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Indiana Jones 4 in New Haven: Day 3
01/07/07, 4:40pm EST

Indyfan Mitchell Hallock is back with another great report from the third day of filming Indy 4 on the streets of New Haven yesterday!

Indiana Jones 4 in New Haven Day 3

Indiana Jones helps us discover the Fountain of Youth.

A beautiful sunny, summer Saturday out with the family, and a trip to New Haven, to meet up with old co-workers and their families, walk around the park, the shops, get a bite to eat, visit to the Yale Peabody Museum to see the dinosaurs, and oh yeah,. see how the filming of Indy IV was going. But, the big star that we all knew and loved was working today - that's right, my pal from college was an extra today and we wouldn't miss that for the world.

You see, this blog isn't a testament or how to guide to be an obsessed fan. It is a report on how the filming is really just an attention-getter, or novelty in the background that brings a lot of curious folks out to see their first ever glimpse of a film production. It has become the equivalent to going to our local Bridgeport Bluefish baseball games, they are being managed this season by legendary New York Yankees pitcher, Tommy John. We take the kids to the games and the parents just talk, the kids run around, we watch the game peripherally. The mid 30s-40s dads perk up if Tommy John comes out and gives a wave - and instantly we are all teenagers again and Tommy is in his prime and 20 years ago go away in what seems like a blink of an eye. This is what Indy IV has become - nostalgia come to life, as old friends meet up and remember when we were all younger back in the 80s. Sometimes it is the years and not the mileage.

Plus, today, my wife wanted to see what all the "big to do" Indy IV was about, as the kids had told her about it, and I mentioned seeing Ford and Spielberg. Although, I worry if she ever saw Harrison Ford close-up, she would say "why would the bloodthirsty, murdering crooks in "Firewall" ever kidnap the family dog"? But, honestly, my dear wife could care less, she is not impressed by Hollywood - and as we are in both in marketing - know it is more often, if not always, about business than artistic expression. Also, back in college in New Haven she worked at Scoozi's restaurant, near the famous Yale Repertory Theatre, where she waited on actors or actresses, and never knew who they were. Many a night she would call me up and say at her table was "the guy that was in that "Incidental Tourist-thing", William Hurt? Jason Rhubarb? Stacey Peach? Mertyl Strep? Paul Redford? Robert Newman? I would always correct her and she would say - "whatever". My next question to her would always be - did they tip well?

We arrived in New Haven at noon, walked around Chapel Street. The boys were excited to see the new "old" store dressings, like the old fashioned Bozo Fun Phone, the mechanical horse, (which sadly Owen couldn't ride as it was a prop), and read flyers. It was fun to watch them play with the scales and gumball machines. Wait until next May 22nd, they will be them pointing at the screen and "hey that's our Bozo Phone Indy walked by". Questions came up from Spencer, as he read the pamphlets. What was a "commie" or "atomic bomb", and who were the Marshall Patriots and when were they playing football against Northern Connecticut University? Note: There are three directionally named universities in Connecticut - Eastern, Western, and the one I graduated from, Southern - but none called Northern). I explained that it was materials from the fictitious Marshall College that Indiana Jones
taught at.

It was quiet today, no Shia LaBeouf sporting a pompadour that would give Elvis a run for his money. No Harrison Ford or his stunt double zooming by, either. We looked around and saw that there was some Indy IV filming going on inside the Yale courtyard (where we used to crash Yalie parties back in college) and the Green (where we went to dozens of free summer concerts that had such greats like Ray Charles), and old cars were parked along College Street (where we once found a knocked over parking meter and thought if took it home we'd be rich - but it weighed a ton and we were 10 years old). This filming has really become a big tourist attraction, so much so, we saw bus unload a huge group of tourist nearby and they quickly came towards the roped off filming area with cameras clicking. I kid you not!

We met up with our friends and their kids and played catch with the boys, only to stop to watch the extras come by dressed like students, teachers and regular towns folk in their 1950s clothes. We looked amongst the group and spotted our friend in his costume, complete with shoes - he looked cool, like a picture of my grandfather. The kids were excited as he waved to us, they told all their friends at school, they knew a real movie star. So what he will be a fuzzy, image on screen for less than a nanosecond - today he was the man! He was standing around women who looked like Lois Lane from the old, black and white, Superman show with George Reeves. During a break he came over to say a quick "hi" to the kids. Twenty years earlier, he would be playing in bands at clubs across the street from where we stood, and I would do stand-up and film public access comedy shows, both dreaming about fame, fortune and glory. Now, we stood there as my kids asked if even his socks were from the 50s - he said they probably were- but everything was authentic, pipes, lighters, glasses, cigarette packages, newspapers and all the women were wearing real 50s style underwear, so they fit the costumes properly. My wife wanted to know how he knew what the women had under their dresses - to which he replied with a raised eyebrow that would have made John Belushi proud and made a quick exit back to the Indy IV set. Authentic underwear: just another example of the painstaking detail that these Lucasfilm/Paramount folks put into this film. We left for lunch at the Black Bear Grill and my son asked a crewman how much did all this cost - he laughed and said that we will probably never see a film of this large scale so close up, again. To which Owen replied, does "large scale" mean everyone was fat who worked there? Oh, to be a seven-year-old.

When we came back we noticed one of the old car drivers was really a local high school principal. Then started talking with a fellow (who I soon discovered sat near me at the Billy Joel concert on October 30, 1996, during which Joel kept stopping the show to give the crowd updates on the Boston Red Sox/ New York Met World Series) said Steven Spielberg had just come out and not only stopped to wave to the crowd, but turned the cameras on them literally! As they all snapped away with their various cameras at Mr. Spielberg, he pulled out a camera and started taking their pictures. Now they could all go home with a great story - they had the same thing in common with Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Richard Dryfuss and Harrison Ford - they had just had their picture taking through the camera lens of an Academy Award-winning director! I mentioned that I had a great photo of Spielberg and Ford yesterday, but had to delete it - the "old concert acquaintance" said no problem, and emailed me the shots (they look great) it was like being a kid trading baseball cards.

Seconds later Harrison Ford made his through Yale's Phelps Gate (where I asked my first girlfriend out), he stopped and waved at the crowd twice, as they cheered and snapped pictures. This time, I let my son Owen, who sat on my shoulders play cameraman, and he took a few somewhat blurry shots of everyone's favorite globe-trotting archaeologist.

Everyone was having a good day, as we made our way to the car and some ice cream at the Tasty-Di, across from the British Art Gallery. We watched them film more cars driving down High Street and then we headed over to the Yale Peabody Museum . If you are ever in New Haven, you must stop there, its our version of the Museum of Natural History, and where every kid went with their parents or third grade class. It has meteor rocks, a vast collection of dinosaur fossils, and a mummy - the kind of place you could imagine Indiana Jones looking for a wayward Marcus Brody.

The last few days have been amazing, as we met old friends, met new ones, learned about movie making up close from the best in the business, and about promising, upcoming filmmakers. Truly, what an adventure it has been.

Driving away, I looked back and thought about how Indiana Jones was somewhere around these streets getting himself into all sorts of trouble like he did in the old days. And somewhere in our memories we were also running around the same streets, just like we did in the old days.

With the big Indy-pendence Day approaching, cookouts, fireworks at the beach, and getting going on finding a new marketing/public relations job (I wish writing about movies would pay the bills - but this is just something I have been doing for fun for my friends - both old and new) I am taking a
break from the New Haven filming.

Big thanks to Mitchell Hallock for his set reports.

Indy 4 shooting in New Haven weekend roundup
02/07/07, 4:11pm EST

As expected more photos from the Indiana Jones 4 set in New Haven appeared online over the weekend. Including a first dozen of spy video clips.

WARNING: I'd like to warn you that while these photos and video clips reveal no significant Indy 4 story plot points, they do SPOIL many details about this particular chase scene filmed in New Haven!
So if you want to be kept in the dark about Indiana Jones 4 as much as possible - which would be the most wise & in the end also most enjoyable choice - don't click on any of the following links! (This also counts for all future spy photos and videos.)

The biggest spy report comes from '' where you'll find a series of 10 spy video clips from the set of Indiana Jones 4.
And the most exciting action spy photos of the week can be found on ''. But BEWARE as the photos also have the highest level of SPOILERS so far! - Maybe I shouldn't have said that?

Indiana Jones 4 Spy Footage! + 10 video clips

Day two of Indiana Jones shooting + video clip

Shooting at Yale University for Indy 4 + SPOILER photos

Harrison Ford @ ‘Indiana Jones 4' Movie Set + photos
Just Jared

Indiana Jones IV Set Pictures! + photos

On location with Indiana Jones + all photos
New Haven Register

YouTube video slideshows by Steve:
Thursday - Friday - Saturday

Students Glimpse Indy, Backstage
New Haven Independent

Thanks to Stefan Zwanzger, Mitchell Hallock, Steve and the many fans at The Raven for the heads up!

Indiana Jones 4 in New Haven: Day 4
02/07/07, 5:09pm EST

Local Indyfan Mitchell Hallock returns today with another great report from the already fourth day of filming Indy 4 on the streets of New Haven!

Indiana Jones 4 in New Haven Day 4

Raiders of the Lost Generation: Reintroducing Indiana Jones

I am hearing from my friends that the filming of Indy IV in New Haven is pretty much the same filming as it has been the last few days; street scenes, cars driving around, and filming at the Congressional Church in neighboring West Haven. West Haven once had a famous waterfront amusement park, back for decades and was a huge attraction for people in New England. It was the kind of place in the 1950s Indiana Jones would have been challenged to a drag race by Bob Falfa. But today Indiana Jones was in town, maybe attending "Sunday School". My friend, the extra, was still recovering from his day of fame. He said it was a very surreal experience watching Rick Deckard from Blade Runner in front of him acting. The only thing that reminded him that it was real was the shoes that were killing his feet for from 5:00am to 9:00pm. Apparently, Dr. Scholl's foot pads weren't invented yet! I also received an email from a huge Indy fan that got to work with the crew on Saturday. He said it was a long day, but it will be something he will remember his whole life!

As I have been writing these blogs over the last week about the buzz around the filming of Indiana Jones in New Haven, I began to notice a trend amongst my friend's kids. While my friends, who are around my age, (I will be 41 on July 10, and my wife 3x on July 12) all know instantly who Indiana Jones was, their children did not.
My nephew, who is 13, and a huge Star Wars prequel fan, wasn't interested in any of the filming and he lived 10 minutes from the Yale filming. When I asked why, he said he hadn't ever seen an Indy film.
Now, my sons were telling all their friends about the filming of Indiana Jones they saw on Sunday, you would hear the same question - "Indiana who"?

I mentioned this observation to my wife, and she said, that the majority of the people she saw standing around watching the filming were around 35 and up. With the Last Crusade coming out 1989, and the next film coming out 2008, that's 19 years - or an entire generation that hadn't thrilled to the adventures of the globe-trotting archeologist. Indiana Jones has been out of sight for almost twenty years like that crate with the serial number 9906753 (yes - I am a geek) located in that huge warehouse at the end of Raiders. So what would be cool ways to get the kids to know how great these films are?

Theatrical Reissues and "Movietone/Newsreel Trailers":
Seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark last Tuesday night on the New Haven Green and hearing the cheers, laughs and applause by thousands made me miss the theatre going experience. The kids loved eating the popcorn and watching it all before their eyes - now imagine if it was in a digital theatre with THX sound! Re-release all three films a month apart like they did with Star Wars and introduce them with Newsreel-like teaser trailers for Indy IV; setting up the world of 1957 and the threats that faced the world back then to whet appetites. That would be a great teaser campaign - A flashback to the old black and white "Worldwide News Features" spotlighting the news of the day like communists, a-bombs, 50 rock and roll dance marathons, rebel motorcycle gangs, and a mysterious find that has scientist baffled - and then lead into the Raiders March and have Indy burst through on a motorcycle or back of one- heck I get chills just thinking about it!

With the onslaught of Indy IV merchandise coming at us like a giant rolling boulder, that will herald the films premiere next year, it will no doubt catch the public's attention. Admit it, you can't wait for a Rene Belloq Burger King toy where you squeeze his head and it explodes! But between now and then, I think it would be a great time to sit down and have an Indiana Jones family movie night. Just keep your hands on the remote to fast forward through the "scary" parts. My kids are in the Boy Scouts, and the dads and I are already talking about having an Indy movie night during a camping trip in the coming year.

Back in New Haven, I wonder if the Blockbuster Video store on Chapel Street has had a surge in Indiana Jones movie rentals. Because all you heard from the parents watching the filming was them telling their kids, "we'll have to go and rent some Indiana Jones movies".

Now, that's great news!

Big thanks to Mitchell Hallock for writing these excellent set reports.

Rumors about the character John Hurt could play
03/07/07, 4:38pm EST

Frequent visitors to the Indiana Jones 4 page at 'The Internet Movie Database' will certainly have noticed that there is a character name attached to John Hurt in the film's cast list. The name of the assumed dead Abner Ravenwood (Marion's father from Raiders) has been linked to John Hurt for over a week now at and if true; it can count as a BIG SPOILER! Therefore the name is hidden on this page and can only be read when highlighted.

While you should never take’s info too seriously, as they frequently have incorrect listings for upcoming movies, Devin Faraci from '' is certain that John Hurt will indeed play Abner Ravenwood. He even calls it "official".
And while Devin advises everybody not to reveal facts about Indy 4 - "to keep the movie from getting ruined" - he himself continues by hinting on more Indy 4 character details. So you better not pay a visit to if you want to stay SPOILER clean!
Especially as some of Devin's previous rumors/spoilers now appear to be quite true.

Another article on the subject of John Hurt's character can be found at Cinema Fusion.

Thanks to Brett Hopkins, Sven Spriz and Rogelio Diaz for the heads up.

Indiana Jones 4 in New Haven: Day 5
04/07/07, 5:24pm EST

Local Indyfan Mitchell Hallock is back with his fifth, and last, great report from the filming of Indy 4 on the streets of New Haven!

Indiana Jones 4 in New Haven Day 5

Like father, like sons.

Today, I asked the boys if they wanted to go to the movies to see Transformers or Ratouille. To my surprise they asked why we weren’t going to watch them make movies. I was shocked, as I thought they had written this off as boring but to my surprise today they had more fun than ever. The kids wanted to bring our dog, Indiana, to play downtown. But I figured if I took any pictures and posted them as photos of “Indiana on the New Haven sets”, someone at Genre Productions might have a conniption.

All the streets were open, a sign that things were ending. In fact, I had heard the crew was had finished up yesterday and moved to another part of the state. Sadly, the majority of the facades and store fronts on Chapel Street were reverting back from 1957 to 2007, Gone already was the newsstand, Bedford Grill, pawn shop and Marshall College pamphlets. The kids climbed into an old phone booth and were amazed to use a rotary phone (talk about feeling ancient).

click for more
Elodie with Spielberg.

Now that I have become, “New Haven Mitch”, in the past few weeks, I also have received a great amount of emails and calls from folks telling me about great meetings and autographs with Shia LeBeouf, Steven Spielberg and some other “big” names. I heard yesterday a bearded, gentleman was walking onto College Street and was told that they were filming. The gentleman replied, “That’s O.K., I know my way around a movie set.” Yes, I am told it was none other than George Lucas, one of Indiana’s co-creators, and the director of a few movies himself you may have heard of. To validate this, a few other fans were lucky enough to get a few photos with Mr. “Star Wars” near the catering tent on the Green. Another story that made the papers was Elodie from Switzerland, who made a quest of meeting Steven Spielberg – one that she achieved yesterday. It made the New Haven Register, along with a mention of mio fratello, Antoni, from Bologna, Italy who came in to New Haven. He missed Indiana Jones in Venice as a boy back in 1988, but made up for that by watching the filming of Indy IV. Even tonight on the way home, NPR had a piece on Indiana Jones fans coming to New Haven.

eBay goldmine
Prop-aganda leftovers.

The boys had fun playing archeologist as they found tons of tags that said thrift store, with $1.99 and $7.99. We figured the tags might be scraps from extras authentic 1950s clothing. The best was walking across the Old Yale campus, the scene of a lot excitement on Saturday and Monday was back to normal life. Groups of modern day Yale students were enjoying the summer day, totally oblivious of the scraps of the filming that were scattered all around. The kids were playing with “anti-communist” propaganda leftover from the filming. A man walked up to me and said if I knew what that was, I said props leftover from shooting. He replied, they were an “eBay goldmine”, to which my youngest looked up and corrected him that it was just trash. We walked over to the statue and the kids soon found scraps of it lying around and used it write some sidewalk graffiti. Ironic isn’t it, one day a pricey movie prop the next day sidewalk chalk – that’s Hollywood. The boys started playing a quick game of baseball with students and stumbled across a set that was somewhat of a spoiler. But as this blog is about movie making coming to our neighborhood, we’ll just keep it to ourselves and you’ll have to see it next May.

Outside Phelps Gate, the vintage cars and buses were still parked. The highlight was the New Britain Bus from the 1950s was open for the curious. The boys and I sat inside the same bus we had just seen barreling down the street last Friday. And to the delight of the boys, and irritation of the adults, discovered everything worked – especially the horn! Owen had a blast pretending to drive the bus and now wants to be a stunt driver. We found out the buses were from a museum and the Genre rep there said depending on where I had taken as a kid, I might have ridden on that bus as kid. Gee, did I feel old!

Our friend who was an extra on Saturday came by during his lunch break and was playing with the kids. They asked him about all he had seen during filming but as he didn’t want to spoil anything all he said was the film was in color, and quite possibly a “talkie”. Again, you’ll have to wait until next year. I did point to a car we saw on Saturday and said that must have been the bad guy’s car. To which Owen said it couldn’t have been because it wasn’t painted black!

Marshall College sign
Mitchell's sons posing in front of the Marshall College sign.

We walked pass those beautiful wooden doors, now exquisitely painted to look as if they had been there for 100 years rather than just a week ago. The boys posed for a picture at the Marshall College sign nearby. Bravo – set designers!

We went to grab some pizza at Naples on Wall Street, and got caught in a sea of extras headed down the College Street. It is very surreal to see modern day cars driving by dozens of college students that look like they are going to a pep rally in 1957. We watched them go by, only to see Stephen Spielberg climb out a car, wave and blow a kiss to the dozens of fans calling his name and taking his picture. Owen asked who he was and Spencer said he was the man who made Jurassic Park and Goonies and had billions of dollars. Owen was amazed by that, and said, “Wow, I bet that Spielberg guy can buy a lot of ice cream and video games if he wanted to.” We waited with the crowd as the rumor was that Harrison Ford was next to show up, another car but it was crew and make-up people. Who were greeted with instant excitement followed by instant disappointment – you could hear the groans. We waited a while, but heard that Mr. Ford was already inside filming – so much for the rumor that they had moved to another part of the state. It was getting late and we changed our mind to grab a quick pizza to go from New Haven’s famous Wooster Street Pizza Parlors. You can keep your New York, Chicago and California pizzas – New Haven is where real pizza is made! Besides it was getting late and we wanted to go home and hit some golf balls and light some fireworks.

That is all for now – thanks for letters saying, “thanks – for making me feel like I am there” or “these have been great, and thanks for keeping the secrets under wraps”. I had the time off so I figured this a once in a lifetime opportunity, so why not. In return, I thank you for all the emails and reports with so much of them I can stay home this week!

Special thanks to Mitchell Hallock for writing these very enjoyable set reports. We'll miss your writings!

Interview with Indy 4 producer Frank Marshall
05/07/07, 2:27am EST

The New Haven Register scores the first interview with Indiana Jones 4 producer Frank Marshall since the start of production on the fourth Indy film last month. Frank Marshall talks about how fantastic it was for him and the whole Indy 4 crew to shoot in New Haven. He also apologizes to anybody who was treated rudely by crew or security people "because that's not how it should be done." said Marshall.

Frank Marshall also confirmed that Indiana Jones 4 is being shot in the same style as the first three. Meaning no digital cameras! "Steven is very aware of the process and we're not cheating with CG (computer graphics) at all," Marshall said. "It keeps the B movie feel."

"We're like a giant circus army that descends on a location," he said, recognizing that closing major downtown arteries and moving bus stops for days at a time has inconvenienced many.

"We like to try to make it as easy as we can, and everybody here has been … amenable to things we've had to do."

The producer's job is to secure financing, hire the crew and in myriad ways "help the director get their vision up on the screen." Marshall said that while he's enjoyed being in New Haven, most of his tasks have been concerned with looking ahead. After shooting a scene Thursday at the Essex Steam Train, the production will move to Hawaii.

But if something unexpected were to come up, such as a rainy day, Marshall has to come up with a plan. "That's why I like to be on the set," he said. "A lot of producers never leave the office."

Besides being producer of the Indiana Jones films, Frank Marshall is also responsible for other classic films like the Back to the Future trilogy, The Sixth Sense, Seabiscuit and most recently also the Bourne series of which The Bourne Ultimatum comes out next month.

Visit the New Haven Register site to read the full interview.

Thanks to Mitchell Hallock for the heads up.

Has actor Andrew Divoff joined Indy 4?
05/07/07, 7:07am EST

Andrew Divoff
Andrew Divoff in LOST.
About two weeks ago Moviehole first mentioned a new possible addition to an already impressive Indiana Jones 4 cast. Earlier this week this rumor found its way onto And today it is a topic of discussion on every Indiana Jones message board out there; is Andrew Divoff cast in Indy 4?

His name may not ring a bell but you'll certainly recognize Andrew Divoff's face from somewhere. Andrew played one of the terrorists holding Harrison Ford's family hostage in Air Force One. The horror fans may know him as The Djinn from Wes Craven's Wishmaster. And the many LOST fans will certainly know him as the cool eye-patched Russian Mikhail Bakunin. Yes, Andrew usually plays bad guys, probably because he is very good at it. But the question remains; is Andrew Divoff cast in Indy 4?

According to Moviehole Andrew Divoff has indeed been added to the Indy 4 cast. So if this is indeed true; it's only a matter of time before we receive an official confirmation.

Could be a great addition to an already impressive Indiana Jones 4 cast. Andrew Divoff's Russian character really stirred things up in the third season of LOST. And rumors say that the new villains in Indy 4 are also Russians...

UPDATE 2: New Indy 4 filming location today
05/07/07, 3:17pm EST

Steam Train
Essex Steam Train.
As producer Frank Marshall mentioned to the New Haven Register yesterday, the Indiana Jones 4 team is filming a scene at the Essex Steam Train in Connecticut today.

What they will be filming at Essex is unknown but it must be a brief scene as the shooting is limited to only one day.

You can view photos of the Essex Steam Train filming location online here. But don't look at the photos if you are trying to avoid any kind of SPOILERS. The photos also reveal a location name: the train station has been named 'Bedford Station'. The photos were taken by Keith W.

The Essex Steam Train is one of the most famous and popular Essex attractions. The main station is located in Centerbrook, with other stations in Deep River, Chester, and Haddam. The regular train ride goes from Essex to Deep River and then the Becky Thatcher Riverboat takes the passengers up to the Haddam area. The Essex Clipper Dinner Train goes from Essex all the way up to Haddam. (source: Wikipedia)

Updates: Two galleries with photos from yesterday's shooting at the Essex Train station can be viewed online here:

40 set photos by Adam Ouellette
16 set photos by Neil Ducoff

The Indiana Jones 4 film crew's next stop is Hawaii.

Additional source: Unofficial Indiana Jones Movieblog

The New Haven chase scene summary clarified?
06/07/07, 6:24pm EST posted a very plausible explanation of what was filmed on set in New Haven earlier this week. Although their source seems to be a site visitor who has been hearing "things"; or what we would call "rumors"!

So in case there is truth to this explanation, highlight to read SPOILERS: Jones is teaching a class when he spots a dead man, the guys over at are right, John Hurt is playing Abner Ravenwood.
Abner has come looking for help from Dr. Jones but he is under surveillance by the Russians and the U.S. Government.
After spotting Abner, Indy goes outside but a chase through the campus begins that ultimately ends up with a car going through a metal gate and finally flipping and exploding.
I’m not quite sure why Shia’s character is there, did Abner bring his grandson down for help or back up and did Abner get kidnapped by the bad guys and that is why we see Harrison and Shia on a motorcycle chasing down a car?
What I do know is that by the end of the scene Abner, Mutt (Shia’s character) and Indy finally get a chance to sit down and talk about the new adventure Indy is about to embark on, yes, Area 51, Crystal Skulls and Aliens.

You can read the original article online at but beware as the possible SPOILERS are in plain sight on that page!

A slightly different version of this New Haven scene explanation can be found at The Movie Scorecard News Blog. Again I warn you for possible SPOILERS in plain sight.

And this explanation reminds me of something SPOILER-ish a New Haven extra said to The New York Observer last week.

Thanks to Brett Hopkins and the fans at The Raven for the heads up.

Final series of Indy 4 in New Haven reports
07/07/07, 3:30pm EST

WARNING: All the following links contain a certain level of SPOILERS. So you better not click on any of them if you wish to stay Indiana Jones 4 spoiler free.

The Movie Scorecard posted a whole series of SPOILER photos and videos of the scenes shot on the streets of New Haven. Including photos of who they believe is actor Ray Winstone in costume - although many people doubt it's him.

And published an article about all scenes filmed in and around New Haven this past week. Including a scene that hasn't been mentioned before anywhere.

Highlight to read SPOILER by There are also new hints about a possible wedding scene that may appear in the film. Could Indy be tying the knot after all of these years? We don't know, but filming for the rumored on-screen nuptials is taking place outside the First Congregational Church. A New Haven Public Works employee told the Register, "It's my understanding there is supposed to be some kind of wedding inside the church." The actual wedding scene, whoever it includes, will reportedly be shot in Hollywood.

Here follows a collection of new articles, photo galleries and videos covering the shooting of Indy 4 in New Haven this past week. Again, beware for small and big SPOILERS:

Indiana Jones production hits campus
Yale Daily News
Bullwhips and motorcycles: New Indiana Jones photo gallery
Wizard Entertainment

Pictures From the Set of Indiana Jones 4

New YouTube video slideshows by Steve:
- Slideshow 1
- Slideshow 2
- Slideshow 3 (West Haven)
- Slideshow 4 (Essex Steam Train)

Other YouTube video slideshows:
- Slideshow 1
- Slideshow 2

More YouTube videos:
- Indy 4 Stunt Filming
- Stunt doubles preparing for action
- New Haven, Indiana Jones Transformation
- Car driving on Old Campus

Close encounters with Steven Spielberg in New Haven:
- Video 1
- Video 2

Thanks to Steve, Mitchell Hallock, Rick Marshall, Christine and the Indyfans at The Raven for the related links.

Indy 4 production starts in Hawaii on Tuesday
09/07/07, 5:14pm EST

Filming Indiana Jones 4 in New Haven is over. Next stop: the Hamakua Coast of the island of Hawaii. And they start shooting there tomorrow!

Here follows an overview of Indy 4 in Hawaii info written by local Indyfan 'Horrorbot': is reporting that Indiana Jones 4 is being filmed on the island of Kauai - it's not. Its true they are filming on the Hamakua Coast of the island of Hawaii, as the town now is buzzing about it.

Hamakua Coast
Waipio Valley along
the Hamakua Coast.

Tim Ryan's Reel Hawaii has a ton of information starting from a few months ago when the movie was still under the name "The Untitled Genre Project". It states that location scouts were here as early as December looking for places to shoot, including other things like the extreme secrecy going in to the project (signed agreements).
A recent post says that Hawaii's film commission did not sign a confidentiality agreement, so be sure you'll hear a lot of information as soon as they come.

Also, our local paper here in Hilo has been reporting a lot about the production. In the Hawaii Tribune newspaper today, there is also a bit about how Harrison Ford may spend his 65th birthday here and when filming will start.
It was first reported that filming will start in the mid-August, but it has been fast forwarded to this Tuesday.

In another article from the same newspaper it was revealed that they are filming near one of the many waterfalls on the Hamakua Coast. Also, they are filming the opening shots of the movie, featuring a ton of Russian soldiers (there was a casting call here earlier this year). Its being reported that they will be filming here for 3 weeks, but I believe that to be false. Stephen Spielberg is only going to be here for two weeks, he has a house rented only for that amount of time.

Hamakua Coast
Kaluahine waterfall on
the Hamakua Coast

I ('Horrorbot') would also like to add that this is a very small town, and lots of information about the production is constantly being given. Also, in account to size, a lot of the locations they are filming on are along scenic sights, therefore anyone with a car driving through (if they know where to look) will be able to see filming taking place.

Special thanks to 'Horrorbot' for writing this report. And I'd also like to thank 'Dr. Sartorius and Robert Leese for the heads up!

New Footage of Indy 4 on ET this evening
11/07/07, 1:58pm EST

Today's edition of Entertainment Tonight will air an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of Indiana Jones 4!

A preview ET aired yesterday showed images from the Deming, New Mexico, set including an appearance of Harrison Ford in his Indiana Jones gear; fedora, whip and everything!

You can view a preview of tonight's Indy 4 clip directly on the top right corner of ET's homepage. If the video clip won't load, you can still find a few screenshots at our The Raven forums.

So be sure to watch Entertainment Tonight this evening! And if you can, please record the Indy 4 video clip and place it online for the fans around the world who can't view tonight's ET show.

Thanks to John Alexander and Rocky Ponti for the heads up.

"Indy Arrives" Behind-the-Scenes video
12/07/07, 1:11am EST posted the exact same video clip Entertainment Tonight aired yesterday online, and in much better quality!

Hat? Check. Jacket? Check. Bullwhip? Check. As cameras roll on the new Indiana Jones adventure, Director Steven Spielberg shares with us a brief video of Harrison Ford returning to his classic role.

You can view this video clip featuring Harrison Ford in his Indiana Jones gear online at now.

Indiana Jones 4 at the San Diego Comic-Con
12/07/07, 4:00pm EST

The San Diego Comic-Con has posted the full schedule for their 2007 convention, taking place from July 26 till 29. And the highly anticipated Indiana Jones 4 will indeed get some Comic-Con attention as well on Thursday, July 26, between 1:30 and 3:30 pm!

1:30-3:30 Paramount Pictures—Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures, and Nickelodeon Movies present a bold new vision for the future of adventure. Be here for a one-of-a-kind presentation put together just for the fans at Comic-Con as you get a look at such highly anticipated films as Beowulf, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Stardust, Hot Rod, Iron Man, and the next installments of Indiana Jones and Star Trek, plus a few surprises. Appearing in person: JJ Abrams, Neil Gaiman, Roger Avary, and SNL's Andy Samberg. Hall H

And in case you hope to attend this program:
Seating in all event rooms at Comic-Con is on a first-come, first-served basis. Because of the sheer number of attendees, simply having a badge does not guarantee a seat in programs and events, nor an autograph from a specific celebrity.

Visit the San Diego Comic-Con to view their full programs schedule.

Thanks to Heiko and for the news.

First week of shooting Indy 4 in Hawaii
14/07/07, 5:07pm EST

Indiana Jones 4 producers Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall held a press conference at a hotel in Hawaii yesterday. Reports from this press conference can be found at Yahoo! News and The Honolulu Advertiser.

Ford did not attend the news conference, but he is working on the Big Island along with Cate Blanchett, John Hurt and Shia LaBeouf, the executives said.

The Honolulu Advertiser
Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall in a
photo by Tim Wright.

The Hawaii Channel also posted a very nice video report of the press conference with producers Kennedy and Marshall yesterday. Their video report also shows a few areas of where Indy 4 will be shot and a brief interview with a local crew member. So definitely worth checking out.

Here follow some excepts from Yahoo! News report of yesterday's press conference:

Producers of the adventure, currently being filmed on Hawaii's Big Island, say there's no need to worry. Ford is as fit as ever.
"I have to say, he looks amazing," said Kathleen Kennedy, the film's co-executive producer, along with George Lucas. "He looks fantastic in the outfit."

The action star [Harrison Ford] is actually doing many of his own stunts in the latest film.
"He's doing them, he just has a few more ice packs and a few more massages," Kennedy said.
"And a lot of Celebrex," producer Frank Marshall added.

The film's biggest action sequences are being filmed in Hawaii. Marshall compared one scene to the thrilling, white-knuckled truck chase in the desert in Raiders. "It's that level," he said.

Ford, Lucas, Spielberg, Kennedy and Marshall all worked together on the first three films, so this latest is a homecoming of sorts. "We're having a great time. It's so much fun being together," said Marshall, who has produced more than 50 films. "Nobody's worried about their careers any more," he said.

Here follows a list if Indiana Jones 4 in Hawaii info gathered from the reports and by local Indyfans Horrorbot and Yvonne:

  • The film's biggest action sequences are being filmed in Hawaii.
  • Hawaii will be featured in about 20 percent of the film. About half of this will be from sets in Los Angeles.
  • The movie just completed the first of three weeks of filming in Hawaii.
  • This week they've been filming battle scenes in a private lot in the Shipman area, next week they start filming at one of the many waterfalls on the Hamakua coast.
  • The Hamakua Coast area will double for a South America rain forest.
  • The Indy 4 crew in Hawaii counts a crew of about 400, including about 125 Hawaii hires, and put together dozens of special effects and stunts.
  • There are 25 to 30 stunt performers working on the Big Island portion of the production.
  • One stunt referred to is sending a specially designed vehicle over a waterfall. And it will cost over a million dollars to produce just that stunt alone.
  • Budget for the film is rumored to be 125 million.
  • The filming for the still-unnamed movie is being done on private property and out of view of the public.
  • The production is based at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel. One problem affecting the producers has been finding several 'upscale' homes with 45 minutes of Hilo for the films lead actors.
  • The cast and crew are expected to finish and leave for the next location between July 21 and July 24.

The Hawaii Tribune Herald published a report of Harrison Ford's arrival on the Big Island on Tuesday, July 10.

Special thanks to Horrorbot, Yvonne, Norm and Justin for the info and links.

Many more Indiana Jones films planned?
18/07/07, 11:08am EST

According to film news & gossip site, young Indy 4 star Shia LaBeouf has signed a four picture deal as the archeologist’s "offspring"(?). This would mean that LaBeouf has signed on for 3 more Indiana Jones movies after the one they are currently filming.
The site also claims Harrison Ford has signed a three picture deal, "his final stint as the whip wielding adventurer will be a trilogy". Meaning two more Indy films after Indiana Jones 4.

But is there any truth to this rumor? While says they got this from very well respected Paramount studio source, Indiana Jones production partner Lucasfilm denies it.

That’s purely a rumor,” Lucasfilm’s Director of Publicity John Singh told MTV News. “Idle chatter among Internet fans.

Our own contacts at DreamWorks and Paramount Pictures had no further comment on this news, the people at seem convinced the rumor they are spreading is 100% fact. Only time will tell!

This remains a rumor until an official source confirms or debunks it!

By the way: also mentions Lucasfilm is thinking about an animated Indiana Jones TV series in the same vein as the Star Wars Clone Wars animated series.

Thanks to Brett Hopkins,Paul Shipper, Nathan Hartman, Chuck Halverson, David Gruwez, Jayson Crittenden, Charlie Ostlie and Jeremiah Kelleher for the heads up.

Indy news spreads worldwide!
18/07/07, 11:11am EST

Everyone is hungry for news of Indiana Jones 4. When Director Steven Spielberg gave a glimpse of behind-the-scenes footage of Harrison Ford as Indy last week (you can see it here), it quickly spread around the world. presents a compilation of news clips celebrating the return of the globe-trotting adventurer.

So definitely check out their fun new Indy news spreads worldwide clip. It gives a whole new definition to the word "exclusive".

Karen Allen returns in Indiana Jones 4!
26/07/07, 7:22pm EST

Breaking news out of Paramount’s 1:30 - 3:30 pm presentation today: Marion Ravenwood is back!

The official Star Wars blog writes that actress Karen Allen is joining the cast of the upcoming Indiana Jones movie, reprising her role as spirited Marion Ravenwood. This was officially announced today during Comic-Con International in San Diego.
The new movie is in production under the direction of Steven Spielberg, who is pictured here with Allen during a break in shooting in Hawaii.

click to enlarge
Click on the photo for a high-res version.

The upcoming “Indiana Jones” adventure is a Lucasfilm Ltd. production and is being distributed by Paramount Pictures. Frank Marshall returns as producer, with Kathleen Kennedy joining George Lucas as executive producer. It is planned for worldwide release on May 22, 2008. (Photo by David James, courtesy Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Come back tomorrow for more details on the live satellite video connection Paramount had with Steven Spielberg, Karen Allen, Harrison Ford, Shia LaBeouf and Ray Winstone from the set of Indiana Jones 4! This took place during the Paramount panel at the Comic-Con earlier today.

UPDATE: Indy 4 teaser posters from Comic-Con
26/07/07, 8:03pm EST

WorstPreviews gives us a first look at a teaser poster for Indiana Jones 4 that Paramount was handing out to attendees of Comic-Con in San Diego today.
The poster is a painted collage of Indiana Jones illustrations made by Drew Struzan. At the bottom, the date of release says Memorial Day 2008.

You can view a larger version of this Indiana Jones 4 teaser poster at WorstPreviews and Filmwad.

Indy Comic-Con posterIndy Comic-Con swagIndy Comic-Con poster
The Indy Comic-Con swag & 2 posters featuring art of Drew Struzan.

Update: Star Wars blog posted more information on the Indiana Jones swag handed out at the Comic-Con.

Available at the Paramount booth are two cool items, an Indy poster with various depictions by artist Drew Struzan and a nice Marshall College Department of Archaeology t-shirt that’s printed right on the spot! The poster is a quick pick – the shirt you’ll have to wait in line for.

Those who attended Paramount’s panel Thursday afternoon also received a great large foldout booklet with more artwork by Struzan and the promise that Indy returns Memorial Day, 2008! Gotta love that Comic-Con swag!

Visit the official Star Wars blog for more updates from the Comic-con.

UPDATE: Indy 4 cast greet fans at Comic-Con
27/07/07, 7:31am EST

Indy 4
The Indy 4 "family" - Photo by Indiana

Some of the lead cast and crew members from Indiana Jones 4 made a live appearance at Comic-Con yesterday via satellite. They even introduce a new cast member familiar to all Indy fans.

You can read a detailed transcript of this video greeting at the Star Wars blog and even watch a few sharper photos at Ain't It Cool News. Or you can just view this G4 video here under.

New behind-the-scenes video at
28/07/07, 7:29am EST
LaBeouf, Ford &
Spielberg in Hawaii.
A new behind-the-scenes of Indiana Jones 4 video Steven Spielberg shared at the Lucasfilm presentation at Comic-Con yesterday is now no the official! (Beware for SPOILERS!)

The new video takes us on an exciting tour behind the scenes of Indy 4 on set in New Haven and Hawaii. We get a glimpse of Indy teaching a class at Marshall College and the chase scene in the streets of New Haven. Also note the wonderful Marcus Brody painting! also added the satellite video with the Indy 4 cast and crew shown at the Comic-Con on Thursday.

Do we have the names of Indy's two sidekicks?
29/07/07, 7:50am EST

We may have the names of Indy's two sidekick characters played by Shia LaBeouf and Ray Winstone in the fourth Indiana Jones film.

Beware as the following has not been confirmed or denied yet by an official source and can be seen as SPOILERish rumors! So maybe we should take it with a grain of salt.

Ray Winstone
Ray Winstone
The LA Times published an article on Robert Zemeckis' upcoming CG film Beowulf in which Indy sidekick, British actor Ray Winstone, plays the title role. In the article it is briefly mentioned that Winstone's character in Indy 4 is named "Mac."

LA Times: Winstone is actually 50 years old, but thanks to wizardry of motion capture technology, he and other main characters age onscreen from teenagers to 70-year-olds as the film progresses. "It's been a long time since I've looked 17 or 18 years old," Winstone said, on a call from the set of Indiana Jones IV, in which he plays a character called "Mac."

It is unclear if LA Times got this name from Ray Winstone himself or from somewhere else.

Shia LaBeouf
Shia LaBeouf
Now about Shia LaBeouf's part; rumors are circling the web that the -- greaser; wearing jeans and a black leather jacket and riding around on a motorcycle -- character Shia LaBeouf appears to be playing is going by the named "Mutt". And if you look closely at that Comic-Con satellite video at, you can see such a name embroidered on Shia's black leather jacket. But it might not be "Mutt"! According to Mike Sampson from, the name on the jacket is "Matt"; as from Matthew. Other items you might want to keep your eyes out for Indy's son is apparently Matthew Jones, given away by the name "Matt" embroidered on Shia LaBeouf's leather jacket.

The last name if Shia LaBeouf's character is a different rumor story for another time.

Thanks to Tim Wilson for the LA Times article link.

Empire talked with John Hurt about Indy 4
29/07/07, 2:48pm EST

Empire Magazine had a chat with one of the big Indiana Jones 4 stars right before the start of the San Diego Comic-Con last week. Speaking in L.A. John Hurt told Empire that things were progressing very nicely.

"I've done the odd scene with Shia [LaBoeuf]" John Hurt continued. "He's a very good young actor indeed and a very nice guy too. And working with Steven [Spielberg] is wonderful. It feels like I've worked with him many, many times before and I never have."

When Empire asked the actor to tell them a bit about his role in next year's most anticipated movie, his reply was somewhat predicable: "Well, I'm not allowed to tell you about my character - it's under tight control for good reason. It's not meant to be 'boo to you sucks' type of thing - it's because it makes sense...and it wouldn't help you to know what I was playing anyway."

And what of his hopes for the film? "My motto all the way through my life has been that if something stands the chance of succeeding on the level that it is intended to succeed on, then it's worth having a look at. And nobody could possibly say that this series has not absolutely fulfilled its intentions."

Head over to Empire to read the full article.

Thanks to David Gruwez for the heads up.

The return of Marion was Frank Darabont's suggestion
29/07/07, 3:20pm EST had the opportunity to get a chance to talk to three-time Oscar-nominee Frank Darabont about the chilling adaptation of Stephen King's The Mist.

Near the end of the interview Darabont is asked how it was like to write a script for the new Indiana Jones film. The announced return of Marion Ravenwood is mentioned to what Frank Darabont proudly comments:

"That was, by the way, my suggestion. Let's bring Marion back. I'm taking full credit for that. I don't wanna hear shit from anyone else. That was my idea. Thank you very mutch."

Darabont then happily adds that he had a big crush on Karen Allen at that time. He loved the Marion Ravenwood character and he wanted her back.
Well dear Frank Darabont; the great majority of all Indiana Jones fans love Marion as well and we are very excited about her return in Indiana Jones 4. So thank you very much indeed for suggesting Marion's return to Spielberg!

Head over to and be sure to view their video interview with Frank Darabont.

Trivia: In 2003, Frank Darabont completed the very first Indiana Jones 4 screenplay. Steven Spielberg loved Darabont's script but George Lucas didn't find the material good enough. So they went looking for another screenplay writer. How many of Darabont's script ideas made it to the final film is still unknown.

Mysteries surrounding the crate number 9906573
31/07/07, 5:12pm EST

On July 26, the official received a new design with as center image a large wooden crate that bears the text "Property of Dr. Jones - 9906573".

Since that day, fans have been talking about the number 9906573 and its possible meaning as it "looks very much like" the serial number on the crate in which the Ark is placed at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Fellow Indyfans saw a message from Lucasfilm in this number: "the Ark of the Covenant will make a return in Indiana Jones 4."
But in that case, isn't the number 9906573 wrong? As the number that appears on the crate at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark is 9906753. The 7 and 5 are switched...

What intrigued and confused visitors even more are two mysterious websites; and Both sites appeared online only days after the release of the new Are these two sites created by Lucasfilm as part of an online marketing campaign? initially contained the release date of Indy 4 with a link to a wikipedia page of the Ark of the Covenant. Later this link got replaced by a reference to a bible text. And now it appears completely empty. shows a close-up image of that number on a crate with a link to the official Indy 4 site and a quote from Raiders: "That thing represents everything we got into archaeology for in the first place"

Well, I've received word from Lucasfilm that they have nothing to do with these two websites.
And about the number on the Indiana Jones 4 teaser poster & website; Lucasfilm says 9906573 is not meant to reflect the Ark of the Covenant at all. It is just another catalog number like the one seen on the crate containing the Ark in Raiders.

So both number sites are definitely made by fans!

Karen Allen talks about her return as Marion
06/08/07, 5:32pm EST

The Berkshire Eagle Online published an article about Karen Allen's return to Indy's most popular female companion Marion Ravenwood. Although she can hardly say a word about the details, Karen says she is "having a blast" in reviving the role after 27 years. (filming of Raiders took place in the summer of 1980.)

In July, she was on location — she can't say where — for three weeks. She will return — she can't say where — in two weeks for a longer stint, through October.

Meanwhile, she has been getting buffed up in the gym with daily workouts.

"You want to get in shape for all kinds of reasons: You want to look good, and it's physically demanding, and you need stamina and energy," said Allen, 55, who has practiced yoga for years. "I put my iPod on and boogie."

Asked about her new/old role as Marion Ravenwood (whose bar, "The Raven," burned down in a prior episode), she still can't comment much.

"It's an action-adventure role, because that's really the nature of these films. They are shot-out-of-a-cannon kinds of films — there is a lot going on from the moment it starts until the moment it ends," she said.

Visit Berkshire Eagle Online to read the full article.

Thanks to Alessandro Bonini and Alan Spencer for the heads up.

Lucasfilm has filed for six Indy 4 titles
12/08/07, 8:22am EST

/Film reports that Lucasfilm has filed for six possible titles for Indiana Jones 4 with the Motion Pictures Association of America. The proposed titles include:

- Indiana Jones and the City of Gods
- Indiana Jones and the Destroyer of Worlds
- Indiana Jones and the Fourth Corner of the Earth
- Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
- Indiana Jones and the Lost City of Gold
- Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Covenant

The City of Gods has been long rumored to be the working title of the production. And while a Spielberg spokesperson told me City of Gods is not it (that was in May 2007), fans and news reporters still say this is the most credible title.

We'll just have to wait and see if George Lucas and Spielberg go with one of these titles or something completely different.

Thanks to Maxime Ferland and Tim Wilson for the heads up.

Reuniting the Family
13/08/07, 2:47pm EST

In a new video at Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall, Harrison Ford, Kathleen Kennedy, and George Lucas discuss getting the Indiana Jones family back together for the next adventure in the Indiana Jones series.

The new video shows clips from the previous three Indiana Jones films -- calling it the "Indy Trilogy" seems no longer appropriate -- as well as a few brief behind-the-scenes glimpses of Indiana Jones 4!

Definitely worth checking out at

On the set of Indiana Jones 4 article
16/08/07, 5:29pm EST

BBC Birmingham has published a great article by Brett Birks who recently interviewed film student Dan Yeates. Dan is the godson of Ray Winstone and he has just spent four days on the set of Indiana Jones 4.

We'll "Try not to hate him too much" but it's hard when you read Dan Yeates' comments on his experience:

"When Ray was up doing his scenes I'd sit in his chair," Dan says. "Steven Spielberg was sat one side of me, George Lucas the other. Meanwhile Ray was doing a scene with Harrison Ford. It was quite surreal."

Dan – who's studying Television Production and Journalism at university– jumped at the chance to visit Ray in LA, where the cockney actor plays Indiana Jones' sidekick in the swashbuckling adventure film.

"It was just incredible," he says. "I was stunned at how big the production is. In the studio we were in they must have had six or seven gigantic sets all built there."

For every true fanboy though, Dan got to live the ultimate dream: witnessing Indiana Jones – kitted out in full attire – use his bullwhip to fend off some baddies.

"When Harrison Ford walked on set - wow! He's quite shy and reserved. I know people are worried about him playing Indy at his age but I can tell you first hand that as soon as Steven yelled 'Action!' Harrison was throwing himself into everything, doing all the stunts they'd let him."

You can read the full article, with more exciting quotes from Dan Yeates, online at BBC Birmingham.

UPDATE: Indy 4 set photos from Hawaii
20/08/07, 4:52pm EST

Update: A source working in the photo dept. for a major magazine in the USA received these Indy 4 Hawaii set photos on July 15th. This source told me that the agency that took these photos is called Splash News and their caption info indicates they were taken on July 14.

Russian photo agency EastNews has a series of 8 new spy-photos from the Hawaii set of Indiana Jones 4 available for registered members. Regular visitors, like ourselves, have to do it with only small thumbnail versions of these photos. But that doesn't make them any less SPOILER HEAVY!

So if you like SPOILERS; click here to view the Hawaii set of Indy 4 photo thumbnails. You can also view these same thumbnails at the Harrison Ford Web homepage.

When these photos were taken is unknown. The shooting on location in Hawaii ended a couple of weeks ago. They are now filming Indy 4 on closed sets in Los Angeles at the moment.

The Indiana Jones 4 sets in Los Angeles
27/08/07, 2:24pm EST

The 'Indiana Jones 4 Blog' has received a report by an anonymous friend who had a few things to share and show from the Indiana Jones 4 sets in Los Angeles.

You can read the unedited Indy 4 set report here. And don't be afraid of SPOILERS as they appear hidden. The report also comes with quite a few revealing set photos which you can view at the Indiana Jones 4 Blog... and thus be SPOILED!

Have you been up all night like me just sweating about what is going on in LA with Jones IV? Well, wonder no more IndyFans!

Looks like Jones IV is filming on 4 stages over at Spielbergo’s home away from home, Universal Studios & security is tighter then Belloq’s pants! One of the code names for Jones IV is “GENRE”. If you are going to a Universal Studio Tour, don’t expect your tour guide ‘Babs’ to talk Jones either. Its like the thing ain’t even happening! Hush! Hush!
But…. so what is going on?
SPOILER: Well, there is a pyramid set. What’s going on at the pyramid set? Lots of soldiers (maybe Russian) coming out. That’s about it.

There is a street at Universal called “Mexican Street” that whenever I see it, I think of all the great scenes from Three Amigos that were filmed there…. but yes, Jones has taken over Mexican Street.

So where else is Jones IV filming? A place called Downey Studios which is a former airstrip and a place where several space shuttles were built! Recent flicks like Spiderman, Terminator 3 & Austin Powers all filmed there.

And as seen as if you were walking into it, like I do in my dreams. Word on the street is that lots of Russian lookin’ tanks have been comin’ in & out of here! What is going on!? And how can I get in there!!!

An edited & extended version of this anonymous Indy 4 set report can be found at Harrison Ford Web. BEWARE for those same revealing set photos though!

And the info that Spielberg and crew are filming scenes for Indiana Jones 4 at the Downey studios was already mentioned by last week. In an article entitled Bases harnessed for double duty Variety talks about the US film industry creatives enjoying military collaborations;

... such as Steven Spielberg and company, who have set up camp at Downey Studios to film portions of the latest "Indiana Jones" movie. The former NASA/Boeing site where the first four Space Shuttles were built boasts a cavernous 627,000-square-foot building, with ceiling heights as high as 45 feet. By contrast, the 34 soundstages on the Warner Bros. lot range in size from 6,000 to 34,000 square feet.

At the Downey facility, where the Spielberg film is referred to as "The Genre Project," the production is akin to classified information, with nobody allowed to go on the record.

People who are trying to avoid any kind of Indy 4 spoilers are safe at as I won't post any revealing set photos here. Same goes for spoiler-ish text info which will only be visible to readers who choose to be spoiled.

Source: Indiana Jones 4 Blog

Big size Indy 4 Hawaii set pics
29/08/07, 5:05pm EST

The 'Harrison Ford Web' has published (with permission of SplashNews) big size versions of the earlier mentioned Indiana Jones 4 Hawaii set photos taken on July 14.

Visit Harrison Ford Web to view these photos. But beware as they reveal big SPOILERS!

New Indiana Jones 4 set photos & stage rumors
03/09/07, 3:39pm EST

At the Harrison Ford Web Forum you can view new spy/spoiler photos of the Indiana Jones 4 sets currently being used in Los Angeles. The photos are taken by 'thebacklot' who also adds some interesting observations here.

thebacklot: The production is sprawling, landing at most all of the studios in and around Los Angeles. Downey Studios, Sony Studios, Universal Studios, and Warner Brothers Studios.

First, Universal Studios. Yes, the South American temple is definitively for Indy/Genre. They were shooting exterior day scenes with a large blue screen this past Wednesday...

Next up, on to Mexico Street . I don't have the most amazing photos, but think of it as the Cairo street meets HBO's Deadwood, it's very tight, cluttered, and dirty - in short, it's an amazing set from a production design standpoint (but I think we're all getting the feeling that every set is a labor of love from Guy Hendrix Dyas (he also did SUperman Returns, X-Men 2, and the Brothers Grimm)...

Heading across the Los Angeles river over to Warner Brothers. The Genre Project is going to be shooting on Stage 16, and it's under extremely tight security. Apparently they've been there for a long time constructing sets, however they'll only be there for about three days of filming. And yes, it looks like the interior of the South American temple. The sets are huge. And there may be more than one. Temple, that is. Or is there? The property department at Warner Brothers has a few items tucked away in the back with Genre hold cards on them... but they're Egyptian artifacts, and the location is listed as; "Ante Chamber." It's been rumored that...

Read the full report online at the Harrison Ford Web Forum. But beware for the SPOILERS!

Some of what thebacklot says has been mentioned earlier last week at Screamscape who published the following:

(8/28/07) It seems Universal Studios Hollywood may have changed their tone about the reported filming of Indiana Jones 4 on the back lot. A Screamscape reader who took advantage of the new VIP Tour experience were told by their guide about sets for the film on property in various restricted access areas and while walking through the Prop House they were told to keep an eye out for props tagged to be on hold for the movie “Genre” which is the codeword for the film. While photos are not allowed in the exclusive VIP areas, our reader did notice several props tagged for Genre, some labeled for “AnteChamber” and others for “ArkChamber”.

If you're can't resist some possible spoiler photos from the sets of Indiana Jones, then pay a visit to the Harrison Ford Web Forum.

Thanks to Indainayeg, Dennis Dickens, Jeremy Schwinger and Maxime Ferland for the heads up.

Is Dan Bradley stunt coordinator for Indy 4?
04/09/07, 4:57pm EST

The Indiana Jones films are pure classic stuntwork extravaganzas performed by some of the best stuntmen in the business. Among them was the now legendary Vic Armstrong who acted as one of Harrison Ford's three stunt doubles in all the previous Indy films. Armstrong was also the lead stunt coordinator for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and other Spielberg films including War of the Worlds.
It was assumed that he would be the obvious choice to return as Stunt Coordinator for Indiana Jones 4. But faith apparently chose differently. While Spielberg & Co are currently filming Indy 4 in Los Angeles, Vic Armstrong is "action coordinator" of another action/adventure sequel currently in production; The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Then who is coordinating all the stunts for Indiana Jones 4?
The Hollywood Reporter may have brought us the answer we're seeking! They have announce that action designer Dan Bradley has been hired as the second unit director for the 22nd James Bond film:

Bradley plotted out and directed the acclaimed fight sequences and car chases as the stunt coordinator and second unit director of the two Paul Greengrass-helmed Bourne sequels and will service the working-titled Bond 22 in much the same capacity.

Bradley is coming off of working on the latest Indiana Jones movie. His recent credits as second unit director include the two Spider-Man sequels, Superman Returns and Seabiscuit.

Apparently, Dan Bradley just finished, or is about to finish, "his work" on Indiana Jones 4!

While the Indy 4 crew page at lists many names for stunt performers & doubles, no name is mentioned for stunt coordinator yet. Though IMDb is not the most reliable source for films yet-to-be released anyway.

Interesting to add is that 3 of the most recent films Dan Bradley did the stunt coordination for (Seabiscuit and The Bourne Identity sequels) were also produced by the legendary Indiana Jones producer Frank Marshall.

Thanks to Jared Barrett for the heads up!

UPDATE: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
10/09/07, 2:23am EST

Shia LaBeouf, the youngest talent of the Indy 4 castmembers, announced the official title of the fourth Indiana Jones film yesterday at MTV's Video Music Awards: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!

Here follows the official press release found at as well as the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull logo.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (Sept. 9, 2007) - The title of the new Indiana Jones adventure, now in production under the direction of Steven Spielberg, is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it was revealed today by actor Shia LaBeouf.

LaBeouf announcing the title
LaBeouf announcing the
film title yesterday.
LaBeouf, who stars in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull with Harrison ford, Cate Blanchett, Karen Allen, Ray Winstone and John Hurt, announced the title during today's MTV Video Music Awards, which were broadcast live from Las Vegas. Additional cast members include Ray Winstone, John Hurt, Jim Broadbent, and Igor Jijikine.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a Lucasfilm Ltd. production, and is being distributed by Paramount Pictures. It will be released in the U.S. and simultaneously in most territories worldwide on Thursday, May 22, 2008. Frank Marshall returns as producer, with Kathleen Kennedy joining George Lucas as executive producer.

And this is actually not the first time the title Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has ever been heard. Last month, /Film reported that Lucasfilm has filed for six possible titles for Indiana Jones 4 with the Motion Pictures Association of America. The proposed titles were:

- Indiana Jones and the City of Gods
- Indiana Jones and the Destroyer of Worlds
- Indiana Jones and the Fourth Corner of the Earth
- Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
- Indiana Jones and the Lost City of Gold
- Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Covenant

View the video of Shia announcing the title at or read the official press release again at announced at!

Also exciting is that you can already order an exclusive Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie title T-shirt online at! And the new Indiana Jones 4, euh... I mean Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (better get used to that soon) T-shirt is available to every fan in every country around the world!

Special thanks to the following people for informing me:
Charles Provost, Patrick Garcia, Guillermo Varela, Christine Bowes, David Medina, Bryan Babich, Dan Lucore, Phil Sexton, 'Repairman Jack', 'RYAN OC', Gino and J.R. Royall.

New Kingdom of the Crystal Skull cast member
11/09/07, 2:18pm EST

Igor Jijikine
Igor Jijikine
With all the excitement surrounding the announced title Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull most people seem to have overlooked a new name mentioned in the latest press release at The fourth Indiana Jones film has a new additional cast member, and his name is Igor Jijikine!

"Igor Jijikine who?" you might ask. Well, you may have seen Jijikine before in projects such as J.J. Abrams hit series Alias, in which he was seen at the side of Quentin Tarantino in the double episode named The Box. Or Clint Eastwood's Blood Work in which he played a foreign character named 'Bolotov'.
And according to his official website, Igor Jijikine is currently working "on the new Steven Spielberg production"! Which the latest press release confirms.

Visit Igor Jijikine's official website or his IMDb page for more info on this latest Kingdom of the Crystal Skull cast member.

Special thanks to 'Dr. Sartorius' for spotting Jijikine's name in the press release as I didn't notice it either.

Cate Blanchett talks about the new Indiana Jones
11/09/07, 3:03pm EST

Adam B. Vary of Entertainment Weekly had the chance to talk to Cate Blanchett at the Toronto Film Festival gala premiere party for Elizabeth: The Golden and asked her about working on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Adam: Speaking of, what can you tell me about the Indiana Jones film?
Cate: "It's phenomenal to be working with Harrison Ford and Spielberg and Karen Allen, all of whom were in one of the most amazing experiences of my childhood, watching that film. And then I'm stepping into the frame. It's a real Zelig moment for me. It was really quite moving when Karen filmed her first entry into the film the other day. You know, Spielberg said, ''I feel so young!'' [Laughs] It was fantastic."

Adam: And what is the Spielberg experience?
Cate: "Look, he's an absolute master. He knows the genre like the back of his hand, and he makes fantastic suggestions. He's really fast and incredibly creative. Like, if a shot's not working, he'd completely change it and do something equally as amazing. And it's weird, because I feel like I know all the movies as an audience [member]. I know all the lighting, I know all the elements. But it's coming together in a new way. And Harrison looks f---ing great."

Click here to read Adam B. Vary's full interview with the brilliant Cate Blanchett.

Thanks to Alessandro Bonini for the interview link.

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: what's it mean?
14/09/07, 4:33pm EST

The following does not contain any Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull story spoilers. At least nothing more than what people already knew about the Ark of the Covenant before they watched Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981, or the Holy Grail before Last Crusade. published an article about the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull title and what it could mean. MTV talked with Harvard lecturer Marc Zender about a possible role of fictional skulls in fourth Indy flick. Apparently there seems to be multiple possibilities.

Although crystal skulls were once displayed in museums across the globe (including the Smithsonian) as proof of ancient Mayan grinding technology, they're actually all fakes, most likely manufactured in late 19th-century Germany. Zender said this makes the artifacts "as perfectly legitimate a subject for Indy's fictional adventures as either the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail." ...

... The Holy Grail is an obvious quest for eternal life, the Ark for power. With so many divergent theories on crystal skulls, however (and given the fact that the legend itself is only 70 years old), Zender's assessment is that there is just no way to tell where this adventure will ultimately take Indy.

"They're not attached to any real ancient tradition. Every true believer has a slightly different take on them," Zender sighed. "As with most romances, by the end of it, the skull will have to be destroyed and the [ancient] civilization will pass away. But we'll just have to wait and see how."

At one moment in the article, Harvard lecturer Marc Zender mentions the story of adventurer, explorer and Atlantis aficionado Frederick Mitchell-Hedges who claimed his adoptive daughter Anna had discovered a crystal skull at the Mayan city of Lubaantun, in southern Belizein the early 1920s.
I mention this because you can watch an interesting clip at YouTube of Mitchell-Hedges' daughter Anna talking about her discovery while "experts" investigate her crystal skull.

Go to to read their full article entitled 'Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull': What's The Title Mean?.

Thanks to 'thefiddler' for the MTV article link.

Jim Broadbent talks about his role in Indy 4
17/09/07, 4:18pm EST

Dark Horizons published an excerpt from an upcoming exclusive interview with actor Jim Broadbent. In this excerpt Broadbent briefly talks about his role in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Here follows the one Indy related excerpt from Dark Horizons' interview which took place last week at the Toronto Film Festival:

Question: And who are you in Indiana Jones?
Broadbent: "I'm Indiana's academic colleague at Yale. I'm his friend and colleague - there's a couple of my scenes to go."

Click here to read the full excerpt from an upcoming interview with actor Jim Broadbent at Dark Horizons. In this excerpt Broadbent also confirms he has been cast as Horace Slughorn in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Thanks to Daniel, Manuel Verreydt and 'indyjonez' for the heads up.

TV Guide has a conversation with George Lucas
18/09/07, 2:01pm EST

During a conversation with TV Guide executive editor Steve Sonsky, George Lucas talks about the history of San Francisco-based filmmakers like himself, Coppola and Clint Eastwood, and looks forward at the future of his Star Wars saga and his own TV-watching habits.
Lucas also explains why it turned out OK that Sean Connery wouldn't reprise his role as Harrison Ford's dad in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Here follows the Indy related excerpt from the interview with TV Guide:

TV Guide: Speaking of friends working together... you and Steven Spielberg — how's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull going?
Lucas: "Very well. Very well indeed."

TV Guide: Were you disappointed about Sean Connery not coming out of retirement to play Indy's father?
Lucas: "No, in the end, it turned out better. In the beginning, he was just in a little bit of it, and I think with the strength of Sean Connery, people would've wanted him to go all the way through the whole thing, and the story really didn't work that way. And so I think there would've been some disappointment that [his character] dropped out partway through the movie. By having somebody else fill that role, you lose him without any regret, so to speak, even though we got a great actor to play the part. And I mean, he's not his father, so it's much easier...."

TV Guide: You mean [the other actor] is not playing Indy's father?
Lucas: "That's right. It's just a completely different character, so you're not invested in him in any way. The fact that that character, after the first part of the movie, isn't needed doesn't become a problem. Whereas I think with the scene we had, where [Indy] says goodbye to his dad, everybody was, "Wait a minute! Isn't he coming back?" So in the end, I think it turned out for the best. Sean just retired and he wants to stay retired, and I understand that. [Laughs] I think he just said, "Look, I've done it, I've done it." He was very tempted, you know, and we talked for a long time. But in the end, he just said, "Eh, I'm playing golf.""

TV Guide: Anything about the film that's been out there, wrong Internet buzz, that you want to correct?
Lucas: "Well, I don't really read the Internet buzz."

TV Guide: Probably healthy.
Lucas: "Yeah, I don't get involved in all that. A film is what it is. And you know, I think it's turned out well. It's very funny, it's very exciting, and it's everything that the other ones were. I can't wait to see it! [Laughs]"

Click here to read the complete first part of TV Guide's conversation with George Lucas.

And thanks to Jayson Crittenden and Mitchell Hallock for the heads up.

Could Cate Blanchett be Indy's latest love interest?
18/09/07, 4:53pm EST

During a recent interview with 'MTV News', Cate Blanchett wasn't ready to share any details on the role the crystal skull plays in the fourth Indiana Jones films. To hearing the title Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Cate's response was “I went, ‘Oh, that’s what it’s called, is it?’”.
But 'MTV News' went on to find out whether or not Cate Blanchett's character is Indy's latest love interest:

Cate, who was 12-years-old when Raiders of the Lost Ark opened, recalled watching Indy “kiss Karen Allen when they fall asleep. I can remember that was a big part for me,” she said. “I thought, ‘Ooh, gosh. When I grow up I’d like to marry a man like him, even if he does fall asleep after I kiss him.’

So we asked straight away: Did she get her childhood wish? Does she finally get to kiss Indiana Jones? “[Not] unless they’ve changed the script pages,” she sighed. “I don’t think so.”

If you wish to read Shawn Adler's full MTV interview report, including the SPOILERS, you may click here. But beware as the title of 'MTV News' report is quite revealing on it's own.

Thanks to Brett Hopkins for the heads up.

John Williams getting ready to score Indy 4
21/09/07, 2:37pm EST

On the eve of his Columbus concert, John Williams talked with Jordan Gentile, of The Other Paper, about Star Wars, Spielberg and mentioned he'll start composing the music for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull next month!

The Other Paper: What’s the current project you’re working on?
Williams: "Well, I just actually put pen down on a viola concerto. And I will be doing a week for the New York Philharmonic here, and then I’ll be coming out to Columbus for one day and I’ll be looking forward to meeting the orchestra. I think they’ll be great. And then I’ll be home in California the first of October to start on the next Indiana Jones."

The Other Paper: Are you just going to incorporate music from the earlier movies, or are you writing any new melodies?
Williams: "I’ll be able to tell you in about two weeks."

Head over to The Other Paper and find out how it comes a most successful film composer like John Williams never goes to the movies and rarely listens to classical music.

Thanks to Mitchell Hallock, Dennis Bruhn, '5IC' and Jeremy Schwinger for the heads up.

Books-by-the-Foot for Dr. Jones
25/09/07, 4:15pm EST

The New Yorker published a very interesting article about the Strand Bookstore which provides ready-made libraries for private homes, stores, and movie sets such as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Here follows a few excerpts from the article:

Although prop books are meant to be seen and not read, they have to evoke a mise en scène, inside and out. For Indiana Jones, the filmmakers specified that the books cover such topics as paleontology, marine biology, and pre-Columbian society. They had to be in muted colors and predate 1957. “People have gotten so character-specific nowadays,” Jenny McKibben, a manager at the store, said. “It can’t just be color anymore. With high-def, they can just freeze the film and say, ‘Oh, that’s so inappropriate.’ ”...

Downstairs on the shopping floor, Bibbi Taylor, a Strand manager, perused the Africa aisle for Indiana Jones material ...

Taylor weaved around some undergraduates and shifted two bookcases to the left. “Indy’s a philosopher of sorts, so I’d want some ancient-Greek stuff,” she said. She leaned down to a lower shelf and pulled out a green book with a faded spine. “Oh, yes! A ’39 ‘Paideia: The Ideals of Greek Culture,’ ” she said. “This could be something that he’s read many times.

“Paideia” in hand, Taylor recalled other recent projects. For a drug dealer in American Gangster, she gathered leather-looking books. For the gym-trainer character that Frances McDormand plays in an upcoming Coen brothers film, she collected self-help titles and romance novels (“a lot of Fabio”). Indiana Jones, though, was clearly her favorite client. “Dr. Jones, he’s my hero,” Taylor said. “I get to get inside his mind, touch the books that Harrison Ford will touch.

Click here to read The New Yorker's full article written by Austin Kelley.

And thanks to Kent Markwart for this great find!

What is Indiana Jones doing this week?
28/09/07, 2:55pm EST

If you want to know what Indiana Jones is doing this week, go pay a visit to Aint It Cool News. Their 'Moriarty' has received info, from one of his reliable sources about, about what the Indy 4 crew has build on the large Downey soundstages in Los Angeles.

Here follows part of 'Moriarty' explanation. But beware for SPOILERS!

I’m not sure how it all ties in, but sure enough... as rumored (and I never really believed it until now), on a soundstage in Downey... they’ve evidently built a reproduction of the warehouse from the end of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, and they’re staging a sequence there even as you read this.

Head over to Ain't It Cool News to read the full SPOILER article.

Thanks to Kent Markwart, Dennis Bruhn and Jayson Crittenden for the heads up.

Indy 4 photos and production details stolen
03/10/07, 2:09pm EST

The Los Angeles Times reported that Computers and photographs for director Steven Spielberg's upcoming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull were recently stolen.

DreamWorks Pictures SKG has asked local law enforcement to investigate, a studio spokeswoman said.
"An investigation is being conducted by law enforcement," said Kristin Stark, a spokeswoman for DreamWorks.

Stark declined to say where and when the theft took place. Officials from the Los Angeles Police Department, the FBI and the Sheriff's Department could not immediately confirm that they were investigating.

Marvin Levy, Spielberg's spokesman, said the director was concerned that the thieves might be trying to sell the materials.

And that's exactly what the thief started to do. He had send emails to multiple entertainment websites and offering the stolen goods for a sum of $2000. IESB.Net published more detailed info on the theft and the investigation that lead to the capture of the thief earlier today:

Over 2000 production stills, plenty of sensitive paperwork including a complete production budget breakdown, possibly the script from Indiana Jones 4 and multiple computers were stolen from Spielberg’s Universal Studio office.

The good news for Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and the fine folks over at Paramount, the alleged thief was apprehended today at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. around 4:00pm PST.

We (IESB.Net) have been told that the thief was apprehended by LAPD and the FBI with the help of a member of the online press that had been offered the stolen property. Sources tell us that an undercover sting operation was set in motion late last night with the help of the unnamed member of the online press.

Head over to the Los Angeles Times and IESB.Net to read the full story reports. And stay tuned as we are waiting for a possible official comment by Paramount or DreamWorks SKG.

Thanks to Stefan Zwanzger, Jayson Crittenden, 'Alaska Smith', Jose Angel Villar, Loran Skinkis, David Gruwez and Ryan from Baltimore for the news article links.

Lucas talks about the Crystal Skull relic
06/10/07, 7:40pm EST

Filmmaker George Lucas recently admitted in a video clip by MTV News that he has been obsessed with these antique crystal skulls ever since he began doing research for The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles TV-series that premiered in 1992. Here follows an excerpt from the MTV News article:

"We did The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, and in the process of that, one of the scripts we were working on was about a crystal skull. I became fascinated with it there," Lucas revealed Wednesday on the red carpet for the American Film Institute's 40th anniversary at the ArcLight. "We've been through lots of different versions the last 14 years, with five different writers. There's just a lot of aspects that seem to fit into our kind of a movie."

"I think this is actually better, it's up there with the Ark of the Covenant," he declared of the fourth film's "McGuffin" (a term coined by Alfred Hitchcock to describe an object which drives a film's plot). "Sankara Stones and the Holy Grail were a little tough, but I think this time we've really got a great one."

Lucas emphasized that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is shaping up to be the best Indy flick since the first one, even going so far as to call Skulls tonally most like Raiders.

Believers of the crystal skulls attribute all sorts of abilities to them; ranging from the skulls being psychic amplifiers to tools of death to repositories of ancient knowledge. MTV News of course asked George Lucas which theory will be in the fourth Indy film. Here is one of MTV's two video clips with George Lucas:

Extra trivia: 'DisneySea' at Tokyo, Japan, already has an Indiana Jones roller coaster ride named Temple of the Crystal Skull! This roller coaster opened to the public on September 4th, 2001. More info on this crystal skull attraction can be found here.

Blanchett had a great time working on Indy 4
09/10/07, 5:24pm EST

Cate Blanchett talked with MTV News about her return to the throne in Elizabeth: The Golden Age, which opens Friday; her daring choice to play Bob Dylan in I'm Not There, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; which she calls a "big bar of chocolate"! Cate added that she had wrapped her scenes in Indy 4 on Saturday. Here follows an excerpt from MTV's interview:

MTV: Which is your favorite Indy film?
Blanchett: "I have a soft spot for the first one because I adore Karen Allen. This one is a big bar of chocolate and you want to eat the whole thing. I'm really looking forward to this slotting into the boxed set."

MTV: Do you get the sense that it will fit in and not feel out of place with the others because so much time has passed?
Blanchett: "That's really hard to say, isn't it? I did feel on the first day [like], "I know the iconography of this." When they were setting up the shot and I was walking into the frame, it felt familiar and strange at the same time."

MTV: Have you finished filming?
Blanchett: "I wrapped on Saturday. They have a couple more weeks. It meant a lot to me. And it meant an enormous amount to my kids. They were on set, and Steven was great with the children. They loved all the effects and the stunts. It was a real riot for them."

MTV:Have you gotten bruised up? I would assume some significant stunt work is involved.
Blanchett: "Oh, baby. Spielberg kept saying he was butching me up."

MTV: Are there any giant boulders chasing after you?
Blanchett: "Not that I remember. Maybe that's when I was knocked unconscious."

MTV: There's so much secrecy around this movie. Who have you shared the plot with? Your family?
Blanchett: "Are you going to take them hostage?"

MTV: Yes, that was my plan.
Blanchett: "I wouldn't put them in that danger. [She laughs.] No, very few people have seen the script. Only department heads have seen the script."

Cate Blanchett recently told Empire Magazine (beware, they mention SPOILERS!) that working on the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is "so much fun,":

"I was such a fan [of the Indiana Jones movies], I grew up on them. I was completely in love with Harrison Ford, and still am. He’s a hottie, he’s definitely stood the test of time. And it’s fantastic to be working in a genre that Steven and Harrison know like the back of their hands. They grew up making these films together; it’s like a family, all the people who’ve worked on this franchise. And they’re so welcoming; it’s a really happy set to be on."

Click here to read Empire's full (spoilers!) article. And don't forget to check out MTV News' great interview with the most revered actress working today!

Thanks to Logan and 'Hammy Skillet' at The Raven for the heads up.

Many exciting Indiana Jones 4 set reports
10/10/07, 5:41pm EST

Film news sites Ain't It Cool News,,,, IGN, ComingSoon, LatinoReview and Slashfilm were invited to the set of the most anticipated Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull this week. They all came back with exciting set reports and a surprize interview with Steven Spielberg himself who shared some great Indy 4 details:
  • Indiana Jones 4 will wrap tomorrow.
  • The poster for Indiana Jones 4 will be done by Drew Struzan!
  • Harrison Ford does most his own stunts and they are no different than what Ford did on the previous three Indy films. Harrison still is in great shape for a 64 year old.
  • Spielberg announced/confirmed the villains: Russians are the villains in the film and Spielberg hired Russian actors to ensure accuracy with their accents.
  • The fourth Indy film is shot on film and not digital. Spielberg would be the last person to shoot on digital.

Click on the links above to read all Indiana Jones 4 set reports.

Thanks to Daniel, Jeff, Jayson Crittenden, David Gruwez, Isaac and 'Skylover' for the set report links.

Scenes for Indy 4 will be filmed in Fresno
10/10/07, 6:11pm EST

Based on a new article at ABC-30 - and the fact that Spielberg annouced filming will wrap on Thursday - it appears that the last day of shooting Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull won't be in studio but on location in southwest Fresno, USA, tomorrow!

Here follow some highlights of ABC-30's article with SPOILERS hidden:

About 40 people from paramount pictures are already here preparing two valley locations for filming of the new Indiana Jones at chandler airport and at eagle field in Dos Palos.

By the end of the week, more than 200 people are expected to be working on shooting scenes for one of Hollywood's most talked about movie.

Airport workers say production crews have been preparing Fresno's chandler airport since Saturday, painting lettering to make it look like Mexico City's airport.

The film is set in 1957, so old cars have been brought in, along with a DC-3 plane with Pan-America painted on the side.

Crews also painted "Branford" on the airport tower, likely to represent the airport in Branford Conneticut, where some scenes have already been shot.

Head over to ABC-30 to read the full article and to view a video report on location.

Thanks to Mitchell Hallock and Alessandro Bonini for the heads up.

Indy 4 tops poll of Most Anticipated Movies
11/10/07, 2:50pm EST

Not exactly a surprise to all of us Indy fans but it is indeed noteworthy that Indiana Jones tops list of most anticipated movies:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The latest Indiana Jones adventure is the most anticipated movie scheduled for release in the next year, according to a poll of U.S. moviegoers.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the fourth movie in Steven Spielberg's adventure franchise, topped the survey conducted by, followed by the next Batman movie, The Dark Knight.

The poll involved asking more than 2,000 moviegoers to rank their interest level in a list of movies from 1 to 5.

The top 10 also included several others based on existing film franchises, such as the Chronicles of Narnia, comic books or old TV shows. Only two originals films -- American Gangster and I Am Legend -- made it into the top 10.

Based on MovieTickets' results, the top 10 films are:

    1. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
    2. The Dark Knight (Batman Begins 2)
    3. National Treasure: Book of Secrets
    4. American Gangster
    5. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
    6. Iron Man
    7. I Am Legend
    8. Get Smart
    9. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
    10. Charlie Wilson's War

Thanks to Alessandro Bonini for the heads up.

Posted by Jayson Crittenden

It's a wrap for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
15/10/07, 5:18pm EST

ABC30 reported that the Indy 4 crew filmed the last required scenes at Fresno's Chandler Field Friday morning. That's right, principal photography on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of The Crystal Skull has wrapped on October 12, 2007!

A local Graphic Designer and Filmmaker from Fresno, CA. named 'roQue' has published a few photos from the Indy 4 set at Fresno online on his blog. One of his photos captured Harrison Ford, in full Indiana Jones gear, enjoying a cigar. So roQue's blog is definitely worth checking out if you don't mind SPOILERS!
roQue also promises to publish a video of Ford & George Lucas sitting down for tea time later.

Thanks to 'torao' from The Raven for the blog link.

Posted by Gilles V

Ray Winstone talks about Indiana Jones 4
23/10/07, 5:07pm EST

While attending the festivities at the first ever SCREAM Awards, Ray Winstone, aka Beowulf and Indy's new sidekick, Mac, talked to the good folks at Ray discusses his experiences with Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, Karen Allen and Shia LeBeouf on the set of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Check out the exclusive video interview with Ray Winstone at

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

Harrison Ford and the "best of the Indy series yet"
09/11/07, 7:32pm EST

The folks at the Cessna aircraft plant of Wichita, Kansas welcomed a famous Pilot in Command (PIC), Harrison Ford, who came by to order a new $16 million CitationSovereign airplane.

The article from the Wichita Eagle talked with Cessna chairman, Jack Pelton, who said that Ford "couldn't be more excited about it (Indy 4) being the best of the Indy series yet". Cessna chairman, Jack Pelton, also reports that Ford especially likes the script and cinematography. "He thinks it's really going to make for a tremendous... film," Pelton says.

Read the full article at the Wichita Eagle website.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

Ray Winstone is excited he's part of Indy 4
12/11/07, 5:16pm EST

MTV talked with Ray Winstone last Thursday and asked him about his recent experiences on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. “You go there, and you see the first camera move, and then you realize you’re in an Indiana Jones film,” said Ray excitedly.

It’s a film I never thought I’d ever be making. Then you get a little bit [more] excited, because it’s something your kids are going to be able to watch. And working with Steven Spielberg and [George Lucas] … They’re geniuses; these are clever men, and they’re great filmmakers, and you feel like you’re in the company of these people. What happened? How did I get from there to here?

Confirming that he’s worked with both the trademark Indy hat and whip, Winstone said that the beloved movie props gave him chills. “Yep, without any shadow of a doubt — and without even realizing I was going to be like that,” he grinned. “Harrison really uses the whip — he can hit a spot on a door with the whip! The man runs around like a 17-year-old.

As for the script, Winstone said that Crystal mixes its action, heartfelt moments and comedy in equal amounts. “They wouldn’t last forever if they just had action,” he explained. “If it all works to plan, which I’m sure it will, it [will have that mix]; it starts off with a gallop, and [the script] just gets quicker and quicker and quicker. It’s one hell of a story, actually.

Head over to MTV Movies to read more Kingdom of the Crystal Skull quotes by Ray Winstone on his co-star Shia LaBeouf and Indy not delivering “I’m too old for this”-type lines.

Ray Winstone can next be "heard" as the warrior Beowulf in the animated film, directed by Robert Zemeckis, which will be released in the U.S. on Friday, November 16, 2008.

Thanks to Alessandro Bonini for the heads up. And my apologies for the late article link.

Posted by Gilles V

Darabont doesn't hold a grudge for his rejected work
13/11/07, 3:16pm EST

Taking a quote from Henry Jones, Senior; Frank Darabont, famed screenwriter of such classics as The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and episodes of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles has decided to "...let it go."

Darabont told MTV News that he’s moved on from earlier resentment of having written a draft of an Indiana Jones sequel, only to have it passed on but finding elements turn up in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Darabont does note that why some of his suggestions, such as casting John Hurt, have come to fruition. The idea of Shia LaBeouf's character was not.

That’s a whole new element that’s been brought in. Shia? I don’t remember writing that character,” Darabont said.

I haven’t read the script, [but] at a certain point I will because I’m sure there will be an arbitration over writing credits,” he revealed. “I keep hearing from people who are near the production and they keep saying, ‘You know, they’re using more of your ideas here than you may have thought.’

Darabont does have faith in Spielberg and is very optimistic and excited to see Indy's return next May.

I know Steven Spielberg is not going to disappoint us. He’s going to make a great movie,” Darabont praised. “As a fan, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I hope it turns out great.

For now moviegoers can be thrilled and excited at Darabont's latest adaptation of a Stephen King novel when The Mist opens in theatres on November 21, 2007.

Read the full article at MTV News.

Thanks to William McCallister and Alessandro for the heads up.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

New official Indiana Jones 4 photos
27/11/07, 9:11pm EST

Exciting day for us Indy fans! Three new Kingdom of the Crystal Skull photos have been spotted on the Internet today. The first gives a new high-resolution glimpse of Harrison Ford as Indy on the set. While the other two must be the very first official promo photos; Indiana Jones in full gear and Indy with Shia LaBeouf's character exploring a tomb. Both are simply gorgeous - as you can see for yourself!

These three new Indiana Jones 4 photos, taken by regular Spielberg set photographer David James, were not intended to be out on the Internet this soon. But they are authentic photos from Paramount.

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Original post: These amazing pictures were first released yesterday on AICN. They were quickly taken down. However, I was able to borrow them before they vanished. Now I'm fortunate enough to share these glorious hi-res photos with all of you. Enjoy!

Thanks to Zach Bales, Peter V, Tim Wilson, Chris and Richard Pettet for letting us know.

Posted by Jayson Crittenden - update by Gilles V

Indiana Jones 4 Trailer Update
03/12/07, 1:06pm EST

Well, it's not the best news in the world that we Indy fans will have to wait longer for the first official trailer, but the people over at have reported:
the first trailer for Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is now planned for a debut in February. While we don't know for sure with which movie it will show, Paramount's biggest film that month is The Spiderwick Chronicles, so keep your eye on that one. Of course, it's possible Paramount will decide to debut footage earlier during the Super Bowl, but we're not sure.
And I'm not sure what happened to the teaser we were supposed to get over Thanksgiving or why they will wait until February, but I agree with that a trailer will most likely be shown at some point during the Superbowl.

Check out the full article here at

Posted by Jayson Crittenden

Potential Cast Members Announced
03/12/07, 7:32pm EST

As we all now, IMDB is definitely not the most reliable casting site on the net, however it's still interesting to mention that a new actor has been added to the Indy 4 credit list: Pavel Lychnikoff. Pavel has an extensive list of credits, including a small role in Air Force One. This casting, if true, might be right on.

IMDB also displays Andrew Divoff in the cast list and he's been nothing more than a rumor for many months.
At the same time, it is important to note that Igor Jijikine has been officially announced as part of the cast. Though no role is attached to his name, it's a pretty safe bet that he'll be up against Indy and friends...

One thing is for certain, if Indy is indeed facing off against SPOILER: [Russians] in this latest installment, lets give the powers that be credit for casting correctly.

Speaking of credits, have a look at Toward the bottom right hand corner of the main page, click on "CREDITS" for the official credits which will appear on the first Indy 4 poster. Interesting indeed.

Posted by Jayson Crittenden

Marion's return was a shock to Karen Allen
05/12/07, 4:31pm EST

Speaking in an interview with syndicated show biz news program, Entertainment Tonight, the Raiders of the Lost Ark star said she was surprised by the call form Steven Spielberg informing her of her return to the Indy series in next year's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Allen went on to say that she began jumping for joy when she heard that she would once again be playing Indiana Jones two fisted, fiery girlfriend, Marion Ravenwood.
Karen Allen also said that her co-star, Harrison Ford, was in amazing shape and was terrific as she watched him perform elaborate fight scenes again and again!

The return to screen action is a far cry from her business, Karen Allen Fiber Arts, a company that produces handmade cashmere scarves and sweaters at her Massachusetts based company, but one that is welcomed from the legion of Indy fans around the world!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

Indy 4 teaser poster for later this month
06/12/07, 3:04pm EST

Paramount has informed us not to expect a (teaser) trailer during the coming holiday weeks. Instead we will get a look at another kind of "teaser" before the end of this month!

During an interview with, Indiana Jones producer Frank Marshall was asked when we might be seeing some more from the new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Marshall's answer: "You're going to see a teaser poster later this month," Here follows an excerpt from the interview:

"What we've done is we moved it from the '40s to the ‘50s so we're acknowledging that everybody's 10 or 15 years older and it plays into the story," he told us when asked about how things would be different from the earlier movies. "We're not trying to hide that Harrison's older, but we have Shia LaBeouf coming in as his sidekick, so we've got a young element. The best way to describe the movie is that it's an Indiana Jones movie. It's got all the style and elements of the old movies, and we're not really trying to do anything different."

"You're going to see a teaser poster later this month," he said when asked when we might be seeing some more from the movie.

Visit to read the full interview with Frank Marshall and find out what he has to say about a possible Bourne 4 and Jurassic Park 4!

Posted by Gilles V

Indiana Jones 4 writer David Koepp speaks
06/12/07, 6:08pm EST

In an interview with MTV Movies Blog, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull screenwriter David Koepp addresses some of the pressure in bringing an Indy film to screen knowing that so many people have been waiting a long time to see the adventurer's return. Acknowledging that Indy's first three adventures were "pretty great", Koepp said that "You've just got to hope to God you don't screw up."

Speaking of Indy's first adventures, Koepp states that this new one closely resembles Indy's first screen adventure, the much beloved, Raiders of the Lost Ark. "I hope it's along the lines of the first one," Koepp said. "It's certainly not as dark as the second one and it's certainly not as humor driven as the third one. Hopefully it will have its own place [but] it's closest to ['Raiders']."

So now that his words have been transformed into celluloid images, what does Koepp think of the finished product? "I've seen some footage and it's really thrilling," he exclaimed. "When you first see Harrison Ford back in Indy garb - it's just really cool."

The rest of us will just have to wait until May 22nd to see that "cool" Indy image!

Read more at: MTV Movies Blog

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

Cate Blanchett & Ray Winstone's characters revealed
07/12/07, 4:48pm EST

The roles Cate Blanchett and Ray Winstone play in the new Kingdom of the Crystal Skull are no longer a secret! During an exclusive interview with MTV News producer Frank Marshall finally revealed some more info on the roles these actors are playing.
And while you would assume that these actor instantly jumped at the opportunity to star in the fourth Indiana Jones, it wasn't like that exactly.

"Well, no," "Indy" producer Frank Marshall laughed. "I think it's an opportunity that doesn't come along very often — to do these kinds of big movies — but they talk to Steven and he pitches the role. [Before they commit], they want to know, rightfully, what the part is."

"Well, Cate [Blanchett] is just spectacular, one of the finest actresses working today. She went from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button to playing the villainess in 'Indiana Jones,' so she's up for anything," Marshall enthused, confirming speculation that the Oscar winner joined the cast as Indy's main adversary. "She makes a great villain. She had a really fun time.

"Ray Winstone, he came from Beowulf to this," Marshall continued, describing Winstone's character, Mac, as a sort of cross between villain Belloq and friend Sallah. "He plays an archaeologist competitor to Indy. Friend and competitor."

And Jim Broadbent? He plays a Yale colleague of Dr. Jones' that "sort of replaces Marcus Brody," Marshall said.

All three, along with Shia LaBeouf, Karen Allen, Harrison Ford, Spielberg, Lucas and Marshall himself, face a particularly "huge expectation" with "Indy 4," the producer said — a pressure to succeed that led screenwriter David Koepp to recently tell MTV News that his biggest hope for the film was "just [to not] screw up."

It's a pressure they've faced and successfully surpassed, Marshall insisted.

"I think the best thing I can say about it is it looks like an Indiana Jones movie in all the best ways. It's the look, it's the way that Steven designs all the shots, it's the style, it's the lighting, it's the way Indy is — all of those things. We haven't strayed," he giddily explained. "It sounds trite, but there's no other way to describe it. You go, 'Oh — Indy.' There's sort of a language that Steven developed for this character and for these movies. And you're going to get exactly what you got in the other three movies, which is really kind of thrilling when you see it."

Frank Marshall also denied all rumors that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull would be the start of another series. Not with Harrison Ford or with Shia LaBeouf.

"I don't think so. We're all getting too old," Marshall playfully reported. "We have to hand the [adventure] torch to somebody else. I don't know who that's going to be."

Click here to read MTV's full exclusive interview with Frank Marshall. But beware are the SPOILERS are in plain sight on that page!

Thanks to Alessandro Bonini for the heads up.

Posted by Gilles V

Indiana Jones 4 teaser poster revealed!
10/12/07, 11:37am EST

click to enlarge
Click on the photo for a higher-res version!

The new poster by long time Indiana Jones poster genius Drew Struzan has been revealed at!

Once again we see our hero with whip in hand ready to face all the dangers that await on his latest quest with the ominous crystal skull gleaming behind him! And it all looks amazing!

Thanks to John Alexander, Christopher Carlsen, John Vinci, Jay Cormier, Logan, LVskywalker, HMckennedy and Sompeetalay for informing us.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

Frank Marshall shares more Crystal Skull info
10/12/07, 2:55pm EST

Producer lets us know that Indy is back from his "quiet life" since we last saw him.

Speaking with the USA Today, famed Hollywood producer, Frank Marshall talks about the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and reveals some more information.

"He's teaching and having kind of a quiet life," the producer says. Once the archaeologist is thrust back into danger, the signature Indiana Jones red line tracing across the map will take him to New Mexico, Connecticut, Mexico City and the jungles of Peru.

Despite all the gray-hair jokes (Harrison Ford is 65), Indy is still swinging from dangerous precipices and absorbing punches.

"Indy's a fallible character. He makes mistakes and gets hurt. He has a few more aches and pains now," Marshall says. "That's the other thing people like: He's a real character, not a character with superpowers."

Marshall goes on to talk about Indy's latest "love-hate" relationship in the new film in the character of Soviet agent, Spalko, played by Oscar winner Cate Blanchett. She joins Ray Winstone, who plays rival archaeologist, Mac and Shia LaBeouf as the hero's sidekick, Mutt.

In the article, Marshall also talks about this films "McGuffin", the Crystal Skulls; "The theory is they are shaped by higher powers or alien powers or came from another world, or an ancient Mayan civilization had the powers," Marshall says.

Added to the news of the release of the Teaser poster, fans are finding out more and more about the next "ride of their life" coming on May 22nd 2008.

Visit USA Today to read the full SPOILER filled article.

Thanks to Dr. Sartorius and Keith Voss for the heads up.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

Indiana Jones Teaser for sale at
11/12/07, 4:45pm EST
Pre-order today!
The legendary Drew Struzan, whose signature style has long been a favorite of both George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, has crafted a stunning piece of artwork for Indy's fourth cinematic adventure, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and it's only available at!

Struzan of course is no stranger to Indiana Jones -- he's composed poster artwork for all three Indy films to date, scores of Indy book and video game covers, and even the key art for Disney's Indiana Jones Adventure attraction. What better artist to take on the long-awaited fourth Indy adventure?

With Struzan's brilliant use of color and composition, the man in the hat has never looked better. Add this powerful image to your collection today and get ready for the return of Indiana Jones this summer!

Limited quantities available. Measures approximately 27" x 40"; Printed as a Double-sided One-Sheet (reverse image on back), with the original theatrical print run! $19.99 ships worldwide!

And to commemorate the release of a brand new Indiana Jones poster in movie theaters, has published an article named The Art of Adventure: Indiana Jones Poster Retrospective in which they take a look back at some of the more interesting posters produced for the series both at home in the USA and abroad.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

David Koepp talks about Indy 4 with Cinematic
13/12/07, 5:04pm EST

Cinematical was invited on t the set of Ghost Town where they spoke exclusively with writer-director David Koepp about this new film. Cinematical of course also asked Koepp about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and wondered if he had seen any of the finished film yet?

Says Koepp, "Well I saw Indy's death scene, which was very moving. Um, I probably shouldn't have said that." We both laugh, since Koepp was obviously joking. He was joking, right? "I saw little bits here and there, and at first I felt a lot of pressure [writing the script] because you don't want to be the one who screws up a beloved franchise. But there's nothing you can do except work extra hard -- so I worked extra hard. You can't approach it except as you would any other movie."

Cinematical went on to ask Koepp if he had used Frank Darabont's denied script as a reference while writing his own version of the Indiana Jones 4 screenplay. As Darabont has been pretty outspoken about this recently, admitting that he hasn't seen the final product, but has heard that elements of his script were used. David Koepp explains:

"I looked at everything that everyone had written. It's been in development since the early '90s; anything that was any good, I tried to use -- sometimes it stayed, sometimes it didn't. We're all assistant storytellers; there was a ton of material there already. Part of my job was shaper, and part of my job was coming up with new stuff."

Visit Cinematical if you wish to read the full article.

Thanks to Kent Markwart and Mitchell Hallock for the article link.

Posted by Gilles V

John Hurt opens up the Crystal Skull
22/12/07, 12:16pm EST

John Hurt has been in Alien, Hellboy, V for Vendetta, 1984 but now faces his ultimate challenge appearing in the latest adventures of Indiana Jones this May. Hurt has spoken to Premiere and had a few things to say about working on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Be forewarned the full interview mentions a hint to a big SPOILER so choose wisely before you proceed.
Though here follows an edited down - SPOILER FREE - excerpt from Premiere's interview:

Premiere: Not many actors would have thought twice, as it sounds like you did, about accepting a role in an Indiana Jones adventure…
John Hurt: "I want to be careful here, because I don't want to make it sound as if I'm anti- the film — I'm not at all. But if I was asked what I would choose to do, it would be lightweight for me, at least for that sort of time commitment. But having accepted it, I enjoyed working with Steven hugely, and we had a great cast. I just wish we'd had something of fabulous interest between each other to act!"

Premiere: Did they show you the entire script?
John Hurt: "I said, "I can't do it without seeing a script." They wanted everybody to do it without seeing a script because Steven — you know, "God" — was doing it. And I said, "Well, I need to have a little bit of previous knowledge even if God is doing it." So they sent a courier over with the script from Los Angeles, gave it to me at three o'clock in the afternoon in London, collected it again at eight o'clock in the evening, and he returned the next day to Los Angeles. So that was an expensive read."

Premiere: What was it like working with Harrison Ford?
John Hurt: "I've not a bad word to say about Harrison. He's a proper leading actor. He led the company. He knows the franchise backwards, but he's never cocky with it, he's hard-working, funny, self-deprecatory, utterly charming."

Premiere: How was it working with God, a.k.a. Spielberg?
John Hurt: "He has the extraordinary knack of being able to make you feel as though you've worked with him ten times before, as though you've known him all his life. That's a great quality for a director to possess. And his notes are very good — very simple, but very good. He doesn't hang about. When he's got it, he's got it."

Premiere: Did you see George Lucas around much?
John Hurt: "Occasionally. George is a bit socially crippled really. Not good with people. So I just left him alone."

Premiere: Are they doing it the old-fashioned way as opposed to relying on CGI?
John Hurt: "They shot as much as they possibly could, but they had some massive blue screens. There will be CGI, but it's based on a lot of the stuff that we shot, so it's not pure CGI. It's overlayed and so on. Steven does shoot as much as he possibly can and that's impressive. I mean we shot on five major Hollywood studios. We shot at Downey, Sony, Paramount, Warners, and Universal, either in their studios or the outside lots. We'd do two days here, then trot off and do a week there and then back to this one, while the other sets were being prepared. And the sets were fantastic, full of moving parts and things that all worked. You suddenly realized that you're almost a puppet. You come on and do your bit, and then you're off to the next one."

Be sure to read the full interview on the Premiere site as John Hurt had more info (SPOILERS) about working on the set of Indiana Jones 4 to share.

Thanks to Sven for the heads up.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull promo displays
23/12/07, 12:11pm EST

Promo display
Photo property of
The Spanish Indiana Jones fansite has published first photos of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull promo displays found at the Kinepolis film theater in Madrid, Spain.

The display consists of two items, a cardboard suitcase and a big wooden crate as seen in one of the announcement posters presented at Comic-Con and on the official Indiana Jones website. Both items have the Indiana Jones 4 film logo and souvenir stickers on them. On top of the crate you'll also find Indy's fedora and his whip hanging on a corner.
Text on the front of the wooden crate says: "Property of Dr Jones 9906573" and the reverse side says in Spanish "Do not open until May 22, 2008."

Be sure to visit for the full report and to view their photos from the Indy 4 promo displays.

Dutch visitor Marcel de Vrije has informed me today that this same large wooden crate can also be found at the film theater at Zoetemeer, in The Netherlands.

Posted by Gilles V


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