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Simon Wincer
Sean Patrick Flanery
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George Gibbs
Drew Struzan
Hugh Fleming
Matt Busch
Randy Martinez
Joe Corroney
Video Games
Hal Barwood
The Collective
Jim Tso
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Gabriel Hunt
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James Rollins
Rob MacGregor
Campbell Black
Max McCoy
Wolfgang Hohlbein
James Clarke
George Beahm
Official Indiana Jones Handbook
Alan Ladd Jr.
The Raiders Guys
Tales of the Gold Monkey
Brandon Kleyla
Beau L'Amour
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Latest Addition
Leland Chee Leland Chee
Lucasfilm's builder of the Indycron; source for Indiana Jones licensees, game designers and writers.
Cast & Crew
Simon Wincer

Simon Wincer
Australian filmmaker and director of several The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles episodes.

Sean Patrick Flanery Sean Patrick Flanery
He played the title role of teenage Indy in the 90's The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles TV -series.
Deborah Nadoolman Deborah Nadoolman
Costume Designer of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Michael Jackson's Thriller, and many more productions.
Michael Sheard Michael Sheard
Scottish born actor who played Adolf Hitler in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
George Gibbs George Gibbs
Academy Award winning Special Effects Supervisor of Temple of Doom & The Last Crusade.
Drew Struzan Drew Struzan
Legendary artist most noted for creating the artwork surrounding films like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, ...
Hugh Fleming Hugh Fleming
Artist responsible for the cover artwork of Thunder in the Orient and the Spear of Destiny comics.
Matt Busch Matt Busch
People Behind the Pencils:
Star Wars to Indy, Busch brings them to life.
Randy Martinez

Randy Martinez
People Behind the Pencils:
Illustrates for magazines, movies, and trading cards.

Joe Corroney

Joe Corroney
People Behind the Pencils:
This artist is no stranger to the world of Lucasfilm.

Video Game Developers
Hal Barwood Hal Barwood
The writer/director of the beloved Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and Infernal Machine video games!
The Collective The Collective
An interview with 6 members of The Collective's team responsible for creating the Emperor's Tomb.
Jim Tso Jim Tso
LucasArts' Producer Jim Tso has worked on a variety of projects including the Emperor’s Tomb.
Indiana Jones Comics Writers The Adventures of Gabriel Hunt
An interview with Charles Ardai, the creator & co-writer of a series of six new adventure novels.
Indiana Jones Comics Writers Indiana Jones Comics Writers
Rob Williams and Philip Gelatt; the writers of Tomb of the Gods, and Indiana Jones Adventures: Volume One.
James Rollins James Rollins
New York Times bestselling author of many adventure thrillers including the Indiana Jones 4 novelization!
Rob MacGregor Rob MacGregor
Has written more than seventeen books. Seven of which have Indiana Jones in the title role.
Campbell Black Campbell Black
The author of the first Indiana Jones book, the novel adaptation of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Max McCoy Max McCoy
Has written numerous novels including Home to Texas and four Indiana Jones Novels.
Wolfgang Hohlbein Wolfgang Hohlbein
German novelist who wrote 8 Indiana Jones novels for the European market.
James Clarke James Clarke
Author of The Pocket Books Essential look at George Lucas and Steven Spielberg books.
George Beahm

George Beahm
The author of Indiana Jones--Off the Beaten Path: An Unofficial Expedition.

Indiana Jones Handbook

Official Indiana Jones Handbook
Interview with Denise Kiernan and Joseph D'Agnese, authors of this Complete Adventurer’s Guide.

Alan Ladd Jr. Alan Ladd Jr.
Hollywood executive and producer who paved the way for some of the greatest films of the last 40 years.
The Raiders' guys The Raiders' guys
The creators of the cult fan film: Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation.
Tales of the Gold Monkey Tales of the Gold Monkey
Some of the talents behind the Tales of the Gold Monkey talk about making their 80's cult TV-series.
Brandon Kleyla Brandon Kleyla
The director of Indyfans and the Quest for Fortune and Glory, a docu about Indiana Jones fans made by fans.
Beau L'Amour Beau L'Amour
The son of American author Louis L'Amour talks about his father's adventures and The Diamond of Jeru.


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