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UPDATE: Indy 4 set photos from Hawaii
20/08/07, 4:52pm EST

Update: A source working in the photo dept. for a major magazine in the USA received these Indy 4 Hawaii set photos on July 15th. This source told me that the agency that took these photos is called Splash News and their caption info indicates they were taken on July 14.

Russian photo agency EastNews has a series of 8 new spy-photos from the Hawaii set of Indiana Jones 4 available for registered members. Regular visitors, like ourselves, have to do it with only small thumbnail versions of these photos. But that doesn't make them any less SPOILER HEAVY!

So if you like SPOILERS; click here to view the Hawaii set of Indy 4 photo thumbnails. You can also view these same thumbnails at the Harrison Ford Web homepage.

When these photos were taken is unknown. The shooting on location in Hawaii ended a couple of weeks ago. They are now filming Indy 4 on closed sets in Los Angeles at the moment.


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