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Positions of the sailor and the girl in the rickshaw during the chase.

Supposedly in India, Sri Lankan language can be heard spoken by the natives.

In the first Thugee ceremony scene, the skull in the center is alternately lit and unlit.

When the 2 Thugees are attacking Willie and Short Round, you can see Willie escaping while the Thugees are holding Shorty.

When Willie is chained to the metal frame it is lowered constantly down towards the lava pit. Now it's in and out of there a number of occasions in the fight sequence but when Indy gets it back up and swings it over it doesn't burn his hand. Also Willie is totally unscathed from the heat that surely would be generated by the bars.

Shorty his hair is all down when he uses the lever to "Give him some slack" and when he steps from it to run to Indy you can see that his hair is perfectly feathered a little in the front.

While Indy and the Big Thugee are fighting on the treadmill you can see Willie walk under it.  She picks up the gas canister.  Then they show the Maharajah again and then cut back to the same shot and she is picking it up yet again.

When Shorty tackles the Maharajah, the needle and the doll are separated from each other and are in both of the Maharajah's hands.  But when it falls on the floor, the needle is still in the doll.

When Indy is hanging onto the chain to reach the mine cart with Shorty and Willie, the position he is in when he is holding it changes on each different angle you see him on.

On the mine cart scene when the dude jumps on the cart and has the knife on Indy, you see a behind view of Indy and his sleeve is on.  The sleeve that is supposed to be torn off.

When Indy is putting his feet on the wheels to stop the cart, you can see Shorty is in front of Willie and on some angles he is behind her.

When Shorty is jumping on the bridge showing Willie it's pretty strong, he is not too far away from her, but when he drops he is farther away than before.

Positions of the Thugees on the rope bridge.

After Mola Ram tried to take Indy's heart out on the bridge you can see that the Thuggees are a few feet above and on a farther view they aren't even in sight.

When the rocks are burning, Indy has one hand on the rope bridge and one hand on the bag as is Mola Ram. When Mola Ram fall's and Indy catches the rock you can see that Indy let go of the bag yet it is strapped to his side again.

The hole the burning rocks made is gone afterwards.

Factual errors

It is impossible for a hand holding a lit match to cast a focused shadow on a wall. And the light on Indy's sleeve is clearly not coming from the match nor Willie's bedroom.


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