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Indyfans Day at Legoland is a Smash Success!
01/04/08, 3:54pm EST

Brandon Kleyla of the Indyfans documentary and the fine folks at LegoLand teamed up on March 29th for a day to celebrate the return of Indy, entertain fans and also bring smiles to everyone there, especially some extra special kids! Brandon sent me these report and some photos to pass along the event to fans who couldn't make it out for the celebration.

It was a wonderful day that was also covered by USA Today, so expect to see the article both online and on newsstands on either Tuesday (April 1st) or Wednesday (April 2nd)!

With a park attendance peaking 11000 guests, INDYFANS DAY at Legoland California was a huge success. Guests were greeted by a group of adventurers that were in search of treasure, as well as Chris Devlin, an Indyfan dressed as everyone's favorite archaeologist, Indiana Jones. And if you had a quick eye, you could also catch The Monkey Man running around. But guests were being careful, as he was more than happy to hold ladies purses all day, or maybe even trade a monkey for their baby. Throughout the day, guests could meet Indy, Marion, Belloq, The Monkeyman, Short Round, and for the first time EVER, Mutt and Spalko!

Guests were also wowed by the skills of bullwhip artist Pony R. Horton. Mr. Horton showed everyone a few Indy-ish whip tricks, and also explained in detail what a bullwhip is and how it really works.

There was also Indy trivia that was taking place throughout the day! Prizes included Indyfans t-shirts, brown fedoras, LEGO Indiana Jones Temple sets, signed copies of "Indiana Jones: Off the beaten path," family 4-packs of tickets to Legoland, and more!

In association with Legoland , Indyfans gave out over 100 tickets to the Wishland Foundation. "This is a great organization and we were very proud to be a part of making this a special day for the kids" says Brandon Kleyla, Indyfans director. The Wishland Foundation helps families with terminally ill children. For more information, please visit their site at

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Thanks Brandon for the report, the photos and for making it a special day for Indy fans big and small!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy-Cast 20 is Posted
02/04/08, 5:03pm EST

Ed Dolista, the host of the Indy-Cast podacst, is back with another earful of Indy news, and once again the Indy-Cast has jumped up into iTunes Top 100 downloads, this time at #53!

This episode we speak briefly with John Rhys-Davies and find out what makes Sallah such an endearing character, listen to a new Indy TV spot, try to get an Indy fan on the red carpet for the Indy IV premiere, give Indy-Cast fans an exclusive discount at Official Pix and see why Indy fans need a sweet tooth! Plus its your last chance to win signed copies of Indiana Jones: Off the Beaten Path, a limited edition signed print from ex-Disney Imagineer Tim Kirk and a Topps Heritage Cards prize pack from the wonderful folks at Topps just by creating your own sketch card. All this and more as well as your Indy tales and pics on the Indy-Cast flickr page!

Listen Now!
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Thanks for another great show Ed!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indyfans World Premiere
03/04/08, 1:46pm EST

'Indyfans' poster
Poster designed by Adam McDaniel.
You don't have to wait until May 22nd to see Indiana Jones on the big screen, in fact you can see a lot of Indys on April 27th! The long awaited premiere of the fan made documentary; Indyfans and the Quest for Fortune and Glory by Red Dot Film Studios will make its public debut at the 9th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival in California on April 27th.

We have interviewed, Brandon Kleyla, the man behind this look at the fandom behind Indy, and covered his news from Indyfans Day at Legoland and the Indy memorabilia auction, and are very excited to see all the hard work up on the big screen. See and hear from Indy fans from around the world like you (and yours truly and his sons as well - thats us in the lower right corner on the poster) and some of the people that help bring Indiana Jones to life!

Here is the official information send over by the film's creator Brandon;

The World Premiere for INDYFANS AND THE QUEST FOR FORTUNE AND GLORY will be taking place on April 27th, 2008 at 2:00pm, as part of the Newport Beach Film Festival. Tickets go onsale at 12 noon (pacific time) on Thursday, April 3rd.

With an impressive list of interviews already, including Deborah Nadoolman-Landis, Tony Baxter, Tim Kirk, and many more, Indyfans is VERY proud to announce the inclusion of legendary stuntman Vic Armstrong, as well as an amazing RARE interview with his wife, Wendy Leech. The two spoke about their favorite stunts, which stunts hurt the most, and of course their thoughts on the fans! Don't miss out on a chance to see these amazing interviews, plus much, much more, at the World Premiere!

Also, guests who pre-order their tickets will be GUARENTEED a limited edition, Newport Beach Film Festival exclusive poster! The poster was drawn by resident Indyfan artist, Adam McDaniel, and features some familiar faces from the world of Indiana Jones, as well as some familiar fan faces!! Don't miss out!!

And join us after the film with director Brandon Kleyla, and special guests Tim Kirk, George Beahm, and more to be announced.
Visit for more details!

As they say in show biz "Break a leg" or maybe "Scar a chin" would be more appropriate! Congrats to Brandon and the folks at Red Dot Film Studios!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Exclusive Indy Art and Actor at AdventureCon
05/04/08, 9:01am EST

Artwork by Andy Smith
for AdventureCon®.
Comic and movie fans attending the Knoxville, Tennessee AdventureCon on June 13-15 will be able to meet Andrew Divoff, one of the actors in Indiana Jones and kingdom of the Crystal Skull as well as pick up some exclusive Indy artwork by artist Andy Smith. Here is the information from their site where you can find out about the show hours and ticket prices!

Artist Andy Smith pays tribute to everyone's favorite archeologist Indiana Jones to help the fans celebrate the release of the long awaited Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Skull that will be in Theaters on May 22, 2008. This 5.5"x8.5" Exclusive AdventureCon® Print of "Indy and the Sunsphere" will be available to a limited number of attendees for FREE during a special signing with Andy Smith!

Also be sure to stop by and talk with the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Skull star Andrew Divoff that will be appearing at the show each day signing autographs for FREE.

Source: AdventureCon

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Film Legend Charlton Heston Has Passed Away
06/04/08, 7:09pm EST

Charlton Heston, one of the main inspirations for Indiana Jones, has passed away at the age of 84.
Charlton Heston can be named as a "main inspiration" as he once played a fedora and leather jacket wearing adventurer named Harry Steele in the 1954 Paramount Picture The Secret of the Incas. A film Indy costume designer Deborah Nadoolman said the crew saw several times during the making of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Deborah Nadoolman: "I can only guess that Larry Kasdan took that script and updated it for Steven. A great idea. We did watch this film together as a crew several times, and I always thought it strange that the filmmakers did not credit it later as the inspiration for the series. Raiders stands on it’s own as a modern classic, but the fedora jacket and whip are right there on Charlton Heston in 1954."

The Associate Press announced the following on Charlton Heston's death:

Charlton Heston, the Oscar winner who portrayed Moses and other heroic figures on film in the '50s and '60s and later championed conservative values as head of the National Rifle Association, has died. He was 84.

The actor died Saturday night at his home in Beverly Hills with his wife Lydia at his side, family spokesman Bill Powers said. He declined to comment on the cause of death or provide further details.

"Charlton Heston was seen by the world as larger than life. He was known for his chiseled jaw, broad shoulders and resonating voice, and, of course, for the roles he played," Heston's family said in a statement.

Heston revealed in 2002 that he had symptoms consistent with Alzheimer's disease.

With his large, muscular build, well-boned face and sonorous voice, Heston proved the ideal star during the period when Hollywood was filling movie screens with panoramas depicting the religious and historical past.

"I have a face that belongs in another century," he often remarked.

The actor assumed the role of leader offscreen as well. He served as president of the Screen Actors Guild and chairman of the American Film Institute and marched in the civil rights movement of the 1960s...

Click here to read the full article by The Associate Press.

Posted by Gilles V


The Indy-Cast Episode 21 is Available
08/04/08, 1:35pm EST

Indy-Cast : Episode 21 (RSS)

This episode we find out how much of Indy 4 is CGI, find out how you can get tickets to IndyFans and the Quest for Fortune and Glory, look at some new artwork hitting the Indy store and find out why Marcus Brody is a punching bag in the LEGO Indiana Jones game. All this and more as well as your Indy tales and pics on the Indy-Cast flickr page!

Listen Now!
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Or download from iTunes.

Thanks to Ed Dolista for the update.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Search for the Next Indy Girl
08/04/08, 4:19pm EST

UPDATE: This contest has been cancelled. The reason is unknown at the moment.

Are you athletic, adventurous and out-doorsy? Submit a short video to MTV's TRL (max 90 seconds) demonstrating why you should be the official Indiana Jones girl.

The Grand Prize Winner, selected by the Sponsor, will win a trip for 2 to New York City, and attend MTV’s TRL – where you’ll have a chance to meet Shia LaBeouf! Ten (10) finalists, selected by the community's votes, will win an Indiana Jones promotional goods pack.

Enter by 5/5/08. Voting ends 5/9/08.

Click here for more information.

Thanks to Rlean for the heads up.

Posted by Gilles V


USAToday Covers Indyfans and More!
09/04/08, 3:39pm EST

When I got a call from Brandon Kleyla last June it was to ask if I would want to give him a walking tour of the New Haven sets for the then untitled Indy 4 that had started filming. Brandon had been reading my set reports on and he, along with his mother, Karen, had made the trek across the country to the New Haven to continue work on their documentary called Indyfans, a look at all things Indy and the legion of fans.

Fast forward almost a year later, and Brandon calls to tell me of the huge article (and online video) the USAToday has just given Indyfans and their recent LegoLand Day and the upcoming Indyfans world premiere at the April 27th Newport Beach Film Festival.

Amazing what a small film about an archaeologist has on folks almost thirty years since its debut!

Here are some excerpts from USAToday as it talks about the documentary and the effect it has on the fans, their quest to get the Indy-look, and even mentions a certain Webby-nominated website called, to see the video and read more follow the link.

'Indyfans': The movie

On hand to document this meeting of die-hard Indyfans was Brandon Kleyla, 24, also an avowed fan and an actor. (He starred as the young version of Ian McKellen's character in the 1998 film Gods and Monsters.)

Last summer, he decided to make a documentary about the felt-hatted faithful; Indyfans and the Quest for Fortune and Glory premieres later this month at the Laguna Beach Film Festival.

"I started doing this just for fun, but I quickly found out that these movies have really gotten to people," Kleyla says. "I've talked to people who became archaeologists because of Indy, people who reunited with their fathers because of Indy and his dad in The Last Crusade. The character just moves people."

Kleyla's own induction into the Indy family began when he was 6 when he repeatedly took in an Indiana Jones attraction at Disney World in his native Florida.

"That set the hook. Then I just couldn't get enough of these movies. I mean, how cool. Indy gets to travel the word, do good, find treasure, all while getting the crap beaten out of him," says Kleyla, whose particular hobby is collecting Indiana Jones toys, most of which predate him

In fact, that ability to take a punch and feel it seems at the core of the character's appeal.

"There are two kinds of guys, James Bond guys and Indiana Jones guys," says Will Graves, 47, who tends bar in a nearby town. "Bond guys are meticulous and precise. But Indy guys are human. They may even bungle things, but in the end, they get the job done."

Congrats to Brandon on all his hard work and I know all of us fans cannot wait to watch the documentary!

Source: USAToday

And thanks to Aaron Aguiar and Jimmy PS Hayes for the article link.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Explore Raiders on the Official Indy Site
09/04/08, 3:54pm EST

As Indy fans look forward to Indiana Jones next big screen adventure, the official Indiana Jones website is looking back at Indy's earlier cinematic escapades in a new section deigned to "explore" the films.

The first film that is given the review is naturally 1981's Raiders of the Lost Ark, divided into four sections; ABOUT, PHOTOS, VIDEOS and lastly BUY THE DVD, this is a great way for those newer fans to get acquainted with the saga. The ABOUT section gives a brief synopsis of Raiders, while the best of all the sections in my opinion is the PHOTOS section, showcasing eleven rarely seen shots from the film. The VIDEOS section pulls together some of the best scenes from the film in small bite-sized clips. Though I would argue, the entire movie is great, so selecting a few scenes is not an easy task.

It is nice to see the official site adding new features almost daily as we zoom closer to th release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and tantalizing sections like MARSHALL COLLEGE still await. Perhaps giving us background information on what Dr. Jones has been up to since we last saw him ride off into the sunset back in 1989.

Check out the Raiders exploration for yourself at!

Thanks to Steven "Indiana" Jones for the heads up.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Ford on Being Ford - The Reader's Digest Version
10/04/08, 4:55pm EST

Taking time to reflect on being Indy, 65, a father, conservationist and other stuff, Harrison Ford talked briefly with Readers Digest in their latest issue.

RD: You've played so many heroes. Do you feel like a hero when you look in the mirror?
Ford: Decidedly not. And I haven't purposefully set out to play heroes. I'm interested in playing the character who finds himself in extraordinary circumstances. But he's really either just saving himself or acting in the service of something that's important to him.

RD: Who do you look at in the real world and say, "That's a hero"?
Ford: The people who devote themselves to serving humanity at the cost of being less comfortable and less protected than the rest of us. They are policemen, firemen, and those who bring to the attention of the world things that are critical to its health and well-being.

RD: You just finished your fourth turn as Indiana Jones. What was it like to put on that fedora again?
Ford: After 20 years, the costume still fit, which was encouraging. And the character came back with the clothes. I think some trace of Indiana still resides in that leather jacket, hat, and whip.

RD: What can't you do at 65 that you could do at 45?
Ford: Eat too much! Actually, I was able to do all the things that I did in the past, and maybe even more because of the advances that have been made in safe stunt work.

RD: That jacket, hat, and whip are in the Smithsonian. What is it that makes Indiana Jones so cool?
Ford: It's the places he goes and the extraordinary adventures he has. The audience loves the ride, the creepy-crawly things, the near misses, and the pursuit of evildoers.

The best part of the article is what he would do if he could be a taco-eating world class ironer and President of the United States!

RD: What's one movie that always makes you laugh?
Ford: Dumb and Dumber. I'm easy for comedy, unless it's based on hurting people.

RD: Junk food that's most irresistible to you?
Ford: I love the food off those taco trucks that are set up in Los Angeles wherever there's a lot of landscaping going on.

RD: What useless talent do you have that nobody knows about?
Ford: I have real chops at ironing.

RD: If you could take over one person's job for just a day, whose would it be?
Ford: I'd like to be George W. Bush, and boy, I'd get a lot done. You'd remember me for a long, long time.

You can read the full version when the issue hits news stands on April 15th or go to their website now!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


The Lost Chronicles of Young Indiana Jones
10/04/08, 6:05pm EST

Earlier this week published a great article looking back at episodes of the third season of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (aka. The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones) that was mostly unproduced.
Including is Episode #48 ("Honduras, December 1920") in which Indiana Jones would have met Belloq in an adventure where they would have discovered a perfect crystal skull!

Though it found critical success and approval among fans and educators, the treacherous television landscape of the early '90s caused The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles to leave the air after only two seasons on ABC. Young Indy once again picked up his hat for a series of made-for-TV movies that constituted the "third season" of the series, but at one point, Lucasfilm had much more ambitious plans for young Jones. Recovered from the archives are the story synopses for the third season, dated February 8, 1993.

Read the full The Lost Chronicles of Young Indiana Jones article online at!

Thanks to Robert McGovern and Kent Markwart for the reminder.

Posted by Gilles V


Spielberg Playing Games While Filming Indy 4
11/04/08, 4:35pm EST

Digital Spy is letting folks know what was going on behind the cameras when Indy 4 was taking a break... how about playing games!

Movie director Steven Spielberg is a serious games fan with an in-depth knowledge of the industry, claims senior producer of Bloom Blox Amir Rahimi.

Speaking at a Nintendo media event in San Francisco, Rahimi said: "I was actually pretty surprised to find out how much of a gamer Steven Spielberg is. He - regularly, when we meet with him - makes references to games that a lot of us game developers haven't played or haven't played in years. But also recent games, like Crysis, he talks a lot about."

The renowned Jaws director, who is working with EA on a number of video games, including Wii title Bloom Blox, is said to regularly attend office meetings to work on the game, despite his commitment to the new Indiana Jones film.

Speaking to Gamesindustry, Rahimi said: "He came up with the original concept, but he also - when he wasn't off shooting Indiana Jones or doing other big projects out of town - I'd say he was in the office on average every week."

EA, including one game that he hopes will offer "deep emotional experiences", capable of "moving people to tears".

Read the full article online at Digital Spy.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


See You in the Funny Papers
13/04/08, 2:42pm EST

NOTE: This is a special Indy Report written by my son who found this "article" in the Sunday newspaper regarding the acting career of Harrison Ford and showing his famous characters, namely Han Solo and that other guy... the one with the hat and the whip.

Here is Spencer, 9, (soon to be 10 on May 18th - so don't forget to help us win and get to the Indy 4 premiere by clicking on the Indy widget on my myspace page).

Hi, I know you all like Indiana Jones like my Dad and that is why you read this website. I saw this in the newspaper and saved it, it's about Harrison Ford, he's my Dad's favorite actor. I really like Will Smith, but Harrison Ford is cool, too, and my Dad met him, and got his autograph for me when I was one year old. And my Dad took us last year to see him make the new Indiana Jones movie when he was in New Haven, we saw him and Shia LaBeouf. They waved at us and we also got to play with the props and headless statue and ride in the old cars. Steven Spielberg came by and waved at us all and took a picture of us too. We missed seeing George Lucas because I had baseball camp, and my Dad was bumming about that.

My brother Owen found this in the newspaper and told me and my Dad. The comic strip is called BIOGRAPHIC and it was in the comics and it talks about how long Mr. Ford has been making movies like Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark, and has some nice drawings of him too. I used our scanner to show you what it looks like. This is my first blog so thanks for reading this and I can't wait to see Indiana Jones 4 and some other cool movies like Speed Racer. Bye

Indiana Jones 4 Teaser

So there you have it - another Indy first! Thanks Spencer -- as they say; "like father, like son"!

Posted by Mitchell and Spencer Hallock


MAD About Indiana Jones
13/04/08, 3:41pm EST

/Film has unveiled the latest cover and shows some art from the upcoming issue of Mad magazine depicting Alfred E. Newman getting ready for the his latest crusade -- if only his hat was smaller he could find something. This issue looks like it maintains the fine level of excellence that MAD's "regular gang of idiots" that readers have come to expect from the satirical pages that lie within. Indyfans and MAD fanatics can start digging up this issue next month when it hits stands to coincide with the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

I also dug up the cover of the original MAD look at Raiders way back in 1981 from my collection of magazines in case you were feeling nostalgic!

MAD at /FilmMAD at /Filmclick to enlarge

Indiana Jones is featured in the next issue of MAD Magazine (issue #490).

Source: /Film

Thanks to Austin Trunick for informing us.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy Cast Episode #22 is Available
13/04/08, 3:57pm EST

This episode we speak with IndyFans director Brandon Kleyla, find out about the Indy IV soundtrack, take a look at the Last Crusade wave of Indy figures, learn about more Indy food tie-in giveaways and discover why Harrison Ford's hidden talent is ironing! All this and more, as well as your Indy tales and pics on the Indy-Cast flickr page!

Listen Now!
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Subscribe to the show via iTunes and be kept up to date automatically each week.

Thanks to Ed Dolista for another great listen - over 40 minutes of Indy talk!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


The Real Indiana Jones'
17/04/08, 2:57pm EST

Talking with my friend and neighbor, Dan Lynch, a noted genealogist for over twenty years, I started showing him what I had been working on lately, namely this website. Dan and I had our own experiences with "digging" up the past, when we started unearthing gravestones last fall, that had been knocked over and covered over by decades of dirt. When we were done stones containing nearly 400 names of departed settlers, families, soldiers (from the Civil and Spanish American Wars) that were "forgotten" in time once again shone in the sunlight. But that is another story...

Dan was telling me about the census from the 1930s and for fun I typed in the name; "Indiana Jones" and you know what I found sixteen of them! Most of these "Indiana Jones" were women, one was in Marion, Illinois which I thought was a strange coincidence. No if any of these were an archaeologist, that would be even weirder!

Oh well, as they say.. the truth is stranger than fiction! Now, where are all the "Short Round"s?

Source: 1930 Census and

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Explore the Temple of Doom -- If you Dare!
17/04/08, 2:59pm EST

- It was 1984!
- It was dark, spooky and had a lot of bugs!
- It was the movie that created PG-13!
- It had Harrison Ford's name before the title!
- It was the movie that made you believe a raft could fly!
- It was the Temple of Doom!

The Official Indiana Jones website revisits Indy's dark past with a trip through Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom with a a brief synopsis in the ABOUT section and some selected VIDEOS and PHOTOS. After 24 years since it exploded onto screens, the Temple of Doom (or Death as it was first called) is the film folks love to hate! Fans love it, but it is regarded with a bitter taste by Indy's creators, who cite everything from a divorce to a fever dream for what became Indy's second but "prequel" adventure.

The film is noteworthy for many extraordinary moments of actions -- heck the whole thing is a 2 hour thrill ride! From the lovable Short Round to the shrieking Willie Scott, from voodoo dolls to chilled monkey brains -- Temple of Doom has it all!

So, sit back and take a brisk stroll (or run for your life) into the bowels of Pankot Palace and go for a tour of the Temple of Doom!

Thanks to Steven for the heads up.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Disneyland Gets Ready for a "Summer of Mysteries"
17/04/08, 3:02pm EST

Brandon Kleyla of Indyfans has sent over some news about Disneyland's Indiana Jones event due to start on May 22nd. Unlike the Disney World Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, this Indy tie-in at Disneyland is totally different, here is what Brandon sent over after speaking with one of the members of the Creative Team.

"Indiana Jones: Summer of Hidden Mysteries".

First off, get ready to start seeing "Adventure Maps" in the park. I'm not really sure what exactly these will be, but I'm guessing they could be a typical Disneyland park map with an Indy-esque overlay, or possibly an Adventureland specific map, similar to the one they recently released for Tom Sawyers Island / Pirates Lair.

Secondly, the Adventure kicks off on... you guessed it, May 22nd! As if we Indyfans don't have enough going on that day! Yep, May 22nd is the day that Indy returns to the big screen and will be making his appearance on the crowded streets of Adventureland!

Now lets talk a little about the show! While most Disney message boards have painted the image of this being a full out stunt show, that is not the case. Nor is it the case that there would be a show similar to the recent Pirates Lair show. Not even that scale. Why? Because we're in Adventureland. The smallest area of the park, and certainly the most populated. "We already have the Indy attraction in Adventureland, that's the big one. Our "show" is made to compliment the attraction," says the Creative Team Member.

The Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries will be made of 2 different street shows! I don't know if I'm right, but I'm thinking they could be similar to the shows seen at the Disney Hollywood Studios on Sunset Blvd, or maybe even like "Laughing Stock" in Frontierland!

So what can we expect to see on May 22nd?? Well lets start with one show, the one that involves the female Archaeologist. Aparently, she gathers up some kids for an expedition, and they set off to find some artifacts in Adventureland. Only in the end, she pulls an Elsa Schnieder, double crossing her dig team. But don't fear, Indy makes an appearance and sets things straight!

The second show involves Indy, who is going after an artifact, but beware, Bad Guys are right around the corner, trying to get the artifact for themselves! This will consist of some hand-to-hand combat, on the rooftops, on the balconies, and possibly even on the rope bridge in Tarzan's Treehouse... Well, we all know how Indy will get out of that one! How awesome would that be?

Behind-the-scenes, I've been told that all members of the creative team are very much into making this an amazing experience for guests. The Creative Team Member continued by saying that "even members of the Art Department were coming over and saying they HAD to be a part of it, that it had to be true to the characters, that certain things would, or would not, happen in the world of Indiana Jones!"

That even while it may not be a large scale show, there will be a lot of "layers" to it. There will be little "things" added into Adventureland that only the die hard Indyfans will understand! So if this is done correctly, it could be very cool to find more Indy relics in Adventureland. All that's there now is the "Coronado" life saver that can be seen on the dock from the Jungle Cruise!

Long story short, the Disney Entertainment Department is very dedicated to making this a great addition to the summer entertainment. This will NOT be a permanent addition to the park, and is just a summer promotional piece and no word yet on how long it will stay, so be sure you don't miss it on May 22nd!!

Thanks Brandon for the information on the "Summer of Hidden Mysteries" -- sounds like fun!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


New Raiders: The Adaptation screening
20/04/08, 3:51pm EST

The cult film Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation will be coming to the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, Tennessee, on June 5th!
And Eric Zala has also informed me that the upcoming screening in Vancouver, Canada, will take place at a different theatre than was originally announced. The screening will now take place at The Park Theatre on May 2nd.

Here follows a full list of all upcoming Raiders: The Adaptation screenings.

Boulder, Colorado, USA - Looking Glass Arts, Inc.
- April 25, 2008

Note: Saturday, April 26, Chris & Eric will provide a filmmaking lecture to all Boulder youths interested in movies and the motion picture industry. See website below to register.

In attendance: Chris Strompolos & Eric Zala
Looking Glass Arts, Inc.


Vancouver, Canada - The Park Theatre
- May 2, 2008
In attendance: Chris Strompolos
Festival Cinemas

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA - .EDU Film Festival / Parkway Theater
- May 23-24, 2008
In attendance: Eric Zala
.EDU Film Festival

Nashville, Tennessee, USA – Belcourt Theatre
- June 5, 2008
In attendance: Eric Zala
The Belcourt Theatre

Click here for more information on Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation.

Special thanks to Eric Zala for the update.

Posted by Gilles V


Superb Indiana Jones 4 poster by Paul Shipper
23/04/08, 5:45pm EST

Professional illustrator Paul Shipper - well known in this fan community for his great Drew Struzan style Indiana Jones art - returns with a new Indiana Jones poster. An Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull poster created by one most talented Indyfan, specially for ALL Indyfans out there!

And behold what a poster it has become! You will definitely agree when I say that this is Paul Shipper's best and most impressive illustration to date! It's nearly as good as the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull poster drawn by the master, Drew Struzan, himself. In fact, place Paul's poster right next to Drew's version and it looks even more amazing. And I've tested it!

click to enlarge
Click on the poster to view a larger version.

If Lucasfilm ever needs an additional illustrator to help Drew Struzan with Indiana Jones promo art, contact Paul Shipper! Paul's got the talent and a lot of fans as support, especially now with this new poster!

View more Indy art by Paul Shipper here or at

Posted by Gilles V


Indy-Cast #23 is Available
24/04/08, 2:41pm EST

This episode we speak with Topps sketch card artist Michael Duron, get a first hand report from ComicCon in New York, hear some info directly from Cool Toy Review's Dan Curto, discover how long Indy's latest adventure will be and check out even more Indy food tie-ins. All this and more as well as your Indy tales and pics on the Indy-Cast flickr page!<

Listen Now!
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Subscribe to the show via iTunes and be kept up to date automatically each week.

Thanks to Ed Dolista for making the airwaves more adventuresome!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Explore Indy's Not -so Last Crusade
24/04/08, 2:48pm EST

Completing their journey down memory lane with detailed 'explorations" of Indy's original three movie adventures, has posted it's look at 1989's Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. As with the previous entries, the posting features a SYNOPSIS of the film, as well as, PHOTOS and VIDEOS that help folks get an idea what the search for the Holy Grail was like.

So if you are feeling nostalgic or maybe you can't remember, this "exploration" is designed so you won't have to remember -- sorry, I was just trying to insert some Henry Jones, Sr. humor.

Now, hurry on over to the official site and relive Indy's not-so "last" crusade! Tell your friends - maybe even email it to the Marx Brothers!

Thanks to JoseLuis Baylon, Steven J. for the heads up.

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Harrison Ford Waxes Chest for Environment
25/04/08, 6:38pm EST

I don't make this stuff up. I have written many a reports on, but this one takes the cake... and I believe it needs no introduction:

Watch the hair-raising excitement as the man with the hat gets striped of his woolly possessions. What was once his is now thires, or rather stuck to a strip of cloth.

Environmental campaigner HARRISON FORD has had his chest waxed in an effort to showcase the pain involved in deforestation.
The Indiana Jones star - who is the vice chair of the global environment group Conservation International - subjected himself to the painful beauty treatment in a bid to raise awareness about the conversion of global forested areas Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown was a spectator as the event was filmed by Access Hollywood.

It would have been funnier if the waxer was dressed as Mola Ram and reached for his chest!

Source: Access Hollywood

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Empire's Daily Indy 4 Countdown
28/04/08, 4:06pm EST

If having Indy photos and interviews weren't enough, Empire Magazine is doing a month long countdown until Indiana Jones return to the big screen on their website. Indyfans can read old and new Indy information, play trivia, look at images and much more. Best of all, they are promising a new Indy item everyday, including a review of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - BEFORE the May 22nd release!
So head on over and see what the Empire is striking with today!

Thanks to "The Man" for the heads up!

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Mutt's Custom Built Bike!
28/04/08, 4:11pm EST

Motorcycle enthusiasts will be burning down to their local Harley dealers to check out a sweet ride and maybe score some tickets to see Indy on Mutt's motorcycle. While Shia and Harrison were riding down the New Haven streets last June during filming of a Crystal Skull chase sequence the bike they were on was not as vintage as the cars that were all around. In fact the motorcycle was specifically designed for the film. is talking about the Harley-Davidson provided a Softail Springer motorcycle to be modified and featured in the film and a promotion that will be running. The site also has some links to amateur videos that were filming some of the goings-on up and down the streets of New Haven a.k.a. Bedford, Connecticut.

Find out more at

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Indy-Cast Episode 24
28/04/08, 4:24pm EST

This episode we speak with Glen and Todd from the band High Adventure and have the world premier of their new single "The Ballad of Indiana", find out why Harrison is more of a 'wax off' guy, hear a non-spoiler review of Indy 4, get a Comic Con trip report, check out some great videos of Indy popping up on the web and take a closer look at some Hasbro figures. All this and more as well as your Indy tales and pics on the Indy-Cast flickr page!

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Thanks to Ed Dolista for the rocking reporting!

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Shia Hosts LEGO Indy Mini-Movie Premiering May 10th
28/04/08, 4:40pm EST

The folks at LEGO are sending LEGO Indy off on the high road to adventure in style with a premiere of a full-length CGI "mini-movie" featuring LEGO Indy, and hosted by Kingdom of the Crystal Skull star, Shia LaBeouf. Similar to the Star Wars LEGO mini-movie Revenge of the Brick this will be a great way to get fans ready for the new LEGO game that will be coming out on all systems in June.

While fans have seen clips of the action in the game so far from the game trailer that recreates the famous opening of Indiana Jones trekking through the Peruvian jungle in 1936 looking for the danger -filled temple that holds the golden fertility idol, this will be much longer and in four parts.

Raiders of the Lost Brick, is slated to premiere as a commercial event within the Cartoon Network Toonami(TM) programming block Saturday, May 10 at 9 p.m. The event, running over four minutes in length, will be hosted by Shia LaBeouf, star of the much-anticipated feature film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Leading up to the mini-movie premiere, Cartoon Network will promote the event through custom on-air spots and online elements at Visitors to the Website will get a sneak peek of the on-air event by checking out part one of the mini movie, debuting on the site the week of April 28. The following week, part two will be posted to view, with the full-length mini movie available online following the on-air premiere. In addition, Cartoon will feature a custom gaming opportunity that features three levels of a LEGO Indiana Jones online game building in difficulty, one level per week, starting April 28.

For more information, or to view the first two blocks of the film before the full-length premiere, visit starting April 28. To see LEGO Indiana Jones products, including the four new sets available starting May 1, get fun downloads like wallpaper and screen savers or play a game, visit


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Space Cowboys and Indianas
28/04/08, 5:16pm EST

click to enlarge
Cowboys & Indians magazine cover.
Looking like the denim man, Harrison Ford graces the cover of the June 2008 issue of 'Cowboys and Indians' - The Premier Magazine of the West - talking about, what else, his return as Indiana Jones! The magazine features great full page hi-resolution shots of Ford as Indy from the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and gives some insight on Ford's reaction to people Indiana Jones aging.

"What astonishes me', Ford says, 'is that people can't imagine Indiana Jones aging at all. Why expect any character to be frozen in time? The appeal of Indiana Jones isn't his youth but his imagination, his resourcefulness.'

His physicality is a big part of it, especially the way he gets out of tight situations. But it's not all hitting people and falling from high places. My ambition in action is to have the audience look straight in the face of character and not at the back of a capable stuntman's head. I hope to continue that no matter how old I get.'"

Ford goes on to express his thoughts on his other acting roles, his part of Conservation International, flying and giving an audience their money's worth of entertainment.

Lasso it all up at the newsstands where you can find the latest issue of 'Cowboys and Indians'.

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Young Indy Opens Up About Older Indy
29/04/08, 4:53pm EST

To legions of fans around the world, he is the star of Powder, to others the corrupt politician in TV's The Dead Zone or the star of The Boondock Saints -- but to Indyfans he will forever be Young Indy.
Speaking with TV Guide on the day the last of the 3 box sets of The Young Indy Adventures is released, actor Sean Patrick Flanery reminisces about what it was to be part of the legend of Indiana Jones. In the series, there's a different adventure in each episode. Which one was your favorite?
Flanery: "My favorite episode is the "Battle of Verdun," although, one of my favorite adventures was the "Battle of the Somme." I just loved the camaraderie, the friendship, the trench warfare and the age-old story about how at Christmastime they came out and played soccer from trench to trench, and then the next day, they proceeded to shoot each other." During all the traveling you did for the show, were there any off-set adventures you had that particularly stand out?
Flanery: "For five years I had a great apartment in Rome. I had a Vespa, and I lived in Prague for a couple of years, right by the old castle.
In terms of stunts, I singed my eyebrows during explosions, and we capsized a ship in a river where there's crocs everywhere. You name it, it happened. And one of Indy's girlfriends was [played by] Catherine Zeta-Jones. I worked with a lot of very well-seasoned actors and actresses who were playing second fiddle to someone who had never done anything!

Later in the article: Indiana Jones seems like a timeless story, but as entertainment technology has changed, action movies have changed. What do you think is compelling about the series now, and how do you think audiences will respond?
Flanery: "I think it holds up. If things get too stylized for a current era, then they may not hold up as well. If you look at say, Rambo III, he's got a bandanna, and his hair is curling-ironed. It's very dated, whereas, period pieces have a much better chance of standing up over time, because nobody's actually familiar with that period. Young Indy was well executed, and it's something I'm very proud of." If you ever got to meet the other Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford, is there anything you'd want to ask him?
Flanery: "Probably nothing about Young Indy. I'd just shoot the s--t with him, because I think he's cool as hell. He's our last, great movie star. We have actors now that are cool and hip — George Clooney's becoming a great movie star, but the last one we had was Harrison Ford. He's just a great, intriguing guy."

Visit for the full article.

Fans of Sean Patrick Flanery and "Young Indy" should check out the official Sean Patrick Flanery website for their chance at winning an autographed box set of Volume 3 of the Young Indiana Jones Adventures.

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Volume 3 - The Years of Change DVD box set has been released today and should be available in a store near you... if you live in the USA.

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IndyFans Can be Featured on Major TV Network
29/04/08, 6:00pm EST

We were recently contacted by a major news network to talk about Indiana Jones 4 and
Currently, they are looking to speak to fans who have been influenced by Indiana Jones films to an effect that they have made their hobby or profession Archeology. Also, if any fans have visited the shooting locations of any 3 or the fourth film. Please email me at and we will forward your info to the major news network

Remember you can be featured on this major news network close to the release date of the film. However, please, don't waste your time and ours by sending phony stories and pictures. We will know if they are true or not. Thanks again.

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Indiana Jones the Musical!
01/05/08, 2:52pm EST

What can only be described as a one-man musical tracing the life of Indiana Jones set to the all too familiar John Williams' "Raiders March" surfaced to day and well... it's music to the ears! Appearing on Goldentusk's Youtube page the creator, gentleman named Mario, has done many hit movie themed videos including Jaws and Batman, but this one just leaped out. Combining dialogue, scenes and plots from Indy's first three movie epics and a not so bad singing voice, this is one you have to watch!

Maybe he is the next South American Idol -- get it South American like in jungle and idol -- oh just watch it!

Source: /Films and Goldentusk

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Indy! Indy! Indy! Everywhere
04/05/08, 4:31pm EST

Turn on any show on Thursday, May 1st and you would see a commercial for Indiana Jones -- not the actual movie -- but the tie-ins!

The Indy marketing machine was in full force, as there were ads with Kellogg's Tony the Tiger swinging across the temple chasm with a kid only to find the "light up spoons' that can be found in specially marked Kellogg's cereal, Then a chubby, Indy wannabe carefully walking across the tiled floor of the Raiders temple to come up to a glowing can of Dr. Pepper and then running for his life as they CGed his face onto Harrison Ford's and we are told to look for a chance to win a Dr. Pepper - Indy vacation! Then the real Indiana Jones, running from the Raiders boulder but is stopped in his tracks as we cut to a family in a swimming pool as we hear how to be part of Expedia's Indy contest. Going to the stores and we see Indy bus signs, Indy on newspaper racks, soda cans, Poptarts and magazines... and it is all VERY COOL!

Just had to get that off my chest.

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Indyfans World Premiere in Newport
04/05/08, 4:52pm EST

What do Filmmakers, Imagineers, and Playmates have in common? They were all at the world premiere sneak peak of Indyfans and the Quest for Fortune and Glory. On April 27th, an hour of the new hit documentary Indyfans was shown to a crowd of over 400 people at the Historic Lido Theater in Newport Beach, California.

The day started out when Indy, Marion, Willie, Mutt, The Monkey Man, and even Short Round made their way down the red carpet. As the show got closer to beginning, not only did the public begin to line up down the block, but the celebs started to arrive as well. Angel Parinno, Bridget Marquardt, and Holly Madison from The Girls Next Door hit the red carpet, and boy did the cameras start clicking! The girls all sported their "safari-esque" outfits, and of course, their fedoras! Soon after the girls made their way into the theater, Walt Disney Imagineers Tony Baxter and Tim Kirk were on hand, as was Indyfan and artist Adam McDaniel, and even Google Me director Jim Kileen.

Once inside the theater, the guests were greeted by the Indy characters and the Indy girls, and plays a few rounds of Indy trivia, got some prizes, and then it was time to start the show! Newport Beach Film Festival Director of Programming, Erik Forssell, welcome the audience to the festival and introduced Indyfans director Brandon Kleyla. After a few brief words, the lights began to dim, and for the next hour, we got to reminisce in all the old memories that we have from the Indy films! We got to hear some great stories and even see some things NEVER before seen on film! The film played beautifully and the audience loved it! Laughing, crying, you name it! The screening could not have gone any better!!

"We were really happy to see that Brandon treated the subject of Indy fandom with great creativity, humor, warmth and, most importantly, respect; not as just another fannish freak show." --Tim Kirk

After the film, there was a Q&A panel with director Brandon Kleyla, artist Adam McDaniel, Imagineers Tony Baxter and Tim Kirk, and co-stars Steven Melching and Daren Dochterman. Guests were also given a limited edition Newport Beach Film Festival poster, and had the opportunity to have it signed by everyone on hand.

If you missed the screening, don't fear. DVD plans are underway! BUT, what if you want to see it on a big screen!? Well fear no more folks. On May 21st, at the Big Newport Theater in Newport Beach, California, they will be showing an Encore Performance of Indyfans and the Quest for Fortune and Glory. Events will be going on throughout the week, starting on May 16th until May 21st. On May 21st, prior to the midnight showing of Crystal Skull, the audience will have the chance to see this hour sneak peak once again! So get your tickets for the midnight showing of Crystal Skull on the 21st and Indyfans is included!

Stay tuned to the website for more late breaking news, as well as a detailed list of events as we get closer to the big day!!

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Thank you Brandon Kleyla and all the gang at for the report and pictures!

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The Indiana Jones Indy Car
04/05/08, 5:05pm EST

It had to happen sooner or later, but this Memorial Day, the Indy 500 will have a different type of Indy on the track - an Indiana Jones themed race car driven by Marco Andretti. The specially designed car is part of a crossover promotion between Andretti Green Racing, Blockbuster Inc. and Lucasfilm Ltd. The car will not only be on the track in the legendary Indy 500, but will also makes its way across the country in a 10 city tour sponsored by Blockbuster. The cities to see the Indy car at Blockbuster stores across the nation before going to the Indy 500, are:
  • Las Vegas - May 4
  • Phoenix - May 6
  • Denver - May 9
  • Dallas - May 11
  • Chicago - May 14
  • Detroit - May 15
  • Philadelphia - May 17
  • New York - May 18
  • Indianapolis - May 21

To read more about the Indy car go to Inside Indiana Business.

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Indy Cast 25 is ready for a Listen
04/05/08, 5:21pm EST

This episode we have a listen to the new Indy trailer, find out everything you wanted to know about Crystal Skulls but were too afraid to ask, discover a plethora of new Indy 4 pictures at Official Pix and see what happens when Sondheim meets Indy! All this and more as well as your Indy tales and pics on the Indy-Cast flickr page!

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Thanks as always to host Ed Dolista!

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Happy Birthday, John Rhys-Davies!
05/05/08, 7:08pm EST

On behalf of the whole crew and its visitors, I would like to wish actor John Rhys-Davies a very happy birthday today, and many more years of success!

Acclaimed Welsh actor John Rhys-Davies played Sallah, Indy's best friend, in both Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Trivia Question: What is Sallah's full name?
Highlight to read answer: [ Sallah Mohammed Faisel el-Kahir ]

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Indyfans Week: Big Plans for the Big Newport
06/05/08, 2:01pm EST

If you're looking for an exciting way to welcome back everyone's favorite archaeologist, then there's only one place to be! The Big Newport Theater, in Newport Beach, California!

Starting on May 16th and continuing through May 21st, it's Indyfans Week! Organized by the creative team at Indyfans and the Quest for Fortune and Glory and the guys at, Indyfans week will be jam packed with events leading up to the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

On May 16th, everyone is welcome to "move in" to Tent City. This is a tradition that has been going on at the Big Newport ever since the original Star Wars film in 1977. Tent City will be going on from the 16th until the morning of the 21st when guests will start taking down their tents.

But what's there to do? Well, funny you should ask? A few days before the event kicks off, a huge outdoor screen will be put up, so that movies can be watched while you camp out or wait in line. What kind of movies? Well on the 17th, curl up in your Raiders sleeping bag and watch Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation. It'll be playing on the 17th, with exact time to be announced, as well as a Q&A with Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala.

And then, if that wasn't enough, don't go anywhere... Because on the day that we thought would never come, May 21st... The countdown to Indy 4 comes to an end! But before we rush into the second largest theater this side of the Mississippi, we have another special treat. So lets say you missed out on the world premiere of Indyfans and the Quest for Fortune and Glory on April 27th... And if you did, then no doubt you're kicking yourself for it. Well don't panic, because we will be a showing a special encore performance of the documentary that the fans and critics can't stop talking about.

"I loved what Brandon Kleyla has put together in this film. The movie is a not only a celebration of the cultural icon created by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, but a fairly in-depth look at the people who helped bring Indiana Jones to life both on and off the big screen."

"We were really happy to see that Brandon treated the subject of Indy fandom with great creativity, humor, warmth and, most importantly, respect; not as just another fannish freak show." --Tim Kirk

"When did you first realize that Adventure had a name? Relive those time with Brandon's fun flick 'Indyfans'." --Tony Baxter

The evening will kick off at 8:30pm with a Q&A with director Brandon Kleyla and other special guests, to be announced! Then after the panel, guests will get to see the hour sneak peak that was originally shown on April 27th at the Lido Theater. And of course, lets not forget that the Indyfans cameras will be out and about, filming interviews and stories to include in the finished dvd!

Throughout the day on the 21st, there will be whip cracking seminars, Indy trivia, Indy Charades, children's costume contest, and even a contest to see who can decorate their tent the best! So don't miss out on all the excitement! There will also be free giveaways and even a Silent Auction that will benefit charity! And here's an in progress look at the "updated" version of Adam McDaniel's artwork for the Big Newport poster... For those of you familiar with our Lido Theater poster, you'll certainty notice the changes that will be made. When completed, new characters will be added, as well as the Well of Souls jackals and Big Newport sign. No word if this "second edition" of the Indyfans poster will be available as a giveaway item!

Tickets for the midnight showing of Crystal Skull are available on and stay tuned to or for the latest news!

Thanks to the folks at for the information.

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Indy Slides into the Great American Pasttime
06/05/08, 2:35pm EST

In a different type of crossover marketing, Indiana Jones' iconic image has been popping up in an unexpected place -- on Major League Baseball schedules. On the calendar for May 22nd, baseball fans are seeing the image of Indy alongside information on their teams schedule as a reminder that there is another way to pass some time. Here is more on this new way to get fans to see the man with the hat:

Official Major League Baseball team sites have long been home for entertainment advertisers promoting sports flicks. A campaign for Paramount's upcoming Indiana Jones movie is among the few non-sports film related efforts seen on and its 30 team sites. And after launching Friday, one unique component of the campaign already has the Web chattering.
Baseball fans checking their favorite team's schedules for the month of May this past weekend were surprised to find Harrison Ford in his signature adventure hero getup peering up at them from the May 22nd calendar slot.

"This is the first time we've had creative in the schedule section," said Jason Klein,'s VP corporate partnerships for the Western region, adding, "It kind of jumps out at you." Tiny non-branded icons in some team schedules also link to deals on Continental Airlines flights and stays at Holiday Inn hotels, though.

The character's iconic image links nowhere, though the young men frequenting MLB sites are bound to have heard by now that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is coming to theaters soon. Now they know when.

"It seemed like such a perfect fit because people are constantly checking the schedule," continued Klein. He added that teams prefer to have game schedule links limited to ticket sales pages.

In no time, the promo spurred Web buzz about the movie and the calendar ads themselves. One witty post about the bullwhip-wielding archaeologist to, a news aggregator site popular with younger men, stated, "I've heard he has an awesome WHIP." WHIP is a stat used to gauge pitching prowess.


There you have it, we are sure that this promotion will be a homerun for both baseball and Indy fans!

Source: ClickZ

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Raiders: Adaptation at Mann's Chinese Theater
06/05/08, 3:48pm EST

click to enlarge
Chris, Eric and Jayson -- aka The Raiders' Guys -- are having their big Los Angeles Premiere of Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation next Wednesday, May 14th, at Mann's Chinese Theatre!

And they are doing it right: Red carpet walk up, sponsor wall with media and press, film’s name on marquee! And all proceeds goes to the Festival of Children Foundation!!

Here follows the full press release with all the pertinent details.

Teenagers’ Tribute Called the ‘Greatest Fan Film Yet’

All proceeds to benefit the FESTIVAL OF CHILDREN FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization.

It took seven summers to make, required a cast of, well, dozens, and included the star’s first on and off-screen kiss, but Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation, has become a favorite of film festivals around the world. Scott Rudin bought the rights to the filmmakers’ story for a Paramount feature film, and Steven Spielberg to Eli Roth to Quentin Tarantino have declared themselves fans of the film. Now the 100 minute feature will make its Los Angeles premiere at Mann’s Chinese Theater, at a one-night-only screening on Wednesday, May 14 at 7:30pm.

Eric Zala and Chris Strompolos were just 12 years old when they set out to make their own shot-by-shot re-creation of Raiders of the Lost Ark. They finished at age 19. By saving up their allowances, hijacking younger siblings, and setting Eric’s basement on fire, they used astonishing ingenuity to make a film that is surprisingly entertaining, even stunning. It’s been hailed as the “greatest fan film yet” by, “the best damn fan film I have ever seen… pure magic” by Harry Knowles, and “phenomenal” by Wes Craven.

For 15 years, Raiders of the Lost Ark: the Adaptation was nearly a forgotten masterpiece, until Harry Knowles obtained a copy from Eli Roth and screened it at his film festival. It became an instant phenomenon, featured in Vanity Fair, The Today Show, and NPR, but because of rights issues, the young filmmakers have carefully controlled the film’s venues.

“Due to copyright issues, revenue from the screenings of our film must go to a non-profit organization” noted Strompolos, “a reason why we’re very selective about where we screen.”

“We’ve shown this film all over the world,” says Zala,” and it’s still exciting to us to see the reaction. It makes the near-permanent loss of my eyebrows during filming well worth it.”

Scott Rudin purchased their story rights and the feature film about their childhood adventures, with Daniel Clowes (Ghost World) penning the script is in active development by Paramount.

Wednesday, May 14 -- 7:30 PM
Mann’s Chinese Theater
6925 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028

Tickets will be available to purchase in advance online at the Mann Theatre website on Wednesday May 7th and at the Mann Chinese Theatre Box Office.


All proceeds to benefit the Festival of Children Foundation, a non-profit organization.

Open to public

Ironically, Chris, Eric and Jayson have been shown their little Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation from Sitka, Alaska to Australia, they’ve never had a public screening in LA.

A big thanks to Eric Zala for the information.

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Get the Indiana Jones Desktop Icons
08/05/08, 2:00pm EST

It seems like everyday the Official Indiana Jones website is giving fans something new to look at. Well, now they have given fans a chance to represents Indy on their PC with a set of icons from the Indy films. Whether you have a Mac, CandyBar or Windows OS, The Iconfactory has a selection ranging from the fertility idol, sand bag, Ark, crate, basket and others for you to download and use.

We will just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.


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NBC Has Ford and Shia on Camera this Weekend
08/05/08, 2:21pm EST

Starting off the race for the premiere of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, stars Harrison Ford and Shia LaBeouf will be appearing on NBC. Ford will be up first on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday night, May 9th. Jay will joke around with Indy on everything from their love of motorcycles to what it's like to be worshiped by millions around the globe. On second thought, Ford will be in a one-sided conversation as Jay may not have as big of a fan base as the Indy star.

Then, "live" from New York, it's Saturday Night"! These immortal words will kick of 90 minutes of mirth and merriment with Mutt, as Shia LaBeouf hosts the May 10th episode of NBC's historic late night comedy show, Saturday Night Live. Look for Shia to poke fun at his recent brushes with the criminal element (smoking in a non-smoking area-- good heavens - he's public enemy number 1), and of course being in the biggest, and most anticipated film of the 21st century, namely Disturbia. Just kidding, this weekend looks to be a fun viewing time, as well as catching the premier of LEGO's Raiders of the Lost Brick on Cartoon Network.

Mark the TV Guides and set the DVRs!

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Indy-Cast #26 Arrives in the Nick of Time
12/05/08, 8:49am EST

Thanks to the guys at High Adventure, you can win a $100 gift voucher to the Indiana Jones store and have your video showcased by making the winning video clip for the band's latest single - The Ballad of Indiana! Plus we look at a plethora of new TV spots, find out why the Indy 500 has a tie in that makes sense, try to avoid the deluge of spoilers that are hitting the web and see why Rene Belloq isn't that thrilled about the way he looks as a piece of Lego. All this and more as well as our biggest mailbag yet and your pics on the Indy-Cast flickr page!

Listen Now!
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Thanks again to the man down under for the show and Congrats on the 6 month anniversary of the Indy-Cast!

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IndyFest & APOTAC's Collectibles Swap Meet
12/05/08, 9:20am EST

Scotoma Events & A Piece Of The Action Collectibles combine forces to present an event you don’t want to miss, IndyFest & APOTAC's Collectibles Swap Meet!

May 17th, 2008
At Logos Youth Center
121 N. Center St, Grand Prairie, TX
(Across the street from First United Methodist Church)


Admission is one canned good per person to be donated to the Grand Prairie Food & Clothing Co-op

Schedule of Events:

11:00 Vendors open; The Movie Wardrobe & Horror Museum opens; Indiana Jones video games; some actors and artists will be in attendance and available for autographs this early, but not all

4:00 IndyFest officially begins; Games start; Raffles & drawings start; all actors and artists available for autographs; The DFW Whip Enthusiasts Demonstrations

5:00 Screening of Raiders Of The Lost Ark

7:00 Screening of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

9:00 IndyFest closes

Celebrating the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull with all kinds of celebrity guests, fun and activities.

Advanced Indiana Jones 4 screening passes
IndyFest has been graciously given a VERY limited amount of advanced screening passes for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The screening will be taking place on May 18th. They were supplied by our good friends at They will be handing them out at the event every hour starting at 4PM. You MUST be present to win.

Special guest actors include Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca in the Star Wars movies), Burton Gilliam (Blazing Saddles, Fletch, Back To The Future Part 3, and the Rodeo Ford commercials), James Hampton (Teen Wolf, Teen Wolf Too, The Cat From Outer Space, The Longest Yard, F-Troop, Sling Blade, and Pump Up The Volume!), Lar Park Lincoln (Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood, Beverly Hills 90210, and Knots Landing), Ed Neal (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, JFK, Future-Kill, Gatchaman, Power Rangers, and Knight Rider 2000), and Robert A. Steffinino (Boys Don't Cry).

Other activities and features include Bull whip demonstrations, The Movie Wardrobe and Horror Museum, games, contests, door prizes, and concessions. For more info, go to or

Posted by Gilles V


Crystal Skull Stolen - No Really!
13/05/08, 1:30pm EST

In the "you can't make this stuff up" or "is this one heck of a publicity stunt" department, it appears a real crystal skull has been stolen! The associated press is reporting that one of the known crystal skull artifacts was indeed the object of thievery and is now missing. No before one starts getting the whip and fedoras out, let's look at what the article states as fact:

A large crystal skull similar to those at the center of the upcoming Harrison Ford movie was recently stolen from a New Age store, puzzling employees in part because of the laid-back nature of shop regulars.

The skull, named Solar Ray by owner Don Marr, had been on loan at Kindred Spirits for about four months and went missing about two weeks ago. It had sat on an altar in the store's classroom area and was considered one of the shop's prized objects.

Marr filed a police report on the missing skull last week, but police have had no luck so far.

Legend has it that the ancient Maya possessed 13 crystal skulls which, when united, hold the power of saving the Earth. Some version of the story is the basis for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which opens in U.S. theaters on May 22.

Hundreds of crystal skulls are believed to be in existence, which experts dismiss as fakes made by antiquities traders in the 19th century. All the same, believers say the skulls have powers to heal and influence natural events.

Newland believes the attention the film has focused on the skulls may have prompted the theft.

Click here to read the full article by The Associated Press.

Now if they can only find where I left my car keys some mornings I will believe in thye power of the crystal skulls!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indiana Jones Buys Into Indy
13/05/08, 1:51pm EST

by This is London
More at This is London.
Just when you think you've seen it all, comes this image of Harrison Ford carrying out a handful of Indiana Jones toys. Now, we don't know if he had a tough time tracking down one of those cemetery warriors or if he is saving the redemption coupons to mail away for an Ark of the Covenant, but you have to admit it's cool.

How sad would it have been if he had a handful of Speed Racer or Iron Man toys!

Source: This is London

Thanks to Andrew Morley, Sompeetalay and
Les David for the link.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Two New Raiders: The Adaptation Screenings
13/05/08, 2:44pm EST

Two new screenings of the cult film Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation have been announced. One in Newport Beach, California, this Saturday. And the other in Hartford, Connecticut, in June.
  • Newport Beach, California, USA – Big Newport
    - May 17, 2008
    In attendance: Chris Strompolos & Eric Zala
    Big Newport

    Note: FREE public screening. Film will be shown on a big screen in the grass field in front of the theater, the area is known as "Tent City" for all the die hard Indiana Fans waiting in line for Indy 4.

  • Hartford, Connecticut, USA – Real Art Ways
    - June 13-15, 2008
    In attendance: Chris Strompolos & Eric Zala
    Real Art Ways

And don't forget that Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation is having its big Los Angeles Premiere at Mann's Chinese Theater tomorrow at 7:30 pm! Click here for more info.

Visit our Raiders: The Adaptation Screenings page for a full list of all upcoming screenings.

Thanks to Eric Zala for the update.

Posted by Gilles V


Indiana Jones Flies the Friendly Skies
14/05/08, 3:02pm EST

While he might be a big star onscreen, many of the flights he took were very small... even miniature. A collection of the airplane models that were used in the Indiana Jones films will be on display in Muncie, Indiana. While the exhibit will not have the yellow life raft he flew momentarily in Temple of Doom, it does have many of Indy's aircraft. A report on the exhibit has more information:

The museum at the Academy of Model Aeronautics is showcasing stop-motion animation models from earlier Indiana Jones films. The exhibit opens Thursday, a week before the May 22 national opening of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the first Indiana Jones movie since 1989.

Probably the best-known of the models is a biplane from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The miniature was used in special effects footage, substituting for the full-size model "flown" by Harrison Ford and Sean Connery.

The model comes complete with tiny figures of Ford and Connery.

A partially completed Ford Tri-motor, intended for use in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom but never filmed, is also in the exhibit. In addition, a model speederbike from the 1983 Star Wars sequel Return of the Jedi is on display.

The models are part of the AMA's standing "Models in Hollywood" exhibit, which looks at historic aviation moments in movies.

AMA museum director Michael Smith said Mike Fulmer, an AMA member who lives in California, built the models for Industrial Light and Magic, the George Lucas special effects firm that worked on the Indiana Jones films and many other movies. Fulmer and the current owner of the models, AMA member Bill Box, worked out an arrangement to loan the models to the AMA museum.

Located at the national headquarters of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, 5151 E. Memorial Drive, the museum is open 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Admission is $2 for adults and $1 for children 17 and younger. Admission to the museum is free for AMA members and museum patrons. Information: 287-1256.

Source: The Star Press

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Shia LaBeouf on SNL and Letterman Videos
14/05/08, 5:06pm EST

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull co-star Shia LaBeouf was guest at NBC's Saturday Night Live this past weekend and appeared in several of their new sketches. You can watch the SNL sketches again at the official Saturday Night Live site.

Here follow two of the SNL videos with Shia, starting with a hilarious YouTube video clip of LaBeouf's visit on the Late Show with David Letterman this past Monday.

Thanks to Colin Spratt and Rowdy for the heads up.

Posted by Gilles V


Happy Birthday George Lucas and Cate Blanchett
14/05/08, 5:50pm EST

On behalf of the whole crew and its visitors, I would like to wish Indiana Jones creator George Lucas as well as Kingdom of the Crystal Skull co-star Cate Blanchett a very happy birthday today!

Posted by Gilles V


Movie Geeks Unleashed on Indiana Jones
15/05/08, 4:06pm EST

For two hours the gang at Movie Geeks focused something near and dear to our hearts, namely Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr., aka Indiana Jones. Not only was there a round table discussion on the Indy trilogy, but actor Ric Young, who played Kao Kan, Lao Che's machine gun firing son from Temple of Doom, joined in as well as Indyfans director Brandon Kleyla, artist Adam McDaniel, composer Mike and yours truly, reporter and Marshall College full time student from New Haven - me.

The show was a great time as we shared our Indy experiences, why the character has endured and hearing behind the scene stories from Ric Young on how it was to work with Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford.

So download and give it a listen, its the perfect companion as you wait in line next week!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Harrison Ford Elected to Archaeological Group Board
16/05/08, 2:10pm EST

In the why not category, the man who has had a new type of spider and butterfly named after him in the past has just received another prestigious honor by being named to the Archaeological Institute of America board of directors. The Boston-based organization promotes archaeological excavation, research, education and preservation worldwide. AIA President Brian Rose says Ford's Indiana Jones character has played a major part in stimulating interest in archaeological exploration.

Source: AP and the Indy Star

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indiana Jones Legends Sweepstakes Begins
16/05/08, 2:33pm EST

It looks like that Indiana Jones still has a few more contests left up his sleeve. If the Burger King, Expedia, Dr. Pepper, MySpace, Facebook and Lunchables Indy contests weren't enough you might want to try Major League Baseball's Indy Legends contest.
This one is a chance to not only get tickets to see Indiana Jones 4 but your favorite baseball team as well. Click here for more details and good luck!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


There are only 2 times Ford won't sign an autograph
16/05/08, 3:26pm EST

The man with the hat is also very generous with the pen as well, when fans ask for an autograph. But Ford revealed there are two times he will not sign and they are very understandable and funny.

"I'm as gentle as a lamb. I even give autographs while having lunch," Contactmusic quoted him, as saying. "The only time you shouldn't ask for an autograph is when I'm standing in front of a urinal. Or while I'm having sex" he added.

So if you see Harrison with his pants down -- DONT ASK FOR AN AUTOGRAPH!

Source: Oneindia

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Marshall College is now in Session
17/05/08, 9:18am EST

The last header to be unlocked on the official Indiana Jones website has now become available and it is "Marshall College" and it gives a history lesson - Indy style. Similar to the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones DVD sets, there is a time line that shows critical events in the Indy time line. Real events picking up at the beginning of Prohibition and the Soviet Union all the way to 1957 and the launch of Sputnik and the time frame of Indy's latest adventure with the Crystal Skull.

We are also informed about the roots of archaeology and what life is like for Indiana Jones, there is even an inclusion from the real Marshall College (aka Yale University in New Haven) about how the rules of archaeology changed in the 1970s.

We then see some people that played a key role in Indy's big screen adventures, however unlike Young Indy, these folks are fictitious.

Finally, Marshall College gives us a peak at Indy's big screen treasures from the Ark of the Covenant to the Holy Grail, One will have to attend school next week to see if the crystal skulls make it on the course listings.

So start clapping those erasers and bring an apple for the teacher and maybe write something on your eyelids because Archeology 101 is now in session with Dr. Jones!


Thanks to Hunter Isham, Aaron Quon for the heads up.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy Episode 27 - The Epic Episode!
18/05/08, 9:30am EST

Ed Dolista has outdone himself this time with the biggest Indy-Cast ever!

Subscribe to the Indy-Cast via iTunes right here!

Blockbuster is the best way to describe this episode which features an interview with Indy sketch card artist Joe Corroney, hear Harrison on the Jay Leno show, Indy-Cast correspondent speaks with Tomb of Gods writer Rob Williams plus new music from comedy band Orca of Time! Plus thanks to the guys at High Adventure, you can win a $100 gift voucher to the Indiana Jones store. All this and more as well as our biggest listener feedback yet and your pics on the Indy-Cast flickr page! What do you expect for the podcast before Indy 4 opens?

Listen Now!
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Thanks to Ed Dolista and we will all tune in next week for the Special Indy in Review show!

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Vanity Fair: Predict the plot of Indy 5
20/05/08, 3:48pm EST

Vanity Fair presents a fun list of Easter Eggs hidden in the new Indiana Jones film! But beware before you read their "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Back Catalog" list as it contains major Kingdom of the Crystal Skull SPOILERS! click here to read Vanity Fair's list.

And if that's not enough, Vanity Fair also presents great contest in which you can win a BlackBerry Pearl 8110, an Indy fedora, blanket, water bottle, and DVD box-set. The only thing you have to do is surprise Vanity Fair by predicting a title and plot for Indiana Jones 5!

Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull isn’t even in theaters yet and George Lucas is already teasing us with talk of a fifth installment. Here at Vanity Fair, we’re hotly debating possible titles and scenarios. Can Lucas find a new “McGuffin” in a Cuban missile compound? Will Indy unearth ancient artifacts on the Ho Chi Minh trail? And will the whip be in the hands of Henry II or Henry III? Only time will tell, but in the meantime we’re leaving it up to you.
Email your Indy V title and one-sentence synopsis to and we’ll select our favorite on May 30. The winning submission will receive a special Indiana Jones crate (not stamped Roswell, New Mexico) packed with an AT&T BlackBerry Pearl 8110, the DVD box-set, and Indiana Jones’s official fedora, blanket, and water bottle.

Visit Vanity Fair Daily for more information.

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What Ford Does With Beavers and Bush
21/05/08, 4:25pm EST

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, the man under the hat, Harrison Ford cracks more than whips with Late Show host David Letterman. Appearing on the show on Tuesday Ford was asked about his travels in his Dehavilland Beaver airplane and how he likes to fly it out into the wilderness and bush country, much to the amusement of the audience. Ford went on to to talk Indy and the folks at the Late Show even showed an old black and white film of an unlucky miner and some dynamite in place of an actual clip of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

For eagle-eyed Raiders fans, during a commercial break there was a spot for Travelers' insurance showing an distinguished gray-haired man appearing at various times of crisis carrying a 40 foot red umbrella (the company's logo). The reason why it is of some significance is the umbrella bearing chap was none other than actor Paul Freeman, a.k.a. Rene Belloq. I thought was a cool coincidence while watching Indiana Jones himself talk about the new movie when they came back from the commercial break. Why didn't Belloq have a twin brother who could have shown up in 1957!

You can see Ford with Letterman at RedLasso.

Source: CBS

Thanks to Rowdy Yates for the RedLasso link.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Raiders Guys' Next Movie Announced In Vanity Fair
21/05/08, 5:47pm EST

Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala, known collectively as "the Raiders Guys" for their legendary fan film Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation are announcing their next movie.

Details and concept art are featured today as the top story on the Vanity Fair homepage!

Direct link to the full story: The “Raiders Kids” Strike Back

Special thanks to Eric & Chris for the news. Much promising production art guys!

Posted by Gilles V


Indyfan: Making the Papers
22/05/08, 4:40pm EST

As I prepared for the midnight showing of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I made a quick checklist:
  • Indy fruit snacks - check
  • Indy Dr. Pepper (caffeine to stay awake until 2:30am) - check
  • Indy M&Ms - check
  • Play Magazine featuring Indiana Jones articles and interview with Mitchell Hallock - check... wait a minute that's me.

Yes, in the 15 minutes of fame category, this week's New Haven Play magazine, a weekly devoted to all the goings on around the New Haven county from food to music, theatre to events, is featuring an all Indy issue. Inside there are articles on the Indy from a bullwhip expert and tips how to crack a whip, to a review of New Haven restaurants featuring Indy-inspired dishes, to how being the official home of Marshall College has changed the neighborhood and finally an interview with me. It was an honor to talk about my love of Indy and how this experience over the past year has not only allowed me to connect with thousands of Indy fans around the world, but open up about what it is to be an Indy fan and why the character is so great and most of all writing and shooting photos for!

Not only was there a photo shoot and a look at my collection of Indy dust-gatherers, but my dog, Indiana even made it into the shot. So I am posting a shot of the cover and some of the article, along with my Indy comic book adaptations (all 3 that came out today) and Indiana Jones magazine - Comic shop cover, that I picked up with my copy of Play. Now that the movie is out, I can finally unveil the videos and behind the scene photos I have been holding onto -- I didn't want to be accused of being a spoiler so I put these aside for the last year. So Indy, might be here, but now there is all the other stuff to talk about; merchandise, comics, toys and Indy 5(?).

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Win an iPod Classic and a Whole Host of Indy Prizes!
22/05/08, 4:51pm EST has got some great prizes to give away to celebrate the release of all-new Indiana Jones film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

We've got two copies of The Complete Making of Indiana Jones, two copies of the novelisation of the new film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, published by Ebury Press, and two DVD boxed sets of the first three Indy films, courtesy of Paramount, to give away - and one lucky winner will also take home an iPod classic!

To get your name into the hat, all you need to do is correctly answer the multiple-choice questions opposite. The closing date is Tuesday 24 June.

Please note that this competition is open to UK residents aged 18 or over only.


Posted by Gilles V


Indiana Jones Time-Lapse Art
24/05/08, 7:31am EST

In honor of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, a few artistic Indy fans have filmed themselves painting, airbrushing and drawing everyone’s favorite archeologist.

Check out these Time-Lapse Indy Portraits at The Official Star Wars Blog.

Posted by Gilles V


Indy-Cast #28: Indiana Jones 4 Fan Reviews
24/05/08, 7:43am EST

In this special episode of the Indy-Cast we hear from you, the listeners and find out what you thought of Indy 4 in this listener driven spoiler free episode (for the record I loved it!)
And don't forget thanks to the guys at High Adventure, you can win a $100 gift voucher to the Indiana Jones store. All this and more as well as our biggest listener feedback yet and your pics on the Indy-Cast flickr page!

Listen Now!
Click here to listen online or right click "save as" to download the show directly to your PC.

Thanks to Ed Dolista and Mitchell Hallock.

Posted by Gilles V


Treasure of the Templars Teaser has Arrived
25/05/08, 9:27am EST

Treasure of the Templars
Poster by Paul Shipper.
Well you've seen Indiana Jones 4 now and want some more Indiana Jones to get your teeth into? Then pay a visit to the Treasure of the Templars site as the opening act of their amazing looking fan film is now available to view online!

Also released this week is the wonderful official Treasure of the Templars poster, illustrated by Paul Shipper!

Thanks to Colin Smith for the news.

Posted by Gilles V


The Indy Adventure Continues at Disney!
28/05/08, 3:15pm EST

If you though the latest adventures with Indiana Jones ended last week with the fantastic opening of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and you want more than pack your bags for Disneyland! The theme park is hosting a summer long Indy series of action and audience participation from treasure hunts to fighting the bad guys. You can see more at the official site, but here are some of the highlights:

Among the highlights of the Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries, created by Disneyland Entertainment in partnership with Lucasfilm Ltd.:

  • Random Acts of Indy – In the crowded streets of exotic Adventureland, guests never know when Indiana Jones might make an appearance. It could be in their midst, perhaps it will be high overhead, or even right next to them as Indy dashes by. But look fast, because Indy’s never in one place for long, especially when he’s being pursued by sinister villains!
  • Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Stone Tiger – In this intimate storytelling adventure presented multiple times each day at The Oasis, young Disneyland Park guests will uncover clues, decipher codes and embark on an archeological journey that culminates in an appearance by Indy himself!
  • Indiana Jones Adventure Map – Disneyland Park guests will explore just like Indy does when they pick up a collectible map filled with mysterious clues. Artifacts and symbols are hidden throughout Adventureland and once they are revealed guests will find a special code, which they can take home to claim exclusive Indiana Jones digital content courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd. It’s all at starting May 22.
  • Indiana Jones Meets the Jungle Cruise – One of the all-time classic Disneyland attractions takes on a distinctly Indiana Jones flavor this summer as guests are invited to find unexpected Indy-themed surprises along some of the most mysterious rivers of the world.
  • New Indy Photo Location – Guests can boast to their friends back home that they outran a giant rolling boulder just like Indy himself - and then they can prove it with photographic evidence.

Source: Disneyland Resort Newsroom

And thanks to Kent Markwart for informing us.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Raiders Mercedes up for Sale
28/05/08, 3:16pm EST

The car that was seen being driven by those Nazis (we hat those guys) in 1981's Raiders of the Lost Ark has appeared on eBay Motors for Sale.

The 1937 Mercedes-Benz has been fully restored and is the actual car built for the film that carried Toht, Belloq, Dietrich and their driver. If you have a large some of money to spend and a place to park it maybe you can drive around town looking for treasure or a beat-up looking archaeologist.

Check out the 197 Mercedes-Benz at eBay Motors!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Seeing 'More' of Karen Allen
28/05/08, 3:18pm EST

click to enlarge
Marion on the cover.
If fans have been waiting to see Indiana Jones back in action, they had been waiting in earnest even longer to seeing that other Raiders of the Lost Ark make her rightful return to the big screen. From talk shows to news programs (including a great interview on this past edition of CBS's Sunday Morning), Karen Allen has been talking about getting the call from Spielberg to reinventing herself as a designer and running her own business. Now fans can see even "more" of Ms. Allen (no, it isn't a sequel to Until September) in the pages of More Magazine where she graces the cover of the June issue. The magazine aimed at women over 40 may not be on the coffee table of Indy's more manly fans, but it is a good read.

Source: More Magazine and a Transcript of CBS Sunday Morning

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


A Tribute to Indiana Jones Art Show
29/05/08, 3:37pm EST
Art Show Flyer.
If you thought only Richard Amsel and Drew Struzan could create Indiana Jones imagery your were wrong! There will be a show of various interpretations of the world weary archaeologist in Los Angeles this Sunday. is posting the flyer for the event and it includes many familiar names to Indy and art fans, including Patrick Schoenmaker who just created the cartoon style Indiana Jones and Marion giclee that was on sale at the Indiana Jones Shop.


Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy Mogul's Raiders Face Melt
29/05/08, 5:21pm EST

The creative 'Indy Mogul' folks have been challenged by Eric Zala, the director of Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation, to create an awesome face melt effect for cheap--replicating the one in Raiders. Visit their site to find out if they have succeeded in their task!

Their website teaches how to make special effects for film every week. And next week they will be showing how to make a replica crystal skull for less than 50 dollars!

Thanks to Erik Beck for the news and making this great face melt video!

Posted by Gilles V


Indy Cast #29 Arrives
03/06/08, 2:53pm EST

Just when you think there was nothing more to say about Indiana Jones - Ed Dolista returns with more listener comments that you could shake a Sankara Stone at! In this new podcast...

It's a listener driven blockbuster episode where we hear more of your reviews, take a look at some cool collectables you can make and find out how you can get your very own Crystal Skull this Fall. Plus we have video game and book news plus more of your Indy tales in this bumper edition of the Indy-Cast!

Listen Now!
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Thanks to The Man with Hat from Down Under - Ed Dolista.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Harrison Ford to Find A Cure
09/06/08, 3:35pm EST

Variety is reporting that Harrison Ford will be playing a different type of doctor in his next film role in Crowley. The film is about a family's desperate search to find a cure for their child who is suffering from a rare genetic disorder. Ford stars as the doctor/scientist who may hold the cure for the disease.

Read more about Crowley here.

Source: Variety

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Indy Cast# 31 - Red Carpet for Indy's Biggest Fan
10/06/08, 5:10pm EST

Ever want to meet Harrison Ford? Karen Allen? Shia? all at the same time at the Indy 4 premiere! Well, listen to Indiana John Alexander on the new webcast of the Indy-Cast from Ed Dolista and hear from the lucky fan himself and more news! From reviews of LEGO Indy to tidbits on Disney and even more fan reviews the Indy-Cast still has news to tell!

It's a full booth at Club Obi Wan this week as we speak with Indy 4 red carpet winner John Alexander and Topps sketch artist David Rabbitte! We also check the latest box office returns for Indy 4, review the LEGO Indiana Jones video game on the Wii and XBox360 plus have a tonne of your feedback!

Listen Now!
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Thanks to Ed Dolista for keeping the giant boulder rolling!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


Two New Raiders: The Adaptation Screenings
12/06/08, 5:36pm EST

Two new screenings of Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation have been announced. One in San Diego, California, on July 10th. And the other in Asbury Park, New Jersey, on August 16th.

The next screening takes place at Real Art Ways at Hartford, Connecticut, tomorrow till Sunday.
On Saturday, June 14th, Chris & Eric will provide a how-to lecture in DIY indie filmmaking covering pre-production, production and post-production, with concrete examples from their experience in remaking Raiders of the Lost Ark as teenagers. See the Real Art Ways website to pre-register or call 232-1006 x 222.

Here follow the details for the new screenings in July and August:

San Diego, California, USA –
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD)

- July 10, 2008
In attendance: Chris Strompolos & Eric Zala

Note: On Friday, July 11th, Chris & Eric will provide a how-to lecture in DIY indie filmmaking covering pre-production, production and post-production, with concrete examples from their experience in remaking Raiders of the Lost Ark as teenagers. See website below to pre-register.


Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA – Asbury Lanes
- August 16, 2008
In attendance: Chris Strompolos & Eric Zala
Asbury Lanes

Visit our Raiders: The Adaptation Screenings page for a full list of all upcoming screenings.

Thanks to Eric Zala for the update.

Posted by Gilles V


The Indy-Cast : Episode 31 Arrives
17/06/08, 2:03pm EST

If you figured that after 19 years there was a lot of Indiana Jones talk out there, you reckoned right! Ed Dolista is gathering up more Indy back talk from authors and fans like you and he has come back with the goods in podcast form! This week the Fan of the Man with the Hat talks to the authors of The Official Indiana Jones Handbook - Denise Kiernan and Joseph D'Agnese in Club Obi Wan this week, checks the latest box office returns for Indy 4, touches on Frank Darabont's Indy 4 script and tries to work out what exactly did Spalko and Mac die for!

So give it a listen on your iPod! Congrats to Ed and the gang for cracking iTunes Top 50 podcasts - looks like there are a LOT of Indy listeners out there - or a bunch of confused race fans wondering where all the talk was on the recent Indy 500 races!

Listen Now!
Click here to listen online or right click "save as" to download the show directly to your PC.

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Home of the Joneses can be Yours
17/06/08, 2:16pm EST

It's small, quaint and has curb appeal, but the best part is it was the domicile of Henry Jones Sr. and Jr.!
The house used as the Jones' Utah home in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is up for sale on eBay for a mere starting price of $199, 999.00. Fans that want to see where Young Indy lived on that fateful day where he not only received his scar but also his famed fedora can check out the house and photos of it here.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


The "Predict the Plot of Indy 5" Winner is...
17/06/08, 3:12pm EST

On May 19, VF Daily presented a contest in which you could win a BlackBerry Pearl 8110, an Indy fedora, blanket, water bottle, and DVD box-set. The only thing you had to do was surprise Vanity Fair with the best title and plot for Indiana Jones 5.

Today, four weeks and hundreds of submissions later, Vanity Fair is proud to announce the winner of their contest at the VF Daily blog.

Here follows an excerpt of VF Daily's contest results announcement:

An overwhelming plurality of entries predicted Indy would search for lost city of Atlantis, which was the storyline of the 90s LucasArts PC game. We agree that the fountain of youth premise fits well with an aging Indy, but way too many contestants suggested it for us to choose one...

Visit the VF Daily blog to find out who has won this contest!

Posted by Gilles V


Special-Effects Master Stan Winston Dies at 62
17/06/08, 4:08pm EST

tan Winston, the Oscar-winning special-effects maestro responsible for bringing the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park and other iconic movie creatures to life, has died. He was 62.

Winston died at his home in Malibu surrounded by family on Sunday evening after a seven-year struggle with multiple myeloma, according to a representative from Stan Winston Studio.

Working with such directors as Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Tim Burton in a career spanning four decades, Winston created some of the most memorable visual effects in cinematic history. He helped bring the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, the extraterrestrials from Aliens, the robots from Terminator and even Edward Scissorhands to the big screen, and was a pioneer in merging real-world effects with computer imaging.

Steven Spielberg, who worked with Winston on several films, said in a statement: "Stan was a fearless and courageous artist/inventor, and for many projects, I rode his cutting edge from teddy bears to aliens to dinosaurs. My world would not have been the same without Stan. What I will miss most is his easy laugh every time he said to me, 'Nothing is impossible.' "

Winston won visual effects Oscars for 1986's Aliens, 1992's Terminator 2: Judgment Day and 1993's Jurassic Park. He also won a makeup Oscar for 1992's Batman Returns.

Winston was nominated for his work on Heartbeeps, Predator, Edward Scissorhands, Batman Returns, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and A.I..

He last worked with director Jon Favreau on Paramount's Iron Man.

Source: The Associate Press
Spielberg statement source: Variety


The Indy-Cast #32: Indiana Jones News and Commentary
23/06/08, 3:58pm EST

No you were not seeing things when Indy and Mutt walked through the Peruvian marketplace if you saw a dead ringer for Humphrey Bogart from The Treasure of the Sierra Madre with his horse. No it was none other than, my fellow Southern Connecticut State University classmate and member of the Crescent Players theatre group, actor John Tobin! Hear John talk about working on the set of Crystal Skull and working with Spielberg on that other film set in New Haven about 200 years ago, Amistad. It truly is an Indy fan/actor's dream come true.

Listen Now!
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Thanks to the hardest working podcaster in show business... Ed Dolista for another great Indy-Cast!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock