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Spielberg Says Indy 5 is Not for Right Now
12/01/09, 12:44pm EST

After accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 2009 Gold Globe Ceremonies, Steven Spielberg took a few minutes to speak with writers from the cable channel, ReelzChannel, and here is what he said about Indy coming back:

10:22 PM: Backstage Steven Spielberg is asked whether he might consider revisiting any of his characters again. "Visit them again?" asks Spielberg. "You mean like bring them out of mothballs? Not really. Some day there may be another Indiana Jones. George and I have had a couple of conversations about 'What If?' we made another Indiana Jones film, but right now we aren't in the position to do that."

Keep your fingers crossed Indyfans that maybe that position for Indy's return might arise soon. Until then, we have Indy novels, video games and comics to keep us in the world of adventure.


Posted by Mitchell Hallock

Indiana Jones 4 Awards and Nominations
24/01/09, 9:24am EST

The 2009 Academy Award Nominations have been announced and, as some of you may already know, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is not among the lucky nominees this week.
But there are enough other Awards Indy 4 is nominated for! Here follows a list of Award shows you may want to keep an eye on, including the Razzie nomination joke:
  • BAFTA Awards - February 8, 2009
    Nominated for Best Special Visual Effects - Pablo Helman
  • Grammy Awards - February 8, 2009
    Nominated for Best Score Soundtrack Album for Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media - John Williams
  • Art Directors Guild - February 14, 2009
    Nominated for in Production Design Award Fantasy Films - Guy Dyas (production designer)

And here follows a list of nominations and awards the fourth Indiana Jones film has won so far:

  • MTV Movie Awards - 2008
    Nominated for Best Summer Movie So Far
  • National Movie Awards, UK - 2008
    + Won Best Action/Adventure
    - Nominated for Best Performance, Female: Cate Blanchett
    - Nominated for Best Performance, Male: Harrison Ford
  • Teen Choice Awards - 2008
    + Won for Actor (Action Adventure): Shia LaBeouf
    - Nominated for Actor (Action Adventure): Harrison Ford
    - Nominated for Villain: Cate Blanchett
    - Nominated for: Action Adventure

Thanks to Heiko Behrends and Mitchell Hallock for the info.

Posted by Gilles V

The Adventures of Mutt Wins Grammy
09/02/09, 12:09pm EST

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull won Best Instrumental Composition for "The Adventures of Mutt" song by John Williams at the 51st Grammy Awards on Sunday night.
This honor adds to Mr. Williams long history of accolades for his film scores, and is one of the few awards that 2008's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was not only nominated for, but actually won. Fan tastes may change, but all can agree that Mr. Williams music has never gone out of style.

PS: What better way to celebrate John Williams' birthday than giving him an award! He was born on Feb. 8th, 1932.

And thanks to Greg Hinkelman for informing us.


Posted by Mitchell Hallock

Indiana Jones 4 Garnishes Saturn Nominations
12/03/09, 1:12pm EST

Well, it is certainly more respectful than the Razzies, and truth be told is more meaningful to TRUE sci-fi/fantasy film fans, and that is the Saturn Awards. Like many of the other award races of the year Indiana Jones finds himself up against the Caped Crusader, but our hero is never one to shy away from a good fight. In addition, the Indy-inspired TV movie, The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalise also was nominated, so lets hope fortune favors the foolish, and these men of adventure take home some well-deserved gold (or whatever material the Saturn awards are made of).

The categories are:
- Best Movie
- Best Actor
- Best Director
- Best Supporting Actor

and for The Librarian:
- Best TV Movie Actor

Source: Variety

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

Sir Sean Gives His View of the Crystal Skull
31/03/09, 11:07am EST

While keeping up with the Jones' last summer meant Indy and his new found son, Mutt, many fans were looking for the other "Dad" - Sir Sean Connery. MTV News caught up with the man who would be king and the first 007 agent, better known to Indyfans as Henry Jones, Sr. and asked if he had seen Indy's last adventure and what he thought of it.

Sir Sean Connery stated he had seen the film and that it was "rather good and rather long".

Now if only Lucas and crew can come up with a script for Indy 5 that let's Henry Sr. come back from the dead, perhaps as a side effect from encountering the "healing powers" of the Grail, the next film would be "rather great"!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

Shia Talks About Injuries & Getting on with the Show
14/04/09, 10:37am EST

Forget the big screen dangers that Mutt Williams had to face when he set out to find the Crystal Skull with his dad, Indiana Jones, the man behind the comb and sword had to go through far worse.
Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the intrepid young star talks about his car accident that severely damaged his left hand, how his surgeries and recuperation has been going, and how a call from his Indy 4 co-star got him back in front of the cameras for this summer's sure-fire box office, blockbuster: Transformers 2.

Entertainment Weekly: What's been going on with your hand since the first surgery?
Shia LaBeouf: I've had screws and plates put in. They put a screw in one of my knuckles. And they shaved a piece of bone off my hip and made a [bone for my] finger out of it.

EW:Was your hand out the window of the vehicle when it got injured?
Shia: Yeah.

EW: How is the hand now?
Shia: I'm on my third surgery. That's coming up in a week or two [from April 2]. My middle finger is still crooked as a f---ing noodle, so they've gotta straighten it out and put a screw in it.

EW: How long will it take to recover from this third surgery?
Shia: I imagine like two months and I'll be back on my feet.

EW: How much usage will you get back of your left hand?
Shia: Probably about 80-something percent. I'll be able to make a fist again. There's a knuckle I'll never be able to move again, but that's probably the only permanent damage, other than the scarring.

EW: What do you remember of the initial surgical procedure?
Shia: The first voice I heard when I came out of surgery was Harrison's. Harrison [Ford] called me on the phone and said, "Hey, are you okay?" I said, "Yeah, I'm good." He said, "Well, then you need to get back to work." I said, "Are you serious?" He said, "That's the way this cookie crumbles." So I went back to work. The show doesn't stop for anybody.

EW: And of course Harrison, your costar in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, shot most of the second Indy movie with a seriously screwed-up back. How soon did you go back to work?
Shia: I was only down for two weeks. The average bone healing time is six months.

You can read the full article at

Here's wishing Shia a speedy recovery after his most recent surgery on his left hand and good health and luck with all his future film projects, one of which I hope is Indy 5!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

David Koepp Open to Indy 5
04/05/09, 12:41pm EST

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull screenwriter David Koepp recently told MTV News that he was certainly open to the idea of a fifth Indiana Jones film. And he is not alone.
Here's what Koepp told MTV News:

"I thought [‘Crystal Skull’] was a pretty good way to go out, but you never know," he told us. "Somebody has a great idea — it’s always worth doing."

You can read the full article at MTV News.

Thanks to Zach Bales and Tim Wilson for letting us know.

Posted by Gilles V

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Anniversary
22/05/09, 9:18am EST

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Indiana Jones 4 poster by Drew Struzan.
Today we celebrate the first birthday of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!

Exactly one year ago the fourth Indiana Jones film was released worldwide to become on of the biggest blockbusters of 2008! More than 12.000 release prints were distributed including dubbed versions in 25 foreign languages. To date no film had a a larger distribution in Paramount Pictures history!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull became the most successful film of 2008 internationally and third best film of the year in the USA. Globally, it was the second highest grossing film of 2008! Only The Dark Knight did better last year.
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is currently the 23rd highest grossing film of all time, both domestically and worldwide.

To celebrate I have restored the once "lost" Indy 4 screenplays page which has now been expanded with the final screenplay by David Koepp and the famous rejected draft written by Frank Darabont!
And that's not all. The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Screenshots page is also finally online with not less than 500 DVD screen captures! Which is 100 more than with the previous films.

Why not Blu-ray screens you ask? Taking Blu-ray screen captures is a lot more difficult as the standard player programs simply don't allow it. Blu-ray quality screenshots will be for sometime in the future when the complete Indiana Jones Tetralogy is available on the format. (Which might actually happen by the end of this year.)

Today is a good day to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on DVD or Blu-ray... yet again.

Posted by Gilles V

LaBeouf Says Indy 5 is Moving Forward
16/06/09, 10:46am EST

While promoting Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Shia LaBeouf mentions in a video interview with BBC News that a sequel to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is moving forward.

"Steven [Spielberg] just said that he cracked the story on it before I left and I think they're gearing that up," LaBeouf said.

Last summer's Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was made for about $185 million and earned $786.6 million worldwide. It was the second-highest earner of 2008, behind just The Dark Knight.

View the video interview with Shia LaBeouf now at BBC News.

Thanks to Brandon, Maxime Ferland, Todd, Andrew B., Nick Delgado, Brandon Bush, Andrew and C.A. Bryers for informing me.

Posted by Gilles V

Frank Marshall Confirms Indiana Jones 5
18/06/09, 10:50am EST

Crystal Skull co-star Shia LaBeouf's statements that Indy 5 was in the works, Indiana Jones film series producer, Frank Marshall confirms the report.
Speaking with Empire Magazine, Marshall had this to say about Harrison Ford's 5th big screen go around as the intrepid archaeologist:

"It's really about the script," Marshall said to Empire. "Once we see that, we'll see. We're not going to wait another 20 years. We'd all love to make another one. I'm anxious to hear the idea!"

UPDATE: Frank Marshall's latest Twitter message reads:

"The story for Indy5 is progressing. It is still in the research phase."

So there you have it Indyfans, Indy is preparing his whip and fedora for another big screen adventure. I am thinking that we will get more details at next month's ComicCon in San Diego. Let the story rumors begin!

Thanks to Kevin, The Stranger, Marc Stynen, Jeroen Hoogakker, Brian and Aaron Aguiar for letting us know.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

Ford Set to Play Indy "One Last Time"
06/07/09, 9:03am EST

Well, the character of Indiana Jones just celebrated his 110th birthday (born July 1, 1899 in Princeton, New Jersey) and the man that plays him will be turning 67 on July 13, but all together it's a fine age for big screen adventure.

The Insider is reporting that Ford will play the famed archaeologist for "one last adventure", and it will be around 2011.

Rumors and remarks have been flying around from Indy producer Frank Marshall and co-star Shia LaBeouf for several weeks and now we have word that the man who makes it all possible will be donning the fedora one more time.

Read the rumor for yourself at The Insider and start oiling that whip and dusting off the leather jacket Indyfans!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

Latest Indy 5 Story "is not accurate..."
07/07/09, 12:13pm EST

Indiana Jones Producer Frank Marshall has commented on a fast spreading article, by The Insider, about Harrison Ford playing the famed archaeologist for "one last adventure" around 2011.

Marshall responded through Twitter that "That story is not accurate..."!

Credit goes to "popcornm" for asking Frank Marshall if the article was accurate. And thanks to Perry Harovas for informing us.

While we are talking about Twitter; updates can be followed there as well. See you there!

Posted by Gilles V

Harold Ramis Calls Indy 4 "A Disaster"
10/07/09, 11:32am EST

In a new interview at writer/director Harold Ramis talks about the upcoming Ghostbusters 3 and his thoughts on special effects and today's use of CGI in films.

But what stands out in this interview is Harold Ramis' own thoughts about film sequels and how hard it is to make them as good as the first film. As an example the writer/director of Year One mentions what "a disaster" Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was to him!

Harold Ramis his opinion about Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is getting a lot of interesting reactions on our The Raven forums or on websites as Ain't It Cool News and

Thanks to Mitchell Hallock for the video interview link.

Posted by Gilles V

Ford Says Indy 5 is in the Works
14/09/09, 9:09am EST

While speaking to reporters after receiving his latest accolade in France, Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford commented on the development of the fifth big screen adventure of the famed globe-trotting archaeologist:

Harrison Ford told France's Le Figaro that he's ready to reprise his role as the outspoken professor-turned-hero for the fifth time -- if the script is right. "The story for the new 'Indiana Jones' is in the process of taking form," Ford explained. "Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and myself are agreed on what the fifth adventure will concern, and George is actively at work. If the script is good, I'll be very happy to put the costume on again."


Thanks to Jeff Roberts, 'ikbengert', ferry, and Pat for the heads up!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

Ford "Waiting On A Script" For Indy 5
22/09/09, 12:37pm EST

While Harrison Ford is busy helping the environment, he's also waiting to hear from George Lucas about what he can expect from a fifth Indiana Jones movie:

"We're waiting on a script," he told MTV News at a Team Earth event. As for when that script might surface, Ford isn't holding his breath: "Ah, not yet."

Patience looks to be the key for quality!

You can read the full report at MTV Movie News.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


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