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Indy's Back! In Podcast Form: Indy-Cast #55
12/01/09, 12:40pm EST

Just when you thought it was safe to listen to your iPod -- He's back! That's right the MasterBlaster, Indy-Caster, Ed Dolista is back from the holiday break with a whole new episode of Indiana Jones talk. Join Ed and his band of merry men for Indy collecting news, polls of what Indy era you want to see more of, take up the challenge of Pat's trivia and hear from Indy fans - just like you. Best of all you can take another chance at winning Uncle Milton Indiana Jones' Crystal Skull or RC Ant!

To get onboard this week's adventure simply follow this link to the Indy-Cast MySpace page and find the links to episode # 55, along with all the shownotes and flickr page of Indy-related images.

Thanks again Ed for another great show, now get back in the Grail Knight's cave and start working on episode# 56!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy Gets Award For His High-Flying Actions
19/01/09, 12:18pm EST

He might have had many an aircraft to pilot from Air Force One to the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, but the man behind those high-flying film escapades will be getting a real life honor for his skills as a pilot.
Harrison Ford will be honored for his work with the program at the 6th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards, which will take place on 22 January (09) in Los Angeles.


Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy-Cast #56 is Keeping Hope Alive
19/01/09, 12:20pm EST

What's that you say? No time for love, Dr. Jones? Well, Ed Dolista is back with a sweetheart of a show filled with Indy news and custom Indy valentines. So hang up your fedora, kick off those Alden boots and sit back and listen to what's making news in the world of Indiana Jones this week.

You can download the latest episode right here: and see all the show notes and links to Rob's poll, Pat's trivia and the Indy flickr page - and make sure to visit their MySpace page for older shows if you missed one.

Thanks again Ed, you have just been elected the Top Man in the world of Indy podcasting.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indiana Jones Magazine Ends after Issue #6
22/01/09, 12:46pm EST

The rumors on The Raven forum were true, Titan Magazine has decided to end their periodical on the famed archeologist after issue #6 (April/May 2009). While the magazine offered many fans a bi-monthly fix of their favorite hero in the pages of their publication, sagging sales brought the downfall of Indiana Jones Magazine. Without updates on pre-production if a fifth Indy film or even an animated adventure, the editors and writers had little to bring readers in the way of news.

However, many an Indyfan who read the magazine often criticized it for not covering more of the Indiana Jones history with more in-depth articles. Sadly, the most recent issue had a very good interview with Robert Watts, original producer of Indy's first three films (and half-brother to Boba Fett actor, Jeremy Bulloch), and was a step in the right direction. I know I was hoping for a look back at the forgotten documentaries on stunts, and the other films and maybe even a close up on the old Kenner toyline.

Oh, well file this one under "ships that pass in the night".


Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Staff of Ra Appears in a Galaxy Far, Far Away...
29/01/09, 12:38pm EST

Maybe Sallah was more right than we thought back in 1981.

Though the best digger in Cairo was talking about the Ark of the Covenant, there might be more to this theory when it comes to objects associated with it; like the headpiece to the Staff of Ra.

Eagle-eyed viewers of The Clone Wars may have noticed a familiar prop from the world of Indiana Jones inhabiting another universe from the mind of George Lucas. It seems that one of the Galactic Senators was holding a staff capped with an elaborate headpiece in the shape of the sun in the episode "The Gungan General".

The show's Supervising Director, Dave Filoni, did verify that it was indeed the headpiece in a recent episode commentary over at, though it was a tip of the hat back to Raiders which featured a quick cameo of two of Star Wars main characters, R2-D2 and C-3PO as hieroglyphics on the walls in the Well of the Souls. In addition this year's Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is also rumored to have an image of the famed droids in the chamber of the Crystal Skeletons at the films end. Add this to other references like OB-CPO and Club Obi-Wan and creative, fanboy conspiracy theories start to bubble over. Maybe the 13 members of the inter-dimensional beings were in fact an offshoot of the Jedi Knight Council chamber, somehow sent to Earth? Maybe C-3PO and R2-D2 fell through a black hole and met with ancient humans and left behind the Headpiece and the Ark and that is why they were shown on the Well of the Souls wall?

If you are clever you could even tie in all the Lucas and Spielberg cinematic characters into one big universe, Marcus Brody could be Jaws' Sheriff Brody's uncle? In the meantime you can look for the headpiece of the Staff of Ra in The Clone Wars episode and see the commentary here.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy- Cast #57 is Here!
01/02/09, 12:55pm EST

He might be melting like Toht, but the intrepid and tepid, Ed Dolista is braving the 117 degree heat wave in Victoria and bringing Indyfans a new podcast!

This week Ed lets know about the rumors about the Indiana Jones saga being on Blu-Ray by year's end, video game news, new LEGO toys, a way to make the Diamond Select Indy more detailed, polls on Animated Indy and what is the best MacGuffin, the Indy Top 10 hits, pinches, kicks and frying pan wallops, and more!

So what are you just sitting around for, download the newest IndyCast and don't forget to check out some of the fan made Indy Valentines on the Indy flickr page! Discover all the madness on the IndyCast MySpace page or the link at

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Fossilized Remains of a Giant Snake Unearthed
04/02/09, 12:57pm EST

It's a good thing Indiana Jones didn't happen into a time-traveling adventure and end up face to face with this super-sized, snake (wait I hope I didn't give Mr. Lucas an idea for Indy 5). Scientist have reported the discovery of a giant snake in an article in the USAToday:

Scientists are reporting the discovery of the fossilized remains of the largest snake ever recorded — a 42-foot behemoth weighing more than a ton, according to an analysis in today's issue of the journal Nature. By studying fossilized sections of the snake's remains, scientists were able to estimate the size of the crocodile-consuming boa.

The study says Titanoboa was the largest non-marine vertebrate from the epoch following the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, and "greatly exceeds the largest verifiable body lengths" of the largest known Python (approximately 29.53 feet) or Eunectes, a species of which the Anaconda is a part, (22.97 feet). The newly recognized species, Titanoboa is a relative of the modern day Anaconda, a non venomous snake inhabiting fresh water rivers in Central and South America and preying on carnivores it crushes with powerful muscles — or pulls under water and drowns. A meal is satisfied with one long gulp.

A one ton, 42-foot snake — now that is something to be sacred of! Read the full article at USAToday.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Drew Struzan: An Artist's Vision Exhibit
04/02/09, 12:58pm EST

Select famous works from Drew Struzan's career as well as contemporary personal works and high quality reproductions will be featured in an exhibition at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra CA.

The artist himself will be in attendance during the opening reception on Friday, February 13, 2009. This is a rare opportunity to view these
culturally iconic works firsthand.
The exhibit runs through March 2 and admission is free.

Visit the Gallery Nucleus website for more information.

Thanks to Joe Namsinh for informing us.

Posted by Gilles V


A New Indy Fan Film Hits The Screen
08/02/09, 12:32pm EST

Did you think 2008 was the last time you would see an Indiana Jones adventure on the big screen? Well, Fran Casanova, Indy fan and filmmaker, is making sure that 2009 has Indy back in a new adventure with the New York Comic Con debut of his latest Indy fan film!
Premiering at 4:00pm this Sunday, the new film has the intrepid archeologist battling bad guys and searching the four corners of the Earth for mystical relics and fortune and glory.

If you can not make it to the Big Apple to see this latest Indy adventure, fear not! Fran is making sure the film gets plenty of exposure. Visit his website to find out more and where you can see the newest Indy escapist, escapade!

More on Fran Casanova at his website, MySpace and YouTube pages.

A full report and photos from New York Comic Con 2009 will follow tomorrow.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy-Cast #58 is Now Available for Download
09/02/09, 12:08pm EST

The heat wave may be over in Queensland, but Ed Dolista hasn't cooled down when it comes to bringing Indyfans what's hot in the world of Indiana Jones news. This week, the "Fab Four"; Ed, Rob, Mitch and Pat; are whipping up some good ol' listening pleasure for the Indy fans ears with info on:
  • The Staff of the Kings Video Game
  • Collecting News
  • Rob's Poll of the Week
  • Battle the Brotherhood of the Indy Trivia from Pat the Grailkeeper
  • The Indy Top 10, this time the best of the Raiders Bandstand!
    and of course, letters and tales from Indyfans around the world.

So head on over to the Indy MySpace page for the download links and show notes, to the full stories, Indy Valentine's Day cards, photos and more!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


New York ComicCon 09 Report
09/02/09, 12:10pm EST

Whether it was the man who first drew the iconic image of Indiana Jones, to the artist who went on to draw him in Dark Horse's Tomb of the Gods, Topps trading cards, the old Marvel series, honor him in the film Fanboys to the actor who was young Indiana Jones -- Indy fever is still alive and well at the New York ComicCon!

click to enlarge
Indyfan Travis Smith
in costume.
Though merchandise was almost non-existent, except for the Diamond Idol bank and their latest Indy figure, and I only spied one costumed Indiana Jones fan (with a Lara Croft!) and a Mutt Williams, that doesn't mean I was Indyless on this warm, Winter day.

Jim Steranko
The day started off great, as I watched legendary comic artist Jim Steranko pass by me on his way to the Vanguard Productions booth where he would be signing and promoting his upcoming collection of work. I chatted with him about how was it to get the call from George Lucas to envision a new kind of "hero", the delight to see how close his drawings matched to the big screen Indiana Jones. I called Steranko the Ralph McQuarrie of Indiana Jones, in that he was a visionary artist who capture the essence of what was to become a classic film series in just a few drawings. Jim talked about going back to classic film heroes like Humphrey Bogart as Fred C. Dobbs in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre for inspiration, using Lucas' leather jacket, and getting the whip from the Zorro serials. We joked about if he had used his own physical prowess as a model for Indy and as any artist will tell you - there is always some of them in every work! Being a very humble man, Mr. Steranko, laughed off the praise and said he was nowhere near that stature of McQuarrie's work, but was honored to be thought of that way. I asked if Indyfans could ever purchase reprints of his pre production work for Raiders, as Lucasfilm has allowed many of McQuarrie's art to be reproduced and sold over the years and he said that those answers lie with the back at the Ranch. I know I speak for man an Indyfan when I relish the thought of owning the Truck Chase, fight at the Flying Wing, The Well of Souls, and the cigarette smoking Indy facing off against the bad guys in a large size print. So lets get the whip cracking and make our voices heard and hopefully we will be able to hang them on our walls.

click to enlarge
Michael Golden

Michael Golden, Tommy Lee Edwards, Matt Busch,
Steve Scott and Dark Horse

As Indyfans know, Indiana Jones has had far more adventures in the comic book world than any other medium. I had the chance to talk with many great artists who have interpreted Indiana Jones over the years in the pages of Marvel Comics, Dark Horse and even on some promotional comics for LeapFrog games.

Michael Golden was responsible for doing some of the covers for Marvel's Indy comics and some of the TOD covers, he remembered fondly the days of interpreting the rugged school teacher in the 1980s.
Moving to today, I spoke with Tommy Lee Edwards who had a great bunch of original sketches he had done for a proposed Indy boxed set, and some art for the Leapfrog educational games depicting Indy and Mutt. I took photos of these artist with their exceptional work, and urge fans to look them up online and see more if they can't get to a convention.
The highlight was talking with the always lively Matt Busch, the artist behind the book You Can Draw Star Wars. Matt is a tattoo, covered fanboy with amazing talent. He also has a great sense of humor and has portrayed Indy in video mash-ups on his MySpace page and has a new one involving Belloq and Darth Vader over at Matt was nice enough to show me his book which had a great drawing of Indy and Short Round, and even signed it with the tagline; "If adventure has a name, it must be Mitchell Hallock!" - Like I said Matt has a great sense of humor!

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge
Tommy Lee Edwards with his sketches and Matt Bush with I.

Rounding out the artist alley was Steve Scott, who had some original artwork for sale, and I scooped up the pages from Tomb of the Gods #1. Steve told me about the challenges of getting Harrison Ford's features just right, as his face is not that symmetrical. Also that writer Rob Williams, was fantastic in coming up with cliff-hanging stunts for the latest comic series. I also learned about the trick to drawing sharks, and how Steve has also crafted some other great cinematic heroes like The Dark Knight himself. Fans can see Steve's work and some sketches he had to do to get the gig from Lucasfilm at Steve has been finished with the series for a while and like all other fans, he is waiting for the final issue to come out from Dark Horse.

Dark Horse Comic News
Speaking of Dark Horse, I spoke with Director of Marketing, Dirk Wood, and asked when will we see Indy's next comic adventure. Dirk said that Indy will continue in a one per year mini-series, with the next starting in later 2009, and that the digest size Indiana Jones Adventures will also be coming out again later in 2009.

Steve Sansweet
click to enlarge
Steve Sansweet and I.
I managed to get pointers on collecting form the Man himself -- Steve Sansweet! Steve talked about what to look for in getting vintage items, what to watch for and found out that a certain man behind was once a curator at Sansweet's Rancho Obi-Wan. I wonder if Steve or Les ever got lost in their own museum?

Director Kyle Newman is a fanboy. Literally, what this man has done has taken a great idea about the how the love of a certain film series, binds friends together forever, and teaches them how to achieve for their goal by "never telling themselves the odds" and "making it up as they go". This self proclaimed "love/thank you letter" to George Lucas tells the epic tale of four friends united together for a great cause! Along the way meeting challenges, dens of scum and villainy and the evil hordes known as Trekkies as they make their way to the Promised Land... Skywalker Ranch to see Episode 1 back in 1999.

click to enlarge
Fanboys director Kyle Newman wearing a
Short Round T-shirt.

In watching the film, I found plenty of Indiana Jones references, from props to dialogue to a discussion on the greatness of the Man himself... Harrison Ford! What's even better in talking with Kyle, I found he is one of us -- and Indyfan. From the 1982 Kenner line to the late lamented Hasbro toyline -- this man knows his stuff! How much of an Indyfan is Kyle? Well he and I got in a battle of "who would win in a fight": Indy or Han Solo, Walter Donovan or General Veers and the best one; Major Eaton versus Rebel pilot Porkins!

I urge Indyfans to find this film, currently in limited release, and watch it! It is not only fun but at the end it did something that few films can do for me... it gave me chills up and down my back! That is a feeling right up there with Indy leaping onto the Nazi Sub, the beginning of the truck chase and Luke blowing up the Death Star! I joked with Kyle if he ever wanted to do a movie about a 40 year old Indy fan who desperately wanted to be an extra in an Indian Jones film when it started to film in his hometown he should call me... maybe call it "FAN-MAN"!

Kyle is very much like Indiana Jones, as that he is a man on a quest... and nothing will stop him! So join him on his crusade and get Fanboys the wider audience it needs and deserves! Find out more about the film at!

Sean Patrick Flanery
Speaking of people like Indy, why not talk with one of the folks who actually had that chance! I was delighted to see that Sean Patrick Flanery was making his first ever convention appearance at the New York Comic Con. Sean was there to talk about the Blu-Ray release of Fox's The Boondock Saints and its upcoming sequel this summer. Sean had just flown in from the Toronto set, and was eager to meet fans of his works and best of all, talk Young Indy. We talked about his favorite episode (Battle of Verdun), his favorite director, the joy watching the "older" Indy's return in last summer's Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (for the record - he loved it), and bunch of other Indy related items. Rounding it out some autographs, even on my newly acquired original artwork. In person, Sean portrayed that youthful Indy energy that came across the television screen back in the 1990s and even now on the DVD boxed sets. See more of Sean's latest work at

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge
Sean Patrick Flanery with I. The third photo was taken by Mike Rogers.

That's my written report for the New York ComicCon, and to help our friend Ed Dolista filling the Indy-Cast with great audio commentary and news, you can hear these folks in their own words on the Valentine's Day Indy-Cast coming out next week! When else will he post a show dedicated to the love of everyone's favorite globe-trotting archeologist?

Posted by a very tired Mitchell Hallock


IndyCast #59: Listen to Flanery, Steranko and More
16/02/09, 10:52am EST

The Indy-Cast is back with episode#59 and what a show it is!
  • Sean Patrick Flanery
  • Steve Sansweet
  • Jim Steranko
  • Artists
  • Comic News and more!

Hear the interviews from the New York Comic Con with many talents on what it was to be Indiana Jones, draw Indiana Jones and collecting him!

  • Listen to the latest on what is happening with the next Dark Horse Comic Indy series! Hear from the IndyCast's first ever guest from Lucasfilm - Director Fan Relations; and the greatest collector of movie memorabilia in the world; Steve Sansweet on how to collect - plus info on animated Indy.
  • Learn about the battle between Fanboys - as director Kyle Newman and IndyCast correspondent, Mitch see who is stronger; Indy or Han Solo, Porkins or Major Eaton, and General Veers or Walter Donovan!

It's a funfilled podcast you can't leave home without! So head on over to the Indy MySpace page and listen to the stars come out!

Thanks Ed for putting this altogether (and for my family who let me leave my normal life and become the reporter of adventure)!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy-Cast #60: "Indyfan-boys" with Kyle Newman
23/02/09, 11:41am EST

After the excitement of last week's podcast with interviews of Sean Patrick Flanery, Jim Steranko and the rest how could we top it?

By interviewing the man who succeeded on his quest in making the film which has been called '"a love letter to George Lucas" - Fanboys director, Kyle Newman! As the film's fanbase grows week after week and opens in more cities, listen to Kyle, the Star Wars man, trade in his stormtrooper helmet and lightsaber for a fedora and bullwhip and talk Indy! In addition, the sixtieth edition of the Indy-Cast also has news on the Drew Struzan exhibit, Sideshow toys, Indy collecting, books, a new Indy Top 10 list (watch out David Letterman) and much more.

So what are you waiting for you can start listening to the Indy-Cast by clicking here.

Don't forget you can also view the Indy-Cast show notes, links to Rob's polls, iTunes links, and Pat's trivia at the Indy-Cast MySpace page as well.

Thanks to Ed Dolista for proving his worth by taking us along for another audio adventure!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Two New Raiders: The Adaptation Screenings
26/02/09, 12:28pm EST

Information on the first two screenings of Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation for 2009 has arrived.

Richmond, Virginia, USA – James River Film Festival
- April 17-19, 2009
James River Film Festival
(Please keep checking site for times)
Fullerton, California, USA – Troy High School
- Friday April 24, 2009
Troy High School
(Please keep checking site for times)

Click here to find out all about the ultimate fan film Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation.

Thanks to Chris Strompolos for the update.

Posted by Gilles V


Whip Up Some Fun with Indy-Cast#61
02/03/09, 1:10pm EST

This week we finally have release date for the Staff of Kings, some great listener email, an audio Top 10 from Lito and we’ll be speaking with author, podcaster and Indy fan Barry Nugent in Club Obi Wan. Plus your emails, comic reviews, trivia and opinions so sit back, relax and enjoy the show as we take a look at what’s making news in the world of Indiana Jones this week!

Click here to listen online or right click "save as" to download the show directly to your PC.

Visit the Indy-Cast MySpace page!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


John Rhys-Davies is "Monkeying" Around
05/03/09, 10:51am EST

He has been a a pirate in Shogun, a Sliders professor, an ill-tempered dwarf in the Lord of the Rings, the not so bald Kingpin in a Hulk TV Movie, and even the diabolical voice of "Man-Ray" on SpongeBob Square Pants -- but to Indyfans he will always be the best digger in all of Cairo -- Sallah.

Now the talented actor, John Rhys-Davies can be heard lending his voice talents to a new series on the Animal Planet network called Dark Days in Monkey City! Sort a take off on the highly successful series Meerkat Manor, the new series tells the story of a family of monkeys and we here about their trials and tribulations. Joining Rhys Davies with their voice talents is his fellow Rings co star and former Goonie Sean Astin and actor Bill Nighy, aka Davy Jones, from the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Check your local listings fro the airdates of "Monkey City".

Source: The LA Times

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Raiders of the Lost Transcripts
09/03/09, 12:54pm EST

Circulating around the internet for some time has been a document that is of great interest to Indiana Jones historians. Posters on The Raven have been devouring all the details laid out in a meeting that took place way back in the late 1970s, 1978 to be in fact, between George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Lawrence Kasdan concerning Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Now, Mystery Man on Film has also revealed the secret files that lie on a website that can be accessed and read. In it you will find out the difference between Smith and Jones, how Indy became more of a rogue professor rather than a playboy, how snakes became the ultimate creepy crawly and most of all - the secrets of the Ark.

So if you have never read about all these ideas, do yourself a favor and check out the Genesis of our favorite part-time archaeology teacher!

Source: Mystery Man on Film

And thanks to Mandy for informing us.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy Animated: Family Guy Style
10/03/09, 1:11pm EST

Though Stewie and the gang have acted out several great scenes from the Indiana Jones saga on their show in the past, they have never done an entire episode focusing on the adventures of the fedora wearing archaeologist.

But maybe that will soon change...

Speaking with, Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane, expressed interest in doing an episode of the popular animated comedy series solely on Indy, similar to what he's done with George Lucas' other creation Star Wars.

Crave Online: Is there another movie that you love enough to want to build a whole episode around?

Seth MacFarlane: "We’d love to do the Indiana Jones series, at least the first three."

Crave Online: What different Family Guy characters would you cast as Indy, Marion, etc?

Seth MacFarlane: "I guess Peter would be Indy. Lois would be Marion. And Stewie would be Short Round. No, Stewie might be, what’s his name? The German guy. The guys who burns his hand. I don’t remember his name. [Major Toht]."

The hour-long Family Guy: Star Wars show -- aka Blue Harvest -- was hysterical, and it showed that the folks behind it were true fans and inserted subtle in-jokes that brought smiles to the legion of Star Wars fans who watched. Now, Star Wars fans can look forward to Seth MacFarlane's next trip to a galaxy far, far away when the debut their version of The Empire Strikes Back next fall.

Here is hoping they do a better (and more respectful) job with Indiana Jones than his last animated TV appearance on the season's premiere episode of South Park. OUCH!


Posted by Mitchell Hallock


The Lost Ark Found on the Planet Ryloth?
16/03/09, 1:40pm EST

If you thought the lost Ark of the Covenant was sitting in a crate in a warehouse in the Nevada desert, think again. Eagle-eyed viewers of the recent animated TV show; The Clone Wars may have noticed that one of the stolen treasures being taken by the alien baddie, Wat Tambor, was the Ark of the Covenant. Seen in the background and being loaded onto his ship was the "MacGuffin" from Indy's first epic search in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Now Clone Wars viewers have already spotted the headpiece to the Staff of Ra, in an episode called The Gungun General a few weeks back, and now Dave Filoni, director of the show has put in the Ark. To quote Sallah; "the Ark "was not of this Earth". Well, looks like the best digger in all of Cairo was correct in that observation. It was really from Ryloth. So maybe we can start looking for more Indy "MacGuffins" top pop up, like Sankara Stones, the Holy Grail, a Crystal Skull, and one we all want to see... a script for Indy 5!

Thanks to Kurt and The Raven poster 'Ohio Jones' for finding this one!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Far Out Man - Indy Cast Episode #62 is Here!
16/03/09, 1:41pm EST

After a week off we are back! This week we hear about an animated Indy that may be not the animated Indy we are after, hit the way back machine to 1978, look at Gentle Giant's latest offerings, get an update on your favorite Indy soundtrack, discover how you can get an exclusive Indy sketch commissioned for $30 off the regular price and of course test your wits against Pat’s trivia and your Indy tales in the mail segment.
This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now.

For all the show notes with links to the items discussed and see the Indy photos of the week visit the Indy-Cast MySpace homepage.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


The Mitchell Hedges Skull is Coming to New York City
18/03/09, 1:42pm EST

On April 4th the people of A.R.E. are bringing the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull to New York City! Only on that Saturday evening, visitors will be able see the much talked about skull that inspired Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull with their own eyes.

Join Bill Homann -- Caretaker of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull -- for a Powerpoint presentation on its history and the fascinating legends that surround it. All participants will have an opportunity to pass by the skull and feel its aura.

This presentation and viewing will take place on Saturday, April 4th, (7 till 9:30 pm) at the Community Church, 40 E. 35th St. between Madison & Park.

Visit the ARE/NYC Edgar Cayce Center website for more information.

Posted by Gilles V


Indy-Cast #63 is Ready for a Download
23/03/09, 12:33pm EST

This week is quieter than usual in the world of Indy, but we do find out where Indy ranks in the movies of the 80’s, get the opportunity to stare into a real life Crystal Skull, get animated over the Ark of the Covenant and review a classic kit from 1982. Of course we get the final word on your favorite Indy soundtrack, test our wits against Pat’s trivia and hear from you in the mail segment.This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

Or visit the homepage on MySpace to get all the show notes, links and Indy images.

Thanks to Ed and the sidemen for another great listen!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Raiders: Adaptation Screening in London, UK
24/03/09, 11:51am EST &Vue present UK Charity premiere at Vue Cinema West End, Lecester Square on 28th April 2009., a global leader in online entertainment media, and Vue Entertainment, operators of award winning state-of-the-art multiplex cinemas, today announced the first ever UK screening of the cult classic Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation [PG]. The charity premiere at Vue West End, Leicester Square will take place on 28th April 2009 at 5.45 pm (film starts 6.30 pm). and Vue are proud to bring this highly talked about, but rarely seen cult classic to the UK for the first time ever. Fans will have the opportunity to meet and greet the filmmakers and take part in a Q&A session. Plus, see exclusive props and win artwork from the original series and even indulge in some delicious bites at an Indy-themed food and drink reception.

For more details and related images please click here.

Posted by Gilles V


Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind the Camera
31/03/09, 10:54am EST

Q: How does a moviegoer respond to a film that touches them on a certain level?

A: They go back to the theater to see it again and again, or watch it repeatedly at home on videotape, DVD, or Blu-ray. So much so that they know every line of dialogue and scene set-up.
B: Immerse themselves and empty his/her bank account buying up all the related movie merchandise.
C: Seek out other fans and dress in costume and attend fan conventions.
D: Start up a website or podcast devoted to that film
E: Spend thousands of dollars, constructing sets, making costumes, writing scripts and filming your own version or further adventures of your favorite film hero.

Well, if you answered "E" to that question you may be one of the featured fan films in the wonderful new book; Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind the Camera by author Clive Young.

If you thought that making homemade recreations of films like Batman, Tarzan, Spider-Man, Star Wars, and of course Raiders of the Lost Ark, started with the introduction of the video camcorder, you would be sadly mistaken. Clive Young seeks out the history of fan made films and taps into not only the rich details behind these lavish (and not so lavish) productions, but also digs deeper to discover the love of the art.

Homemade Hollywood
Written by Clive Young.

The book begins in 1926 with the infamous Anderson Our Gang film, in which the notion of some "fans" making their own interpretation of a Hollywood film was met with some raised eyebrows, not to mention serious questions from copyright lawyers. Fans of today are more savvy and familiar with the legalities that protect their favorite Tinseltown heroes by not allowing fan films to show up on the shelves of their local DVD retailers, things were different back tin 1926. When a few con artists tried to recreate their own version of Hal Roach's famous Our Gang shorts it wasn't an homage, but rather a get rich quick scheme to pull on unsuspecting theatre owners. Though this was a black eye for films made outside of the Hollywood factory, thankfully it did not extinguish the flames of fandom from firing up their own films in the future.

Homemade Hollywood flies through the decades and illustrates how the desire to bring the swash-buckling, daring-do escapades of the big screen into one's backyard was done time and again by movie fans. Of particular note to Indiana Jones fans would be the chapter devoted to the works of Donald F. Glut. What's that you say, the name Don Glut doesn't resonate the same awe as say a Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Peter Jackson or George Lucas. What it I was to tell you that if it wasn't for Don Glut there might not be an Indiana Jones?

Back in the 1960s, Don Glut was a film fan in a league of his own, making his own film versions of the characters he loved like Captain America to Spider-Man. Glut spared no expense in making his action films and went out his way to make sure he had not only great screenplays, but production values that went along with them. Along the way, Glut would find himself enrolled at the University of Southern California (before he was asked to leave) or as it is often referred to USC. There he would be making films alongside future filmmakers like John Milius and a certain, skinny kid with glasses named George Lucas.
While Glut was filming his versions of sci-fi fantasy films, he commandeered the 16MM film projectors from USC to show films he loved as a kid to his fellow classmates. Those films that Glut would show were none other than the cliff-hanging serials of the late 1930s and 40s! As fate would have it, sitting in the audience watching and possibly taking notes on those escapist escapades for future references was Indiana Jones co-creator, George Lucas! Fan filmmaker Don Glut would go on to his own claim to fame writing for comics and television shows like Land of the Lost and Transformers and in a ironic twist of fate, the novelization of Lucas's The Empire Strikes Back in 1981. But it was his movies like Captain America Battles the Red Skull that brought smiles to fellow film fans in the 1960s.

On the subject of Indiana Jones, Homemade Hollywood traces the backyard, Betamax origins of the trio of Indyfans who went on to spend a small fortune and gained glory from Spielberg himself for their film; Raiders: The Adaptation. Fans of have probably read the story, and may have been lucky enough to watch the shot-by-shot recreation of Indiana Jones first, and greatest big screen adventure; Raiders of the Lost Ark by filmmakers Eric Zala, Chris Strompolos and Jayson Lamb. Homemade Hollywood tells the story of the boys from Mississippi and their fan film and how it became a bonding experience for three friends. From the terror of making a giant boulder to the wrath of parents not to keen seeing their kids set themselves ablaze all for the sake of art, this section of Clive Young's book brings a smile and some out loud chuckles as it tells the years of work these three Indyfans poured into making their version of Raiders, one that met with a mind-blowing approval from Steven Spielberg!

As Film Threat's and Attack of the Show's film expert. Chris Gore, who provides the introduction to Homemade Hollywood states; "...they (fan films) are not made with no expectations of box office success ... only with the intention purely to entertain." That latter sentiment I recall being said by a certain team of collaborating filmmakers who when referring to their movie about a globe-trotting archaeologist with a fear of snakes once said "we just wanted to see this movie". Whether it is a big budgeted Indiana Jones or Star Wars epic, or the folks behind Troops or Pink Five, there is a certain "fanboy" energy that drives these artists to put their passion for good storytelling onto the film or tape. The love of the art is also the mother of inspiration and ingenuity as illustrated by the limited budget these fan films work around to achieve impressive effects and sets, some times endangering life and limb.
Read about the high-swinging exploits of Dan Poole who actually swung around buildings in Baltimore for his Spider-Man film, risking his life and gaining the ire of the police. Every page of this book is filled with details and tales that make you just look around your collection of action figures and movie posters and second-guess the lengths you would go to explore your fandom.

Homemade Hollywood is a great read, and one that is so loaded with fun facts and behind the scenes stories that you cannot put it down. From the hilarity of Hardware Wars to the dark and foreboding action of Sandy Collora's Batman: Dead End, this book chronicles all the fantastic exploits that make up homemade fan films. If you have ever went to a comic/sci-fi convention and marveled at a screening of Troops, Star Wars: Revelations or downloaded an episode of Star Trek: The New Voyages and ask yourself; "how did they do that", Homemade Hollywood has all the answers. It makes you want to go out and track down all the films mentioned within its pages and watch them, and if you do knowing all the effort that was put in to them will only add to your enjoyment.

Congratulations to Clive Young for turning the spotlight on fandom's unsung heroes behind the cameras who have gone on to make us laugh, cheer and inspire a whole new generation of film fans (and possibly filmmakers) with their determination to make sure our big screen heroes don't "fade to black".

Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind the Camera by Clive Young is published by Continuum International Publishing Group, Inc.

Reviewed by Mitchell Hallock


Indy Tetralogy Screening in Pennsylvania
31/03/09, 10:58am EST

The small Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, will be screening all four Indiana Jones films on Saturday April 11th and the following Saturday.
Raiders of the Lost Ark and Temple of Doom will be screened on April 11th and the two following; Last Crusade and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, will be screened on April 18th.

The Colonial Theatre is a non profit organization and the money raised for all its screenings go to preserving the theater and running films.

Visit the Colonial Theatre website for more information.

Special thanks to Bob Trate for informing us.

Posted by Gilles V


Aykroyd Signing "Crystal Head" in Indy's Home State
01/04/09, 9:22am EST

Well if you can't make it to the viewing of the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull in New York City this weekend, how about heading down the Jersey turnpike and get your own Crystal Head to take home - if you are over 21 years of age. Better yet why not have Weber himself sign it for you!

Dan Aykroyd, star of stage, screens both big and small, and the man behind Ghostbusters and The Blues Brothers, known to us Indyfans as Indiana Jones travel agent; Weber, will be signing bottles of his new venture - Crystal Head Vodka!

From 10:00am to 1:00pm fans of Mr. Aykroyd can meet the versatile actor and get a chance to shake hands with him as he will be on hand at Gary's Wine & Marketplace.

If you do go, ask him if Indiana Jones ever made good on that promise and bought him that gin he promised or rather asked for his money back because of the bad flight on Lao Che airlines. Where was USAir Captain Scully when Indy needed him back then?

Click here for details on the appearance visit.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Don't be a Fool - Listen to the new Indy-Cast#64
01/04/09, 9:23am EST

April is starting off with a bang as Ed and his band of merry men are off on a new adventure in audio! So sit right back and hear a tale, a tale of a bunch of Indyfans. This week, you can listen to:

We finally have confirmation of someone who won’t be coming back for the next installment of our favorite franchise, get some rumblings on a MMORPG, have a new book review and of course get your opinion with Rob, Pat's trivia and hear from you in the mail segment.

So hop onboard and give the latest Indy-Cast a listen right here or visit the Indy-Cast MySpace page for all the links to the shownotes and photos.

Thanks to Ed Dolista and his crew for another great show!

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Ride like the Joneses' - Mutt's Harley on Display
01/04/09, 9:24am EST

Think you have to be chased by KGB agents in order to hop on Mutt William's Harley motorcycle? Not so, if you are some of the lucky visitors to the Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee. The two of the five custom Harley-Davidson softtail motorcycles built (one used specifically for stunts during the New Haven, Connecticut filming) for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will be on display. Best of all, Indyfans can hop on and get their photos taken on Mutt's sweet ride and imagine racing around and through the campus of Marshall College, a.k.a Yale University.

The museum promises that the event will be Indiana Jones themed with snakes, a scavenger hunt, a presentation on how the two 2006 bikes were transformed to look like ones from 1957 and some geo-caching/GPS treasure hunting.

The event will start on April 11th and run throughout April.

For more details read the article from

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Lucas & Spielberg Go Back to School
08/04/09, 11:59am EST

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg attend the opening of the new University of Southern California's new School of Cinematic Arts, that the two filmmakers help finance, and the complex is named for. Lucas who attended USC was gave a quick tour of the new complex for AMC news and also talked about the new facilities, which are similar to his own Lucasfilm production house, to the the press;

Lucas says his support was motivated by concern that only half-measures were being undertaken as the program outgrew its space. "Most educational institutions don't think of cinema as having a great deal of importance," he says. "It's not necessarily given the same respect as, say, law and medicine. But film is important to me, and I wanted the presence on campus to reflect its value."

The new complex, which broke ground in October 2006, stands at the heart of USC's main campus and is expected to be completed by summer 2010. The first two buildings look like a single structure, rising four stories above subterranean post-production facilities and surrounding a central courtyard. Still to come are an animation and digital arts building and three production buildings largely consisting of soundstages.

To see the guided tour click here. Or read more about USC and the new School of Cinematic Arts in Variety.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Raiders: Adaptation Screening in London, UK
08/04/09, 12:32pm EST

Vue and are proud to present the UK Charity Premiere of Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation on April 28th at Vue West End, Leicester Square.

Raiders: The Adaptation
UK charity premiere., a global leader in online entertainment media, and Vue Entertainment, operators of award winning state-of-the-art multiplex cinemas, are proud to bring this highly talked about, but rarely seen cult classic to the UK for the first time ever. Fans will have the opportunity to meet and greet the filmmakers and take part in a Q&A session. Plus, see exclusive props and win artwork from the original series and even indulge in some delicious bites at an Indy-themed food and drink reception.

The charity premiere at Vue West End, Leicester Square will take place on 28th April 2009 at 5.45 pm (film starts 6.30 pm).
Tickets are on sale now for just £17.50. This also includes a free film souvenir. Proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Vue’s Chosen Charity MediCinema.

For more UK screening details and related images please click here. And be sure to visit their Facebook page to see who else will be attending this special UK Charity Premiere!

Posted by Gilles V


The Real Deal is Back! Indy-Cast #65
13/04/09, 10:22am EST

After the last "April Fool's" podcast had folks wondering if the Indy-Cast had traded in it's Shankara Stones for cursed Aztec gold, the regular podcast is back and she's a beauty, mate!

Join Captain Ed Dolista and his ravenous raiders of Indiana Jones news and views as they set sail for a voyage into the unknown world of Indiana Jones! This week those folks who decide to take a listen can get their ears ready for:

This week we are joined by artist and friend of the show Adam McDaniel in Club Obi Wan who will be discussing an up and coming Richard Amsel Exhibition, check out a new Premium Format Indy, have some Staff of Kings news and review Tomb of the Gods #4. Plus we have a new Top 10, your Indy opinion with Rob, Pat’s trivia and hear from you in the mail segment.

So Indyfans start your downloading and speed off to the Indy-Cast episode #65 - Listen here.

Don't forget to visit the Indy-Cast MySpace page for show notes, photos, and links.

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Starlog Magazine Ends Its Epic Run
14/04/09, 10:36am EST

Starlog magazine is ceasing publication. Way before the internet this was fanboy heaven and now it's gone the way of the do-do. And after 33 years and 374 issues, Starlog is officially calling it quits, continuing for the time being as an online-only publication.

Christopher Reeve, William Shatner, John Carpenter, George Lucas and of course Harrison Ford they were featured, as were The Goonies, Star Trek and anything to do with sci-fi or fantasy in film, books and TV... it was to be found in the pages of Starlog magazine.

If you look in the back issues you can find letters from me including a review of Ladyhawke with Rutger Hauer, Matthew Broderick and Michelle Pfeiffer and the second ever PG-13 movie - Dreamscape with Dennis Quaid, Kate Capshaw and Eddie Albert as the President. Was 1984 really twenty five years ago?

Most of all, Starlog gave the fan world the first ever word and photos on Star Wars starring Alec Guiness and newcomers Mark Hamill and Harrison Ward (I kid you not on that last one it was printed in issue #6), and then the word of a new film by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg called Raiders of the Lost Ark. It is very fitting that the last issue I picked last year sported a cover story on Indy's return in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

As they say "all good things... must come to an end" or rather; "all those moments will be lost... like tears in the rain".

So long, Starlog. Hailing frequencies are now closed.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


'Short Round' Attending Collectormania in the UK
16/04/09, 11:50am EST

Jonathan Ke Quan - better known as Short Round from Temple of Doom - will be making his first ever convention appearance at the Collectormania Midlands show at Birmingham, UK this weekend (April 18th & 19th)!

Other Indiana Jones actors attending are:
- George Harris: aka Katanga from Raiders
- Kevork Malikyan: aka Kazim from Last Crusade
- Zia Geelani: "Boy in Cell" in Temple of Doom
- Peter Pacey: the Hatay Tank Driver in Last Crusade
- Mellan Mitchell: Thuggee in Temple of Doom
- Moti Makan: Thuggee in Temple of Doom
- Ahmed El Shenawi: Merchant in Temple of Doom

If you think you can make it to the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel
National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, United Kingdom, then do not hesitate! As far as we know this really is the first time Short Round is attending a convention and who knows when an other chance to meet him will arise!

Visit the Collectormania Midlands website for more information.

Posted by Gilles V


Indiana Jones: The Real Story
21/04/09, 12:27pm EST

You think you know all about the cinematic history of Indiana Jones, or do you?

The Smithsonian Channel will look at Indy and some movie events and personalities in a new five part series called The Real Story. Besides Indy, the series will look at the "truth" behind James Bond, The Amityville Horror, The Untouchables, and Escape from Alcatraz. The Indiana Jones episode will be the last of the five monthly shows and will air in August. The Indy episode is described as:

Indiana Jones is a kaleidoscopic hero inspired by the traits, passions and adventures of real life explorers. The Real Story: Indiana Jones will reveal how the Indiana Jones character was inspired by the exploits of real heroes and villains, their adventures and discoveries.

Indyfans can enjoy a look at some of the films that featured "Indy's Dad" (aka Sean Connery), as this month's show shows the real Untouchables and then in July with a study on James Bond.

Source: PRNewswire

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Dutch Film Channel Wins Best Promo Award
21/04/09, 12:29pm EST

Dutch film channel 'Veronica' has won a 2009 Dutch Promo Award for their "May Film Month" tv-spot. Their winning tv-spot shows a great montage of Indiana Jones running through... well, I'm not going to spoil all the fun. You've got to see it for yourself.

No wonder it won best promo of the year!

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A Persuasive Indiana Jones Essay
22/04/09, 12:19pm EST

I don't often receive essays written by fans. But what I find truly unique are essays by 7th graders written as nicely as what you are about to read here bellow.
Young writer Wil Raasch explains what makes Indiana Jones one of the greatest adventure heroes of them all! Enjoy:

If Adventure Has a Name
By Wil Raasch

He's chased after artifacts from all corners of the earth, made friends and dodged enemies along the way. Keeping his revolver loaded, whip at hand and fists ready to punch helps him whenever needed. He often gets in over his head but always makes a daring escape. The brains, the passion, and his fear of snakes make Indiana Jones the greatest adventure hero of all time.

Indy does not just have the muscle and power like other action heroes, he has intelligence. "Don't step into the light", "Marion get out of here. Duck!" These two lines of Indy's show that he is sharp with traps and defending himself. Being an archaeologist Jones knows not to step into the light which triggers deadly spikes. He also knows to tell his partner to duck or she will be in the middle of a fight.

Another aspect that makes Indiana so loveable as a character is his passion for his quest of seeking treasure. "It belongs in a museum" a line of his since boyhood. This means that Indy will do whatever it takes to get the final artifact. Whether he will be dragged behind a truck, face his fear of snakes, or be chased by a massive boulder. It also means he hates when the treasure is in the wrong hands. Jones's enemies are the kind of people who put dollar signs on everything, especially artifacts, while Indy believes in sharing the treasures of history with everyone.

Pain and a fear of snakes show that Indiana is human. "Snakes, why'd it have to be snakes?" : "Not as easy as it used to be". These examples mean that even though he is an adventurous person he can feel pain and has a deep childhood fear. This makes his character more believable and you feel more empathy with him.

Most other action/adventure movie heroes simply fight and show their strong side. Such as John McClane of Die Hard who goes around fighting off terrorists, while Indy is more of a unique character with strong understanding of the world and people. McClane does not have the same adventurous outlook as Indiana, whom is running around the world and risking his life all the time to show the world artifacts.

Jones is excitement; he does not only have a love for adventure seeking but a balance of brains and brawn, along with a fear of snakes and often getting in over his head. All of these magnificent qualities and characteristics make Indiana Jones another name for adventure!

Well done Wil!

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IndyCast Episode #66 is Here
27/04/09, 12:17pm EST

Dust off your fedora and put you earbuds firmly in place as you are about to have your world rocked by the latest and greatest podcast this side of the international dateline! IndyCast #66 is here for you to hear! And what a cavalcade of Indiana Jones cacophony it is!

Let's get right into it and open up the snake surprise to find out what's writhing around in the world of Indiana Jones...

We are back after a week off with an update on the Richard Amsel exhibition, some news from Sideshow Collectibles that set hearts on fire, Mitch talks M&Ms Indy style plus we also have some great emails an awesome Top 10 from Lon which you’ll get a real kick out of and an announcement at the end of the show!

You can listen to the newest show right here.

Or visit the IndyCast MySpace page for various download links, shownotes, images from the flickr pages or ways to email the IndyCast staff.

NOTE: The Indy-Cast is taking a month off in May, but fear not restless listeners, why not take a trip back in time and listen to last May's shows when a certain archaeologist made his triumphant return to the big screen.

Hats off to the wonder from down under, Ed Dolista and crew for keeping the boulder rolling... enjoy the time off fellas, we Indyfans will be counting the seconds to IndyCast #67 in June when Indy celebrates his 28th anniversary on June 12th!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Being Indy is a Job for Stuntman Terry Leonard
29/04/09, 12:28pm EST

If you watched any of the great documentaries (sadly unavailable on DVD) on the making of 1981's first Indiana Jones adventure, Raiders of the Lost Ark, you may have saw many men playing Indiana Jones. Besides the guy with the scar on his chin who was in Star Wars, there were other men under the fedoras bringing Indy to life, namely Vic Armstrong, Martin Grace and Terry Leonard.

While Vic Armstrong has talked about being Indy on the great documentary Indyfans (happily available on DVD) we haven't heard much from Terry Leonard, the man who help bring the truck chase to life. Recently, The Signal newspaper out of the Santa Clarita Valley sat down to talk with the legendary stuntman who actually never planned on following that dangerous path. Here is an excerpt on Terry Leonard's recollection as his days as Indiana Jones:

"I'd like to think I'm a good stuntman," he said. "It's a hell of a way to make a living."

Leonard has had his share of injuries through the years, and has had two hip-replacement surgeries.

His famous stunt in Raiders was inspired by a stunt gone wrong.

While working on William Fraker’s The Legend of the Lone Ranger, Leonard performed a similar stunt — a nod to famous stuntman Yakima Canutt — by leaping from a horse to a stagecoach.

He was badly injured after being run over by the coach and spent three months recovering.

When he was working on the Indiana Jones film, he said, he proposed the stunt to director Steven Spielberg, and it was written into the script, with the stagecoach swapped out for a Nazi supply truck. The rest is cinematic history.

Do yourself a favor and read the full interview and take a moment to learn about the skill, talent and "guts" these unsung cinema artisans brought to film history. I know I speak for every Indiana Jones fan when I say we tip our fedoras and offer up a round of applause for the stunt people like Terry Leonard who provided us with hours of thrills and chills.

Source: The Signal

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


The Goonies Reunion
01/05/09, 8:54am EST

"Hey, you guys!" UK film magazine Empire succeeded in reuniting all of The Goonies, including director Richard Donner and producer Steven , to have their photo taken for Empire's 20th birthday issue. Guest Editor-In-Chief of this special anniversary issue is none other than Steven Spielberg himself!

Naturally, whenever one or more Goonies are gathered together, they're always asked about a sequel, and this time was no different. Here's a little taste of what they had to say.

Richard Donner: "We tried for a long time. Steven and I had many meetings with writers but nothing stuck. It seemed disrespectful."

Sean Astin: "A year from now, ten years from now, 50 years from now, I'm absolutely convinced there'll be one. We'll figure it out. A sequel could be great. It could be shitty. You never know. But the original is the thing it is and no-one can ever change it."

You can read the full announcement online at Empire. And remember: "Goonies never say die!"

Posted by Gilles V


Raiders: The Adaptation UK Screening Report
01/05/09, 8:57am EST

Charity Premiere
Adaptation director Eric Zala with Paul Freeman.
The UK Charity Premiere of Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation on April 28th at Vue West End, Leicester Square, was "a SMASHING success"! Even actor Paul Freeman -- aka Belloq -- showed up unannounced!

Click here to view photos of the Raiders: The Adaptation charity screening. And a report with more photos by attendees Simon Stirrup and his wife can be found on her meemalee's kitchen blog!

Thanks to Eric Zala and Simon Stirrup for the links.

Posted by Gilles V


Indy-Cast #67: Crystal Skull 1st Anniversary
24/05/09, 10:42am EST

We could not let the 1st anniversary of the return of the greatest film adventure hero go without some hoopla! So for your listening pleasure we proudly present; Indy-Cast # 67!

In this special birthday edition of the Indy-Cast we have a new interview with Crystal Skull extra Mike Franzman and we revisit our interview with Indy IV stunt man Jon Braver! So bring the presents, enjoy the punch and fairy bread as we say happy first birthday to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!

Thanks to the Indy-Cast gang for producing this show, and make sure that you are listening in June for the big Indy 28th year Anniversary spectacular! For more on this week's show and to see the Indy photos and links to the full articles and more visit the IndyCast MySpace page!

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IndyGear Memorial Sale
02/06/09, 10:35am EST

Our friends over at's Club Obi Wan are having a big sale on their forums to honor the recent departure of fellow IndyGear colleague and collector Walt "Sergei" Rybinski. All proceeds from Walt's Indiana Jones gear collection currently for sale will be donated to his wife and family.

A word from IndyGear/Club Obi Wan:

Many of us were deeply effected by the passing of our friend and colleague, Walt "Sergei" Rybinski, earlier this year. To honor him we dedicated "his" bullwhip section to honor and acknowledge his legacy to the hobby. Walt's family were touched by the outpouring of responses here to the news and heartened that Walt touched so many lives.

His family also requested help with his Gear and Whip collection and we gladly accepted to help out as best we could. With that in mind, we've opened up this special "For Sale" section dedicated to Sergei's collection, which understandably is heavy on whips. All prices are set and shipping will be determined by destination. ALL proceeds from every sale go directly to Walt's wife and family.

Be sure to visit Club Obi Wan for more information.

Special thanks to Mike Marosy.

Posted by Gilles V


Discovering Indy in Mickey's World
03/06/09, 12:29pm EST

What was supposed to be some fun in the sun turned into some soaking in the wetness as Florida received more rain in one week than it did in the entire 2004 hurricane season! Yet the Hallock family sought out any break in the clouds and had a good time in Disney World and Universal Studios. After finishing both of the new Indiana Jones "Young Adult" novels on the plane ride down, and knowing it was the Star Wars Weekend, I was seeking more of George Lucas' other franchise, you know the one with guy with the hat and whip. Indiana Jones/Disney Collectibles
click to enlarge
Indy/Mickey collectibles.
So to make sure this would be a complete "Indyfan" fun-filled vacation we went looking for Indiana Jones at Disney's Hollywood Studios. I picked up some Indiana Jones collectibles that I didn't have like the new Indy pin, a shot glass, and the new Mickey as Indiana Jones plush doll. Sadly, I owned pretty much all they had at the Indiana Jones "Adventurer's Store" located right outside the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, but there were some new items, including a forthcoming "Disney Racer" 1/64 scale die cast metal car designed in the Indiana Jones spirit. The store was filled with Hasbro Indy action figures, Mighty Muggs, the Mickey/Indy action figure, T-Shirts, fedoras, some color photos and popguns and rifles, similar to the ones they sell at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. They no longer carry the metal cap guns they had in years past which were around 15.00 US and were tipped with an orange plug and handle. Perhaps the realistic look was a little too much for airline security, as my sons (then 6 and 8) had the unfortunate luck back in 2006, when they forgot to check their Indy toy cap guns in their luggage and had them tossed out into the garbage at the airport security line.

I must admit the Disney Indiana Jones store used to have more items of interest for fans of the "obtainer of rare antiquities", like metal signs, bumper stickers, small vehicle replicas, leather jackets, rubber snakes, and the Disney line of Indiana Jones action figures. But that is no longer the case, as many of the items were all too familiar, and are better priced in a Target or Wal-Mart discount aisle.

As far as collectibles, if you were looking to get into a rather unique area of Indiana Jones collecting, pins might be the way to go. They are small, relatively inexpensive, and are easily found on eBay and Disney pin trading sites. This year brings two new pins from Disney World one with a "rolling" boulder feature chasing after Mickey and the other is Indy/Mickey avoiding giant floor spikes that comes only in the Disney Hollywood Studios four pack. I have a nice collection going, and when you consider there is an Indiana Jones ride or attraction at all four Disney parks around the world, you can get a nice collection ranging from The Temple of the Forbidden Eye in Disneyland in California, to Indiana Jones Crystal Skull encounter that predates the film of similar name at the other parks in Japan and France.

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge
Enjoying the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
The best part of the trip was fulfilling my dream of being in an Indiana Jones scene as I was picked to be a Cairo street extra. I know it wasn't being directed by Steven Spielberg and the Indiana Jones they had there was not Harrison Ford (but hey he was an older fella and actually had braces), and my "costume" made be look like a pregnant woman rather than a cutthroat villain, but it was still cool. My fedora is off to the fan Indyfan who let me in on how to improve your chances of getting picked to be part of the show. I sat close to the right of the auditorium and waved my hands enthusiastically when they asked for volunteers. Being on the stage of the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and seeing the stunts and feeling the heat of the explosions up close is very different than watching it from the audience. I know my kids will not let my acting debut be forgotten anytime soon!

Indiana Jones Art
click to enlarge
Posing with sketch artist
Michael Duron.
If you still are looking to walk away with a unique one of a kind Indiana Jones collectible from Disney World seek out caricaturist and Topps sketch card artist, Michael "Locoduck" Duron. You may have seen Michael's unique interpretations of the world of Indiana Jones in the recent series of Topps trading cards or tried to win some on eBay for your collection, but the great news is he works at Disney World and if you can track him down (I found him at Animal Kingdom near the Outfitters supply store) and tell him your an Indyfan, you can sit down and have him to a create an Indy-themed caricature of yourself. The one Michael did of me not only brings out my amazing good looks, but features me with several icons from Raiders of the Lost Ark and is in a place of honor in my Indy memorabilia collection. Thanks Michael. Indiana Jones Pinball
click to enlarge
The Hallocks with the
Indiana Jones Pinball.
If you want a break from all the action and sun (or rain) duck into one of the many arcades you can find on Disney World property and you might be lucky enough to play a round of Indiana Jones pinball. Not only was it a great game, but the one I was playing on let get a free game four times! Besides getting a perfect score of 999,999 on Buzz Lightyear's Spin Ride in the Magic Kingdom this was the most fun I had playing a game.

As we dried off our rain ponchos and headed back to Connecticut and looked at all the buzz surrounding Star Wars Weekends at Disney from celebrity guests to costumed characters, I think back to the Indyfan day held at LegoLand (featured on the Indyfans DVD) and wondered when will our hero return in grand style to a theme park?

Hopefully soon!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Staff of Kings Novel Petition
06/06/09, 10:27am EST

The news about the cancelled Staff of Kings novelization, written by Rob MacGregor, caused strong reactions among Indyfans at The Raven. It appears many fans really wish to see this novel published. Especially as the novel is completed and ready for publication.

Therefore some Indiana Jones fans have started an online Novel Petition and hope to gather enough signatures to make Indy's Publishing House change their minds.

"PLEASE, publish this additional Indiana Jones adventure so that we may continue to embrace this iconic hero for years to come. THANK YOU! "

Click here for more info and to help your fellow Indyfan and prove that many people do wish to see the Staff of Kings novel published!

Posted by Gilles V


Indy-Cast #68: We're Back!
08/06/09, 10:52am EST

Just when you thought you had heard the last of the Indy-Cast gang - THEY'RE BACK! Roaring out like a motorcycle and sidecar from a crate fully gassed up (that was an odd coincidence in Last Crusade now that I think about it) with new Indy information, trivia, emails, stories and best of all... Ed Dolista!

This episode takes a look at book and video game news, reports from Star Wars Weekends (at DisneyWorld) and the Raiders: Adaptation premiere in the UK. Plus Fanboys news, a new trivia segment, opinion poll, a stack of your emails and lots more.

So start syncing up that iPod or just give a listen right from your PC with a click here.

So sit back and enjoy the show and get ready for the listen of your life!

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Indyfan Cracks His Whip for Guinness
09/06/09, 10:44am EST

The folks at the Guinness World Book of Records will hopefully be cracking the whip for Indyfan Robert Dante as he tries to set a new record on June 11th (the day before Indy's 28th anniversary in Raiders). for the "Most bullwhip cracks in one minute." PR Inside has the scoop on this whip-cracking event!

Dante will be doing this attempt in style as Frank PR agency is flying Dante across the Atlantic on behalf of LucasArts and Activision to publicize Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, a new video game making its debut in Europe. The agency bills Dante as "the real Indiana Jones" because of his expertise with bullwhips, which feature prominently in the four Indiana Jones films.

Since 2003, Dante has set three Guinness World Records, with his most recent attempt in October 2008 resulting in 254 whip cracks in 60 seconds.

Founder of the Minneapolis Bullwhip Academy, Dante received the Brian Chic Whip Artistry Award in Ohio last year. He performs in Wild West events, stage shows, nightclubs and circuses, demonstrating precise target work, two-handed syncopated whip cracking and speed cracking.

"I'm grateful for the chance to bring real whip cracking to the public," Dante said. "Anyone can quickly learn to crack a bullwhip safely, from children to seniors. In the same way, the video game Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings can make someone feel just like Indy in an exciting adventure. I've seen a lot of whip cracking in video games, but this one comes closest to being the real thing."

In addition to performing, Dante gives group and individual lessons on whip cracking. His website is, and he is author of Let's Get Cracking! the How-To Book of Bullwhip Skills, available at

Good luck Mr. Dante!

Source: PR Inside

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Harrison Ford Top Earner in 2008
11/06/09, 12:22pm EST

Sure Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull made a lot of noise amongst fans and critics last year when it debuted, but it also made a lot of money! Beyond a box office take of nearly 800 million dollars, Forbes is reporting that the film also helped make its star some gold as well.

... in 2008 when Ford strapped back on his trusty whip and went adventuring again in Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, the fourth film in the Indiana Jones series. In order to lure Ford out of his semi-retirement, Paramount agreed to a lucrative deal that split almost all of the film's earnings (after the studio made back its production and advertising costs) between Ford, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. As a result of the deal, Ford earned $65 million between June 2008 and June 2009, making him the highest-paid actor on our annual Celebrity 100 list.

To see the rest of the list head on over to Forbes.

If that type of payday isn't another reason for doing an Indiana Jones 5, I can't reckon what else there would be. Besides, you can buy a lot of planes with that cash.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Happy Birthday Raiders of the Lost Ark!
12/06/09, 10:06am EST

Hard to believe it has already been 28 years since George Lucas and Steven Spielberg introduced a new film hero to the world. Even they couldn't have anticipated how successful their Indiana Jones franchise would become since Raiders of the Lost Ark's release on Friday, June 12, of 1981.
How would Lucas, Spielberg, Harrison Ford and Karen Allen have reacted in 1980 when told that they would be back together 27 years later to film a little wedding scene while a kid named 'Mutt' is standing nearby?

Happy 28th birthday Raiders of the Lost Ark!

And I would like to apologize for forgetting to mention two other important birthdays. On May 23 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom celebrated its 25th anniversary while Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade arrived at the age of 20 the day after, on May 24th.

We are getting old! Or as Belloq would have said: "Indiana, we are simply passing through history. 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' is history."

Posted by Gilles V


New Raiders: The Adaptation Screening
12/06/09, 10:07am EST

Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation will be coming to the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center at Ocean Springs, Mississippi, on Saturday June 27!
The screening starts at 7 pm, followed by a Q&A session with Adaptation director Eric Zala.

Click here for more screening information on Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation.

Posted by Gilles V


IndyCast #69 is Locked and Loaded
15/06/09, 10:25am EST

Looking to hear some news about Indiana Jones and listen to friends just like you talk about everyone's favorite archaeologist? Well your search has ended - as Indy-Cast #69 is here for you to hear!

This week... We have a rumor of Indy 5 appearing not where we would expect, our first Staff of Kings review, take a look at Indy's greatest adventures and we have a new Top 10, great news from author Barry Nugent, Pat's trivia, Rob's Indy opinion and lots more. Click here to listen now.

Thanks to Ed and his motley crew for another way to pass the time waiting for Indy's return... I wonder if the Grail Knight had an iPod while he waited for another who was worthy to take his place... a long time to wait.

Visit the IndyCast MySpace page for more show notes and links and don't forget the fan photo gallery at the Indy flickr page.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Have a Blast with the New Indy-Cast
24/06/09, 11:28am EST

What's haunting and hard to find? If you guessed Ed Dolista's voice you would be right! But any podcast dedicated to the man of action, Indiana Jones, would not be slowed down by a little sore throat. This week in a fast and furious half an hour of audio goodness, Ed and the not so hoarse gang (okay I admit I have been sounding nasally) talk what's new in the world of Indy.

Here's what's on this week's show:

The big news this week is the announcement that work on Indy 5 has begun, we have a great book and Staff of Kings video game review, trivia from a video game legend, find out your favorite Indy opening sequence and see if I can make it through the whole episode without losing my voice! If adventure has a name, it must be the Indy-Cast!

So sit back and listen to the Indy-cast by clicking here. Don't forget to check out the show notes and Indy-cast flickr page on the Indy Cast MySpace page to see the latest collectibles costumes and fan art from fellow Indyfans!

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Indy-Cast #71 Ready for Download
30/06/09, 11:36am EST

This week we have some more Staff of Kings reviews, trivia, opinions, a new Top 10 and of course your emails. Plus in Club Obi Wan this week Pat has an exclusive interview with Atari videogame pioneer Howard Scott Warshaw the creator of the VCS’ blockbuster Raiders of the Lost Ark, Yars Revenge and E.T. cartridges! If adventure has a name, it must be the Indy-Cast!

Listen to this week's show by clicking here.

So have some fun in the sun with Indy-Cast #71!

Thanks to all who made this week's show possible and to you folks who love to listen!

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Happy Birthday Harrison Ford!
13/07/09, 9:59am EST

On behalf of the whole crew and its visitors, we would like to wish Harrison Ford a very happy birthday today!

MTV Movies Blog also honors "genre icon" Harrison Ford in their weekly Birthday Bash:

Harrison Ford (July 13): While it’s a given that everyone gets older as the years progress, it’s still incredibly difficult to believe that Harrison Ford turns 67 today. The actor is a genre legend, hanging with furry co-pilot Chewbacca as Han Solo in Star Wars and making whips cool again in the Indiana Jones franchise. Despite pushing 70, Ford even managed to bust out a surprising fourth turn as Indy just last year — and there are rumors of a fifth outing on the horizon as well.

Click here to read MTV's birthday wish for Harrison Ford.

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Celebrate Ford's 67th B-Day - Listen to IndyCast #72
13/07/09, 10:09am EST

Well last week America celebrated it's "Indy-pendence" Day on July 4th, this week Indyfans can celebrate the Man who brought the character to life with a listen to Indy-Cast#72. I know the two items aren't directly related, but we would not have an Indy-Cast (or if it wasn't for the talent of Harrison Ford who turned 67 on July 13th - (yours truly was 43 on July 10th - but that's besides the point).

So sit back, and listen to this week's show and enjoy the audio on these topics:

This week, we almost had some exciting news about Indy 5, we review the new Indy scholastic books, have more trivia, opinions, 2 Top 10’s, and in Club Obi Wan this week we catch up with artist Adam McDaniel who talks more on artist Richard Amsel plus we have some limited edition Amsel Exhibition catalogs to give away - all you have to do is answer 2 Indy art related questions!

Thanks to Ed Dolista and the Indy-Cast Gang for another fantastic show. You can listen right now by clicking here.

Don't forget to go to the MySpace page and become a friend of the show or write a review in iTunes and let your friends know that if adventure has a name, it must be the Indy-Cast!

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Podcast with John Rhys-Davies
14/07/09, 11:06am EST

While we like to think the Indy-Cast is the definitive podcast when it comes to all things Indiana Jones, it looks like the folks at have been working our side of the street. In between talking about rumors on the next Star Wars TV show and what Hasbro action figure will be coming out, one of TheForceCast hosts sat down with Sallah himself - John Rhys-Davies to talk about his career and his latest DVD project Reclaiming the Blade.

So add another podcast to your listening list this week and hear what Mr. Rhys-Davies has to say about his work in Raiders, Last Crusade, The Lord of the Rings, Sliders, the TV Untouchables and much more.

Click here to start listening.

And if Mr. Davies wants to talk to Ed Dolista on the Indy Cast, I think that could be arranged. Maybe we can talk with Julian Glover about being General Veers in The Empire Strikes Back, just to even the score.

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Indyfans Returns to San Diego ComicCon
20/07/09, 11:00am EST

Indyfans will be well represented at the San Diego ComicCon this weekend as Indiana Jones will be the subject of a panel discussion. Leading the way will be the director of the "film about Indyans, by Indyfans", Brandon Kleyla.

Here are the details of the show:

Saturday, July 25th, 12:00-1:00 Indyfans and the Quest for Fortune and Glory— The Indyfans are back for their third year. Meet the documentary's filmmakers and discuss all things Indy. Talk with special guests from within the world of Indy merchandise, and don't miss out on giveaways, and more! We also have TWO surprise guests!! Who's it going to be? You'll be sorry if you don't come to find out! It's time once again to keep up with the Joneses. Room 24A

Who are the surprise guests? Well... I know but won't say... lets just say one is very, very familiar with Indiana Jones and the other makes dreams come true and gives Indyfans the ride of their lives!

Lucasfilm will be doing a special televised presentation that will be on G4 hosted by the lovely, and my personal favorite TV personality, Olivia Munn along with Kevin Perirea. Perhaps they will have some news for Indyfans (keep your fingers crossed that its news on Indy 5).

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy-Cast #73 Lands with Indy and the MoonMen?
20/07/09, 11:01am EST

One small step for (a) man, one giant leap for... Indiana Jones?

While its been 40 years since man first landed on the moon, find out why most of that historical information was lost in a government achieve (sound familiar). With "top men" working on it, listen to the Indy-Cast and hear how the artists who restored Raiders of the Lost Ark are hard at work saving the Apollo 11 footage. In addition, this week's Indy-Cast has news on these topics:

Hear some NEW Indy music that you can download, discover how Indy helped the moon landing, and learn how you can retrace the steps of our favorite archaeologist! We also have a great Indy opinions segment, Pat’s trivia and we reveal the answers to last week’s competition with thanks to Artist Adam McDaniel. Plus we have another Indy Top 10 and plenty of listener feedback and a new "unofficial" sight-seeing tour of Marshall College. If adventure has a name, it must be the Indy-Cast!

So strap in and prepare to blast-off on another high-flying podcast with Ed and the crew... listen by clicking here and don't forget to visit the MySpace page for story links, Indiana Jones movie showings and the ever-loving photos from fans on the flickr page.

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New Raiders: The Adaptation Screening
20/07/09, 11:03am EST

Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation will be coming to Merrimack Hall at Huntsville, Alabama on September 18 and 19!
Filmmakers Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala will be in attendance.

Note: On September 19 at 2:30pm, Chris & Eric will present a how-to lecture in indie filmmaking with concrete examples from their experience in remaking Raiders of the Lost Ark as teenagers. An intensive session touching on all stages of film-making -- pre-production, production and post-production, plus plenty of fun stories. Length: 2.5 - 3 hours.

Visit the Merrimack Hall website for more information.

Thanks to Eric Zala for informing us.

Posted by Gilles V


Ford Featured at French Film Festival this Fall
23/07/09, 12:35pm EST

Various sites are reporting that Harrison Ford will be the guest of honor at the annual film festival happening in Deauville, France.

Also on hand will at the 35th edition of the annual seaside bash, which opens September 3 and ends 10 days later with the award of the festival's Grand Prize and Jury Prize, will be Big-name stars set to walk the seaboard at Deauville also include Meryl Streep and Andy Garcia, while Forrest Gump star Robin Wright Penn is to receive a special tribute from the festival.

For more details read the full article at AFP.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy-Cast #74 is Back with More
28/07/09, 4:59am EST

New Indy toys? Indy collecting news? Indy music? Sounds like the gang at the Indy-cast are back with a new podcast!

Well it’s Comic Con and that means we finally have some Indy news – will there be an Indy 5 announcement? Stay tuned to find out! We also have some new announcements from Sideshow Collectibles and shock horror, Hasbro, hear direct from the Comic-Con floor on all things Indy plus in Club Obi Wan this week Rob has an exclusive interview with Staff of Kings composer Gordy Haab! It looks to be a packed show this week so, sit back, put on your comfy shoes and get out your virtual Comic-Con map as we take a look at what’s making news in the world of Indiana Jones this week! If adventure has a name, it must be the Indy-Cast!

Give a listen by clicking here or visit the IndyCast MySpace page for more show notes, links and photos of some of the items discussed on this week's podcast!

Don't forget to write a review in iTunes and let folks know what you think of the only Podcast that has a name for adventure!

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Indy-Cast#75 - Raiding the Ravenwood Museum
03/08/09, 11:46am EST

If there was ever a warehouse comparable to the one at Area 51 in the Indiana Jones films, it would have to be Les David's Ravenwood Museum in Canada. Well the man behind the mecca of Indy collectibles talks with the Indy-Cast on how it and all began!

Here's a peak at what's waiting for you in Indy-Cast# 75

Well Comic Con 2009 has come and gone and while the show failed to reveal any earth shattering Indy 5 news that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any Indy news this week. We find out about Fakers of the Lost Hoax, some new Sideshow offerings, hear from Ron about Indy’s greatest hardcover offering plus in Club Obi Wan we speak with Les David, owner of and curator of Ravenwood, the world’s largest collection of Indiana Jones memorabilia! So grab that museum map, stop by the gift shop and relax as we take a look at what’s making news in the world of Indiana Jones this week!

So strap on those earphones and hold on to your potatoes - we're going for a ride - Indy-Cast style! Give it a listen by clicking here or subscribe at iTunes! It's free and fun and the name for adventure!

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Raiders of the Lost IndyCast?
11/08/09, 9:50am EST

The latest and greatest IndyCast is available for download, plus this week brings news that you can't live without! But first here's what's on tap for this week's podacst:

This week we hear some rumors concerning LEGO Indy's future, see what may have been if Indy hit the PS3 and XBox, get a report direct from the floor of Chicago Comic Con, discover an animated adventure coming to DVD. Of course we also have Rob's Indy opinion, Pat's trivia and we hear from you in the mail segment. So sit back and relax as we take a look at what's making news in the world of Indiana Jones this week!

You can listen to show by clicking here OR ...

If that wasn't enough, and you have a burning desire to hear even more of the haunting sounds of Ed Dolista and the IndyCast crew, well now you can! Presenting the new home of the show at This site has all of the IndyCasts find out how you can catch up on all the IndyCast Episodes you may have missed all the way back to the original episode! Talk about a blast from the past and best of all you don't have to crawl into a refrigerator to hear them - unless, you want to, but be careful, those things can be deathtraps!

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Thank Heaven for Indy-Cast #77
18/08/09, 9:46am EST

This week we hear a little more about what may be Lego Indy's premature demise, find out where you can buy a drink at the real Club Obi Wan, get a listener review of one of Indy's paperback adventures, a new competition in Rob's opinion poll which plays on the old adage that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, a stack of your emails and lots more! If adventure has a name, it must be the IndyCast!

Listen to the Indy news and the "Seandown" Impression Contest! Round 1 by clicking here.

Or go to the new website to get all the show links.

Thanks to Ed, Pat, Rob and Mitch!

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Disney Indy Show Stuntman Dies
18/08/09, 9:58am EST

From the Orlando Sentinel, a sad story from Orlando regarding the Indiana Jones stunt show at Disney's Hollywood Studios:

Stunt performer Anislav Varbanov, 30, was fatally injured during a rehearsal for the " Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular." He was doing a tumbling roll after 7 p.m. when he was hurt.

Disney workers dialed 911 at 7:34 p.m. to report that a cast member sustained a head injury. Varbanov was rushed to Florida Hospital Celebration Health, where he was pronounced dead 8:53 p.m., Orange County sheriff's deputies said.

The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, known colloquially as "Epic" to Disney cast members, is performed several times each day at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Disney performers don't impersonate Harrison Ford and Karen Allen, the lead actors from the original Indy film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, but instead demonstrate the types of stunts used to film Indy and Marian's adventures.

"We lost a valued cast member and our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family as we mourn his passing," said Disney spokeswoman Zoraya Suarez in a prepared statement.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

Thanks to Xavier Arijs for informing us.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


IndyCast #78 is Ready for Download
27/08/09, 11:15am EST

In this episode we hear of some sad news coming out Disney's Hollywood Studios, find out if the Indy makes it into the 50 greatest sequels of all time week, get a review of Indy's platform outing on the Super Nintendo and find out which one of the IndyCast crew is closest to sounding like Henry Jones Senior. Plus we have more trivia, news and of course your emails at the end of the show. So, sit back and relax as we take a look at what's making news in the world of Indiana Jones this week!

Check out the latest podcast right here.

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Feel Fine when You Listen to IndyCast #79
04/09/09, 1:09pm EST

In this listener driven episode we have a Raiders rant, discover a bit about LucasArts' history and LEGO Indy's return to video games, rediscover a classic TV special from 1981 plus all the usual suspects with Mitch, Pat and Rob and of course your feedback in the mail segment. So, sit back and relax as we take a look at what's making news in the world of Indiana Jones this week!

Take a listen and download the latest podcast!

Thanks to Ed and the Gang for keeping the audio Indy news flowing!

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Karen Allen at DragonCon Sept. 4-7
04/09/09, 1:10pm EST

Karen Allen has been in everything from Animal House and Starman to The Perfect Storm and East of Eden; but Indyfans know her best as Indiana Jones partner in adventure; Marion Ravenwood. Indyfans lucky enough to attend this weekend's DragonCon can see Ms. Allen in person as she will be appearing at the show.

For more details visit the DragonCon website.

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Get Ready for IndyCast #80
14/09/09, 1:08pm EST

This week we hear more evidence of Indy bashing by Star Wars alumni, prove that watching Raiders of the Lost Ark is an educational experience with our guest in Club Obi Wan, discover a new mobile gaming experience for Indy fans, more honors for Harrison Ford, Sean Connery's accent hits the news and find out how to get your own slice of Club Obi Wan! So, sit back and relax as we take a look at what's making news in the world of Indiana Jones this week!

Take a listen.

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Raiders of the Lost Ark 1951 Retro Trailer
16/09/09, 1:43pm EST

Aspiring filmmaker 'whoiseyevan' asked himself "what if Raiders of the Lost Ark was a 50s film serial? Who would be best suited for the role of Indiana Jones? How would his villains translate to this era? And what would the film's musical score sound like?"
His answer is an impressive and fun trailer montage featuring scenes from classic films that inspired Lucas and Spielberg in creating Indiana Jones:

whoiseyevan's trailer features many moments from the film Secret of the Incas. An adventure movie, released in 1954, starring Charlton Heston wearing a leather jacket and fedora. The film was a big inspiration for the makers of that Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Posted by Gilles V


Double Your Fun with IndyCast #81
18/09/09, 2:13pm EST

If you are just catching up on your podcast listening, well don't get too comfortable just yet! The gang at the IndyCast are back again with another hour long listen to the sounds of Indiana Jones news that is making the rounds. So sit back and hold onto your potatoes as we listen what's making news in the world of Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. :

In this episode Ed has some more tantalizing news about a potential Indiana Jones 5, we learn about a convention for Crystal Skull devotees, have a new Top 10 list and we hear about a very cool email from the Assistant Sound Editor on the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

So saddle up scouts and head off to the land of "High Adventure" ( a shameless plug for the folks wrote the song "The Ballad of Indiana") and listen to this week's IndyCast. If you can't wait to download it, just click here for a listen.

If you are have a long time to wait like a Grail Knight, then head on over to the IndyCast site to check out the links and the latest images from Indyfans just like you in the Flickr photo section!

Until next time, a big thanks to Ed and the boys!

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Sean Patrick Flanery Reflects on Young Indiana Jones
23/09/09, 2:12pm EST

Geeks of Doom has published an interview with Sean Patrick Flanery about his work on the anticipated Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. With all the hype surrounding to Troy Duffy's film sequel, Geeks of Doom didn't forget to ask about that other franchise Sean Patrick Flanery was involved with in the 90's.

GoD: Sean, another big franchise that you’re a part of is of course, the Indiana Jones franchise in Young Indiana Jones. Now that the movie franchise has been revived with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and another new movie has been discussed, I have to know, have you ever been approached on the possibility of appearing as a younger Indiana in one of the movies, similar to the way River Phoenix did in Last Crusade?

SPF: "No, but I LOVE Harrison Ford as Indy. It’s his character, and they’ll always get my 15 bucks at the box office."

GoD: Would you ever like to do that, or are those two worlds within the same world just too different?

SPF: "I don’t think anyone would turn down a George Lucas film!"

Click here to read the full interview with Sean Patrick Flanery.

Thanks to Mitchell Hallock for the link.

Posted by Gilles V


Podcast #82 is Here For You
28/09/09, 11:25am EST

Just when you thought it was safe to visit the islands of Hawaii - watch out! Ed Dolista - IndyCast host extraordinaire and wannabe Captain Jack Sparrow has set sail for the jewel of the Pacific! But fear not brave listeners, Captain Ed made sure he left a treasure trove of Indy news for the Indyfans around the world. So join Ed and the usual band of scallywags (Mitch, Ron, Rob and Pat) as they discuss all the Indy news that is resonating around the world like a thunderous crack of a bullwhip!

In this week's episode Indy fans hearts worldwide skip a beat as the man in the hat himself says he's ready for Indy 5, see what Indy would look like if he really was in the 1950s, have 2 Top 10's in a bumper segment, a classic Temple of Doom review, go back to the drive-in and all the usual suspects are back with Mitch Rob and Pat. So, sit back and relax as we take a look at what’s making news in the world of Indiana Jones this week!

So hold on to you potatoes and maybe go back and listen to some vintage IndyCasts as we wait patiently for Episode #83. In the meantime download this week's show right here.

Ed promises that if news of Indy 5 breaks while he is on vacation he will strap some sea turtles together and head back to the luxurious IndyCast studios! When he runs we will have reviews of the new Indy novel and Dark Horse comic and lots more! Have fun Ed and watch out for Hovitos!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


The Lost Ark: Fact or Fiction
28/09/09, 11:34am EST

Recently, a discussion took place amongst some scholars at Penn State on whether the chest that contained the actual Ten Commandments that Moses brought down from Mount Horeb and smashed - if you believe in that sort of thing (sorry I was dialoguing). Anyway here is what Professor Baruch Halpern, Penn State professor had to say about the Ark's existence:

"Different people will give you different answers to that question," said Baruch Halpern, Penn State professor of ancient history, classics and ancient Mediterranean studies, and religious studies. "The Ark is a regular feature in the Old Testament, making several appearances in the first five books of the Bible. There are many consistent references to the Ark, and when you add it all up, it seems like the Ark was a real article."

The article goes on...

One theory is that the Ark was captured by an Egyptian pharaoh, a tale that gave rise to the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie plot. Another possibility is that the Ark was hidden by priests under the Temple Mount for safekeeping, or spirited away to an unknown site before the Babylonians even arrived in Jerusalem. Other suggestions are that the Ark was removed by divine intervention, taken by an Ethiopian prince, or destroyed in battle.
"They're all fantasy, and we'll never really know which one is true," Halpern said. "Some theories seem more plausible than others. Was the Ark hidden from the Babylonians? Unlikely. Did the Babylonians take it? That theory is more probable."

Like Indiana Jones, some real-life scholar-adventurers are on the trail of the Ark, with one researcher claiming to have found the remnants of the Ark stored in a library in Zimbabwe. Could this be true?

In some ways, the story of the Ark is similar to other Judeo-Christian religious relics such as the Shroud of Turin and Noah's Ark, Halpern said. "You have to remember why this scripture was written in the first place, and see the Ark's symbolic power to people as a sacred object. If you try to over-explain it, you lose the power of the story."
Read the full article and make up your own mind before you set off on a your own crusade for obtaining rare antiquities (and don't forget your fedora and whip).


Posted by Mitchell Hallock


IndyCast Looks for PodCastAwards
13/10/09, 10:46am EST

If adventure has a name, it must be the IndyCast! Well with any luck and a lot of votes from Indyfans around the world, that adventuresome podcast might get an award or two! IndyCast host Ed Dolista sent this message out to Indyfans:

"Hello Indy fans!

The Podcast Awards are here again, so if you like the IndyCast, why not show your support and vote for the show!
We are vying for 2 categories - Best Produced and Movies/Films.
Just visit and put the IndyCast in those categories with the show's url -
If Adventure has a name, it must be the IndyCast!"

In the words of Henry Jones Sr., in this sort of race there's no silver medal for second place... so let's give the IndyCast a hand! Good luck!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


IndyCast is Back - Listen to #83 Right Now
13/10/09, 10:47am EST

Like a bad penny, he always turns up... no we aren't talking about Indiana Jones, but rather Ed Dolista who is back from the harsh frozen tundra of Hawaii (just kidding) with Indy news for you!

This week there is a great interview with Assistant Sound Editor on the Young Indy Chronicles, Laird Malamed. We also have Sideshow news, look at the latest Indy novel, plus new reviews, opinions, trivia and a stack of your emails! It's a blockbuster edition of the show, so if adventure has a name, it must be the IndyCast!

So get your earbuds on and listen to nearly 2 hours of Indiana Jones talk!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


IndyCast: Episode 84
21/10/09, 12:22pm EST

This week Ed Dolista and his team have some news of Indy at Disneyland, find out some new offerings from Official Pix, listen to a Young Indy themed Top Ten plus Les David returns in the first edition of the collectibles segment Area 51. If adventure has a name, it must be the IndyCast!

Check out the latest podcast right here.

Posted by Gilles V


Harrison Ford at SCREAM Awards 2009
29/10/09, 10:55am EST

While he was introduced as; a hero, a legend and a bad ass, a very humble Harrison Ford thanked the fans who have seen some of his movies over the years and supported them and have given him a "wonderful life". Ford also thanked folks for not seeing some of the films he made that weren't so great, ironically he presented the "Best Director" award to Star Trek's J.J. Abrams (who also wrote the 1991 film Regarding Henry which starred Ford). If you want to go further Abrams has a cameo in Regarding Henry where he plays a grocery delivery boy... and if you know Harrison Ford's show biz history you may get the inside joke.

To see more of the SCREAM awards from Spike TV check out their website. It was like going to the ultimate Comic Convention, where else can you see Captains Jack Sparrow, Han Solo and James T. Kirk all on one stage!

Source : Spike TV

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Two New Raiders: The Adaptation Screenings
05/11/09, 10:23am EST

Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation will be coming to Ohio, USA, during the first week of December!
  • Cleveland, Ohio, USA – Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque
    - December 3rd & 4th, 2009
    In attendance: Chris Strompolos & Eric Zala
    For advance tickets, call (216) 421-7450 or purchase them at the Cinematheque boxoffice.
  • Columbus, Ohio, USA – Wexner Center for the Arts
    - December 5th & 6th, 2009
    In attendance: Chris Strompolos & Eric Zala
    Wexner Center for the Arts

Click here for more information on Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation.

Special thanks to Eric Zala for the update.

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IndyCast: Episode 86
10/11/09, 3:32am EST

In this episode, Harrison Ford gets to thank his fans with a Scream, we look at the first in a series of segments showcasing the vintage Making of Raiders special, review some of Indy's literary adventures, plus hear from you in the mailbag and lots more. If adventure has a name, it must be the IndyCast!

Listen to the latest podcast right here.

And be sure to check out the new Disneyland Indy animatronic centered episode 85 as well.

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IndyCast: Episode 87 - 2nd Anniversary Special
17/11/09, 10:30am EST

Two years, and 87 podcasts later - Ed Dolista and the gang are partying like it's 1999... oh, I guess that isn't a big thing anymore (sorry Prince). Tune in and turn on to the greatest sound on the web, here's what you can expect in this birthday special:

It's our 2nd birthday and YOU get the prizes! We look back at the past two years of the show, talk to a special guest in Club Obi Wan, look at part two in our vintage Making of special, review Sideshow's latest offering, have an encounter with High Adventure plus lots more. And did I mention you can win prizes? If adventure has a name, it must be the IndyCast!

Take a listen and download the latest show.

Happy 2nd Birthday IndyCast from - here's hoping you many more!

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And the Winner is... IndyCast #88
25/11/09, 12:01pm EST

Looking for some Indiana Jones talk to listen to? Well have we got a show for you!

In this episode we announce the winners of our 2nd birthday competition, check out what to get the Indy fan in your life with our Holiday Gift Guide, have some great video game news, return to the Top 10 and lot's more! If adventure has a name, it must be the IndyCast!

So put down that turkey drumstick and turn up the volume and listen to the IndyCast! Simply right click here and download to your computer.

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George Lucas Honored in Hall of Fame
07/12/09, 12:31pm EST

If you were thinking the Baseball Hall of Fame, you were wrong if you were thinking where you would place Indiana Jones and Star Wars creator, George Lucas. While the bearded one has hit home runs at the box office, he just earned a spot in the California Hall of Fame. Joining Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the late Mayor of San Francisco, Harvey Milk, as well as other important California figures like General Chuck Yeager, Lucas stood out for his work in film.

Also on display at the event were C-3PO and R2-D2 from Star Wars as well as the Indy films including; Indiana Jones' jacket, whip and hat from the 1989 film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Congrats George Lucas, now put those Indy props to work on a new film!

Sources: LA Times, SFGate

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Indiana Jones meets King Tut
16/12/09, 12:47pm EST

On the small screen Indiana Jones or rather "young Indiana Jones" may have crossed paths with famed British archaeologist Howard Carter on his discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamen, but its Harrison Ford that is part of the find these days. The actor whose name is synonymous with derring-do and adventure, is lending his voice for the narration of a new King Tut exhibit. The show "King Tut: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs" which recently opened at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The exhibit has sold almost 60,000 tickets sold to date has an introductory three-screen video featuring Harrison Ford in full Indiana Jones mode celebrating the pharaohs.

"This is their story," Ford intones in his best up-from-the-tomb voice. His wake-up call is followed on cue by the opening of a pair of inner-sanctum doors leading to the first chamber alive with reminders of Tut's dead predecessors and a display of the first of the exhibition's 100 or so artifacts.

So if you happen to have a hunger for history, and want to see and hear about; as Willie Scott said; "funny little men looking for their mommies... or rather mummies" head to Ontario and learn about the boy king from Indiana Jones himself!

For more on the show visit the Art Gallery of Ontario, and be sure to check out the latest IndyCast podcast #89 to hear a sound clip of Fords' narration!

Source: The

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Ford Narrates Captain Sully's Miracle
16/12/09, 12:50pm EST

He may have flown starships, tri-motors, biplanes and even a rubber raft but actor and real life pilot Harrison Ford is narrating the story of Captain Sully's amazing water landing in a new Learning Channel documentary called; Brace for Impact this January. While he has been doing a lot of narrating, most recently for the Art Gallery of Ontario's King Tut exhibit this latest gig involves telling a story that would make even Indiana Jones sweat a bit!

The press release for the new show describes it as;

TLC today announced that the highly anticipated documentary film BRACE FOR IMPACT, about the remarkable landing of US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River by Captain Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger, III, will premiere January 10, 2010 at 9:00 PM ET/PT. Celebrated actor - and avid pilot - Harrison Ford, narrates. Produced by Daniel H. Birman Productions Inc., BRACE FOR IMPACT features interviews with Captain Sullenberger, passengers, air traffic controllers and first responders who assisted the landing. Stunning graphics, combined with compelling first- person accounts, create a 360-degree perspective of that fateful event, which gripped global attention the afternoon of January 15, 2009.

"I'm honored and gratified by the attention I've received as a result of this event. On January 15, we had a remarkably good day, and I'm proud that my crew and I were up to the task," said Captain Sullenberger. "I am sure that this documentary will convey the ongoing power of this story and its ability to touch and inspire people around the world."
The story's nerve center is Captain Sullenberger, whose heroic actions during the incident enabled him and his crew to save the lives of the 155 people on board that flight. Giving the audience an insider's view to the path he took that day, Sully will be reunited with the actual plane he landed, and will - for the first time - fly the actual route of 1549 and explain what happened and how he needed to make extreme choices while navigating a crippled aircraft over Manhattan.

While Indyfans have been thrilled at the fictional exploits of the famed adventurer/archeologist nothing can compare to the real life heroics of Captain Sullenberger. So sit back and listen to the tale of a man with nerves of steel, and be glad that there's folks out there like him!

Source: The Learning Channel

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Indy Cast#89 - Hear Ford Talks "Skin of the Gods"
16/12/09, 12:58pm EST

If you have been thinking that there has been no Indiana Jones news to speak of, well you have not been listening to the IndyCast. Ed Dolista and the IndyCast crew have delved deeper than ever before to discover some great stuff! So sit back and download the latest news that no REAL Indyfan can live without!

In this week's show:

We learn about ADR with Young Indy's Sound Editor, review Sideshow's Henry Jones Senior, hear from Harrison himself, have a chance to win a custom Indy diorama, hear a review of LEGO Indy 2 for a fan who really is young at heart, battle the trivia gods, and Ed goes "In Search Of" long lost Leonard Nimoy shows, and another look back at the making of Raiders and lots more! If adventure has a name, it must be the IndyCast!

Visit the website to listen and view show notes, links and pictures.
Or just click here and start the audio fun!

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Spielberg Receives Democratic Legacy Award
16/12/09, 1:06pm EST

Director-producer Steven Spielberg will receive the Anti-Defamation League's highest honor on December 9th at a star-studded gala when he's presented with the Democratic Legacy Award. Spielberg will be honored as a champion of human rights through his film and television projects as well as his personal and private commitments to these causes, according to the ADL.

Indyfans congratulate the award-winning director on his latest accolade and hope that he gets a chance to talk Indy 5 with producers Kennedy & Marshall while at the event now that he has moved off the Harvey movie.

Source: The Daily Breeze

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IndyCast #90: Indy meets Young Sherlock Holmes?
21/12/09, 10:33am EST

The IndyCast is in it's nineties and just as lively as the George Hall ever was! In the latest podcast we have:

This week we have a Raiders Rant, Doc Whiskey returns with a classic video game review, we have a special audio version of some fan fiction and all the brothers make an appearance in Pat's trivia segment. Plus all the regulars are back in another action packed episode! So sit back and relax as we take a look at what's making news in the world of Indiana Jones this week!

So take off that eye-patch, put down the cane and put on the earbuds and give it a listen. Thanks to Ed and crew for keeping the whip cracking!

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IndyCast #91: The Year in Review
29/12/09, 9:08am EST

Just when you thought they were through they turn up like a bad penny... what does that really mean anyway?
Ed Dolista and the Indy-cast gang return for the last show of 2009 and what a show it is!

We get some Indy 5 confirmation from George Lucas, Mitch and Ed look back at the year, we get a Staff of Kings DS review, find out what Star Trek and Indy have in common, have a stack of listener feedback plus all the regulars are back in another action packed episode! So sit back and relax as we take a look at what's making news in the world of Indiana Jones this week!

So deck those halls and sit back for TWO HOURS of Indiana Jones news you can use! Listen right now by clicking here.

Or visit the Official IndyCast website for all the links mentioned on the show, to view the Indyfans pics on the Flickr page or find out how to contact the IndyCast gang!

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