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click to enlarge This film inspired the PG-13 MPAA rating.
click to enlarge Begins with a shot of a mountain on a gong which is reminiscent of the Paramount Pictures logo. See also Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. An early draft of the script for Raiders of the Lost Ark had Indy traveling to Shanghai to recover a piece of the Staff of Ra. During his escape from the museum where it was housed, he sheltered from machine gun fire behind a giant rolling gong. The same script also featured Indy and Marion fleeing destruction in a mine-cart chase. Both of these scenes were cut from that script, but resurface in this movie.
More info on this at
click to enlarge Short Round was named after screenwriter Willard Huyck's dog, which was named after the orphan in The Steel Helmet.
click to enlarge The club at the beginning is called "Club Obi Wan", a reference to Star Wars character Obi-Wan Kenobi.
click to enlarge Shots of mining-car roller-coaster ride were done with models and a 35mm camera modified to hold extra film.
click to enlarge Rehash of the "shooting the swordsman" joke from Raiders of the Lost Ark. (Just before the bridge scenes.)
click to enlarge The suspension bridge only shown from one side, to avoid showing the large dam in a nearby canyon.
click to enlarge While filming the whipping scene, the crew played a practical joke on Harrison Ford. Chained to a large stone, Barbra Streisand appeared, dressed in a leather dominatrix outfit. She proceeded to whip him, saying "That's for Hanover Street, the worst movie I ever saw." She continued whipping him for Star Wars, and making all of that money. Carrie Fisher then threw herself in front of Ford to protect him, and Irvin Kershner chided director Steven Spielberg. "Is this how you run your movies?" It's rumored that this entire sequence was filmed.
click for screenshot Actor Dan Aykroyd has a cameo role in the film. Indiana Jones meets his character at the airport at the end of the Shanghai car chase. You won't be able to get a good look at his face but you'll certainly recognize his voice.
click to enlarge Producer Frank Marshall has again a cameo role. He plays a coolie pulling a rickshaw in the background in the airport scene at the beginning.
Even Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Anthony Powell and Sid Ganis appeared as missionaries waiting for the airplane in that same scene.


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