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antidote.wav (130 Kb)
Willie: What's that?
Lao Che: Antidote.
Indy: To what?
Lao Che: The poison you just drink, Dr. Jones!
betray.wav (458 Kb)
Mola Ram: The stones are mine!
Indy: You betray Shiva.
Indy repeats in Sanskrit Sankara's warning.
caught.wav (808 Kb)
Mola Ram: You were caught trying to steal the Sankara Stones. There were five stones in the beginning...
Indy: Thieves like me, huh? Ha! You're still missing two.
Mola Ram: A century ago when the British raided this temple and butchered my people, ...
Indy: So, that's what you've got these slaves digging for, huh? They're innocent children.
Mola Ram: They dig for the gems to support our cause...
Indy: What a vivid imagination.
Mola Ram: You don't believe me? You will, Doctor Jones. You will become a true believer.
dare.wav (302 Kb)
Mola Ram: you dare not do that.
The maharajah whips Short Round...
Indy: Leave him alone, you bastards!
deaf.wav (203 Kb)
Lao Che: And now you give me the diamond.
Indy: Are you trying to develop a sense of humor, or am I going deaf?
desert.wav (77 Kb)
Merchant: Ah, dessert!
fortune.wav (123 Kb)
Indy: Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.
fuel.wav (263 Kb)
Willie: You know how to fly, don't you?
Indy: No, do you?
Willie: Oh no... good bye...
Willie begins to whisper desperately things.
Indy: How hard can it be?
We can hear the engine break down.
heart.wav (760 Kb)
Indy, Shorty, and Willie are watching the Thuggee ceremony.
Indy: He's still alive.
insults.wav (344 Kb)
Indy talks in Chinese.
Lao Che: You never told me you spoke my language, Doctor Jones.
Indy: Only on special occasions.
Lao Che: So, it is true, you found the Nurhachi.
Indy: You know I did. Last night one of your boys tried to get Nurhachi without paying for him.
Lao Che: You have insulted my son.
Indy: No, you have insulted me. I spared his life.
Willie: Aren't you going to introduce us?
kali.wav (550 Kb)
Indy: Mola Ram! Prepare to meet Kali... in hell!
kalima.wav (442 Kb)
Boy: I pray to Shiva, let me die, but I do not. Now the evil of Kali take me.
Shorty: How?
Boy: They will make me drink the blood of the Kali. Then I'll fall into the black sleep of the Kali Ma.
Indy: What's that?
Boy: You become like them. We'll be alive... but like a nightmare. You drink blood, you not wake up from nightmare.
nail.wav (119 Kb)
Indy: Where's my gun. Where's my gun!
Willie: I burned my fingers and I cracked a nail!
nicetry.wav (147 Kb)
Indy: Hahaha... nice try Lao Che!
Indy closes the door of the plane and we see "Lao Che Airlines" written on it.
Lao Che: Good bye, Dr. Jones, hahaha...
nurhachi.wav (388 Kb)
Lao Che: Now, you bring me Nurhachi.
Indy: My pleasure.
Willie: Who on earth is this Nurhachi?
Indy: Here he is.
Willie: This Nurhachi's a real small guy.
Lao Che: Inside are the remains of Nurhachi, the first Emperor of Manchu Dynasty.
Indy: Welcome home, old boy.
pankot.wav (845 Kb)
Shaman: On the way to Delhi, you will stop at Pankot.
Indy: Pankot is not on the way to Delhi.
Shaman: You will go to Pankot Palace.
Indy: I thought the palace had been deserted since Eighteen Fifty.
Shaman: No. Now there is new maharajah... and again the place has the power of the dark light... it is that place kill my people.
Indy: What has happened there?
rule.wav (212 Kb)
Mola Ram: The British in India will be slaughtered. Then we will overrun the Moslems. Then the Hebrew god will fall. Then the Christian god will be cast down and forgotten. Soon Kali Ma will rule the world.
rumors.wav (602 Kb)
Indy: Something connected the villagers' rock and the old legend of the Sankara Stones.
Chattar Lal: Doctor Jones, we're all vulnerable to vicious rumors. I seem to remember that in Honduras you were accused of being a grave robber rather than an archaeologist.
Indy: Well, the newspapers greatly exaggerated the incident.
Chattar Lal: And wasn't it the sultan of...
shiva.wav (282 Kb)
Shaman: We prayed to Shiva to help us find the stone. It was Shiva who made you fall from the sky, so you will go to Pankot Palace to find sivalinga and bring back to us. Bring back to us.
shivapray.wav (287 Kb)
Indian praying while he is going to be sacrificed to Kali.
slave.wav (50 Kb)
Willie: Oh, you're a very nice man. Maybe you could be my palace slave.
snakesurprise.wav (132 Kb)
Merchant: Ahhhhhhh, snake surprise.
Willie: What's the surprise?
starve.wav (45 Kb)
Indy: That's more food than these people eat in a week. They're starving.
thugs.wav (170 Kb)
Chattar Lal: Doctor Jones, you know perfectly well that the Thuggee cult has been dead for nearly a century.
Captain Blumburtt: Yes, of course. The Thuggee was an obscenity that worshipped Kali with human sacrifices. The British Army nicely did away with them.
whips.wav (221 Kb)
Mola Ram gives orders to the guard. Indy jerks as the bullwhip rips his shirt and tears opens his flesh.


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