Jones Omnibus Volume 1, due to hit comic and book stores, but they have just posted their preview of upcoming comics.

Comic book and Indiana Jones fans can look for the adaptation of the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to hit shelves and magazine racks to coincide with the films worldwide release in May, but also the first issue of Indiana Jones Adventure. The Adventures title is along the lines of Dark Horse's imaginative and cartoon style Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures that have been coming out over the past two years, it offers younger fans to get caught up in the world of Indiana Jones.
These type of stories are great for Indy fans of all ages, but it is great to see Dark Horse taking the lead and returning the fun of comics back to kids. Long before CGI, for many of us, comic books were the first and only place to see images of amazing worlds and daring-do when we were small children. Dark Horse is keeping that spirit of adventure alive, and as a father of two small boys myself, I cannot wait to hand these Indiana Jones Adventures to them and watch that love of comics be reborn in a new generation!

Thank you Dark Horse.

Here are full details on the upcoming books taken from the advanced order solicitation information in Previews and from Comics Continuum.


Indiana Jones Adventures
Indiana Jones Adventures Volume 1

Indiana Jones Adventures Volume 1

Written by Phillip Gelatt, art by Ethaen Beavers, colored by Ronda Pattison.

In the deep winter of Northern Europe, Dr. Henry Jones Jr. is about to undergo one of the most harrowing archeological digs of his career! Amidst a deadly blizzard, he must find an ancient monument and unlock its secrets before someone with much darker intentions gets there first! Yet there are trials awaiting any who would lay claim to the artifacts of mysterious warriors from long ago.

Kid-friendly and brimming with the very best parts of Indiana Jones, this is a story for anyone looking for stunning visuals, thrill-a-minute storytelling, and one unmistakable archaeologist!

80 pages, $6.95, in stores on July 23.


Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Adaptation
Adaptation cover #1
Art by Drew Struzan

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull #1

Written by George Lucas, David Koepp and John Jackson Miller, penciled by Luke Ross, inked by Fabio Laguna, colored by Dan Jackson, covers by Drew Struzan and Hugh Fleming.

The man who single-handedly defined "adventure" for an entire generation returns -- hat and all -- in this action-packed adaptation of this summer's silver-screen megahit! Dr. Henry Jones Jr. is at it again, this time on the trail of a discovery unlike any in his illustrious career. Yet more than one player is out to win this game, and with stakes this high, not everyone is going to play fair! Will Indiana Jones's greatest adventure be his last?

56 pages, $5.99, in stores on May 22.


Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Adaptation
Adaptation cover #2
Art by Hugh Fleming

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull #2

Written by George Lucas, David Koepp and John Jackson Miller, penciled by Luke Ross, inked by Fabio Laguna, colored by Dan Jackson, covers by Drew Struzan and Hugh Fleming.

The conclusion to the grandest archeological adventure ever in part two of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! The summer's hottest blockbuster comes to comics in this adaptation of Indiana Jones's most exciting and unexpected quest to date. Since beyond record, no one has seen the marvels Dr. Henry Jones Jr. now witnesses, or braved the dangers he now faces! Yet even greater perils wait on the horizon, where the dark aims of Indy's contemporaries threaten to bring inscrutable consequences down upon them all!

56 pages, $5.99, in stores on May 28.

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Official Pix Unviels New Exclusive Indy Pic
13/02/08, 5:05pm EST

Official Pix
New limited photo.
Fresh from their amazing Harrison Ford autograph photo sale last week, in which owner Ben Stevens said all of them sold out in an amazing 15 seconds, Official Pix is back!

This time they are offering a great shot Indiana Jones facing his greatest fear as he nears his latest discovery, the legendary Ark of the Covenant! Official Pix is proud to announce our next licensed Indiana Jones limited edition photograph - this one from Raiders of the Lost Ark!

This 11x14 inch limited edition photo is printed on glossy Fujifilm archival paper and is limited to only 250 hand-numbered units. Each Lucasfilm licensed photograph sports the original film logo and comes bagged and boarded with our 1" round prismatic Indiana Jones sticker.

Get one today for you and a friend before they are all gone. Only $19.99 plus s/h for a limited time!

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Sideshow's 12-inch Indiana Jones Figure Revealed!
16/02/08, 3:54pm EST

Sideshow's 12-Inch Indy
Sideshow's 12-inch Indiana Jones figure!
The cover of the February issue of Tomart’s Action Figure Digest features a first image of Sideshow's absolutely amazing 12-inch Indiana Jones figure! Sideshow also hints to pick up a copy of the magazine to read an exclusive Q&A with Sideshow’s Creative Director, Tom Gilliland, who generously dishes out some exciting news about their Indiana Jones figures in this issue.
The February issue of Tomart’s Action Figure Digest (#163) is available on shelves now!

Cool Toy Review is on location at the American International Toy Fair in New York City this weekend and found out moments ago that Diamond Select Toys will be producing a line of Indiana Jones collectibles! 1/4 scale articulated cloth figures with sound effects built into the bodies, collectible banks, 1/3 rotocast figures, and more.

Hasbro has recently launched their Indiana Jones website complete with a first look at the new action figures, role-play toys and playsets. Hasbro's Indy page includes info (as well as Indy 4 SPOILER info) and photos of the following new items:Indy Sound FX Whip

  • Indiana Jones Sound FX Whip
  • Mutt Williams Sound FX Sword
  • Indiana Jones 3 ¾” Action Figures
  • Indiana Jones 3 ¾” Deluxe Action Figures
  • Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 3 ¾” Playset
  • Mr. Potato Head: Taters of the Lost Ark

Click here to visit Hasbro's Indiana Jones website but beware as the page contains possibly big Indiana Jones 4 SPOILERS!

Photo by Action-Figure
Kotobukiya's Henry Jones ArtFX Statue.

And Action-Figure has found out some more info on Kotobukiya's Indiana Jones products. Kotobukiya has a load of Indy product coming out, unfortunately not all of it is bound for the US, with Kotobukiya telling about a large number of Japanese exclusives. Kotobukiya has the license to all four movies, including the upcoming Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, across 5 different product categories.
View Action-Figure's Kotobukiya's Indiana Jones Lines article for details. And here you can view a first set of Kotobukiya Indiana Jones and Henry Jones statue photos straight from the American International Toy Fair in New York City this weekend.

Stay tuned for more Indiana Jones merchandising news as the American International Toy Fair in New York City has only just begun.

Posted by Gilles V


Hasbro Presents its Indiana Jones 2008 Toys Line
17/02/08, 9:54am EST

UPDATE: At ASM you can view two great photo galleries showing Hasbro's Indiana Jones toys for 2008. Some photos reveal more 12" Figures, the first Indy "Mighty Muggs" figures and even a Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Race game!

Hasbro has presented its Indiana Jones toys line at the American International Toy Fair yesterday. And you can find reports and photos from this Indy presentation on the following websites:

Cool Toy Review has a great series of images (Powerpoint?) from Hasbro's presentation revealing a lot of new info and photos of action figures. And according to the presentation Hasbro's 2008 Indiana Jones toys line will be released in four waves; including characters, vehicles and playsets from all four films!

3 ¾” Action Figures:
Wave 1: Raiders of the Lost Ark (May 1st, 2008)
Wave 2: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (May 1st, 2008)
Wave 3: Last Crusade (July 2008)
Wave 4: Temple of Doom (Sept. 2008)

Adventure Heroes:
Wave 1: Raiders of the Lost Ark - Six 2-packs.
(May 1st, 2008)
Wave 2: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Three 2-packs.
(May 1st, 2008)
Wave 3: Temple of Doom - Three 2-packs.
(Late Sept. 2008)
Wave 4: Last Crusade - Three 2-packs.
(Juny 2008)

On top of that, Hasbro will also be releasing nine 12" Figures in 2008! You can view the full Hasbro Indiana Jones presentation at Cool Toy Review!

But beware as the action figures photos include BIG SPOILERS for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!

More SPOILER photos and info of Hasbro's Indiana Jones Action Figures for 2008 can be found at, Wizard Universe &

Special thanks to Mitchell Hallock, Zach, Steve Weintraub and Matt P. for the site links.

Posted by Gilles V


Indiana Jones Prizes for Japanese Arcades
17/02/08, 12:16pm EST

At Cool Toy Review you can view new photos of the Indiana Jones statue on a horse by Gentle Giant. Their photo gallery also reveals a new sculpt: the "Property of Dr. Jones" crate with Indy's fedora and whip hanging on its corner!

ASM has two photo galleries revealing SPOILER heavy Kingdom of the Crystal Skull playsets from LEGO Indiana Jones' second series, to be released in May. You do not want to see these photos! Don't say we didn't warn you for SPOILERS.

And last but definitely not least; Indiana Jones Prizes for Japanese Arcades! Yes indeed, and you can view photos of these very cool looking prizes at the Kotaku gamer's guid website!

Thanks to Tim Wilson for the Kotaku site link.

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Indiana Jones gets Mugged!
18/02/08, 5:27pm EST

The International Toy Fair happening in New York City has unveiled a treasure trove of collectibles and play things for Indy fans who have longed to have their hero “in their hands”! However, amongst the many action figures, statues, busts, board games and building blocks are perhaps the most unusual looking toys, namely the Mighty Muggs from Hasbro.

Touted as being made from “100% recycled coolness”, the new line of figures of Indiana Jones figures will join the ranks of Star Wars figures already hitting store shelves. As what can only be described as a cross between a traditional action figure and Stewie from Family Guy, these figures stand about 7 – 8” and have a large, cartoon stylized head and chunky body.

Amongst the first wave arriving to coincide with the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull this May will be Indy, his Dad, Mola Ram (with victim’s heart in hand, naturally) and Indy’s favorite target practice villain, the Arabian Swordsman. No doubt this line will see future additions like a Mighty Mugg Mutt (say that six times fast).

Mighty MuggsMighty MuggsMighty Muggs
Images from Cool Toy Review.

Yes, they are a bit strange looking, but as fans have lived through such a long drought of Indiana Jones collectibles, they are a welcome sight.

Photos of this brand new Mighty Mugg figures and much more Indiana Jones toys from Hasbro can be found at Cool Toy Review.

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Kotobukiya Releases One Coin Indiana Jones Figures
18/02/08, 6:01pm EST

One Coin Figures
One Coin Indy Figures.
Kotobukiya has announced that they will be releasing cute "one coin figures" of 5 cm high (1.97 inches).

There will be eight different figures in total. Six regular figures and two secret characters.
From what you can see at and the Japanese Kotobukiya site, I believe we'll be getting figures of Indiana Jones (x2), Henry Jones Sr., Marion Ravenwood, Mola Ram, and what looks like the silhouettes of Shia LaBeouf and Cate Blanchett's characters from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

These "one coin figures" are set for a release in June 2008 and will probably be exclusive to the Japanese market. Too bad as each figure only costs 525 Yen! Which is $4.9, approximately.

Very special thanks to Mitsu from for the news!

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Hasbro Indiana Jones Toy Fair Q&A
19/02/08, 2:28pm EST

The folks at sat in on a Hasbro Toys question and answer session at the International Toy Fair. While the talk ranged from Star Wars to G.I. Joe, we thought Indy fans would like to be aware what lies ahead for the company's line of Indiana Jones toys.

Here are the interview excerpts regarding Indy toys;

Question: Will there be any figures from the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles included in the Indiana Jones line?
Hasbro: "There are some big plans for the Indiana Jones line, but the focus is primarily on the movies. This is planned as an ongoing toy line. It's not a "one and done" line, so there may be opportunities later on for some characters to be included, although there is some concern that there aren't many characters to bring out as action figures. There are more ideas coming that fans are sure to like beyond what has been shown this weekend."

Question: Will Dr. Henry Jones be done as a figure? What about a Temple of Doom playset?
Hasbro: "Yes to Dr. Henry Jones, no to Temple of Doom. A Well of Souls playset would most likely come first."

Question: What about Indiana Jones exclusives?
Hasbro: "San Diego Comic Con will have a Mighty Muggs fertility idol, plus there has been discussion of fall exclusives."

Question: Will Indiana Jones have any role play toys?
Hasbro: "Yes, Indy's whip and Mutt's sword."

Undoubtedly there will be more Indiana Jones products coming from Hasbro, and we will keep you posted with images and information as it becomes available.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Sideshow's 12" Indiana Jones Figure Available!
19/02/08, 4:03pm EST

UPDATE: Sideshow's Exclusive Edition has sold out only moments ago.

Fresh from the it's premiere at the International Toy Fair - Indiana Jones is here!

If you are interested in starting a new collection of Indiana Jones memorabilia or want to add to your existing one, now is the time to head over to Sideshow Collectibles. The craftsmen at Sideshow have outdone themselves with a 12 inch Indiana Jones figure that bears uncanny resemblance to the Harrison Ford. The $89.99 (U.S.) articulated, figure is available for pre-order in both an exclusive version that has two bonus accessories (a torch and a dart), and non-exclusive version. As with many Sideshow products these will be offered on a limited basis, while the production run has not been announced as of yet, it's a good bet that these will not last long.

The 12-inch Indiana Jones Figure includes:

  • 12-inch male body with 30+ points of articulation
  • Authentic likeness of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
  • Alternate Head with hat permanently attached
  • Hat with fabric lining
  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Belt
  • Leather Jacket
  • Boots
  • Revolver
  • Hi-power pistol with removable magazine
  • Detailed belt with holster
  • Coiled bullwhip with tie
  • Articulated bullwhip
  • Satchel
  • Idol artifact
  • Sandbag
  • Two sets of interchangeable gloved hands
  • Two sets of interchangeable bare hands
  • Exclusive: torch
  • Exclusive: dart
  • Display base with Indiana Jones logo

If you are interested in adding this Indy to your collection, head on over to Sideshow's website.

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Special Edition DVD re-release of Indy Trilogy
19/02/08, 6:00pm EST

While Toshiba has officially announced that it will no longer be producing the HD -DVD format players, there has been no major announcement from Paramount or Universal on their release plans.

It should be noted that today Paramount announced that it would be releasing a Special Edition of the original Indiana Jones films on May 13th in standard DVD format.


Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Scholastic's Indiana Jones Junior Novelizations
20/02/08, 4:38pm EST is previewing the upcoming novelizations of Indy's big screen adventures and the addition of the newest volume, namely Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. While editions of Temple of Doom and Last Crusade appeared in the 80s when the films were released, this will mark the first time a "junior" novelization of Raiders of the Lost Ark will be published.

If you have a younger Indy fan at home, a relative that you want to not only get into reading but adventure as well, or are feeling nostalgic, these books would be worth picking up.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


This Time the Diamond Gets Indiana Jones
21/02/08, 2:21pm EST

Coming off the heels of the International Toy Fair, Diamond Select will be releasing a wide range of Indy collectibles including a line of super detailed figures with built-in sound clips and interactive banks.

Here are the details from the official press release...

Under a new licensing agreement announced today, Indiana Jones fans and collectors will see several new lines of collectibles in 2008 from Diamond Select Toys. Partnering with Lucas Licensing, a division of Lucasfilm Ltd., DST will design and manufacture large-scale roto figures along with bust banks, figural banks and feature banks, among other categories based on the rich and diverse Indiana Jones franchise!

The Indiana Jones Ultimate Quarter Scale line will include characters from all four feature films. Each figure will include cloth outfits and accessories as well as an authentic sound clip from the massive Indiana Jones franchise. This line of hyper-detailed and super poseable figures will begin this summer with Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones.

Additionally, DST will expand into new categories including banks based on fan-favorite characters and scenes with a variety of features. New lines of bust-style banks and unarticulated figural banks will begin in 2008, blending detailed action-packed sculpts with traditional bank designs. A companion line of feature banks will include everything from sound and voice effects to coin-activated motion features such as whip attacks and booby-traps from the iconic films!

With all these new Indy items coming out, fans will have to start searching for their own lost treasures to pay for it all!

Source: Diamond Select Toys

Thanks to Brandon from Indyfansfilm for the info.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy Trilogy Back in Print and on Shelves - NOW!
21/02/08, 5:49pm EST

The Adventures of Indiana Jones
Book cover
If you are looking for away to pass the time waiting for The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull premiere, go to your local books store and check out the new all-in-one collection of The Adventures of Indiana Jones. The paperback featuring the Drew Struzan Last Crusade teaser poster art contains the adaptations of Raiders of the Lost Ark by Campbell Black, Temple of Doom by Dr. James Kahn and Last Crusade by Rob MacGregor.

If you haven't read them before this a great chance to reacquaint yourself to literary Indy and read about some characters and back-story that were left out of the films. Read about Indy's trip to Nepal, Willie's encounter with the evil Chattar Lal after Indy and Shorty are captured by the Thuggee's, and details on the quest for the Grail are just some of the lost scenes that came from the respective author's imaginations.

The 608 page book from Del-Rey retails for $18.00 and is due for release on 2/26, but like a bad penny (and Indy) it is already starting to turn up in bookstores.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indiana Jones Sketch Cards by Kevin Graham
21/02/08, 6:01pm EST

Kevin Graham
Monkey sketch
by Kevin Graham.
With the newest set of Topps Indiana Jones cards due to hit this month anticipation has been growing, fans are eager to see what the chase cards will be. sat down with one of the artist providing some of these cards, Kevin Graham, who not only shared his artwork but also recollections on when he first saw Indy.

Here are some of the excerpts from that interview:

"George Lucas is great at telling a story," Graham continues. "He creates captivating characters and well thought out story lines. The stories appeal to all ages. All of the Indiana Jones movies are packed with non-stop action, humor for kids and adults, and romance. Did I mention action? The movies make you feel like you are part of the adventure and when they are over they leave you wanting more. The movies have held up over the years and in return many generations have enjoyed them and will continue to."

Of all the characters Graham was tasked to draw for the series, a non-human won out as his favorite. "I'd have to say I really enjoyed drawing the monkey from Raiders of the Lost Ark," Graham says. "I've always loved drawing wild animals -- they are very involved with detail. But I was sad the poor little monkey died by eating the poisoned dates."

To read the full article visit

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


LEGO Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Box Art
21/02/08, 6:17pm EST

This week's Toy Fair in New York was an amazing look at all the Indiana Jones goods headed our way. Some of the more spectacular images were those of the forthcoming LEGO sets based on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of The Crystal Skull.

Lucky attendees saw firsthand LEGO's offerings (and a lucky group of 100 visitors walked away with an extremely rare LEGO Indy/an Solo giveaway already popping up on eBay) and provided some tantalizing peaks at the action sequences. Images have flooded the internet and not adding to that list are the box shots of those Indy 4 building block sets.

But be forewarned, these could be SPOILERS if you haven't seen the new trailer.

LEGO Kingdom of The Crystal Skull box art photos can be found at Harrison Ford Web and much more SPOILERS at!
(photos by Flickr user 'no_onions')

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Hi-Res Images of Hasbro's Indy Line
22/02/08, 3:55pm EST

Throw Me The Idol, Toy News International and Cool Toy Review have been posting some amazing photos from the New York Toy Fair and they have just posted shots of the Deluxe figure packages. These "deluxe" figures will be not one, but two figures and they look great. Not only is their Indy and the idol on a pedestal, but him with his horse, as well as Nazis (I hate those guys) on motorcycles and army building 2 packs.

Check out Throw Me The Idol and Toy News International for images of Hasbro's new Indiana Jones figures. But beware for Crystal Skull SPOILERS!

Thanks to Les and Dan Curto for all the great coverage and images.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Sideshow Talks 12-inch Indiana Jones
22/02/08, 4:00pm EST

12-inch Indiana Jones
12-inch Indiana Jones
The Sideshow Exclusive version of the new Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark 12-inch figure sold out during it's Toy Fair celebration, but you can still sign up for the Wait List! Plus you can place your Pre-Order for the regular edition, which doesn't come with the exclusive torch and dart but is still an AWESOME figure! Additionally, Sideshow is announcing that the Exclusive edition size has been set a low 1500 pieces worldwide.

Take a look at the Production Blog and Backstage Pass features for this snake-hating, whip-wielding, intrepid archaeologist and place your Pre-Order or get on the Wait List today!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Harrison Ford to do Three More Official Pix Signings
26/02/08, 3:40pm EST

Ben Stevens at Official Pix has just posted some great news in his blog about upcoming news that Indy fans will want to pay attention to.

After a record breaking 30 second sell out of our first batch of 100 authentic-licensed Harrison Ford autographs, we are very proud to announce that Mr. Ford has just agreed to do three additional signings over the course of the next three months!

All three Official Pix signings will be limited to 50 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull LE prints, and 50 Star Wars photos.

Official Pix is extremely proud to announce these followup signings with blockbuster actor - Harrison Ford and hope that these signings will lead to additional opportunities down the road. Pre-order details for round two will be posted here and at as early as next week!

Thanks to Brandon at Indyfansfilm for the heads up.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy's The Ultimate Guide Limited Edition
27/02/08, 5:05pm EST

Limited Collector's Edition
Limited Collector's Edition advert.
The latest issue of PREVIEWS, the Comic Shop's Catalog, the magazine/catalog offering previews of upcoming books and merchandise that will be coming to your local comic book shop is featuring Indiana Jones in the issue hitting stores this month. One of the very cool items is the book by James Luceno, Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide, but while the book will be available at bookstores, there is a special limited edition coming from Previews.

The book traces Indy's life from childhood to adulthood, takes in-depth looks at all the films, including mind-blowing pictures and behind the scene shots that will make you feel that you are there! The 500 limited editions will feature a high-end synthetic "leather" cover, six exclusive art spreads with tracing paper overlays, a special envelope attached with 6 high quality photos from Indy 4.

To find out more see the attached ad scan. Go to or your local comic shop for more information.

Thanks to Erik at Alternate Universe comic shop in Milford, CT for the heads up on Previews.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Toy Fair Exclusive Indiana Jones 4 Print
27/02/08, 5:08pm EST

Limited 'Indy 4' print
Limited to only 200.
Special guests of the Hasbro Toy Fair presentation in New York City were given a very nice treasure to take home. Limited to only 200, the print from Acme Achieves featured Indy facing the unknown as he explores a mysterious cave in a scene from the new film, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Hats off to Dan Curto of Cool Toy Review who provided all the great coverage last week of the new Indy toys and for being lucky enough to receive one of these prints!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy Sketch Cards by Adam Hughes
27/02/08, 6:28pm EST

On March 12, Topps will be releasing its new Indiana Jones Heritage trading cards series featuring 90 memorable scenes from all three original movies, as well as "Super Collectible Inserts" such as: Authentic Autographs, Vintage Sticker Magnets and Sketch Cards!

The Sketch Cards series contains contributions from approximately 65 "top" artists; all drawing their favorite Indy film characters and moments.

One of the most familiar names on the list is Adam Hughes. Adam is a commercial illustrator better known for his drawings of (super)women and for his cover work for titles such as Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Tomb Raider and Star Wars.
What some may not know is that Adam Hughes is also a giant Indiana Jones fan! Undeniable proof for his love for Indy are his amazing looking sketch cards!

Adam Hughes has sketched 56 Indiana Jones Heritage sketch cards for Topps and you can view them all here.

Click on the images for a closer look at his Indy sketch cards!

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge
click to enlargeclick to enlarge

Be sure to visit the Official Adam Hughes Website for more artwork!

Check back tomorrow for a look at Trevor Grove's Indiana Jones Heritage sketch cards.

Very special thanks to Adam Hughes for sharing his sketch cards with us.

Posted by Gilles V


First Look at Dark Horse's New Indy Comic
27/02/08, 7:04pm EST

Limited Collector's Edition
Indiana Jones and the Tomb of Gods comic.
The comic book shop was the place to be today, not only did we see what PREVIEWS had to offer in the way of new Indy books and a peak at the ARTFX Statue of Indy in a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, but Wizard Comic magazine had Indy news.

Dark Horse Comics will not only be bringing readers the adaption of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and the new Indiana Jones Adventures book for younger readers but a whole new line of Indy in an ongoing comic series. The first 5-issues adventure is Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods by writer Rob Williams and artist Dustin Weaver, and Wizard is showing of the cover art!

Indy fever has started in earnest at bookstores, with Dark Horse's Indiana Jones Omnibus last week and the novelizations of the earlier Indy films hitting shelves this week it looks like the boulder has started to roll!

Once again, another thanks to Erik and the gang at Alternate Universe Comics for the info on the Wizard exclusive image!

Source: Wizard Magazine issue 198

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy Sketch Cards by Trevor Grove
28/02/08, 8:30pm EST

Our old friend Trevor Grove must be the only young artist signed on to create wonderful Indiana Jones merchandising in two very different techniques!
Last year Trevor sculpted the head of Sideshow Collectibles' first 12-inch Indiana Jones figures (premiered last week) and is thus responsible for its great likeness of Ford as Indiana Jones. And for Topps Trevor went back to his old love for illustrating and drew his first Indiana Jones sketches in approximately four years! And not just a handful.

Trevor Grove has illustrated no less than 56 sketch cards for the Indiana Jones Heritage series and you can view them all here.

Click on the images for a closer look at Trev's Indy sketch cards!

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Very special thanks to Trevor Grove for sharing his sketch cards! You can view more of his Indy artwork here. And be sure to also check out his great Indy Toons cartoons!

And if you want to see more Indy sketch cards for today; has published a great article, with images, on another Indiana Jones Heritage Sketch artist named Jessica Hickman! Also definitely worth checking out.

Posted by Gilles V


Exclusive LEGO Indiana Jones Set
29/02/08, 7:18pm EST

Exclusive LEGO Indy Jungle Cruiser
Exclusive LEGO Indy Jungle Cruiser.
The greatest action hero of them all roars out of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in his amazing jungle cruiser! Indy's adventures take him all over the world, and this vehicle can tackle any terrain from mountain slopes to ancient jungle paths. Ride with Indiana Jones into a brand new adventure!

You can get the LEGO Indy Jungle Cruiser by becoming a LEGO BrickMaster subscriber at The set will debut to club members on March 3, so head on over and subscribe today!


Posted by Mitchell Hallock


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