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The year is 1935. After a wild escape from Shanghai's Club Obi-Wan and a spectacular plane crash, Indiana Jones and his new companions, night
club singer Willie Scott and his trusty 11-year-old sidekick Short Round, end up in a cursed Indian village where the people believe evil spirits have taken their children away after a sacred Shankara stone was stolen. They beg Indy to help the suffering villagers and find their lost children.

Indiana Jones finally agrees and together with Short Round and a very unhappy Willie he travels to Pankot Palace by elephant. Once there they meet the child maharajah during a bizarre banquet.
Afterwards Indy, Willie and Short Round head to their sleeping quarters where Indy gets attacked by an assassin and discovers a hidden passage leading deep into the underground heart of the Palace.

After surviving a deadly booby-trap the trio make their way down the deadly passage and find themselves deep within an underground "Temple of Doom" ruled by the evil Mola Ram, High Priest of a supposed extinct and horrifying cult called the Thuggees.

Mola Ram and his vicious followers are in the possession of three of the Shankara stones. The Thuggees plan to take over the world with the power of these stones as, according to legend, the Shankara stones can grant preternatural powers on its possessor.

Indy, Short Round and Willie can escape and they free all the children from the Indian village out of the clutches of Mola Ram and his Thuggees.
Cornered by the Thuggees, Indy and his two companions are forced to escape the temple in a mine card which leads to a literal roller coaster ride through the mines, climaxing on a long rope bridge suspended high over a river infested by hungry crocodiles. Indy ends up in the middle of the rope bridge blocked on both ends by approaching Thuggees...


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