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Indy(s) at the New York ComicCon
19/04/08, 2:42pm EST

As I got off the train ready for the show wearing my Indiana Jones lapel pin, I wondered if I would see any Indyfans today at the Comic Con. It was a good sign as I got of Grand Central Station door in New York City and there before me was a double-decker tour bus going by with its sides showing Drew Struzan's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull artwork all over it. Indiana Jones was about to take the Big Apple and the entire world by storm in about a month!

I headed off to the Jacob Javits Center for the the 3rd annual Comic Con NYC, to see what was new in the comics and movie world, but more for the latter as I hooped there would be plenty of Indy related material and I was right! As soon as I walked in I saw the Dark Horse Comics booth showing off all their latest and writers John Jackson Miller and Rob Williams, talking Star Wars, but they were also the authors of the forthcoming Indiana Jones 4 adaptation and Tomb of the Gods miniseries, though at this point in time they cannot discuss the particulars of their Indy assignments. I did bump into the Dark Horse Comics owner, Michael Richardson and thanked him for keeping Indy going in the pages of his comic books after Indy rode off into the sunset in 1989. Mike confessed being a huge fan of both comics and movies (noting that Dark Horse itself has produced some 25 films; including the great Don Rickles documentary to date with more on the way) and LOVING Raiders of the Lost Ark, saying it is on of the GREATEST movies ever made! I asked if there would be more Indiana Jones comics to come after the miniseries Tomb of the Gods and he said they will see how fans react, and he hopes to keep bringing more out and possibly a monthly Indiana Jones series!

Across the aisle from Dark Horse, Gentle Giant was displaying their Indy mini busts, statues, paperweights and new Indy "bust-ups". The new prototypes that hadn't been finalized (and a polite note not to photograph them) were on display as well -- and fans will love them! The Temple of Doom Indy minbust looks amazing! Indy figures of him and his Dad and more. I also learned that Gentle Giant did a 3D scan of Harrison Ford's face on location during Crystal Skull, so future offerings will be an exact duplicate if the man with the hat! But the best was the NY ComicCon Exclusive Indy Paperweight based on the "Property of Dr. Jones" teaser poster, there were three versions of what 'treasure " was inside. I picked #70 of 3,000 and was rewarded with the Idol and a tablet with the R2 and C-3PO hieroglyphic, while my friend John got the one with the Grail and Sankara Stones. I bumped into Dan Curto from Rebelscum and Cool Toy Review and he opened his to find a crystal skull. For $35.00 each they were a cool little item to have and the packaging was great too -- each crate also had 3 rubber snakes and the contents had magazines in them showing a copy of LIFE and a newspaper headline saying Nazis had discovered rockets? Later in the day, I met Star Wars Super-Collector and Lucasfilm's Content Manager and Director of Fan Relations as he was in line buying an Indy Paperweight and admitting that he was an Indyfan as well and to check out his presentation on Saturday for Indy/Star Wars news!

A trip to the Kotobukiya booth to see the ARTFX Cinescene of Indy in the Raiders temple. These statues combine several key scenes in the movie into one statue (I even made a video of it on my camera as it spun around). At there booth a rep named Frank, told me three other scene statues were coming soon, from TOD, LC, and KOTCS. He described the Crusade one as combining Indy on horse, the tank going over the cliff, the Grail knight and Indy's Dad all in one statue. There will be other great molds as well as some amazing Indy products that will be available in Japan. There will be some cool new images of these unique looking Japanese Indy figures in the coming days.

Many book publishers were there from The Indiana Jones Handbook (GREAT BOOK - by the way), to Indy Sticker Albums and the Lost Journal of Indiana Jones that will all be out in just a few weeks!

I went to "Artist Alley" and bumped into Tommy Lee Edwards who had just finished his Topps Indy Sketch Cards and had many Indiana Jones drawings in his portfolio that were originally done as part of the Indy DVD box set but were never used, he also confessed as to naming his son Henry after Indiana Jones. Down the aisle to get an autograph from the great comic artist, Alex Ross, who as it turns out to be a huge Indy fan as well and his wife said they even named their dog, a Yellow Labrador, Indiana (and here I thought only we did that with our dog).

But the best thing at the show this year were the amazing amount of Indiana Jones fans in costume. Everywhere I looked I saw, Indys, Marions, Nazis, Henry Jones Sr., even Short Round (rather taller than I remembered) and little kids running up to the Indy's and hugging them and getting pictures! I stopped and talked to some and they all said how they can't wait to see Indy back! Man of the folks were also Star Wars 501st Stormtroopers, Jedis and Slave Leias who hung up their light sabres and metal bikinis (the girls that is) to get into the Indy Spirit by dressing up. So a big hi to all the Indyfans and readers; AJ Locascio, Tim Chung, Jim Tripp, Mr. Coniverse, SparrowParty and all the rest!

Best of all, there was Bryan Morton, who usually portrays Anakin Skywalker, and was handpicked by George Lucas himself to be Anakin in the 2007 Rose Bowl Parade march wearing his fedora and leather jacket. Bryan even did a Harrison Ford chin scar to get the costume accurate! Indys to left of me, Indys to the right of me -- I was in a see of Indiana Jones fans -- and it was COOL!

Off to bed, but I will be back with more news and images from the 2nd Day at the New York ComicCon!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


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