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Tomb of the Gods Comic Not Drawn by Weaver
13/03/08, 5:53pm EST

Dustin Weaver
Indiana Jones sketch
by Dustin Weaver.
Last month we announced that Dark Horse's first 5-issues Indy adventure Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods is written by writer Rob Williams and artist Dustin Weaver.
Turns out that Dustin Weaver is not the Tomb of the Gods artist after all. Nor was Weaver's art shown in Wizard the final comic cover, but we already knew that.

Dustin Weaver recently took the time to explain what happened to his participation on the Tomb of the Gods series at his Live Journal. Here follows an excerpt:

It's my first time being mentioned in Wizard magazine or having a piece printed. It's very exciting. It would be even more exciting if it were true. I'm actually not doing the series. I was going to do the series. I had been talking with the editor, Jeremy, and writer Rob for a while about doing it and gearing up to do it. It was almost certain...

Visit Dustin Weaver's Live Journal to read the full story and to view a high-res version of his Indiana Jones illustration, published by Wizard, as well as some more Indy sketches!

Special thanks to 'Yodazone' for leading us to Weaver's Live Journal.

Posted by Gilles V


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