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Christies to auction Indy's Whip
Monday December 6, 1999

One of Harrison Ford's bullwhips used in the Indiana Jones films, along with Ford's personalized stationary, will be auctioned by Christie's Auction House in London. The items will be put on the block this Thursday as part of Christies annual Film and Entertainment auction. The press release estimates the value of the whip at 5000 to 7000 pounds.
Other props set to go up for auction include the blue door from "Notting Hill" and one of Judy Garland's dresses from The Wizard of Oz.


Spielberg on Larry King
Tuesday December 7, 1999

Steven Spielberg will be guest on Larry King Weekend this Saturday at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. Spielberg was on Larry King Live in 1993 last time when Schindler's List came out. This being the second time, Spielberg will be talking about numerous of things other than his childhood. From his movies to DreamWorks to future and a potential conversation on Indy4. Don't forget to catch it this Saturday on Larry King Weekend Edition at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Thanks to Spielberg-Dreamworks Fan site for the news.


2 movies for Spielberg
Tuesday December 7, 1999

Spielberg may be directing back to back two movies as he did back in 1993 with Jurassic Park and Schindler's List. As reported by Michael Fleming of Variety, Spielberg is in talks with Fox Studio to helm two films back to back. At the moment, their title is unknown but could be Minority Report or Harry Potter or something that hasn't been even brought up yet. Whatever they may be, we won't find out until later this month or well into the new year.  Source: Spielberg-Dreamworks Fan site.


Spielberg's next film
Thursday December 9, 1999

Eventhough Larry King did say that Spielberg will appear on Larry King Weekend, he was on last night.  The show was great and is suppose to rerun on Saturday according to CNN.  One thing that everyone is waiting to hear what he wants to direct next. Well, last night, Larry King quoted Daily Variety about his upcoming films. Spielberg said "I want to do Minority Report." When Larry asked about A.I., he said I do but not any time soon. Spielberg also showed repeated interested in Memoirs of a Geisha. But the emphasis on Minority Report being next could mean the collaboration of Cruise and Spielberg after all. The film should start production early February and hit theatres Thanksgiving 2000. On Indiana Jones 4, Spielberg said that he wants to do it provided Harrison and him are not too old for it. Let's hope not. Thanks to Spielberg-Dreamworks Fan site for the news.


Indy's Whip is sold
Friday December 10, 1999

Reuters News Service reports that Harrison Ford's bullwhip from the Indiana Jones films sold at Christies' Film & Entertainment auction to for a the hefty sum of 27,500 pounds.  The Evening Standard, a London newspaper, reports that the whip went to Anthony Pugliese III, who's high bid of £27,600.  Now what was it?

The big item up for auction was Judy Garland's dress from The Wizard of Oz, which sold for 200,000 pounds ($324,000).


It's Indy Week
Tuesday December 14, 1999

The greatest hero of all time is off course Indiana Jones. opens the week with an article on Indy and all his products.  It's a wonderful article.  They also plan to add more articles about the current Indy games, including the latest Infernal Machine.


Happy Birthday Steven
Saturday December 18, 1999

Hollywood 'wunderkid', and probably the worlds most successful director celebrates his 52th birthday today.  Happy Birthday Steven Spielberg.


TR Movie script similar to Raiders?!
Tuesday December 21, 1999

Okay, I know that many of you don't like Tomb Raider because it looks a lot like Indiana Jones but, there is a cool rumor about the upcoming Tomb Raider Movie.  Unnamed sources have told that the current Tomb Raider script is similar to Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Read more about this here.


Spielberg, Williams, and Y2K
Wednesday December 29, 1999

Steven Spielberg and John Williams have collaborated on a short film that will be shown at a Year 2000 celebration in Washington. Here's the complete story: Yahoo.
The televised show, produced by Quincy Jones, will be set at the base of the Lincoln Memorial near the Reflecting Pool. At the end of the evening, director Spielberg will present his vision of America's past and future with ""Unfinished Journey.''
Speaking at news conference at the memorial on Tuesday, Spielberg described the 18-minute film as a ""kind of musical and poetic celebration of why we are all here today, what were the shoulders we stood on to achieve this moment in time and in history.''
The film will include works by poets Robert Pinsky and Maya Angelou. Clinton will have a part in it, reading some of President Lincoln's famous words. The score was composed by John Williams, who was responsible for the stirring sounds in ""Star Wars,'' ""Raiders of the Lost Ark'' and ""E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.'' Williams will conduct the orchestra.
Thanks to for the news.