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Raiders Article on
09/01/08, 4:10am EST

Stella a.k.a Canyon on The Raven has written an in-depth analysis on Raiders of the Lost Ark. You can read the excerpt below from the full article that can be found at

What is it about Raiders that is so special? Why is Raiders considered by die-hard fans to be the greatest Indiana Jones movie ever made? Some would say that this particular movie is probably the greatest action adventure movie ever made and I would most definitely agree with them. I think that everyone will agree that Harrison Ford in the starring role of the adventuring archaeologist was nothing short of magnificent!

Read the article here.

Posted by Jawad Mir


Steven Spielberg Honor Delayed Until 2009
10/01/08, 3:36pm EST

The cancellation of the Golden Globes ceremony is unfortunate for famed director Steven Spielberg who had been due to receive the Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement on Sunday. The Hollywood Foreign Press will postpone the honor until next year for a proper ceremony.

Source: Variety

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Shia LaBeouf nominated for BAFA Orange
10/01/08, 3:48pm EST

The Transformers and soon to be Kingdom of the Crystal Skull star was amongst the impressive list of actors and actresses selected by the British Academy.

The Orange British Academy Film recognized five international actors or actresses – not newcomers, but artists who already have demonstrated exceptional talent. Among those nominated were Shia LeBeouf, Sienna Miller, Ellen Page, Sam Riley and TangWei.

Voted on by the public via cell phone (and online voting), the winning award will be handed out during the February 10th British Academy Film Awards. The public can get to vote for the winner via the Orange website or the following text numbers:

  • Shia LeBeouf text ORSA SHIA to 82058
  • Sienna Miller text ORSA SIENNA to 82058
  • Ellen Page text ORSA ELLEN to 82058
  • Sam Riley text ORSA SAM to 82058
  • Tang Wei text ORSA TANG to 82058

As we have reported previously, Indiana Jones stars and creators have been the recipients of many industry accolades of late, Harrison Ford for the Lifetime Achievement from the International Cinematographers Guild, Cate Blanchett receiving two Golden Globe nominations for Lead and Supporting Actress and Steven Spielberg with the Cecil B. DeMille award (unfortunately postponed until 2009).

Congratulations to Shia!

Sources: and MTV UK

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Christopher Lee relishes Young Indiana Jones
11/01/08, 3:29pm EST

Christopher Lee, undoubtedly one of the greatest actors in cinema has faced off against many of film's greatest heroes. Whether it be with fangs, a light sabre, a golden gun, and the eye of Sauuron. But many Indy fans may be unaware that this screen legend also appeared on the small screen in one of George Lucas's favorite Adventures of Young Indiana Jones episodes. In the newly released DVD collection of the series, viewers will spot Mr. Lee as Count Ottokar Czernin (the real-life foreign minister of Austria-Hungary from 1916-1918) alongside Sean Patrick Flanery in the episode Adventures in the Secret Service.

Recently, Chicago Sun-Times reporter, Miriam DiNunzio, had the chance to sit down and speak with Christopher Lee and discuss his career and his experiences working on Young Indy. Here is some of that interview:

Sun-Times: Portraying a historical figure must be daunting for an actor. What attracted you to this role?

Lee: "It's fascinating to represent history. It can be a very tough subject to handle, unless there are specific facts, total facts, which cannot be denied. As the actor you have to get the appearance and behavior of the character right from day one because it's a real figure. That isn't always very easy, if you can imagine. Count Czernin was this very devious and duplicitous character in real life. What appealed to me about this series is that as far as I know, every story is based on historical facts. And you have this fictitious character, Indiana Jones, telling the story as if he was an observer at the time.

And also, I actually knew a member of the real Czernin family, an old aristocratic Austrian family, Manfred Czernin, who was working with the Italian partisans behind the German lines around 1944. I was in the plane [Lee worked as an intelligence services officer in the Royal Air Force] piloted to return him to England. He eventually was decorated for gallantry, and deservedly so."

Sun-Times: Do you think George Lucas cast you as Count Dooku in the Star Wars prequel trilogy because of your work in Chronicles?

Lee: "I can't say yes definitively, but all I can tell you is that I was told the episode of Young Indiana Jones that I appeared in was his favorite. That is to say it was his favorite story of the series."

Click here to read the full article.

And thanks to Matt Todhunter for the heads up.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indiana Jones 4's Blanchett and Broadbent Win
14/01/08, 3:32pm EST

Though it was not the usually star-studded affair, with dazzling dress and flash-popping paparazzi, the Golden Globe winners were announced on Sunday, January 13, and two Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull actors were amongst the lucky recipients.

Best Supporting Actress In A Motion Picture
Cate Blanchett for I'm Not There

Best Actor In A Mini-Series Or TV Movie
Jim Broadbent for Longford

Cate Blanchett nominated in two categories, for both Best Actress for her stunning performance in Elizabeth: The Golden Age and Best Supporting Actress in the Bob Dylan bio-pic, I'm Not There, did walk away with the prize for the latter.
Indiana Jones new Marshall College colleague to be played by veteran character actor, Jim Broadbent, was honored for his performance in Langford and won the Golden Globe for Best Actor In A Mini-Series Or TV Movie.

Congratulations to both from!

Source: Variety

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Updates to Official Indiana Jones Site
15/01/08, 7:21am EST has added some very cool new Animated Buddy Icons and some new Wallpaper for you PC featuring some of the recent released images from the upcoming adventure, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Head on over and download your favorites today!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Want to be Indy, Marion or a Tumbler?
17/01/08, 2:32pm EST

Hey Dog, you good at running, jumping, cracking a whip or "physical acting" this open casting call may be right up your alley!

Anyone who has ever had the good fortune of watching the stunt filled spectaculars at a Disney theme park , like the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Show in Orlando, FL should take note.
On February 3, 2008, Walt Disney Entertainment is holding auditions for Full Time, Part Time, and Substitute positions for Principal Stunt Actors and Tumblers for the Indiana Jones® Epic Stunt Spectacular and Gymnasts for the Festival of the Lion King at the Walt Disney World Resort.


  • Principal Stunt Actors (Indiana Jones Stunt Double, Marion Ravenwood Stunt Double and German Mechanic) - Should have a strong athletic build, be able to demonstrate upper body strength and be prepared to learn a choreographed fight.
  • Tumblers (Indiana Jones® Epic Stunt Spectacular) - Must demonstrate advanced tumbling passes.
  • Gymnasts (Festival of the Lion King) - Must demonstrate proficiency on rings, trampoline and high bar.
  • All applicants must be 18 years of age.
  • There may be an initial type out audition.

For more information click here.

See you tomorrow, Indiana Jones (maybe)!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Harrison Ford to Present Aussie Award
17/01/08, 2:41pm EST Black Taie Gala Announces Harrison Ford and John Travolta to Present to Honorees Kylie Minogue and Phillip Noyce
Minogue, an international singing sensation known for her hits "LocoMotion" and "Can't Get You Out of My Head," is a huge Grease fan. Noyce directed Ford in Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger, as well as helming accomplished films including The Bone Collector and Rabbit Proof Fence.

The event will include performances by Olivia Newton-John and the Qantas Choir and Australian food by celebrity chefs Neil Perry and Wolfgang Puck.

When: Saturday, January 19, 2008 Red Carpet Arrivals: 6pm Media Registration: 4:30pm

Where: Hollywood & Highland Grand Ballroom 6801 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles 90028

Parking: All media should park within the Hollywood & Highland parking structure. Validations will be provided.

Why: Australia Week's signature event, the Black Tie Gala, is a red carpet event that honors high profile individuals for significant contributions in their respective industries and for excellence in promoting Australia in the United States. This year's gala will recognize Kylie Minogue and Phillip Noyce for their contributions to the entertainment industry.

Past honorees include Russell Crowe, Naomi Watts, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Cate Blanchett, Hugh Jackson, Mel Gibson, INXS, Anthony LaPagila, and Olivia Newton-John.
In 2007, special tribute was paid to Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin.


Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Artist and Indy Fan Discusses Creating the Look
17/01/08, 2:55pm EST

Indiana Jones' look takes serious work - as every Indy fan whoever drew or painted Indiana Jones either traditionally or electronically can tell you. Does the crooked smile look right? Is the chin scar going the right way? How does the hat look?

Well, for one very talented Indy fan creating Indy's image is not only fun but his profession! Artist and graphic designer teacher, Russell Walks, has the enviable job of creating promotional art for the upcoming barrage of tie-ins around Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull for Dr. Pepper, Kellogg's and others. The Billings Gazette sat down and talked to Walks on how he turned his talent, love of movies and married it with a strong persistent drive to become the man behind the art we will be seeing a lot in the coming months. Walks also discusses the secret in capturing Indy's trademark "serious look with slight undertones of happiness" and the twinkle in Harrison Ford's eye.

Here are excerpts of that article, (click the link to read the full article by Gazette reporter Cathy Ulrich):

The hard thing is trying to get the expression on Harrison Ford's face just right. Especially when all you've got to go on for your "Indiana Jones" series is this description: "A serious look with slight undertones of happiness."

Not a problem for Billings artist Russell Walks, who is doing promotional artwork for the upcoming Indy flick for Dr Pepper, Kellogg's and "a couple of other companies that I can't mention yet," he said.

His work for the film includes a life-size cardboard standee of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones - yes, the one featuring an expression with "slight undertones of happiness." Using promotional shots provided by LucasFilm and poses from members of his fan base, Walks created the piece after a little bit of struggle, mostly with those slight undertones.

He did 10 or 15 sketches until he was finally satisfied with the expression. From there he did a value drawing, with a full range of tonal values in black and white. Walks usually prefers to hand paint his artwork, but because of the tight deadlines on the "Indiana Jones" project, he did most of the color in Adobe Photoshop, then added brush strokes and "the twinkle in (Ford's) eye."

For those of us who have worked as a graphic designer, illustrator (including yours truly) or just like creating our own Indy art can all agree Russell Walks' art is amazing and it is THE assignment we all wish we had!

So take a few minutes this summer to admire the art on your Indy soda can, cereal or other point of purchase displays and know that an Indy fan put it there!

Thanks to Brandon at Indyfans Film and Stefan Zwanzger for pointing the article out to us.

Source: Billings Gazette

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Two Oscar Nominations for Cate Blanchett
22/01/08, 5:34pm EST

The nominees for the 80th Annual Academy Awards have been announced earlier today. One of the nominees is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull co-star Cate Blanchett who has been nominated for not just one but two Oscars this year! Cate's two well deserved nominations are:

Actress in a Leading Role
Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Actress in a Supporting Role
Cate Blanchett in I’m Not There

Today is also a great day for two Lucasfilm Ltd. Companies as its Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), and Skywalker Sound were nominated for six Academy Awards!
A great article on these six Oscar nominations for Lucasfilm companies can be found at Here follows an excerpt:

For the third year in a row ILM pulled in two of the three nomination spots with Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Skywalker Sound also dominated the sound nominations taking three of the five slots in Sound Editing for their work on There Will Be Blood, Transformers and Ratatouille, which also received another nomination in the Sound Mixing category.

Visit to read the full article. And you can find the full list of Academy Award nominations online at the official

Congratulations to Cate Blanchett, ILM and Skywalker Sound from!

Posted by Gilles V


Poster of Morgan Spurlock's New Film Salutes Amsel
24/01/08, 4:40pm EST

Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?
Poster drawn by
Mark Fredrickson.
Perhaps one of the most recognizable, iconic and beloved of all the movie posters done for the Indiana Jones films was the one done by the late, great illustrator Richard Amsel. Amsel was known for his trademarked "photo-realism" style of illustration and made a career out of drawing some of Hollywood's elite for the movie posters and magazine covers. One of his greatest pieces was done shortly before his untimely death from AIDS in 1985, and that was the art for the theatrical re-issue of Raiders of the Lost Ark in the spring of 1982. It showed a confident Indiana Jones keeping the world's terrors at bay with his whip in hand as he set out for his epic quest for the lost of the Ark of the Covenant.

Super Size Me independent filmmaker and self confessed Indiana Jones fan, Morgan Spurlock, latest film Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?, poster artwork pays tribute to that Amsel poster with its own way. In a report from MTV news, Spurlock explains that he wanted to capture the feel of big action summer film - that wasn't coming out in the summer. The film is being shown at the Sundance Film Festival and focuses on the director's adventures in his quest to track down the world's number most wanted criminal.

An excerpt from MTV News' report:

Every year at the Sundance Film Festival, competing movies plaster Main Street with their posters, stapling advertisements over their competitors, and often having their own obscured within the hour. But the one poster that always sticks out is Morgan Spurlock’s Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?, an Indy-loving image advertising one of Sundance’s most talked-about films.

It was one of the original ideas we had,” the Super Size Me director explained of the poster. “As we first started getting into the movie, I was like, ‘This is a documentary action movie. It’s the biggest action movie of the summer that’s not being released in the summer.’ We wanted a poster that reflects that, and I love the idea of mimicking the Indiana Jones poster, with all the people around it. Because we’re going on a quest to find this lost thing, the thing that nobody else can find, much like the Ark of the Covenant.

Click here to read the full report by MTV news.

Visit the American Art Achieves to review the great artwork of the late Richard Amsel.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Bid on International Indiana Jones Media Kits
05/02/08, 4:57pm EST

Indiana Jones International Media Kits
International Media Kits
On you can currently bid on a one-of-a-kind collection of Indiana Jones International Media Kits from around the world. Included are the original English-language media kit, as well as a Japanese-language version, a German version and a French version. It would be virtually impossible to find a collection like this anywhere else!

This auction is being conducted by an employee of Lucasfilm Ltd. to raise funds for charity. All proceeds from the winning transaction will be donated to the AIDS/Breast Cancer Emergency Fund so your generosity is appreciated for a most rare collection!

These media kits were created to offer materials to the media from the classic Indiana Jones trilogy, and contain fascinating facts, information and fun activities about the first three movies.

Available only from Lucasfilm Ltd. or Paramount Pictures' international offices, you will receive these media kits in pristine condition! And, as noted above, your bid will be donated in full (less costs for shipping and this posting) to the AIDS/Breast Cancer Emergency Fund as part of an annual fundraising event conducted by Lucasfilm.

Click here to view the Indiana Jones International Media Kits and start bidding! An unique opportunity to expand your Indy collection and support a good cause at the same time.

This auction ends on Saturday, February 9th.

Thanks to 'Gulliver' for the auction link.

Posted by Gilles V


The Terra-Cotta Soldier film is finished
06/02/08, 4:51pm EST

Good news for the fans of the Indiana Jones/Star Wars fan film The Terra-Cotta Soldier! Director Tevya Washburn has informed me that this Jefferson Jones and Jax Skywalker adventure film is officially finished!

The Terra-Cotta Soldier fan film is available online on its official site in various formats: Quicktime (iPod) , Windows Media and Flash.

Visit the official The Terra-Cotta Soldier site for more information and media on this short fan film. This fan film can also be found at's Fan Films Museum.

A big thanks to Tevya Washburn for informing us.

Posted by Gilles V


You Want to be Indiana Jones?
06/02/08, 4:57pm EST

If you ever wanted to be an archaeologist, now is your chance.

Dr. Albert Goodyear, an archaeologist at the University of South Carolina, has been working for 10 years at a prehistoric site in Allendale County that could change the history of American archaeology. His next monthlong dig is scheduled to begin May 5, and Goodyear needs some help.

Interested volunteers can send applications to USC now.

Findings at the Topper Site, located on the Savannah River, have shown that the first people in North America could have existed more than 50,000 years ago -- long before current history books say they did. The Topper area is named for Beaufort County resident David Topper, who located it in 1998.

For generations, scientists believed the first humans in North America, called the Clovis people, arrived about 13,000 years ago via a land bridge from Asia.

But Goodyear drew international attention in 2004 when he found stones believed to have been sharpened into spear points by humans. Those points were carbon-dated to nearly 50,000 years ago, which would signal an earlier human culture, called "pre-Clovis."

Evidence of pre-Clovis people is popping up at sites around North America, but Topper contains the oldest carbon-dated artifacts, Goodyear said.

For more information, read more about this exciting opportunity at

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Harrison Ford Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
06/02/08, 5:00pm EST

The Hollywood Reporter covered Tuesday's award luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hilton where Harrison Ford and Judd Aptow were amongst the award recipients. After a lifetime of entertaining film fans around the world, Mr. Ford was honored for his "lifetime" of work by the ICG Publicists.

Still, Harrison Ford seemed pleased with his lifetime achievement award.
"It's somewhat ironic to get the award from the publicists, because I've never really owned one myself," Ford joked.

Read more about the event here.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Happy Birthday, John Williams!
08/02/08, 7:14pm EST

On behalf of the whole crew and its visitors, I would like to wish soundtrack composer John Williams a very happy birthday today, many more years of success and great fun while completing the soundtrack of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!

Posted by Gilles V


Shia LaBeouf Has Won BAFTA Orange Rising Star Award
10/02/08, 5:18pm EST

Shia Labeouf has won the Orange Rising Star Award in 2008. The winner was announced at the Orange British Academy Film Awards earlier today.

The Orange Rising Star Award celebrates a young actor or actress of any nationality who has demonstrated exceptional talent and ambition and who has already begun to capture the imagination of the British public as a film star in the making.

The nominees, announced in January by last year's winner, Eva Green included Shia Labeouf, Sienna Miller, Ellen Page, Sam Riley and Tang Wei.

The Orange Rising Star Award is unique as it is the only Award presented at the Orange British Academy Film Awards to be voted for by the British public. Over the last month film fans have been voting for their favourite on the Orange website or via text message.

Shia Labeouf has quickly become one of Hollywood's most sought-after actors starring in films such as Transformers, Disturbia and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints as well as a voiceover role in Surf's Up. He is currently in production on the fourth Indiana Jones instalment, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Visit the BAFTA site for more information on the Orange Rising Star Award and to view the full list of BAFTA winners of this year.

Congratulations to Shia LaBeouf!

Posted by Gilles V


Harrison Ford on Barbara Walters Oscar Special
11/02/08, 4:32pm EST

The traditional Oscar broadcast on ABC begins with an interview special from veteran reporter Barbara Walters. This year Barbara welcomes the return of Harrison Ford who hasn't spoken on camera with Ms. Walters for over decade when he was promoting Air Force One.
In his last appearance Ford joked about "hoping not to cry" during his interview as many actors have been known to do on these specials. Always prepared for any peril, Ford did have a box of tissue on hand just in case the eyes became watery.

With the upcoming return of Ford's most famous character, Indiana Jones, set to appear on the big screen in little more than three months, Ms. Walters once again turned the cameras on him. This time the actor who has generated over a billion dollar in box office receipts, received Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations, and numerous of accolades for his acting and conservation work, opened up about being Indy again after 19 years.

"I was delighted to have the opportunity to do it again, and revisit a character that has been so good to me," Ford told Walters.

Look for more from Harrison Ford in the interview appearing on US television on the 27th Edition of The Barbara Walters Special on Sunday, Feb. 24 at 7 p.m. ET, and after the Oscar broadcast on the West Coast.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


The ABC of Indiana Jones
12/02/08, 6:15pm EST

The good folks at ABC are getting ready for their exclusive first look at the Indy 4 trailer with a few other treats for Indy fans.

History from Indiana Jones
Hear from one of Indy's creators, George Lucas, as he shares his love for history and what inspired him to use the globe-trotting archeologist as a teaching tool with The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. Lucas talks openly about how he wasn't a great student growing up, but learned to appreciate the importance of history and how learning from the past helps us create a better future!

'Indiana Jones' Then and Now
Then take a real trip back through time with a series of Indy cast and crew photos as we look back to the 1980's and see what the gang looks like today. The only cast member missing is Key Hu Quan, aka Short Round. And when did Karen Allen discover the Grail? The woman looks fantastic and looks like she just stepped off the set of Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981 rather than the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in 2008!

Indiana Jones comes to GMA
Finally, a little teaser about some sort of trailer coming out that you may have heard about. None other than this Thursday's premiere of the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull trailer on ABC's Good Morning America is being touted on the air and the web. See what lies ahead in less than two days!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Ford to be Amongst the Oscar Presenters
15/02/08, 3:56pm EST

Viewers of the Barbara Walters pre-Oscar interview program that includes Harrison Ford will have to stay tuned to the award show, to see Mr. Ford present alongside other Hollywood luminaries, including Indy 4 co-star Cate Blanchett.

One will have to see if any of the winners have to throw the whip before they get their idol!

Source: BBC News

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Tusken Raiders of the Lost Art
18/02/08, 3:33pm EST

Artist Matt Busch, known for his fantastic art portraying everything from Jedis to Indiana Jones was recently selected as one of the artist who will be contributing to Topps' Indiana Jones trading cards with randomly inserted pieces of original artwork. While getting into the spirit of his new assignment, Matt decided to "mash up" his favorite subjects in a video for his upcoming You Can Draw series by portraying everyone's favorite archeologist meeting Jawas, Tusken Raiders, Stormtroopers, Sith Lords and of course a giant, rolling boulder!

A huge fan Indy fan himself, Matt sent me a link to the new video along with information about his new season of his highly popular video tutorial series How to Draw Star Wars (based on the critically acclaimed book by the same name from Lucasfilm and DK Publishing) that will be debuting on his channel and

Currently, Busch is putting the finishing touches on the new episodes and has some exciting plans. While the first series clocked in at nearly nine minutes each, the new installments will be more streamlined- ranging closer to five minutes each, but boasting well over a dozen brand new episodes. As well, while the last series was monthly, Season 2 will be weekly.

Topics will cover more drawing and painting techniques, but certain episodes will also expand into areas such as comic books, storyboarding, and even beginning animation. Expect more comedic antics from Busch, including several episodes which will spoof Indiana Jones- another popular Lucasfilm property and often associated with Star Wars.

Like Indy, Matt also as a more scholarly side when not running through the jungle or drawing, as a professor in the Media + Communication Arts Department at Macomb College, and has also written and illustrated dozens of books and magazine articles on tutorial subjects. This March, Hermes Press will release a huge art book on the many aspects of Busch's career, The Worlds of Matt Busch.

Remember to look for Matt's Indiana Jones work in the new Topps trading card series and work on other upcoming Indy 4 tie-ins and related merchandise. But for a good laugh at Matt as Indy, check out Season 2 of How To Draw Star Wars!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indiana Jones 4 Coming to TV... in 2011
18/02/08, 3:42pm EST

Variety is reporting that the cable TV network is adding the previous Indy films and the new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to its line up. Indy will be in good company with other action stars, as the USA Network has already secured the rights to other action movies like the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, the National Treasure movies and The Bourne Ultimatum.

Pre-buys of unreleased movies are back in vogue, and USA Network has landed a big one: Paramount and Lucasfilm's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

USA is buying not only the latest sequel but the first three entries in the series as part of an overall deal that could cost the network $40 million, depending on the box office racked up by "Crystal Skull" in U.S. theaters. (USA's license fee is directly tied to the movie's domestic theatrical revenues.

Paramount won't be releasing "Crystal Skull" until May 22, but the deal calls for USA to get its first runs of the previous three -- "Raiders of the Lost Ark" (1981), "The Temple of Doom" (1984) and "The Last Crusade" (1989) -- in May as a marathon promotional vehicle for the new pic.

"Crystal Skull" is only the latest purchase in a marketplace distinguished by unusually active bidding for pre-release theatricals. USA is also high on sequels, having locked up the three "Pirates of the Caribbean" pics, the two "National Treasure" movies, "Ocean's Thirteen" and "The Bourne Ultimatum."

USA takes title to "Crystal Skull" in 2011, and during the course of the movie's multiyear license term, Paramount will get the right to sell a few runs to a broadcast net in a carve-out following USA's premiere group of runs.

For more details about Indy's possible $40 million dollar deal read the full article at

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Attack of the Show's Indy Outtakes
19/02/08, 2:42pm EST

If you have never watched Attack of the Show on cable's G4 network, you are missing out on TV's greatest blend of tech and entertainment news with side-splitting humor. Hosted by the devilish funny Kevin Pereira and the luscious, angelic beauty, Olivia Munn, AOTS provides running commentary on all things from video games to DVDs, viral web videos and the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

Recently, AOTS turned their quick wit on the return of everyone's favorite globe-trotting archeologist and adventurer, Indiana Jones to the big screen. In a series of sketches we see that maybe it is the years rather than the mileage when getting Indy back up to speed. While you won't be seeing these scenes in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on May 22nd, they are well worth watching. So, if you are looking to crack a smile along with a bullwhip, look no further than AOTS's Indiana Jones Outtakes.

If you enjoy these clips, keep watching Attack of the Show on TV and the web for more Indy news as well.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indiana Jones and the Creepy Skull
19/02/08, 6:55pm EST

Legendary late night host David Letterman had some fun looking at the recently released teaser trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. However, it looks like Indiana Dave dug up an even more terrifying kind of King!

Thanks to CBS and the Late Show with David Letterman.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Riverdale Jones and the Temple of Food
20/02/08, 4:36pm EST

Indiana Jones fever will hit a boiling point in May as the new film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull hits theatres, especially in the pages of comic books. But while Dark Horse Comics will be producing the film's illustrated adaptation, as well as a new series of original Indiana Jones tales, it looks like they will not be alone.

The publishers of Archie Comics will be showing their Indy influence with the Jughead and Friends Digest #42. Yes, even Archie's old pal, Jughead, will be getting into the action and adventure game albeit with a humorous approach. Take a look at the cover and description from the preview on Comics Continuum.

Jughead & Friends Digest #28
Written and art by Fernando Ruiz and various.

"Riverdale Jones and the Temple of Food": While rummaging through Jughead's attic searching for sleeping bags, Archie finds something else instead: the hat, jacket and journal of Jughead's archeologist-adventurer ancestor Riverdale Jones! Food was his specialty, so when the boys also find a map to the legendary "Temple of Food," the quest is on to find this fabled land of food and fortune! Plus: Other new and classic tales! Bonus: Puzzles, games and pin-ups!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


New Raiders: The Adaptation Screening
21/02/08, 6:53pm EST

All fans near Philadelphia, PA, will be able to attend a screening of the cult film Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation at the Backseat Film Festival on Saturday, March 15th. The film's co-creator and star Chris Strompolos will be in attendance at the screening.

Click here to view a complete list of all confirmed Raiders: The Adaptation screenings scheduled for next month.

Thanks to Chris Strompolos for the news.

Posted by Gilles V


Illinois Jones Saves Marion from French Fries
23/02/08, 7:42pm EST

James Fuller, writer and secret super hero, was in a place many lifelong Indiana Jones fans only could dream of, standing next to Marion Ravenwood and saving her from danger. In reality, James was lucky enough to be at a celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the 1978 John Belushi classic college comedy, Animal House, and had the opportunity to meet one of it's stars, none other than Karen Allen. But while that would be enough for most, James stood by Ms. Allen as they and others watched the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull trailer on the big screen.

The story gets even better, as James fulfilled his boyhood dream, and saved Ms. Allen from dreaded theatre trash, "cold French fries! why did it have to be cold French fries!"

As the lights dimmed, and I stood in back of the cinema, a preview for the new "Indiana Jones" film projected onto the screen. As I watched, the door cracked open and Karen Allen tip-toed in to watch the preview -- right next to me.
I stood there and watched her smile beam in the dark as explosions sounded and whips cracked on the movie screen. I felt like, well, Indiana Jones.

The ushers came by and whisked her away before I could ask her anything. But as she rushed out, I booted a small pile of French fries out of her path, saving her shoes from untold defiling.

I was Indiana Jones saving Marion Ravenwood from disaster in that moment -- or at least I was Illinois James -- and by doing so, that part of my life had finally come full circle.

Be sure to read this tale of fandom, and how a boyhood crush led James to be inspired James to become Illinois Jones and best of all a writer, allowing us all to share in his imagination!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Ford Talks About "Determination and Respect"
23/02/08, 7:55pm EST

In his interview with Barbara Walters the actor who has been providing audiences with quality entertainment and their money's worth for more than three decades, Harrison Ford, opens up on his long journey as an actor.

Knowing that hard work and persistence, as well as talent, are the key ingredients for success in any profession, especially in Hollywood, the man who breathed life into Han Solo and Indiana Jones openly talks about being told he "would never make it".

Here are some excerpts from the Barbara Walters interview;

During an interview with US chatshow host Barbara Walters, he said his role as a bellboy in 1966 movie Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round had failed to impress a vice president at Columbia Pictures.

He said: "He told me that he'd seen the dailies and that I was never gonna make it in the business. He said, 'Kid, when Tony Curtis had his first part in a movie, he delivered a bag of groceries, you took one look at that guy and you knew that was a movie star.'"

"And smart-ass that I was, and am, I leaned across the desk and I said, 'I thought you were supposed to think it was a grocery delivery boy.'"

He was subsequently thrown out of the VP's office and the studio attempted to break his contract. However, he said he was glad of the experience because it had taught him an "independence of mind".

The 65-year-old also told Walters that he was unconcerned that he had never won an Academy Award, saying: "You know, the, Oscar represents the respect of your peers. But I respect my peers, the people I work with and, I'd rather earn their respect on the set day by day - that means more to me than an award."

Be sure to watch the entire interview on ABC this Sunday.


Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indiana Jones Actors at San Diego ComicCon
26/02/08, 3:41pm EST

Not only has Ben Stevens been talking about Harrison Ford signings but it appears he has other plans as well for other Indy actors. On the website there is this new event:

July 23-27 Comic Con International (San Diego, CA) with special guests Karen Allen (Indiana Jones), Julian Glover (Star Wars: General Veers & Indiana Jones). More to be announced soon.

Rest assured when we find out more we will be sure to let all Indy fans know!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indiana Jones: One Arm Bandit!
26/02/08, 3:42pm EST

Indiana Jones Slot Machines
Indiana Jones Slot Machines!

Just when you think you have seen almost every possible Indiana Jones tie-in comes this advertisement. Appearing in the back of "Legends" magazine 's Winter 2008 issue, available at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut comes this latest crossover - the Indiana Jones Slot Machines! Now, I don't know if you will find your "fortune and glory" from a casino, but at least you won't have to fight off Thuggees, snakes and spiders.

For just a nickel, (.05 US), gamblers can set forth on an epic adventure with a 25-payline. In addition, one can enter a multi-player free spin bonus in a "Progressive MegaJackpot" starting at $1 Million (paid in annual installments upon verification with max coin bet). Now if all that might sound like some secret incantation, I was just writing up the copy that appears on the ad. So it looks like we don't have to make a trip to the Club Obi Wan to find Indy in a nightclub setting.

After the Indiana Jones Nestle ice cram bars, Dr. Pepper soda, Holy Grail paper clip holders, Pop-Tarts and now slot machines one wonders what else is out there in the vast world of Indiana Jones merchandise.

You can see the ad for the slot machines yourself with the accompanying scan.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Tribute to Illustrator Richard Amsel
26/02/08, 4:06pm EST

poster art by Richard Amsel
Poster art by Amsel.

Artist Adam McDaniel has written an in-depth tribute about the life and work of the late Richard Amsel. Brilliant poster artist Amsel will be best known to Indy fans as the creator of the two original Raiders of the Lost Ark posters. Amsel is also responsible for many other famous film posters, such as The Sting and Chinatown, as well as over 40 covers for TV Guide, from 1974-1985.

Adam McDaniel explains:

Little has been written about the artist thus far, and there are surprisingly few resources available on the web. In researching my article, I was able to interview two of Amsel's closest friends and get a peek at many of his sketches and comps, most of which have yet to be seen by the public.

Click here to read the full in-depth tribute to Richard Amsel. A must read for anyone interested in the first Indy poster artist and art in general!

Posted by Gilles V


The One and Only Indy Pod Cast
01/03/08, 4:54pm EST


Indiana Jones fan, Ed Dolista, is turning his passion into a profession with Indy-Cast, the weekly all Indiana Jones podcast. After listening to the Force-Cast, a Star Wars focused weekly podcast that commented on Indiana Jones from time to time, Ed wanted more and he set out to do something about it. Recently, Ed spoke about his love of the adventurous character and the great time it is to be an Indy fan with the soon to be released Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull a mere few months away. This is what Ed had to say to;

The Indy-Cast is one of the only Indiana Jones podcasts on the Internet. So if you have a craving for bullwhips, fedoras and golden idols, odds are you’ve already ran across it. “I try to offer a show that is spoiler-free and informative but that doesn’t take itself too seriously,” joked Dolista.

Unfortunately, the Indiana Jones trilogy was completed in 1989 with The Last Crusade, which left Dolista and fellow Indy fans with nothing but hope to grasp on to. Sure enough, after 19 years hope finally delivered. The long-awaited fourth installment in the series, Indiana Jones in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, spurred Dolista into combining his passion for Indy with his knowledge of radio multimedia to create something new.

Just like an Indy movie, the pace of Dolista’s show is fast and fun, with each episode only running about 15 minutes in length. In that amount of time Dolista covers news about the films as well as segments on collectables and merchandise; video games and books. There is even a listener feedback segment.“One of my favorite segments is the listener feedback, where I get tales of listeners’ first experiences with Indy, plenty of questions and even pictures of listeners in Indy garb,” Dolista said.On top of all of this, Ed Dolista hosts the Indy-Cast, a podcast devoted to everyone’s favorite fedora-wearing explorer, Indiana Jones.
As Crystal Skull’s release date grows closer, Dolista hopes to add more to the program. “I certainly would like to include some interviews with artists, authors or anyone who is involved with the Indy franchise,” he said.
After The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull hits theaters, Dolista plans to continue the podcast as long as there are listeners providing reviews and for novels, comics and other Indy adventures.
And if Steven Spielberg, George Lucas or Harrison Ford want to phone in, I wouldn’t mind that either,” Dolista said.

Be sure to catch up with the Indy-Cast every week at iTunes.

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Indy Whopper from Burger King
03/03/08, 5:56pm EST

From Burger King's latest press release;

The new items discussed Wednesday include an Angry Bacon and Cheese Whopper with spicy, crispy onions, and the Indy Whopper, which will have bacon and pepper jack cheese and will be promoted together with the new Indiana Jones movie this summer. (A regular Whopper with no bacon or cheese has 670 calories and 39 grams of fat, according to Burger King's Web site.)

Angry Bacon? Forget the Whopper, where are the kid's meal toys?!

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Star Wars Insider #100 Explores Indy
03/03/08, 6:12pm EST

Star Wars Insider #100
Star Wars Insider #100
Celebrating their 100th issue, the folks at Titan Magazines have gone all out, starting with a letter from George Lucas and goes full out to celebrate the Star Wars saga. But why is this of interest to the fedora, leather jacket masses devoted to Mr. Lucas's other creation?

Well, Star Wars Insider # 100 does have some Indy related articles, namely the "Indy Vault" #8, this time looking at director Steven Spielberg's hand drawn story boards that ultimately became Kao Kan's machine gun pursuit of Indy at the Club Obi-Wan. What Spielberg wrote in just a few seconds as "Indy grabs sword, releases gong" would take many months and careful artistry to pull off.
The article is by writer J. W. Rinzler who will be delighting fans with his soon to be released book that looks behind the scenes at the making of all four of Indy's big screen adventures, The Complete Making of Indiana Jones: The Definitive Story Behind All Four Films due out on May 20th.

With the next issue of Star Wars Insider # 101 due to hit bookshelves in late April/ early May, there is no doubt it will be more Indy focused as fans overseas are seeing with Lucasfilm magazine issue #70 which sports a cover of both Indy and Mutt.


Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Entertainment Weekly Covers Indy
06/03/08, 6:30pm EST

If last week's Entertainment Weekly wasn't full of enough Indiana Jones news from the trailer to the Lego video game, well how about the cover story. The new issue hitting mailboxes tomorrow and newsstands all next week features Harrison Ford as Indy (though it is a Temple of Doom shot) on the cover. Here is a sneak peak at the cover.

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New Raiders: The Adaptation screenings
08/03/08, 3:09pm EST

Four new screenings of the cult film Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation have been announced. As well as a how-to lecture presented by Chris & Eric in Jackson, Mississippi, on April 5th.

Jackson, Mississippi, USA - Crossroads Lecture
- April 5, 2008

Note: This event is NOT a screening, but rather a how-to lecture presented by Chris & Eric in indie filmmaking with concrete examples from their experience in remaking Raiders of the Lost Ark as teenagers. An intensive session touching on all stages of film-making -- pre-production, production and post-production, plus plenty of fun stories. Length: 2.5 - 3 hours
Purchase tickets online. Or for info call 601-212-7387

In attendance: Chris Strompolos & Eric Zala
Crossroads Film Festival

Portland, Oregon, USA - Hollywood Theatre & Film Action Oregon
- April 18-19, 2008
at Portland's historic Hollywood Theatre built in 1926

Note: Saturday, April 19, Chris & Eric will provide a free filmmaking lecture to all Portland youths interested in movies and the motion picture industry. See website below to register.

In attendance: Chris Strompolos & Eric Zala
Film Action Oregon

Boulder, Colorado, USA - Looking Glass Arts, Inc.
- April 25, 2008

Note: Saturday, April 26, Chris & Eric will provide a filmmaking lecture to all Boulder youths interested in movies and the motion picture industry. See website below to register.

In attendance: Chris Strompolos & Eric Zala
Looking Glass Arts, Inc.

Vancouver, Canada - The Ridge Theatre
- May 2, 2008
In attendance: Chris Strompolos & Eric Zala
Festival Cinemas
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA - .EDU Film Festival / Parkway Theater
- May 23-24, 2008
In attendance: Eric Zala
.EDU Film Festival

Click here to view a list of all confirmed Raiders: The Adaptation screenings scheduled for 2008.

Thanks to Eric Zala for the news.


Indy's Bullwhip and Other Props Up for Auction
09/03/08, 3:11pm EST

If you really want to get a one of a kind collectible from an Indy movie, the trademark bullwhip that Indy used to combat the forces of evil would be it. Well, now is your chance, but it will cost you. As part of the Guernsey Auction House's Pugliese Pop Culture Collection, the actual whip with a note from Harrison Ford is up for bidding.
You can see images and a video about the collection that ran on NBC's Today show, and for most of us that may be as close as we will ever come to the actual prop. But if you happen to come across some lost treasure this weekend, maybe you can spend it on this.

Here follows a list of Indiana Jones props up for auction:

Thanks to Iker Pérez for the Live Auctioneers link.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


LEGO Indiana Jones Comic
09/03/08, 3:40pm EST

LEGO Indiana Jones
Image from LEGO's
two page Indy comic.
LEGO fans that have a passion for Indiana Jones already have seen, if not bought, the four sets currently on store shelves, and are eagerly awaiting the new sets from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull due in May and the video game in June.
But those who joined LEGO's Brickmaster Club will not only get an exclusive Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull amphibious jeep set in July, but are treated to the adventures of the LEGO Indy comic in the Brickmaster magazine.

The January-February issue has a two page comic of our intrepid, block head archaeologist setting out for the Golden Lion Tamarin deep in the Amazon rainforest. As expected, Indy encounters all kinds of dangers on his quest, but will he be successful? Find out in the pages of LEGO Magazine!
As mentioned in an earlier news article some weeks back, this issue also features a great "behind the bricks" interview with LEGO Designer Adam Grabwski who discusses the research that goes into creating the new LEGO Indy sets.

Comics, exclusive sets, plus a ticket to LegoLand... do you need any more reasons to become a LEGO Brickmaster? Click here to find out more about joining up.

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Indy Cast on iTunes
10/03/08, 6:04pm EST

The Indy Cast is getting it's own feed! What does that mean for listeners? Well, as the show will not be with the Force-cast weekly feed you will need to subscribe to the Indy-Cast separately in iTunes. This will ensure more Indy fans around the world can join in and get their weekly fix of Indy!

We have Special Edition DVD news, get set for our Indy IV premiere party, find the lost journal of Indiana Jones and find out why the Hovitos love a good pratfall! All this and more as well as your Indy tales and pics on the Indy-Cast flickr page!

Thanks to the Indy-Cast host Ed Dolista for the info!

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Indy 4 Marketing is Popping Up at Theatres
11/03/08, 3:15pm EST

'Indy 4' Popcorn bags
Got popcorn?
Taking the family to the movies on Sunday to see a film that was filmed here in Connecticut last summer, and also had my friend Mike in it as an extra (no it wasn't a sneak peak at Indy 4), I saw something in the theatre, in particularly the snack bar. It was a wall of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom if the Crystal Skull teaser art on large popcorn bags from counter to ceiling.

It had the Drew Struzan teaser on the front and the logo, release date and website info on the side. The other side had art for Kung Fu Panda, but who cares. It was cool and it made me think of what they used to call those "non serious, action-filled, summer movies", they were known as "popcorn movies". So, it is rather fitting to see Indy on the front of a popcorn bag.

I took some shots of the bag with my own collectibles and had some fun using it in a variation of the "got milk" ads. Hope you enjoy it!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Travel Like Indy - MySpace Contest
12/03/08, 3:30pm EST

First there was the announcement of the Indiana Jones Facebook contest for tickets to the LA sneak preview of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on May 18, now you can have even longer Indiana Jones fun. is now offering one lucky winner at a 7day/6 night (isn't that a different Harrison Ford movie) at an "Indiana Jones"style" vacation. The contest begins Wednesday, March 11, 2008 at 06:31 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) and ends on Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at 5:01 PM PST. For rules, conditions and your chance to enter head on over to

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull "Travel Like Indy Sweepstakes"

PRIZES: One Grand Prize: One Grand Prize winner will receive a seven day, six night trip for Winner and a guest to an Indiana Jones themed location. The Trip shall include: round-trip coach air transportation (on an air carrier to be selected by Sponsor) for two people from the major airport nearest Winner’s residence (approximate retail value of $3,000.00); and hotel accommodation at a hotel selected by Sponsor (one room; double occupancy and room tax only) for seven days and six nights (ARV of $2,000.00).

ELIGIBILITY: Only legal residents of United States and the District of Columbia (but specifically excluding the states of Florida and New York) who are at least fourteen years of age at the time of entry, have Internet access and who are registered members of

The site has also poster images, trailers and much more Indy items available for downloads. So if you have not done so already, head on over to the Indiana Jones MySpace page, and who knows you could be win the adventure of your life!

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Nick's Kids Choice Awards get Indy and Mutt
12/03/08, 5:15pm EST

If last moth's Barbara Walters pre-Oscar special that included Harrison Ford was just a warm-up, Indy fans can start looking for the stars to start making the pre-release appearances. Both Harrison Ford and Shia LaBeouf will be presenters at the 2008 Nickelodeon Network's Kid's Choice Awards on March 28th. Hosted by Jack Black, Ford and LaBeouf will no doubt be victims to the shows tradition of "sliming" its bug named hosts. Yes I can hear it now; "Slime! Why did it have to be slime", as the two adventurers are drenched in green ooze!

In May, Shia will be showing his funny face (no not his mugshot) when he hosts NBC's "Saturday Night Live". One can only hope that classic SNL veteran and Indiana Jones travel agent from Temple of Doom, Dan Aykroyd, makes an appearance for a sketch promoting the Indiana Jones school of skydiving/water rafting.

No doubt there will be more with the Indy 4 cast from late night talk shows to daytime programs - so keep looking at the TV listings!

Source : UPI and New York Times

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Artist/Writer Dave Stevens Passes Away at 53
12/03/08, 5:52pm EST

The Rocketeer
Dave Stevens'
The Rocketeer.
I was very sad to hear of Dave Stevens passing at the very young age of 53 of Leukemia. His artwork style was truly one of a kind, and not only did he bring the high-flying adventures of The Rocketeer to life in the pages of comic books, and eventually the silver screen, but played a hand in the origins of Indiana Jones. Mr. Stevens, was one of the storyboard artists on Raiders of the Lost Ark, and some of his illustrations can be found in the book Raiders: The Illustrated Screenplay published in 1981. He also illustrated one of Harrison Ford's other famous character, Han Solo, in some of the Star Wars newspaper comic strips working alongside the legendary Russ Manning.

Mr. Stevens artwork style was simply amazing, a meticulous artist, he labored for hours, days, weeks even months to produce some of the most gorgeous pieces of art ever seen in the comic book industry. His creation of The Rocketeer in 1982, came at a time when a return to the old fashioned, serial style adventure was coming back in style, due largely to a small film that came out in 1981, who's lead character carried a bullwhip. Cliff Secord, the barnstorming pilot, as Fate would have it, would become the jet-pack fueled adventurer who protected the USA from evil doers in his own heroic way. Coming across ape-like goons and gun-totting gangsters, all the while saving his "Bettie Page" lookalike girlfriend, The Rocketter was not a comic book to miss when it hit the news stands.

The Rocketeer
The Rocketeer
(1991) film poster.

After the Last Crusade headed off into the sunset, action film fans wondered if we would ever see the Saturday matinee style fun again on the big screen. In 1991, their wishes were answered when Stevens' The Rocketeer hit the big screen, directed by long time Lucasfilm special effect artist, Joe Johnston. Like Indy, the Rocketeer, terrifically played by Bill Campbell, who with the fiery and lovely, Jennifer Connelly, saved us from the Nazis determined to take over the world with "flying" armies of evil. The film was, (and still is, do yourself a favor and go rent or buy the DVD, if you haven't seen it), a great entry into the old fashioned action adventure that Indy fans know all to well.

On behalf of myself, and the folks at, we pass along our condolences to Mr. Stevens' family and friends, and sincerely thank him for the entertainment he brought use with his talent and imagination.

I am sure Dave Stevens is somewhere soaring to high adventure as I write this!

You can read more about Dave Stevens, his life and his career and see examples of his great art at or his Wikipedia page.

Posted with regret and sadness by Mitchell Hallock


Tomb of the Gods Comic Not Drawn by Weaver
13/03/08, 5:53pm EST

Dustin Weaver
Indiana Jones sketch
by Dustin Weaver.
Last month we announced that Dark Horse's first 5-issues Indy adventure Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods is written by writer Rob Williams and artist Dustin Weaver.
Turns out that Dustin Weaver is not the Tomb of the Gods artist after all. Nor was Weaver's art shown in Wizard the final comic cover, but we already knew that.

Dustin Weaver recently took the time to explain what happened to his participation on the Tomb of the Gods series at his Live Journal. Here follows an excerpt:

It's my first time being mentioned in Wizard magazine or having a piece printed. It's very exciting. It would be even more exciting if it were true. I'm actually not doing the series. I was going to do the series. I had been talking with the editor, Jeremy, and writer Rob for a while about doing it and gearing up to do it. It was almost certain...

Visit Dustin Weaver's Live Journal to read the full story and to view a high-res version of his Indiana Jones illustration, published by Wizard, as well as some more Indy sketches!

Special thanks to 'Yodazone' for leading us to Weaver's Live Journal.

Posted by Gilles V


New Drew Struzan Interview at
15/03/08, 2:38pm EST

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Struzan's latest,
Indy 4 one-sheet!'s is running a great interview by movie poster expert, Pete Vilmur, with the man behind the paintbrushes, Drew Struzan, creator of hundreds of iconic movie character images that have graced posters, DVDs, and various packaging for years. In the article he opens up on what it's like to present an image that will be tied to a film for years to come. Here follows an excerpt from the interview with Drew Struzan:

Pete Vilmur: You've been illustrating Indy now for 27 years. How has the process of creating the Indy movie posters changed from when you'd originally started back in 1981?
Drew Struzan: "Well, over the years the industry has changed quite a bit. Back then, for Raiders, they didn't want people to know what the movie was about. For Temple of Doom, I got into that [project] very late, I think even a week after it opened. But then on the third one, I had access to absolutely everything -- I knew what the story was about and all the stills from the movie were available to me, so I really had a plethora of things to work from. And now here today, 25 years after that, nobody knows anything about the movie -- we were asked to start doing designs on it without knowing the story! No photographs, no nothing. So we've gone back to the start, where nobody knows anything about a movie.
But of course through the development process I got access to thousands of pictures -- I still don't know what it's about, although I have a good guess. I have enough experience with Indy and the industry to be able to look at the stills and tell you what it's about.


Thanks to Pete Vilmur, Kiel Bryant and Mike Barrick at for the head up on this great interview!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy-Cast 18 is Up for Download
17/03/08, 6:52pm EST

Indy-Cast host Ed Dolista has just posted a description on the latest show. Ed writes:

Just letting you know we are now easily found in iTunes – just search for Indiana Jones or Indy-cast and there we are – it’s great that we are the most popular Indy podcast in iTunes (ok, there aren’t that many…)
This episode we take a look at the new Indy poster, find out when you can get your second round Harrison Ford autograph, learn about an IndyFans Film meet and greet, shed some ’light’ on some new Indy collectibles and get the chance to ask author George Beahm about his new book on Indy locations. Not only that, but you can get the chance to win a Topps Heritage Cards prize pack from the wonderful folks at Topps just by creating your own sketch card. All this and more as well as your Indy tales and pics on the Indy-Cast flickr page!

Thanks Ed, we will be sure to give it a listen!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Bend it Like Indy
17/03/08, 7:01pm EST

David Beckham may be known the world over for his soccer play, but when it come to roughing it he plays Indy style. In a new Pepsi ad, Beckham dons fedora and leather jacket to face adventure while quenching his thirst with a good old Pepsi. Great look, but this time Indy is drinking Dr. Pepper as they have the soft drink tie-in for the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull opening in 2 months.

Source: The Daily Mail

Also thanks to Blondie-Wan for the heads up.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


How Much for that Bullwhip?
18/03/08, 3:17pm EST

Like Indiana Jones himself, film maker Bandon Kleyal has been traveling around documenting fans, cast and crew, and Indy events for his fan made documentary, Indyfans and the Quest for Fortune and Glory. Brandon was at the Las Vegas Guernsey auction on Saturday, (he even called to let me hear the bidding live over his cellphone as it happened which was cool) and filed this report:
Grails & Bullwhip
The Holy Grail, a False Grail & Indy's Bullwhip

Las Vegas -- I'm surrounded by history! The gun that shot Lee Harvey Oswald, Elvis Presley's personal karate suit, Dick Tracy's yellow fedora and trenchcoat. It's a lot to take in, believe me. The Pugliese Pop Culture Collection is "purely and simply, the greatest pop culture collection ever!" Or at least that's what Guernsey's Auction House says, and I'd say I'd have to agree. To give you an idea of the size of this collection, the catalog alone is 4 pounds, and cost $40 dollars! The first item up for bid, an amazing, pristine, 1957 Original Creature from the Black Lagoon poster! What a wonderful way to start the auction! But that's not why I was there... So I sat, and waited... waited for items 237, 238, 239, and 240. The Holy Grail, The Grail Knight's Sword, a False Grail, and Indy Bullwhip! Just from standing in the gallery and watching bidders and curious onlookers throughout the day, you could help but notice that everyone's attention were on these items! These were obviously the pieces that every came to see. Members of the Guernsey's staff informed me that the Indy pieces were the most requested when it came to the press, wanting to grab images for the reports! Well hey, who could blame them?

About 3 hours into the auction, we had finally reached item 237. Prior to this piece, the room was pretty loose, with various people talking about the items that were passing. But when 237, The Holy Grail, came up, you could hear a pin drop! The item was estimated to go for 8,000-10,000 dollars. Well folks, the bidding began! It quickly began to climb... Bidders that were present in the room, bidders on the phones, bidders online... Indy mania had begun at the Palms hotel! After about four minutes, the auction was coming to a close... What was originally supposed to sell for a maximum of ten thousand, had just found a new home, and a new owner, for the price of 37,000 dollars!

These were also the first items in the auction that the audience felt that were worthy of applause! The insanity continued for three more items, all of which gained applause. It was an amazing and very cool experience for an Indyfan to witness. And thanks to the people at Guernsey's, you will see ALL of the excitement in Indyfans and the Quest for Fortune and Glory.

Thanks to Brandon Kleyla of for the eyewitness account of these Indy icons!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy-Cast Makes iTunes Top 100
18/03/08, 4:53pm EST

Congrats to Ed Dolista the host of the one and only Indy-Cast, for making iTunes Top 100 downloads. Ed sent over the news and informs us that apparently this is not an easy task. I guess there are a lot of folks out there who have an interest in all things Indy!

Keep up the good work Ed!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries
20/03/08, 3:17pm EST

A report from Brandon Kleyla from Indyfans the documentary on Disney looking for some adventurers. Take it away Brandon...

And Indy thought the Streets of Cairo were crowded, wait until he hits the streets of Adventureland! That's right folks, Dr. Jones will soon be wandering the streets of Disneyland's famous Adventureland. But that's not all, according the to Disneyland Casting website, there appears to be a show in the works.

Indiana Jones® Summer of Hidden Mysteries

Seeking Male and Female Actors for Indiana Jones’ latest live-action adventure which immerses Guests in a series of experiences that include solving mysteries, battling evil villains and uncovering ancient artifacts. For all roles stage combat experience is a plus but not necessary.

Role Descriptions:
Indiana Jones: Male, 40’s; a rugged adventurer, great physical shape; can play drama, toss off comic lines and throw a punch – all with equal ability; must interact well with children
Archaeologist: Female, late 20’s–early 40’s; English accent; starts out kind and helpful but eventually reveals a villainous side; will interact with children and lead them through a series of activities.
The Bad Guy: Male; imposing stature; physical agility and stamina a must; pursues Indiana Jones through the crowded streets of Adventureland, ending in a series of balcony and rooftop confrontations.

Being a past Adventureland cast member, and anyone who's been there can tell you, the streets of Adventureland are a bit crowded! But if they take fight to the rooftops, who knows what could happen! All I know is that now we have another reason to spend all of our time in Adventureland!

No word yet on when this will begin, Auditions will take place on April 1st, and I will report more news as it comes to me.

Thank you Brandon Kleyla for this news!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Mini Me Versus Indiana Jones
20/03/08, 3:34pm EST

In an attempt at beating the odds, and a counter-marketing move, the little movie that could is going up against the Goliath that is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on May 22nd. The film is the "comedy" Postal and one of its stars, Vern Trover (Mini Me in the Austin Powers films) has a message, or rather a challenge to our favorite archaeologist. You can read and see the rather "aggressive challenge" here.

Where's Short Round when you need him?

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy's Real Life Crusade
21/03/08, 4:24pm EST

It's more precious than gold, and is disappearing more each day.

No, it's not some sort of off-worldly, supernatural treasure, it's our own clean Earth, and you don't have to be a college professor to know the time to save is now. Harrison Ford, may play a hero on screen, but it's his behind the scene actions that have made a big impact in conservation, particularly his work with the organization Conservation International (CI).

Whether its the disappearing rainforest or rivers overrun with pollution that not only destroy the organisms that live in them, but also takes its toll on the humans around it who depended on it for their lively hood, protecting the world around us is something we all need to do. Champion the symbiotic balance and making folks aware of what can and must be done is a sacred quest as well, so it is fitting that National Geographic Adventure's April issue (and see video of the photo shoot on their website) features Ford on its cover and he opens up on what when he first understood that we humans are just part of the big picture and not the master of it:

We have just weeks to go until the debut of Harrison Ford’s first Indiana Jones movie in nearly two decades, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull To celebrate, National Geographic Adventure magazine interviewed Ford and put him on their April cover. The interview was just in time for Earth Day, and emphasizes Ford’s work as a strategic guide for Conservation International (CI) for a period almost as long as the stretch since the last Indy movie. Here’s what I learned about the man the mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newson recently dubbedsort of the original celebrity on environment.”

When asked if there would be any green themes in Dr. Jones’ latest chapter, Ford laughed, “No, we just stuck to running, jumping, and falling down.” He added, “There have been a lot of people involved in trying to use film to influence people in a positive way, dispose them toward protection of the environment. And I think that's all useful, but I think that people can become inured to it.

When discussing his youth in suburban Chicago, Harrison recalls a displaced fox friend he made in the small woodsy area near the former agricultural land his home had been built on. “I think there's something about that experience that tilted me toward nature in a different way than a visit to a national park or something would. I was struck by the fact that these houses we were living in, these streets we were driving down, had displaced something. That more than us belonged there.

Ford also talks about camping in Idaho’s Franch Church Wilderness, and he mentions the exotic obscure locales he’s visited through his CI work, like tepuis, freestanding jungle mesas, in Venezuela which are only accessible by helicopter. Ford does admit in the interview to a not very green fondness for air travel, but occasionally his reason for flying is volunteering to help rescue, say, an explorer in peril in the Teton wilderness. The man is more appropriate for the cover of this mag than I realized.

To read more pick up the issue of National Geographic Adventure on newsstands and also look into what to protect the environment by visiting Conservation International (CI) website.


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Indy-Cast #19 Available for Download
24/03/08, 5:21pm EST

Indy-Cast : Episode 19 (RSS)

This action packed episode we interview with author George Beahm, find out about a new Indy trailer, find out how you can meet Sallah in person and check out what makes Indy tilt! Plus we have signed copies of George's book to give away plus some limited edition signed prints from ex-Disney Imagineer Tim Kirk. Not only that, but you can get the chance to win a Topps Heritage Cards prize pack from the wonderful folks at Topps just by creating your own sketch card. All this and more as well as your Indy tales and pics on the Indy-Cast flickr page!

This posting includes an audio/video/photo media file: Download Now

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Indyfans Day at LegoLand, CA March 29th
25/03/08, 3:59pm EST

Brandon Kleyla of the IndyFans documentary and the great folks at LegoLand in California want all Indy fans in the area to come on out this Saturday, March 29th to celebrate fun ad adventure in style!

IndyFans Day (Indiana Jones™ Movie Franchise Fan Club)

Join the fun for a day full of adventurous fun as IndyFans explore our newest addition to the Park, Land of Adventure! Meet true fans of the Indiana Jones™ movie franchise as they dress like their favorite movie characters. They will also hand out IndyFans posters, give bull whip demonstrations, ask trivia questions, and award some great prizes including tickets to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on opening night, and return tickets to LegoLand California.

Schedule of Events:
10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Meet and Greets with favorite IndyFans Characters
11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m.
Professional Bullwhip Demonstrations by IndyFan Pony Horton
12:30 p.m., 2:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m.
Trivia game with prize giveaways

As a special treat, we'll unveil a new life-size LEGO® model of Indiana Jones made of more than 20,000 LEGO bricks that will be on display as you enter the Park.

This looks to be a great time to come out and see the gang that is putting Indiana Jones fandom on film and see get into some adventure style fun and games - LegoLand style!

Thanks for the information, Brandon! For more information on this great event check out: LegoLand Events or Brandon's site.

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Get Your Indy Fix on May 18th with SCI FI Channel
25/03/08, 4:33pm EST

On May 18th, if you can't make it to the Cannes Film Festival or the Los Angeles premiere of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and didn't buy the new "Special Edition" Indy DVD set , the SCI FI Cable network can help! They will be running Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

In a press release, the SCI FI Channel announced some series renewals, a Crystal Skull special and an Indy fest! Who could ask for anything more? Here are some of the press release excerpts:

The new season of Scare Tactics is slated to return this year. It originally premiered on SCI FI in April 2003 and ran for two seasons. Show creators Scott Hallock (no relation to yours truly) and Kevin Healey also serve as executive producers under their Hallock & Healey Entertainment banner.

But the BIG news was about those wacky crystal skulls and what they are all about...

NBC News anchor Lester Holt hosts Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, which premieres May 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The investigative special looks at the mythology about and search for the legendary crystal skulls: 13 quartz sculptures discovered amid ruins of Mayan and Aztec societies. Legends say that the skulls may unleash untold energy should they be brought together. The special, timed to the release of the feature film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, is produced by NBC's Peacock Productions, in association with SCI FI. SCI FI will exclusively air all three previous Indiana Jones movies on May 18, leading into the premiere of Mystery of the Crystal Skulls.

So mark those TV Guides, set the DVRs and watch some Indy to get ready for the return of the great adventurer later that week!

Source: SCI FI Channel

And thanks to 'Dr. Sartorius' for the article link.

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Indiana Jones on the cover of the new PREVIEWS
26/03/08, 4:10pm EST

April 2008 issue cover.
The April '08 issue of PREVIEWS features Dustin Weaver's earlier mentioned Indiana Jones sketch on its front cover! And according to Indy fan 'Yodazone'; this is the first Indy cover on PREVIEWS in 12 years.

The PREVIEWS comic shop's catalog includes comics, graphic novels, toys, and related pop-culture items scheduled to ship in May 2008.

View the official PREVIEWS site to view the cover.

Thanks to 'Yodazone' for the news.

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Indy a Big Man United Fan
27/03/08, 3:51pm EST

Last week David Beckham was playing Indy in a new Pepsi commercial, well Indy relays a tale about Beckham’s old stomping grounds helping him out way back in 1983 while filming Temple of Doom! Talking to Empire magazine, Ford opens up on being brought down by his back.

THEY'RE used to fixing up such footie legends as DAVID BECKHAM and WAYNE ROONEY.

But Manchester United's medics can also take the credit for patching up the ultimate action hero — HARRISON FORD.

When he was filming Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom the star injured himself on an elephant in Sri Lanka. He returned to England to shoot at Pinewood Studios with a chronic bad back.

And he tells Empire magazine: "I couldn't find anyone to treat me in London, Harley Street doctors were afraid of the liability issues. I finally got the Manchester United team doctor to treat me."

The actor, staying in comedian ERIC IDLE's London home at the time, had to visit the soccer doc every week for an epidural.
He adds: "They had to strap me to a trolley with a bottle of nitrous oxide. I had to be carried feet first down the narrow, twisting stairs and was taken by ambulance to Manchester to see the doctor."

The treatment didn't help his whip work though. He said: "Learning the whip I was just lashing the s*** out of myself for weeks."

Well... at least he had the nitrous to cheer him up!

Source: The Sun and Empire magazine

And thanks to Tim Wilson for the heads up.

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CanWest Gives Indy Fans an Indy Fix, Too!
27/03/08, 4:20pm EST

While the SCI FI Channel will be doing and Indy marathon on May 18th capped with a new special on the mystery of the cyrstal skulls, CanWest will be getting the whips and fedoras out as well!

Here is the press release about the weekly Indy showings:

In the run-up to the theatrical premiere of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on May 22, Global Television will offer viewers the opportunity to get reacquainted with the entire Indiana Jones trilogy on Wednesday nights in May. This kicks off on May 7 with the 1981 classic Raiders of the Lost Ark. The other two movies in the trilogy, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), air on May 14 and May 21, respectively.

Not bad at all, eh?

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MAD About Indiana Jones
31/03/08, 11:59am EST

Legendary MAD artist AL Jaffee is featured in The New York Times Art & Design section, article recounts his nearly fifty years producing the always clever, "MAD fold-ins" that appear on the inside back cover of MAD magazine. It also talks in length about the recent health scare this classic cartoonist came up against recently, and how he worried that his Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull fold-in might have been his last!

A number of months ago I counted, and I came up with something like 396,” Mr. Jaffee said. “I must have done No. 400 by now.

He started work on No. 4-whatever, for the issue that goes on sale in mid-May, as he has all the others: with a rough pencil sketch. This one shows an altar scene invoking the Raiders of the Lost Ark movies. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is due out soon, and the fold-in question is, “What frightening ancient relic will be the focus of much attention and fanfare this summer?” The folded-in answer, of course, has nothing to do with Indiana Jones.

To see what the amusing answer will be to that question, readers will have to wait until the May issue of MAD to fold the back cover and line up the A & B arrows to discover the answer.

We wish all the best to Al Jaffee,the man who created Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions and has produced years of laughter with his art, and that he continues to still has many more jokes still up his sleeve for years to come!

To read the full article and see images of this master storyteller and comedian at work visit The New York Times.

Thanks to 'Yodazone' for the heads up.

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Indiana Jones Gets Slimed!
31/03/08, 1:27pm EST

Harrison Ford
More slime photos at Harrison Ford Web.
Showing that he isn't to old to be a kid, Harrison Ford joined Crystal Skull co-star Shia LeBeouf at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards on Saturday night. While there to present "best voice in an animated film" Harrison braved a rubber snake from Shia, and bravely made his way up to a mysterious alter to retrieve the winner's name. Reenacting the famed Raiders temple scene, Ford switched the Nick orange zeppelin award with the golden orb of answers, and with a smile was then showered with green slime. After it was all said and done Shia handed the goo-covered actor with his trademark fedora to the delight of the audience.

Indy fans will have to see if Ford and Shia can escape what the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has waiting for them in just six or so weeks from now when the film opens worldwide!

Source: Hello Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter

And thanks to Tim Wilson for the link to the story at BBC News.

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