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New Indiana Jones hats available at StarWarsShop
12/06/06, 2:27pm EST

Besides an Indy video game and that "Adventure Kermit" figure, there hasn't been any Indiana Jones merchandise available on StarWarsShop -- Lucasfilm's official online store -- in years.
StarWarsShopBut that time has changed as StarWarsShop will be offering six new Indiana Jones baseball caps sporting styles and designs in the spirit of the adventure hero. While four of the caps feature the classic fedora and whip logo on a brass patch with suede trim, two more include the signature Indy clipper in flight over a leather-trimmed bill. All styles feature Velcro straps.

Head on over to StarWarsShop and discover what will hopefully be the first of more cool Indy merchandise to come!


Indy collection feature in Toy Shop Magazine
01/07/06, 11:01am EST

UPDATE: Photos of Craig’s collection are expected to appear in the October issue of Toy Shop Magazine.

Toy Shop Magazine, one of the largest magazines for avid toy collectors in the USA, will have a special issue related to toys and collectibles from films of the 1980’s in their upcoming September issue. And they are not forgetting the Indiana Jones fans!

The issue will contain a profile on Craig Cacciola, who has a collection of 700 pieces of Indiana Jones toys, books, etc.

Thanks to Craig for the news.


Impressive 24" Indiana Jones cinemaquette coming
20/07/06, 7:26am EST

click to enlargeThe international San Diego Comic-Con 2006 has begun! And something amazing for the Indy fans is on display at the Comic Con this year!

Toy company Toynami Inc. is presenting a prototype of a new Indiana Jones 'cinemaquette' that is 24 inches in height. It is constructed with silicon skin, individually punched real human hair and the wardrobe is a scale reproduction of the real Indy gear.

This Indiana Jones 'cinemaquette' is reportedly still awaiting approval from Harrison Ford and Lucasfilm.
If it does get approved, this cinemaquette will be produced in a limited number of 1.000 units worldwide and shipped somewhere early 2007.

Les David from is the first who took a picture of this huge Indy 'cinemaquette'.
And you can also view some more close-up photos of this Indiana Jones 'cinemaquette' at Superhero times and AintItCoolNews.

Click here for more info on Toynami's 'Cinemaquette' series.


Article on unproduced Indy prop replicas
01/08/06, 1:03pm EST

Indiana Jones collectors site has published a interesting article on licensed Indy prop replicas that were once proposed by Icons to Lucasfilm back in 1996.
In 1995 Icons prepared to secure an Indiana Jones license. It seemed a natural property to base Film replicas of historic icons on.
During Icons first trip to Skywalker Ranch in 1996 to conduct extensive product development in the famous Lucas Film Archives warehouse, detailed photographs and video were taken from the Indiana Jones Trilogy.
Icons tracked down the original mold and master for "The Holy Grail" used during the production of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in the United Kingdom...

Head over to to read the full prop replicas article and to view some prototype images.

A big thanks to Les David for the excellent article.


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