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Family Guy
Family Guy

Premiered on FOX - January 1999

Created by: Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane .... Tom Tucker/...
Alex Borstein .... Lois Griffin/...
Seth Green .... Chris Griffin/...
Mila Kunis .... Meg Griffin/...
Mike Henry .... Cleveland Brown/...
Patrick Warburton .... Joe Swanson/...

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Family Guy

Family Guy is an American animated television series - created by Seth MacFarlane - featuring the adventures of the Griffin family.

Peter and Lois Griffin have three kids - the youngest is a brilliant, sadistic baby bent on killing his mother and destroying the world. Their talking dog Brian keeps baby Stewie in check while sipping martinis and sorting through his own life issues.
This show has often received criticism for premises and humor too similar to those featured in The Simpsons.

The Griffin family
The Griffin family.

Although Family Guy sometimes maintains a rough sense of continuity, complicated plots are most often traded for a concentration on comedy that is based largely on pop culture references and non sequiturs.
Though this style is often played within the characters' world, the series is also known for its use of cutaways, where the plot is interrupted and segues into unrelated sketches of variable length. Often initiated when a character refers to a past event, these sketches are wildly divergent in topic - ranging from historical events to contemporary television commercials to classic film scenes including moments from Raiders of the Lost Ark.


Fifteen Minutes of Shame - 2.12
While on the Diane Show, Peter says to Meg:
Peter: "Maybe now I won`t give you the antidote."
Meg: "To what?"
Peter: "To the poison you just drank."
Making a reference to the opening scene of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

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Stuck Together, Torn Apart - 3.19
Peter goes into the attic, takes out a length of wood, attaches the headpiece of Ra, waits for a beam of sunlight shining through the round attic window and parodies Raiders' Map Room scene.

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When You Wish Upon a Weinstein - 3.22
When Peter hears someone talking about "going to a temple" he links the concept with the idol-grabbing scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark - but funnier.

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Blind Ambition - 4.03
Peter gets in a fist-fight with a giant chicken which moves through a number of film parodies before coming to a climax on an airport tarmac where they are fighting under the wings of that Nazi 'flying wing' airplane from Raiders.

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Breaking Out is Hard to Do - 4.09
Lois takes off in her car. Joe lasso's the garden hose over the car's tow-ball and is dragged along the road behind the car. He climbs the hose under the car and emerges onto the hood, much like the truck-chase in Raiders.

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Peter's Got Woods - 4.11
At the end of the episode Peter rids his household of James Woods by trapping him in a wooden crate. When asked where Woods went, Peter replies with "We've got top men working on it. Top Men." Cut to a huge government warehouse full of similar wooden crates, with Woods' crate being placed among the multitude; replicating the ending of Raiders.

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Jungle Love - 4.13
The ending of this episode, including the music played, is an edited reenactment of Raiders of the Lost Ark's opening scene.

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The Courtship of Stewie's Father - 4.16
After Peter and Stewie save slave children from a Disney World attraction a chase follows that is a short reenactment of Temple of Doom's mine-cart chase. At the end Michael Eisner appears and tries to take out Peter's heart.

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Stewie B. Goode - 4.28
Stewie thinks back to the time he was in India with Indiana Jones, and Stewie was Short Round. The flashback is the spike-room scene from Temple of Doom in which Indy says "Whatever you do Short Round, don't touch anything." When Willie starts screaming Stewie comments that "Lady only here because she humping director."


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