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Indiana Jones meets King Tut
16/12/09, 12:47pm EST

On the small screen Indiana Jones or rather "young Indiana Jones" may have crossed paths with famed British archaeologist Howard Carter on his discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamen, but its Harrison Ford that is part of the find these days. The actor whose name is synonymous with derring-do and adventure, is lending his voice for the narration of a new King Tut exhibit. The show "King Tut: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs" which recently opened at the Art Gallery of Ontario. The exhibit has sold almost 60,000 tickets sold to date has an introductory three-screen video featuring Harrison Ford in full Indiana Jones mode celebrating the pharaohs.

"This is their story," Ford intones in his best up-from-the-tomb voice. His wake-up call is followed on cue by the opening of a pair of inner-sanctum doors leading to the first chamber alive with reminders of Tut's dead predecessors and a display of the first of the exhibition's 100 or so artifacts.

So if you happen to have a hunger for history, and want to see and hear about; as Willie Scott said; "funny little men looking for their mommies... or rather mummies" head to Ontario and learn about the boy king from Indiana Jones himself!

For more on the show visit the Art Gallery of Ontario, and be sure to check out the latest IndyCast podcast #89 to hear a sound clip of Fords' narration!

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Posted by Mitchell Hallock


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