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Ford gives Indy's Whip for Charity Auction
Wednesdayday, January 10, 2001 - Gilles V

Harrison Ford has donated the bullwhip he used in the Indy Trilogy to an auction to help the fight against Aids in Africa. The whip is just one of hundreds of pieces of movie memorabilia donated by Hollywood celebrities for the charity auction organized by the Irish actor Liam Neeson who launched the auction last November by offering the light saber which he used in the Star Wars prequel, The Phantom Menace. Since then, a large number of stars have been moved by the plight of those suffering from Aids in Africa and have offered items for auction. Movie Action For Children is hoping to raise around £3.5 million to pay for drugs which will stop mothers passing on HIV to their children.

Visit Ananova for more info on what other celebrity pieces are up for grabs. Thanks to for the news.


Minority Report Production starting Soon
Thursday, January 18, 2001 - Gilles V

While both Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg are hard at work in finishing Vanilla Sky & A.I. respectively, they are both getting ready to film Minority Report in March. Variety is reporting that Cruise will finish filming Vanilla Sky early March while Spielberg should be finished with post production of A.I. by then. Both want to get the filming done by June 30th, before the strike on June 30th. Check the Spielberg & DreamWorks SKG Fansite for more info on Minority Report.


Raiders Stuntman interview
Friday, January 19, 2001 - Gilles V

In an interview on TheForce.Net, stuntman Peter Diamond talked about his role in all three Star Wars films, how he got into stunt work and reaction to Episode I. Today, he share's more in this look inside the exciting and daring world of Indiana Jones (Raiders in particular).

Visit MovieHeadlines.Net for the interview.


Indy is the Greatest Movie Hero of All Time!!
Friday, January 26, 2001 - Gilles V

Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones is the greatest movie hero of all time, according to a new poll.
Film fans also voted the characters Ford plays in Stars Wars and Blade Runner into the top 50 screen heroes in the poll for magazine Total Film. Ford's Indy beat Ian Fleming's secret agent James Bond into second place in the survey of 80,000 film fans. Gladiator lead character Maximus came third.
Fans say boulder-dodging, tomb-raiding archaeologist Indiana, who got his first name from creator George Lucas's wife's pet dog, is the archetypal movie hero and made the Spielberg-directed trilogy a modern classic. They reckon he's the guy men wish they could be - brave, reckless and rough, while having a way with women.

Read more at ThisIsLondon. Thanks to Harrison Ford Online for the news.


Indy is the Greatest Movie Hero of All Time!!
Thursday, February 15, 2001 - Gilles V

Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones is the greatest movie hero of all time, according to a new poll.
Film fans also voted the characters Ford plays in Stars Wars and Blade Runner into the top 50 screen heroes in the poll for magazine Total Film. Ford's Indy beat Ian Fleming's secret agent James Bond into second place in the survey of 80,000 film fans. Gladiator lead character Maximus came third.
Fans say boulder-dodging, tomb-raiding archaeologist Indiana, who got his first name from creator George Lucas's wife's pet dog, is the archetypal movie hero and made the Spielberg-directed trilogy a modern classic. They reckon he's the guy men wish they could be - brave, reckless and rough, while having a way with women.
Read more at ThisIsLondon. Thanks to Harrison Ford Online for the news.


Indiana Jones article in Total Film
Thursday, February 22, 2001 - Gilles V

By now you must have seen the Total Film Magazine, published in UK, because it's readers have voted Indiana Jones as the greatest movie hero of all time. We have scanned the article for your viewing pleasure since it deserves a read. But that doesn't mean you don't have to buy the march issue of Total Film anymore!
It also includes "3 free double-sided movie hero art cards" of Indiana Jones, Maximus (Gladiator), and James Bond! Get the March issue as quickly as you can. It's still on sale until the 28th of February. Click here to download a zip file (621 Kb) containing the scanned picture of the article.


Harrison's bank account, after Widowmaker
Monday, February 26, 2001 - Gilles V

The NY Post has reported the following today:
Harrison Ford is set to earn a staggering $25 million for just 20 days of work on his latest movie. Ford will pocket a whopping $1.25 million for each day on the set of his upcoming flick, K-19: The Widowmaker.
The eye-popping windfall smashes the per-day record set when Marlon Brando collected $3 million in 1978 for working four days on "Superman," in a part that amounted to less than 10 minutes of screen time.
Incredibly, Ford's inflated salary for the submarine flick could be just a drop in the bucket compared to what he may earn as Indiana Jones in another sequel to Raiders.
Ford and Steven Spielberg have been in talks to make one last Jones adventure, and word is Ford could pocket close to $40 million for that blockbuster. Hit the link above for more info. Thanks to TheForce.Net for the news.


Indiana Jones' bullwhip Sold
Thursday, March 8, 2001 - Gilles V

The bullwhip used in all three Indiana Jones movies has been sold at an auction of Hollywood memorabilia donated by top stars to benefit UNICEF. (The charity auction was organized by Liam Neeson.) Donated by Steven Spielberg, Indy's whip was sold for $74,000. Read more about the charity auction here. Thanks to MovieHeadlines.Net for the news.


New Indiana Jones Prop Replicas Website
Tuesday, March 13, 2001 - Gilles V

Indy Magnoli has been making props and replicas since the early 90's.  Among his most popular replicas are those from the Indiana Jones films and books. Indy Magnoli's replicas have become quite popular and the volume of requests to buy his props are still increasing. That's why has as put a little but very informative "Prop Replicas" website together. Click here to check it out. He even made some props of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings!


Indy Voted as Favorite Action Hero, Again!
Friday, March 16, 2001 - Gilles V

Indiana Jones has been selected as the all-time favorite action hero again. The readers of the British film magazine Total Film have voted Indy as their favorite action here last month, an now Ananova reported that British film fans have again voted Indiana Jones as their all-time favorite action hero.
Indy took 43 per cent of the votes in an online poll, ahead of James Bond with 22 per cent. Third was Die Hard's John McClane with 18 per cent. More than 3,200 votes were cast in the poll run by Empire Online.
Editor Catherine Hanly said: "I'm not surprised our readers chose an American hero. A year ago Empire readers chose Raiders Of The Lost Ark as one of their Top 20 movies. Goldfinger scraped in at 81. James Bond probably would have been the hero of choice a decade or so ago, but filmgoers these days are looking for more from their action heroes than a fondness for Savile Row suits and dry cocktails."
Thanks to MovieHeadlines.Net for the news.'s Art Showcase 2001
Monday, March 19, 2001 - Gilles V has just announced the Indyfan Art Showcase 2001: Raiders of the Lost Art. The showcase is dedicated to celebrating the upcoming 20th anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark. You can win the complete line of Disney Indy figures and vehicles! See Indyfan's Showcase 2001 page for full details.


Spielberg will show Lincoln's darker side
Tuesday,March 20, 2001 - Jawad M

The Sunday Times has reported that Steven Spielberg will be helming the Untitled Lincoln Biopic. According to their sources Spielberg will be portraying the American Icon as a racist, "This is a project close to Steven's heart but he is not interested in a sugary confection" a source at DreamWorks told the Newspaper. Spielberg will be filming the battle scenes this Autumn after he is done filming Minority Report. That should set the Biographic film for Christmas 2002 release.
Let us hope that Spielberg will then start directing Indy 4, aiming for a 2003 release. That's enough time to finish a good script.
Thanks to the Spielberg-DreamWorks SKG Fansite for the news.


Raiders contains best exploding head scene
Friday, March 23, 2001 - Gilles V

Indiana Jones wins another poll. In a recent IMDb daily poll, Raiders of the Lost Ark was voted as having the best exploding head scene in a film. Raiders won the poll with a total of 25%. On the second place came Scanners with 23% and third came Total Recall with 14%.


Tomb Raider trailer online...
Thursday, April 5, 2001 - Gilles V

Lara Croft might be the biggest competitor for the Indiana Jones fans but I know there are some Indyfans who like Tomb Raider... though that's not why I'm telling you that the trailer of the Tomb Raider movie is online. It's for something much more interesting.
I have just watched the Tomb Raider trailer and I must admit that I have enjoyed it, but I loved the short scene that the trailer ended with... a reference to Raiders of the Lost Ark!! And not a small reference. Lara Croft is actually copying Indy's reaction when he encountered the Swordsman in the streets of Cairo!
Is this how Paramount honors Raiders it's 20th birthday? Quite an original way to do it, I must say. Click here to view the Tomb Raider trailer.


Last Crusade contains best Rats scene
Friday, April 6, 2001 - Gilles V

Indiana Jones wins another IMDb poll. In a recent IMDb daily pollIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade won this poll for having the best scene involving rats. 29.5% of the voters have chosen for the Last Crusade. On the second place came the animation film The Secret of N.I.M.H. with only 16.4%. Hit the link above to view the poll results. Thanks to an anonymous visitor for the news.


Hal Barwood interview
Thursday, April 12, 2001 - Gilles V

JustAdventure+ has put up the first part of an interview with Hal Barwood. He is the LucasArts project leader who has made Indy's Fate of Atlantis, Desktop Adventures, and the Infernal Machine.  Barwood has also made other LucasArts games such as Rebel Assault 2. The interview does not only talk about Barwood's past in the film industry (he wrote Spielberg's Sugarland Express) but also talks about his thoughts on the gaming industry. Hit the link above to read part 1 of the interview.


New Indyfan & Indy Gear Contest
Thursday, April 12, 2001 - Gilles V

In a contest brought to you by the generosity of U.S. Wings and jointly conducted by Indy Gear and You get the opportunity to win the very first production Cotton Indy Jones Jacket. All you have to do to win this U.S. Wings Cotton Jacket is convincing the judges and jury that you deserve this honor. Visit for more info on the contest.


What's after Spielberg's Minority Report?
Friday, April 13, 2001 - Jawad M

We have A.I. set for this Summer and Minority Report for next. So what's after those two for Spielberg? Would it be the long delayed Memoirs Of A Geisha, the controversial Lincoln BioPic or the true story of a Lindbergh or the long awaited Indiana Jones 4. Knowing Spielberg's way of making decisions on making films it could be any one of them. But my personal opinion is that he will go for Memoirs Of A Geisha or Indy 4. Why not the other two? If you recall Spielberg said last year that he is not ready to do Lindbergh due to the subject matter. He hasn't said anything about Lincoln but since Spielberg is going to show him as a Racist, a possibility of that happening is not anytime soon as well.
Visit Steven Spielberg & DreamWorks SKG Fansite for more info on the latest Spielberg & DreamWorks films.


One of the films that Rocked the 80s
Tuesday, April 17, 2001 - Gilles V

The new, May 2001, issue of the UK's film magazine Total Film has a special article dedicated to the movies that rocked '80's. Films like Top Gun, Blade Runner, Back to the Future, Batman, Platoon, E.T., Die Hard and of course Raiders of the Lost Ark are included. Click here to view the short article that explains why Raiders Rocks!


Happy Birthday Michael Kahn
Tuesday, April 17, 2001 - Gilles V

It's film editor Michael Kahn's 77th birthday today. The Indyfans will certainly know him as the person who won an Oscar for editing Raiders.  He also edited Temple of Doom, Last Crusade, and most of the other films directed by Steven Spielberg. Michael Kahn also won 2 Oscars for Spielberg's Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan.


New Indiana Jones Fan Trailer
Tuesday, May 1, 2001 - Jawad M

Hello die hard Indy fans. Apologies for not providing you news since I am very much occupied at DreamWorks SKG Fansite. But since this will interest you I decided d to do this update just for you.

Couple of months back, I presented another fan trailer idea to one an extremely talented young man Glen Christen (who has done DreamWorks Promo Trailer, 'A Studio Is Born' and D'Works Oscar Trailer). This idea was to make an Indiana Jones Fan trailer but in a new fashion. This fan trailer is sort of a fun trailer that's called Shrek: A New Hero with some original footage and Indiana Jones theme music in the background, it is surely a treat for all Indiana Jones fans.

Glen began working on it earlier last month and has created a great piece of work. Be sure to check it out on The Fan Trailers Section.


The Goonies Returning
Wednesday, May 2, 2001 - Jawad M

Looks like our favorite hero's from the 80s are returning to big screen. That's right fans, in two different reports (one appeared on AICN while the other on Comingsoon), Warner Bros is working on the sequel of The Goonies that should bring back director Richard Donner and the original cast back to the big screen. A scooper at AICN met Richard Donner where Donner himself confirmed that the script being polished and he would like to direct it. Meanwhile Comingsoon sources tell them that the original cast will be "looking for their own children as they have an Ancient Indian adventure in the rocky mountains". Sounds interesting doesn't it? The truth is that I can't wait for this film to be made. I saw The Goonies back in 1994 when I was 17 and loved it. I sure hope it gets made with the same crew, cast, enthusiasm and effort.
Source: DreamWorks SKG Fansite


Indiana Jones screening in Scotland
Thursday, May 3, 2001 - Jawad M

Oscar Merkxide from Scotland wrote the DreamWorks SKG Fansite today to let us all know (especially those living in Scotland or close by) Indiana Jones and Star Wars films will be screening at Glasgow Film Theatre this weekend. Here's a part of Oscar's report:
Sunday May 6 Master class with Vic Armstrong who was Harrison Ford's stunt double in the Indy trilogy and as Han Solo in Return of the Jedi and he will be talking about his experiences in combination with an Q & A session, followed by Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
Visit the DreamWorks SKG Fansite for more info and times you can go view the films.


Happy Birthday John Rhys-Davies
Saturday, May 5, 2001 - Gilles V

The Welsh-born actor John Rhys-Davies may celebrate his 57th birthday today.  He is probably best known as Sallah in Raiders and Last Crusade. He has also played in films like King Solomon's Mines, James Bond's The Living Daylights and many TV-series. We will soon see him as Gimli the dwarf in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy. I can't believe we will soon see this giant playing a dwarf.
John Rhys-Davies and the Fansite of Doom has recently opened it's doors. The fansite still not completed but certainly worth checking out.


Raiders birthday special in new SW Insider
Wednesday, May 9, 2001 - Gilles V

In Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Gamer #4 there's a brief preview of Star Wars Insider #54 (due out late May/June).  This issue of Insider will showcase the 20th anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  It promises behind-the-scenes info, photos and trivia. Thanks to Damian B for letting us know.


Raiders Supervising Sound Editor interview
Sunday, May 20, 2001 - Gilles V contributor Adam McDaniel presents an interview with Richard L. Anderson, the award-winning Supervising Sound Editor of Raiders of the Lost Ark, celebrating an important aspect of filmmaking which is often overlooked. Go check it out!!


Indyfans on the Internet
Sunday, May 20, 2001 - Gilles V

I have added 2 new Indy fan works to the Museum. Both are made by Ronald Fuchs and they are quite original, they show Ronald portraying himself as Indiana Jones. Click to view portrait 1 and portrait 2.

Just found out that there is a Spanish Indiana Jones fansite. Click here to pay it a visit. The site has some cool Indy stuff so certainly worth a visit.


TOD and LC anniversary's
Thursday, May 24, 2001 - Gilles V

Yesterday it was Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom it's 17th anniversary and exactly today we may celebrate the 12th anniversary of, the currently final Indy film, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It has been a long time since we all saw Last Crusade at the theatre for the first time. Unfortunately it doesn't look like we will get a re-release of the Indiana Jones trilogy at the theatres with Raiders of the Lost Ark it's 20th anniversary next month. Let's hope the fourth Indiana Jones film gets made fast, maybe we may expect a re-release of the Indy trilogy then.


Young Indiana Jones in Stargate SG-1
Sunday, May 27, 2001 - Gilles V

Young Indiana Jones actor Sean Patrick Flanery will appear in one of the upcoming Stargate SG-1 episodes. The episode is named Ascension and will air on 07-13-2001 (on Showtime). Here's some more info on the episode:
Ascension will explore Samantha Carter's (female lead of the show) life outside the SGC. 
Carter's love interest will be played by Sean Patrick Flanery. We'll also see Sam's colonial style house. About the episode, actress Amanda Tapping said: "I have a man. Of course, at first nobody believes he exists. He's a bit like "my imaginary friend." Actually it's a great episode for me because everyone thinks that I'm crazy and plays into the fact that Carter has no life outside the SGC. So you get to see her home and she does have a normal life." But all may not be as it seems with Sam and her new beau. "There's a huge secret in the garage".
Thanks to Colin and Starguide for the info.


Young Indy Diary replica for sale
Monday, June 4, 2001 - Gilles V

Our good friend Indy Magnoli is selling his first self made prop replica diary based on the diary seen in the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (a.k.a. The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones) tv-series. The diary is for sale on eBay. You can bid on it until June 10. Visit Indy Magnoli's Prop Replicas site for more info on the diary and more of his replicas. Click here to view the diary at eBay.


Raiders' 20th Anniversary Today!
Tuesday, June 12, 2001 - Gilles V

Today we may celebrate the 20th anniversary of our favorite film, Raiders of the Lost Ark. Just too bad that Lucasfilm isn't interested in celebrating this special day like they did with Star Wars it's 20th anniversary in 1997. (Special Editions hitting the theatres) But luckily for us, there's the internet. Here are a few special pages to celebrate Raiders 20th anniversary:


AFI's 100 Years & 100 Thrills Results
Wednesday, June 13, 2001 - Gilles V

AFI's 100 Years, 100 Thrills program on CBS last night was a huge success. Steven Spielberg's Jaws stood #2 on the list while Raiders of the Lost Ark was #10, Close Encounters of the Third Kind #31, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial #44 and Poltergeist #84. George Lucas his own Star Wars is #27.

Click here to view the American Film Institute's list of America's 100 most heart-pounding movies, selected by AFI's blue-ribbon panel of more than 1,500 leaders of the American movie community.


Happy Birthday Indiana Jones
Sunday, July 1, 2001 - Gilles V

Today we may celebrate Hollywoods most popular film hero 102nd birthday! Or as our timeline says, Anna and Henry Jones became the parents of Indiana Jones (a.k.a. Henry Jones Junior). Happy birthday Indy!


Sean Patrick Flanery in Stargate
Saturday, July 14, 2001 - Gilles V

The Stargate episode that guest starred Sean Patrick Flanery, who played Young Indiana Jones was on the air yesterday. If you have missed this episode (named Ascension) or if you live in an other country and want to watch the episode then go to Video and Stream and the Stargate SG-1 Archive. Both websites have the episode available for you to download.
Tip: Video and Stream has the episode file in a better quality.

Thanks to Smith from Stargate Hyperspeed for letting us know.


New Indiana Jones themed Memory game
Friday, July 27, 2001 - Gilles V

Marcel Jähde from Indiana Jones Information Center has let us know that he has a new fan made game called Memorix Indiana Jones Edition. It's another version of the favourite Memory game. Check your brain and remember the positions of the pictures. Find pairs of identical cards. You can play the game alone and with friends. The game features also a high score. Try your best and be the number one. Hit the link above to go to the website.


How are The Goonies doing?
Friday, July 27, 2001 - Gilles V

You might have heard that Richard Donner is working on a Goonies sequel. Donner has already announced that they have a script for Goonies 2 that they are working on and they hope to shoot the sequel later this year. Even better news is that all the Goonies members return, of course grown up. If you are interested how they all look like today, Ain't It Cool News has a photo taken earlier this year of the entire Goonies group. You certainly don't want to miss the picture because the grown up Short Round (a.k.a. Jonathan Ke Quan) is among them. Hit the link above to view the photo.


Two new Indiana Jones fansites coming
Friday, August 3, 2001 - Gilles V

There are 2 big Indiana Jones website projects coming soon.

The first new website is, which stands for Young Indiana Jones. This website will cover any info on the Adventures of Young Indiana Jones TV-series and is made by Rachel Ramsey. There's only a preview page of this site online but it looks much promising! Certainly worth checking out!

The second big Indiana Jones website project is This site will feature in-depth coverage of all Indiana Jones gaming titles. It is being directed by Indiana John (IndyGear) and produced by John Walker (LC Complete Game Guide). The site is currently in production and is slated to open, September 1st. For more information or consideration for a staff position, please visit


Get ready for Hip Hip hero Indiana Jackson!
Tuesday, August 7, 2001 - Gilles V

Both Empire Online and Variety reported the following worrying news. Disney has made a deal for Indiana Jackson, the hip-hop version of Raiders of the Lost Ark. (No, I'm not making this up as I go!) Written by Menace II Society scribe Tyger Williams, the film will follow the adventures of an adventurer and archaeologist named Indiana Jackson, played by ex-Fugee Pras who might also be it's executive producer. The story involves the search for the lost staff of Moses in Ethiopia. The story idea sounds not that bad but a hip-hop Indiana Jones?!

Read more at MovieHeadlines.Net. Thanks to Torao for letting us know.


A new Spielberg Fansite hits the Web!
Monday, August 13, 2001 - Gilles V

A new website dedicated to our beloved film director, Steven Spielberg, has hit the Internet. It's name is and it might grow to be one of the largest databases of the Spielberg films, collecting every scrap of information that can be found. will also cover the latest news on Spielberg's next blockbusters. So this might be a website you want to add to your bookmarks. Hit the link above to visit the new Steven Spielberg fansite.


If boredom has a name it must be Indy Jones
Monday, August 13, 2001 - Gilles V

It has been 12 years since his last adventure. How does the world's greatest screen hero cope with the relentless tedium of brushing, flossing and eating? Indiana Jones is bored out of his mind, and now he's looking for some action...

That's the story synopsis for the first live-action Indiana Jones spoof to appear on the Web.Indiana Jones and the desperate Cry for Adventure is a 20 minute Indiana Jones short film, made by Robert Selby. It's an original short film that has everything any Indiana Jones film needs. In short, it's a must see for every Indy fan needs. Hit the link above to view it.


New Indy Short Story and Fan Art!
Wednesday, August 15, 2001 - Gilles V

We have received a new short story by Jonathan McDevitt. It's actually a very short and amusing Indiana Jones story named "Raiders of the Corner Pharmacy" and it's more original than it's title says. And that's all I want to say about it. Hit the link above to read the short story.

We have also received two new fan works. The first Indy drawing shows again how talented Jose Angel Villar is. The second is aYoung Indiana Jones picture by Kyla Mae made with the help of a photo shop program. Both Fan works are certainly worth checking.


We need your support!
Thursday, August 16, 2001 - Gilles V

And with "We" we mean all the Indyfans on the globe! All we ask from you is to sign two petitions, only two!

The first is an Indy Novel Petition. What for? Well, we would like to ask LucasFilm, Ltd. and Paramount Pictures, Inc. to consider signing any author of their choosing to a contract entitling them to further the Indiana Jones novel series. In the time that has passed since the last novel in 1999, the undersigned fans of Indiana Jones have been anticipating the release of another officially licensed book under this title.

And the second is an Indy Action Figure Petition. Don't we already have a few Indy action figures? Yes, but they're not made by McFarlane Toys! We feel deeply that McFarlane Toys is the best company to make us a figure of the greatest action hero of all time, Indiana Jones. After seeing all the signatures put into this petition, we hope that McFarlane Toys will consider attempting to get the license for Mr. Ford's likeness, and getting the rights from Paramount to insure that we have an authentic sized down version of Indiana Jones. Thank you to everyone in favor for helping us! And please hit the links above to sign the petitions. It will only take 2 minutes.


Diana's butler accused of theft...
Friday, August 17, 2001 - Gilles V

You might have heard today that Princess Diana's former butler Paul Burrell has denied stealing hundreds of Diana's possessions. Burrell, who Diana called "my rock," denied three charges of stealing items from Diana, Prince Charles and Prince William when he appeared at London's Bow Street magistrates' court. Danny, from, contacted me to say that one of the items Diana's butler stole was an Indiana Jones whip. I wanted to be sure so I searched the web for more info and it didn't took long to find it. Europe has a partial list of items Diana's butler is accused of stealing and guess which item is placed on top of the page. "Bullwhip" and also a letter addressed to St. James's Palace about an "Indiana Jones bullwhip". You will find a link to the partial list of stolen items and more info about the butler's theft case on this page.


Indiana Jones fansites update
Tuesday, August 28, 2001 - Gilles V, has also closed it's famous forum until further notice. Micah no longer had the patience required to constantly defend the Forum from elements which choose to poison the discussion with strife and turmoil. But maybe not forever. Perhaps in some happy future, Indy 4 will be officially announced and all the ugliness will be a dim memory, and he will once again have the enthusiasm and wherewithal to open the Forum again.

Indy-Web disappeared from the internet last weekend but it looks like it was a false alarm. Indy-Web is now back online!!

And has postponed it's opening due to some staff needs. They are still looking for dedicated people to join the staff. The current openings are Forum Moderator and Staff Reporter. Go to if you are interested in helping them.


New Indiana Jones Radio Show
Tuesday, September 18, 2001 - Gilles V (the soon to be opening dedicated Indiana Jones Video Games site) brings us an unique radio show. The online Indiana Jones Radio Show!
All you need is a computer with a soundcard and speakers to listen in, and if you want to join in you can using a microphone! It's really pretty cool!
The conversations will be around all aspects of Indiana Jones, from the movies to the games to anything else! It's never been done before and it would be great if people came along and gave it a try!

The Indy Radio Show will take place every Thursday at 8:00 p.m. EST.


Empire's Ultimate Movie Poll 2001 results
Tuesday, October 9, 2001 - Gilles V

Empire Online has released the results of their Ultimate Movie Poll 2001. I have gathered the most interesting results but you can always click here if you want to find out more. I want to add that these poll results does not show the best movies of all time but just the most popular movies at the moment.

Best Film:
  13. Jaws
  11. Raiders of the Lost Ark
   2. The Empire Strikes Back
   1. Star Wars

Best Actor:
   5. Tom Hanks
   4. Harrison Ford

Best Director:

   8. George Lucas
   1. Steven Spielberg

Best Screenwriter:
  14. M. Night Shyamalan
  10. Lawrence Kasdan (Raiders & Empire)

Best Poster:
  2. Star Wars
  1. Jaws

Best Soundtrack:
  11. Raiders of the Lost Ark
   9. Jaws
   6. The Empire Strikes Back
   2. Star Wars

Best Ensemble Cast:
   6. Star Wars

Best Trailer:
   8. Jurassic Park
   7. Spider-Man (with the WTC included)
   5. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
   2. Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
   1. The Lord of the Rings

Best Special Effects Movie:
  19. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
   5. Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
   3. Star Wars
   2. Jurassic Park


Empire Special - Steven Spielberg
Tuesday, October 9, 2001 - Gilles V

The UK Film Magazine Empire has released a Special Collectors Edition magazine about Steven Spielberg. It has reviews on all his films and more info about the most famous film director. This includes reviews for the 3 Indiana Jones films plus about 6-7 extra pages on the Indiana Jones story. Andy-Jones has let us know that the magazine also mentions websites to go to that are related to Spielberg or his films and the Site they gave for Indiana Jones was, yup,!

Click here for more info on this Empire Special Edition magazine.


A new position open at IndyGear
Thursday, October 11, 2001 - Gilles V

IndyGear is looking for talented Indiana Jones fans to join their staff. They are looking for a person who can take care of the following duties: Weekly involvement in updating site content including page creation, graphic preparation for the web, research, site testing, etc. To be considered for this position, you should know HTML, FTP, and have competency with Photoshop or a suitable graphics program. Visit their Staff Members page for more info.

Also, The Indy Radio Show has been switched to Friday's @ 9:00 p.m. EST from now on.


New FanWork by Trevor Grove
Monday, October 29, 2001 - Gilles V

Trevor Grove has again made two fantastic Indiana Jones illustrations. The first is a great looking portrait of Henry Jones and the second is a very impressive looking pencil sketch of Indy en Henry on the motorcycle.

Trevor is also a big fan of Spielberg's Jaws and he felt that it became time to create an illustration about it. It took him a few weeks and some hard work but the result is excellent!! Click here to view it and you'll understand why I had to mention it on this Indiana Jones fansite.


Official French Lucasfilm magazine website
Sunday, November 11, 2001 - Gilles V

The official French Lucasfilm Magazine has it's own website. At  you will be able to find the website either under a Star Wars design or either an Indiana Jones design. Also in back issues you have all the table of content. if you look at them you will notice that Ronny Coutteure who played Rémi Baudoin in The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones TV-series did wrote for the magazine by chronicling day by day shooting.


The Indy Radio Show is no longer
Tuesday, November 20, 2001 - Gilles V

John from IndyGear has let us know that The Indy Radio Show that always took place every Friday is no longer happening. It's host went off-line plus there was no large crowd of folks listening.

John has also mentioned that you may expect IndyGames online early 2002. I'm looking forward to that website!