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2 Indy IV scripts ready
Monday October 04. 1999

Entertainment Tonight had an interview with George Lucas this week and after a few questions about Star Wars they asked Lucas: "Will there be a fourth Indy movie, considering Harrison Ford said he'd like to do one?". Lucas answered with,

"Absolutely. I have TWO scripts for consideration and all I'm waiting for is a phone call from Steven and Harrison. I'm ready to go!"

Finally some Indy IV news from a very confidential source!
Source: Michaelson on the Indyfan Forum.


Possible Indy 4 script
Tuesday November 9, 1999

There's a rumor that Ford and Spielberg don't agree with Lucas on a script.  The next Indy movie is rumored to involve Area 51 and the Roswell UFO.


Ford on Indy 4
Tuesday November 16, 1999

While speaking to UK Weekly Ford revealed that Indy 4 will happen much sooner than 2005. He also told them that 2005 is the only time when all three of us will be fully available but he might not like to do it then. Thus much earlier.


No Indy 4 with Ford?
Monday November 22, 1999

Ford had an interview with the Brazilian Press and he said that he may never play the character of Indiana Jones again. Read below what he had to say.

Press: Do you think Steven Spielberg will return one day to direct another "Indiana Jones "?
Ford: Perhaps yes. I think the public would be very happy with Indiana Jones' return. He is a romantic adventurer for who the audience easily identifies with. But I am sure that I could never play Indiana Jones again. He is in the past of my career, that took different direction. I feel today closer of characters like Jack Ryan than Han-Solo and Indiana Jones."


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