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Empire Online mentions Indy 4
Friday, January 3, 2003

UK's Empire Online recently posted the following message about Spielberg and Indy 4:

Supernatural Spielberg: In addition to letting slip that Indy will have to face a terrifying roll call of his past lovers, Steven Spielberg has also disclosed that Indy will be up against a supernatural element in the upcoming fourth Indiana Jones installment. In addition to letting a little bit of E.T. into Jones's historical world, he also indicated that the setting will also change. "You have to understand that Harrison is going to be 62 years old when the film begins production in 2004, so we had to push the years into the 1950s," Spielberg pointed out while assuring us with the news that pre production is on schedule and the July 2005 release still in view. The better the sooner, considering the age of the leading man, we say.

Thanks to Chris Hawley for letting us know.


Lucas hopes to shoot 'Indy 4' this year
Monday, January 13, 2003

Rumors abound about the possible shooting dates for Indiana Jones 4; however, no official word on when it will happen has been said, until now. Roger Friedman from reported the following today:

George Lucas told me that he wrote the story for Indiana Jones 4 last summer and expects to shoot it sometime this year with Steven Spielberg.

Does this mean the previously rumored 2004 shoot date has been changed to this year (2003)? Stay tuned for the most recent updates.


Spielberg talks Indy 4 with Empire Magazine
Sunday, January 26, 2003

The February 2003 issue of the British Empire Magazine contains an interview with Steven Spielberg. The interview took place in an article discussing his current Movie Catch Me If You Can. Spielberg also mentioned Indy 4, here's the extract:

One thing that is for certain is that in 2004, Spielberg will return to the hat and bullwhip of a certain Indiana Jones. "We've finished our meetings", reveals Spielberg with a certain amount of pride about the current state of play. "It's a completely mapped-out story, as mapped-out as what George, Larry Kasdan and I first mapped out with Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Frank (Darabont the screen writer) has gone from lip service to pages. He's now doing what most writers hate to do... which is write. It's a very exciting movie."
Given Lucas' commitment for shooting digitally and Spielberg's passion for
film-rarely among Directors, he even edits on film - Indy 4 suggests an other
battle of the beards; but, apparently not. "I would do anything for my friend George Lucas, including compromising my own belief system. But I think practically speaking, there aren't going to be enough theatres even in 2005 to exhibit digital film to make it worth my while to commit digitally to Indy 4 at this time. If there were 2,000 screens with digital projectors I might seriously consider it for George and his vision of the future. But it looks like there's no chance that the theatres will put it in the next three years, so I'll be happily shooting Indy 4 on film."

Spielberg seems very enthusiastic about Indy 4 and now we also know that the film won't be shot digitally. Thanks to Luke Roberts for letting us know.


Spielberg to start shooting Indy 4 this year?
Friday, January 31, 2003

Dark Horizons posted the following Indy 4 news message yesterday:

Steven Spielberg apparently indicated in France that he'll start shooting Indy 4 in June and then helm another project with Tom Hanks at the end of the year.

This news message is missing important details: Spielberg didn't mean June this year. Steven Spielberg confirmed during meeting organized in Fnac Champs-Élysées (in Paris) that the shooting of Indiana Jones 4 is foreseen for June 2004 with a release in June 2005.

Thanks to Jean-Michel from for letting us know.


Spielberg will make 1 other film before Indy 4
Friday, February 7, 2003

For the third time, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks will join forces to create yet another film called Terminal, a coming of age film for DreamWorks. According to Hollywood Reporter, the studio confirmed that Spielberg is beginning to line up a crew for an end-of-the-year start on the project. That being the case, I think we can expect to see this film by the end of 2004 followed by Indiana Jones 4 in Summer 2005 and yet another project that Spielberg is expected to shoot for Winter 2005 release. Once again, the 56 year-old director will be hard at work creating three films back to back. Get more info on this film here.

Source: DreamWorks SKG Fansite


Spielberg may shoot Indy 4 this summer...
Friday, February 7, 2003

Here we have that "Spielberg to start shooting Indy 4 this summer" rumor again, or maybe it wasn't a rumor after all:

Variety reported today that Steven Spielberg might shoot Indiana Jones 4 as early as this summer for a summer 2004 release.
Frank Darabont is currently penning the script and Spielberg is still awaiting a final draft. Indy 4 has been in development for some time, with all of the franchise's major players said to be satisfied with the direction of the film so far. Harrison Ford, who will next appear in Revolution Studios' action comedy Hollywood Homicide this summer opposite Josh Hartnett, appears to have his schedule free for Indy 4, should it shoot earlier than planned.
Paramount currently has the film scheduled for summer 2005, but the studio wouldn't hesitate for the chance to get the tentpole earlier than planned. Discussions have already been had to move up the picture's production by a year, with Indiana Jones 4 possibly going before the cameras this summer, making the picture available for 2004.

It's known that Spielberg makes 3 films back to back then takes a directing break for 1 year and then makes 3 new films back to back. We won't see any Spielberg films in 2003 because of this break but if this Indy 4 news turns out to be true, we may expect two Spielberg films in 2004, Indiana Jones 4 for summer 2004 and Terminal for winter 2004, and yet another project for summer 2005.

Thanks to Jim Bartos, for letting us know.


Spielberg talks Indy 4 in Cinescape Magazine
Saturday, February 15, 2003

In the latest edition of Cinescape Magazine, Spielberg talks about his future projects including Indiana Jones 4. He hinted the premise and added that Sean Connery, Karen Allen and Kate Capshaw will indeed return. Connery will have a small role, appearing in the beginning and towards the end of the film. The leading females will also make appearances but not as lengthy as their original roles. The director didn't give any other specifics. It is scheduled for a Summer 2004 shoot but some reports suggest it could be Summer 2003. We have to wait and find out.

Source: DreamWorks SKG Fansite


Darabont talks about new villains for Indy 4
Saturday, March 22, 2003

SCI FI Wire had a chat with Indiana Jones 4 screenwriter Frank Darabont about the upcoming fourth Indy film. Here's their report:

Frank Darabont told SCI FI Wire that the sequel's 1950s setting requires different villains from those in previous installments, which were set in the 1930s. "Those pesky Nazis seem to have departed, which is a shame, because I like those pesky Nazis, because you can just squash them all over the place," Darabont said, with tongue in cheek.

Darabont would not say who the new villains were, but assured that the tone of adventure would be consistent with previous Indy movies. "From the standpoint of the fun of it and the adventure of it, [there will be] no [change]," he said.

Darabont added that he has nearly completed a first draft of the script and that director Steven Spielberg is happy with his progress. "The reaction has been quite good," he said. But the writer added that he is approaching the script one day at a time. "Right now, every day is like one foot in front of the other," he said. "It's 'How do I solve this next scene? How do I get this next three pages in its best form?'" The new Indiana Jones movie is still aiming for a July 1, 2005, release.

Click here to read the same report at the SCI FI Wire site. Thanks to Bret Cornish and Peter Balaz for letting us know.


Darabont is on page 80 of the Indy 4 script
Friday, March 28, 2003

Aint it Cool News received an email that proves that yesterday's Indy 4 script news from soccer_mom56 was false. In this news message soccer_mom56 claimed to have talked with Harrison Ford about the Indy 4 script. He said that the latest Indiana Jones installment written by Frank Darabont was well over 200 pages long. Well, Frank Darabont found out about this news and immediately wrote an email to Garth from Dark Horizons and Harry Knowles from AICN. Harry wrote a report about Frank's email today. Here's a part of the report:

In reality, Frank Darabont is on page 80 of the Indiana Jones script. He says that Harrison Ford won't be reading the script till Steven Spielberg hands him a copy, which won't happen till Frank finishes the script to Steven's delight. Frank has told me that he is "Loving what I'm writing, but it's going slower than..." he'd like. Frank would not divulge any details of the script, nor would he give the title out. Though he claims that Steven and George know the title. I'll work both of them over next! Meanwhile, I think that it is time to relax, let Frank get back to writing,...

Click here to read the full report. Also check out Harry's latest animation (top left corner of AICN). It spoofs a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark.


No more films for Harrison Ford until Indy 4
Sunday, April 6, 2003

Harrison Ford Web reported yesterday that Harrison Ford had an interview with US Magazine in which he mentioned that he will be taking some time off until the production of Indy 4 begins in 2004.
Here's the original text taken from US Magazine, April 14th issue:

Q: What's next for you?
Ford: "I'm taking some time off and then I'll get ready for Indy 4 in 2004. We have a great storyline. Spielberg will direct, and it will be as good as any of the others we've made. Maybe even better!"

Thanks to Ryan A. for letting us know.


John Williams talks about the Indy 4 soundtrack
Monday, May 5, 2003 posted an interview with legendary composer John Williams. In the interview John Williams talks about his work on the soundtrack of Star Wars: Episode 3 and a few ideas of what he might be doing with the Indiana Jones 4 soundtrack. Here's a part of the interview:

Williams says the next Indiana Jones film may offer more dilemmas than the previous three.

"Indiana Jones [IV] will be a challenge because we'll now have to recast the film with Harrison Ford as a mature Indiana Jones, if you like, and a more mature composer will be doing the score!" he says, chuckling. "Until I see a script or see the film it will be hard for me to tell how much of the early material will apply -- if any."

Not that he's going to give up the familiar fanfare. "I would have thought Indiana Jones is now a pretty well-known theme and at least will be referred to as some type of memory trace if nothing else."

Hit the link above to read the full interview. Thanks to Jared Barrett for letting us know.


New Indiana Jones 4 information!
Thursday, May 8, 2003

The brand-new issue of Empire magazine (the Australian version) includes some new Indiana Jones 4 information. Here's the news article:

There's good and bad Indy 4 news, folks. The good? Well, the film is still scheduled for Summer 2005, just a few weeks after George Lucas' other baby, Star Wars Episode III.

Frank Darabont's screenplay is coming along nicely, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford are primed, and the stunts will be top-notch. How do we know? Because Vic Armstrong, the god of stunt co-ordinators and Ford's former double, is on board. "I saw Steven at the Golden Globes," he told Empire, exclusively. "And I asked him about Indy 4, and he said 'clear your diary because we're on'."

But the bad news is that it's likely that Sallah, Indy's ebullient Egyptian sidekick, won't be returning. "I get asked this question 25 times a week, and everyone knows more than I do. I guess I'm not in it," says John Rhys-Davies, who played Sallah in Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Last Crusade.
"In truth, I'd love to work for Steven again," continues the stout yeoman. "I'd love to have one more go at Sallah, get him right. You come close, but you always want to have one last bash at trying to make the character magical."

This article comes from the brand-new June edition issue #27 of Empire magazine (the Australian version). Source: Coming Soon


Spielberg and Ford talked about Indy 4
Saturday, May 31, 2003

Harrison Ford finally received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (I wonder what took them soo long.) yesterday in front of the Kodak Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. Steven Spielberg was also at the event and even got the croud excited when he told them that the fourth Indiana Jones adventure begins next year!
Here's what The Associated Press wrote:

Spielberg promised the cheering crowd: "We're about to launch production next year on `Indiana Jones Four.'" After the ceremony, however, Ford was more circumspect about his involvement in the sequel.
"I don't know anything about it except that Steven's very enthusiastic," he said. "He's got a period of time to work on the script before I see it. So I should see it in a couple of weeks."
Does that mean a new film about the whip-cracking archaeologist is a definite go? "I can't say that until I read it," Ford said. "But it feels like a go to me."

Hit the link above to read the full report on Harrison Ford's Hollywood Walk of Fame adventure. And thanks to Coming Soon! for the link.


Ford says the Indy 4 script is finished!
Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Good news fellow Indyfans! Harrison Ford has told Sci Fi Wire that Frank Darabont his Indiana Jones 4 script is finished. Ford already mentioned last friday - when he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - that Steven Spielberg is quite happy with the script and that Harrison will see it in a couple of weeks.
Here's what Sci Fi Wire posted today:

Ford added that he worked closely with director Spielberg, Darabont and executive producer George Lucas on the story. "The way the process works is that George and Frank work together, then Steven gets the script, then I get the script, and we all work together. We all met together and talked about it before they started writing."

Ford said that he remains eager to reprise his most famous role because of fans' demands for a fourth installment in the franchise. "It pleases me to play a character that audiences want to see," he said. "I know that it's eagerly anticipated, and I want us to do a good job, make a film at least as good as the ones we've made before." The fourth as-yet-untitled Indy movie is slated to begin filming in the summer of 2004, with an eye to a July 2005 release.

Click here to read the original news message.


Interesting new quote from Ford on Indy 4
Thursday, June 5, 2003

Corriere della Sera, one of Italy's biggest newspapers, published an interview with Harrison Ford on his latest film, Hollywood Homicide, yesterday. At a certain moment in the interview, Ford mentions something very interesting about Indy in the fourth Indiana Jones film. Here's that part of the interview (translated from Italian):

But it has not taken position on the war... "Because the moral sentence of every war met with the practical choices. Also the new Indiana Jones that I will soon interpret for Spielberg has need of time in order to understand the conflict between inner choice and political reasons."

I don't know why exactly but this one quote from Harrison Ford gave me even more confidence in the Indiana Jones 4 project than before. Can't wait to find out more about the new Indiana Jones!

Many thanks to Loris Cantarelli for letting us know.


Ford confirms again that the script is finished
Thursday, June 12, 2003

The local Puerto Rican newspaper named El Nuevo Día (The New Day) features an exclusive interview with Harrison Ford today. In this interview Ford talks about his film Hollywood Homicide, his acting career and a few tidbits of info on Indiana Jones 4. Here is a translated excerpt regarding Indy 4:

Q: What is the latest regarding the fourth installment of Indiana Jones?
Ford: "The plan is to begin shooting at the end of the Summer of 2004."

Q: Is there a script yet?
Ford: "Yes, there is a script, but...(pause). The process for these films that George (Lucas) develops a script with a writer, which in this case is Frank Darabont, and then it is passed to Steven (Spielberg), who revises it and then it is sent to me. During this process the script is supposed to come out perfect, but that's not always the case. (Laughs) But we all agree with the concept and tone of the film. We want and we expect to satisfy all expectations that come with this project."

Q: The "Indy" Trilogy will soon be released on DVD. Why do you think these films have lasted (on the fans minds) after two decades?
Ford: "They are the closest thing of modern classics we have. Each generation have discovered them and that has helped me a lot through my career. But I think that it has to do with what the stories offer. To tell a good story is an integral part of the human experience, it is an element that unites us all."

Harrison Ford confirms again that the script is finished, but some changes are possibly being made to deliver a "perfect script". Many thanks to Gino B. for letting us know!


Spielberg not directing Indy 4 news is false!
Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Earlier today, Coming Soon! reported that The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen star Sean Connery talked to Entertainment Tonight about his possible involvement in Indiana Jones 4. While Connery said he's interested, he also revealed that, according to his contacts, director Steven Spielberg is off the project.

Connery says, "All I know is that somebody called the office and said that Steven was not doing the movie. That Harrison had in fact verbally agreed to do another one. And would I be interested? But of course I would, I had a very good experience with it. Disappointed to hear that Steven wouldn't be doing it. But in the end it always gets down to how good the book is, the script is, and if it's really workable."

Rest assured my fellow Indyfans, this news is false. Sir Sean Connery must have been misinformed.
Lucasfilm has informed me that the script for Indiana Jones 4 is going forward and none of the plans have changed. Steven Spielberg will certainly direct the fourth Indiana Jones film.


Darabont and Marshall talk about Indiana Jones 4
Wednesday, July 9, 2003

In the latest Entertainment Weekly issue appeared some new quotes from screenplay writer Frank Darabont and producer Frank Marshall about the fourth Indiana Jones film:

"I'm the world's biggest Indiana Jones fan," says Darabont, who wrote for ABC's The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (and adapted and directed Stephen King's The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption). "I'll trip all over myself to work for Spielberg."

"Frank understands who the characters are," says Marshall about the writer. Shooting stars in mid-2004 for a 2005 release. Don't assume that Ford, 61, who hasn't cracked a whip since 1989's The Last Crusade, needs to team up with a young buck for the next adventure. "We're sticking with Indy on his own," Marshall adds. "He still gets around pretty good."

Thanks to Coming Soon! and Ryan for letting us know.


Producers Kennedy and Marshall talk about Indy 4
Friday, July 11, 2003

Indiana Jones 4 producer Kathleen Kennedy and executive producer Frank Marshall recently talked with SCI FI Wire.
Kennedy said she expects Ford, Spielberg and Lucas to defer their usual salaries in lieu of a percentage of the film's gross receipts to ensure a reasonable budget for Indiana Jones 4. "First of all, they don't need (the money)," Kennedy said in an interview. "If they all want to do it, they're going to do it because they really, really want to go work together again and make another Indy movie. That would be the only motivating reason."
Frank Marshall told SCI FI Wire that screenwriter Frank Darabont is still writing the script, despite reports in June from Ford that the script was completed. "That's Harrison," Marshall said in the same interview. "He's hopeful. It's in the process of being done."
Marshall added that the filmmakers are working hard to make sure it is not just a half-hearted sequel. "It's basically the same kind of story that we had in the first three movies," he said. "It's up to us to maintain the integrity of the project. That's why it's taking a long time on the script. We want the story to be good enough."

Kennedy acknowledged Sean Connery's suggestion to Entertainment Tonight that he'd like to reprise his role as Henry Jones Sr., saying that it was a possibility. "He might show up," she said. But Marshall dismissed Connery's statement that his office had heard Spielberg would not direct. "No, Steven's doing it," Marshall said.

Click here to read the original news message at SCI FI Wire.


Philadelphia Daily News interviewed John Williams
Wednesday, July 16, 2003

The Philadelphia Daily News has an interview with famous composer John Williams. Williams has made his first appearance at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts yesterday night conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra. Here's an excerpt of the interview mentioning Indy 4:

Q: What will your Mann program be?
Williams: "I've chosen the "Liberty Fanfare," three pieces from "JFK," a suite from "Harry Potter," "E.T." and "Star Wars," and some music from the "Indiana Jones" films."

Q: Will there be another Indiana Jones picture?
Williams: "Yes, the script is written. Steven and George (Lucas) talk about it every day."

Click on the link above to read the full interview. Thanks to for the news.


Philadelphia Daily News interviewed John Williams
Wednesday, July 16, 2003

The Philadelphia Daily News has an interview with famous composer John Williams. Williams has made his first appearance at the Mann Center for the Performing Arts yesterday night conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra. Here's an excerpt of the interview mentioning Indy 4:

Q: What will your Mann program be?
Williams: "I've chosen the "Liberty Fanfare," three pieces from "JFK," a suite from "Harry Potter," "E.T." and "Star Wars," and some music from the "Indiana Jones" films."

Q: Will there be another Indiana Jones picture?
Williams: "Yes, the script is written. Steven and George (Lucas) talk about it every day."

Click on the link above to read the full interview. Thanks to for the news.


Frank Darabont talks about Indiana Jones 4
Saturday, August 9, 2003

Alameda Times-Star Online recently talked with Indiana Jones 4 screenplay writer Frank Darabont. In the interview, Darabont talks about his film career and his work on the fourth Indiana Jones screenplay:

"I absolutely don't want to do things like having him say, 'I'm getting to old for this s---,' " says Darabont. "I don't want to be slipping and sliding in cliches. This character is no longer in the 1930s. He has to age honestly. He's got to be in the 1950s."

He doesn't sound too worried about taking on such an indelible character. Darabont likes going from the director's chair to the screenwriter's lair.

"Clearly, you are using different muscles," he says. "One is a very isolated, focused endeavor. The other is a wildly not isolated incredibly focused effort."

He describes working on the Indiana Jones script as a "total blast." Darabont worked with Spielberg on the film Saving Private Ryan, doing uncredited screenwriting work.

"Let's face it, what's not to like about Indiana Jones," he says. "I saw the first movie in 1981, five years before I started my writing career. Who knew I would grow up to write the sequel."

The screenplay for the fourth Indiana Jones film is in good hands!
Click here to read the full interview.


Harrison Ford is delighted to revisit Indiana Jones
Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Harrison Ford is currently overseas promoting his latest film Hollywood Homicide. While talking to NineMSN about his disturbance towards the US policy on Iraq, his country's gun laws, the film industry, and Indy 4.

However, he used the opportunity to announce he will shortly be back in a big hit of his own in revealing that Indiana Jones 4 is now scheduled to hit screens in 2005 - despite reports of problems with the script.

"There is a script in preparation for Indiana Jones 4. It's come a long way. if we can get to be happy with the progress of the script we'll start shooting in the summer of 2004."

"I'm delighted to get back to that character and work with (director) Steven Spielberg again. I'm delighted to revisit Indiana Jones."

No new information but it's always great to hear Ford talking about the fourth Indiana Jones news.

Click here to read the full article and thanks to Coming Soon! for the news.


Ford says Indy 4 is probably his next film
Thursday, August 28, 2003

Harrison Ford was interviewed on the RI:SE morning show on Channel 4 in the UK this morning talking about Hollywood Homicide. Ford looked very disinterested with the interview but when the interviewer asked him about Indiana Jones 4 his eyes seemed to light up.
Harrison Ford said that it was probably his next film; he hadn't read the script yet but knew what was going on with it, and shooting should start in the late summer of 2004. When asked if the fourth film will be shot in the UK again, like the previous three Indy films, Ford stated that it is likely the majority of the shoot will take place in the United States.

I would like to add something to the news message here above. Since Harrison Ford just said that the majority of the shoot will take place in the US, many people now wonder if this means that there will no longer be exotic locations in Indy 4 where Indy is looking for artifacts.
What I think the interviewer asked to Ford is if Lucasfilm will again use the London based Elstree Studios for the fourth Indiana Jones film, as these studios were also used for the indoors shoots of all three previous Indiana Jones films.
I'm only guessing but it might be that Harrison Ford means that they will not go back to Elstree Studios but do it in studios located in the United States instead. If that's the case, we will still get such exotic locations as in the previous films.

Special thanks to Dene Kernohan and Gib for letting us know.


Darabont talks about Indy 4 in Cinepremiere Magazine
Sunday, August 31, 2003

Emilio López has let me know that the latest issue of Cinepremiere Magazine (Mexican edition) has devoted the cover and a 9 page article to the upcoming DVD release of the Indiana Jones film trilogy. As far as Emilio knows, this might be the first time the magazine cover features a film that is not currently playing on the movie theaters.

The Cinepremiere Magazine also includes a Blockbuster ad to promote the presell of the DVDs. You can reserve your copy with $10 and receive on October 24 - along with the movies - a special edition bag similar to the one used by Indy in all the films.

The 9-page article included a brief behind the scenes story on all 3 films (the same info we all know). But the most interesting part of the 9 page article was a small note on Indy 4. The journalist that wrote the note is Vera Anderson and she mentions that while researching her note, she realized that there are very few official facts regarding this project. So she tried to contact Frank Darabont to see if he could provide some information. Shortly after that, Mr. Darabont sent her a brief letter and she published the letter.

Here follows an English translation of this letter from Frank Darabont:

"I'm sure you understand that the project right now is top secret. I promised Steven Spielberg and George Lucas that I was not going to reveal any specific detail regarding the story. All I can tell is the same things that have been published already: The story takes place in the 50's, Harrison Ford will play Indy again, and Sean Connery will reappear as Indy's father. Steven will be the director. and George Lucas will be the producer. Shooting will begin in July 2004 and the film will open some time in the summer of 2005. Out of that, any rumor you may find on internet has no sense (usually the net has no sense!).

On my part, all I can tell is that I've been a huge fan since I saw Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981. And after 22 years of loving this character and his world, I feel an indescribable emotion while I realize that I've been given this great opportunity to work on this latest project from the saga. I felt in heaven while writing the script and blessed to work so close with Steven, who is a film genius and one of the best persons I've ever met. Truly, he has been an inspiration to me...

I'm sure you will be interested to learn that I had a previous Indiana Jones experience before writing this script. In the early 90's I was lucky to be one of the seven writers to work with George Lucas on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles TV series. I wrote eight scripts and seven of them were filmed. I hope you will find this information helpful.for your report. Good luck with your story. All best, Frank"

Special thanks to Emilio López for the info and translation of Darabonts letter.


Ford talks about playing bad guys & Indy 4
Sunday, September 7, 2003

Reuters reported today that Harrison Ford had an interview with Der Spiegel magazine to be published on Monday.
Ford said he would enjoy the challenge of a bad guy role for a change of pace. "Certainly, but in American films the bad guy is never the central character but instead the counterpart to the hero," said Ford, 61, when asked if he wanted such a role. "So I never even get offers for roles like that. Although it would definitely be fun because the bad guys can really go all out in their scenes. But as just an ordinary hero, I can't go all out."

And as usual, Harrison Ford was also asked about Indiana Jones 4. "I got the project rolling and now I'm in a waiting mode," he said, adding he planned to be involved in drafting the screenplay. "When the screenplay is finished, I'll read it. And possibly determine that it isn't finished yet," he said.
Ford said there would be no disguising the older age of the Indiana Jones character. "What concessions?" he said when asked about his advancing age. "Indiana Jones will simply be older and doesn't behave like he did in 1981 when he first appeared on the screen. That's all."

Thanks to Peter Balaz from The Light of Indiana Jones for letting us know.


Marshall says Indy 4 will keep that B-movie feel!
Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Empire Online recently had an interview with Indiana Jones 4 producer Frank Marshall. Frank said some very interesting things about Indy 4 that will certainly make you even more confident about this project. Here's part of the article:

Speaking to Indiana Jones 4 producer Frank Marshall, Empire Online enquired whether the fourth installment will retain its forbears' penchant for good old-fashioned stunt work or embrace the technological revolution.

"One of the things I enjoy about these movies is that they do recall the old cliffhanger serials of the thirties and forties," said Marshall. "We didn't have computer effects in those days, we couldn’t easily erase things and I think one of the unfortunate by-products of the computer age is that it makes filmmakers lazy. You become more creative when you have to hide ramps with a tree rather than erase it later as you can today."

"In Raiders, that's a real ball rolling behind him so Harrison really is in some danger running in front of that; these are real situations and that adds to the excitement and the creative energy on the set."

All well and good but will the fourth installment, like Die Another Day before it, sell out on traditional action and opt for ropey CG instead? "We're not done with the script on Indy 4 but I think we're going to try and rely, like the first two movies, on realism and not try to do too many things with the computer." Yes, yes, something we've heard many times before but Marshall seems quite earnest on maintaining the purity of the franchise. "When you start getting into computers you get fantastical situations like in The Matrix or movies like that. We don't want that, we want exciting heroism, we want seat-of-your-pants, skin-of-your-teeth action. We didn't have all the money in the world on the first films and we want to keep that B-Movie feel. We want to make Indy 4 like we made the first three."

I'm am personally very glad with what Frank Marshall said. Click on the link above to read the full article.

Thanks to Richard Pettet for letting us know.


Spielberg, Lucas, Ford & Kennedy talk Indy 4!
Wednesday, September 10, 2003

The latest issue of Premiere magazine contains a very in-depth article talking about the secret history of the Indiana Jones films. The article also included comments from Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Harrison Ford and producer Kathleen Kennedy about Indiana Jones 4. Here are their Indy 4 quotes:

Spielberg: "I love that these movies were all shot the old-fashioned way. Digital hadn't been invented, so all the stunts were just like the kind you used to see in the silents to the early talkies. They were made in the tradition of old Hollywood."

"I think the fourth film (which Frank Darabont is now scripting, for a possible June '04 start) is going to include some digital stunts, because I don't want to put anybody in jeopardy. Also, some of the things that are truly spectacular to watch will be done digitally, in order to keep up with the Joneses, so to speak."

Ford: "I'm very pleased to be part of (the trilogy). I was able to take it a lot more personally (than the Star Wars trilogy) because I was more central to the films. It was a wonderful experience, and that's why I'm so happy to do it again."

Spielberg: "About three years ago, Harrison got kind of nostalgic for the character, and suggested that if we were interested in another one, he'd be interested, and I think that started the ball rolling."

Lucas: "We're all getting pretty old. To be honest, I was reluctant to do (a fourth film), but it really had to do with those guys. Harrison and Steven said, "I really want to do another one.""

Kennedy: "I always said, "If you want to see the world, either join the military or make an Indiana Jones film.""

Pick up the latest Premiere magazine to read the in-depth article on the original Indiana Jones trilogy.

Thanks to Coming Soon! for the news.


Lucasfilm's official statement on Indiana Jones 4!
Monday, October 27, 2003

This whole month went to putting the Indiana Jones DVD releases in the spotlights - nothing new on Indiana Jones 4 - and now that the DVDs are released in the USA and many other countries in the world, Lucasfilm talks again about the fourth Indiana Jones film.
I have just received Lucasfilm's official statement on Indy 4:

Currently, work is continuing on a final version of the screenplay for Indiana Jones 4, and and once all parties have signed off on the script and schedules permit, shooting will begin. Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford and George Lucas are all returning for this fourth Indiana Jones adventure. At this time, we have no details about the plot or other actors. In the meantime, fans of Indiana Jones can bring the adventures home on DVD with The Adventures of Indiana Jones: The Complete DVD Movie Collection.

Everything else are only rumors!


That 'special' Indy 4 script is not finished, yet.
Monday, November 3, 2003

Dark Horizons received a report from the Dallas Comic Convention mentioning John Rhys-Davies and Indiana Jones IV past Friday:

'Daniel' sends in this report from the Dallas Comic Con: "John Rhys Davies was in Dallas and during the Q&A I got a chance to ask him about Indy 4. His response was not good news - he said presently they have not agreed on the script and both Spielberg and Lucas aren't keen on moving forward until they have that 'one special script' which they haven't finalized yet. Also neither he or Sean Connery have yet been contacted about reprising their roles - he does believe it will get made but is not sure as to when it'll happen".

I would look at this as good news. This only proves again how hard they want Indiana Jones 4 to be at least as good as the previous three films. To be continued...

I apologize for reporting this so late.'s Indy 4 release dates are incorrect
Monday, November 17, 2003

The Internet Movie Database updated its Release dates for Indiana Jones 4 page on which we could read that the fourth Indiana Jones film's release dates are:

  • USA - 1 July 2005
  • Germany - 7 July 2005
  • France - 20 July 2005

I contacted Lucasfilm and asked if this information is correct. Lucasfilm soon answered that this information is purely speculation.

It's too soon to already know a definite release date.


Marshall talks about the style & tone of Indy 4
Monday, November 17, 2003

UGO editor Daniel Robert Epstein got to talk to Indiana Jones producer Frank Marshall while he was in Moscow producing the sequel to The Bourne Identity. The interview is great but the most interesting part is of course the one where Marshall talks about Indiana Jones 4:

"It's going to totally be in the style and the tone of the first three. I mean, were not going to do anything different. We're not going to try and change things or modernize things. We're going to stick to what works, and we're probably going to be in the fifties. So, we're acknowledging that we’re all a bit older and that's about all I can tell you except that Frank Darabont is writing it."

You can read the full interview at UGO's Indiana Jones Hub.



Indiana Jones 4 location scouting in Hawaii
Monday, December 8, 2003

JP4HQ has send Coming Soon! a message mentioning Indy 4 location scouting information:

"I just recently took a trip to Kauai, Hawaii, and took Bob's Hawaii Movie Tours' 4X4 tour. I asked the tour guide which upcoming films were slated for shooting on the island, and he said, I quote: Jurassic Park 4 is shooting here next summer, at the same time as Indiana Jones 4. Indy 4 is scheduled to shoot for 8 weeks, but the time for JP4 hasn't been specified yet." I asked about the director for JP4: "Kathleen Kennedy is directing.""

Coming Soon! contacted Hawaii Movie Tours asking about this Indiana Jones 4 rumor. The company said that they heard that the Indy 4 producers were scouting in Hawaii two to three weeks ago, but that doesn't mean they will be shooting for sure, of course.

Thanks to Coming Soon! & JP4HQ for the news.


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