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John Rhys-Davies still waiting for the Indy 4 call
Tuesday, January 27, 2004

IGN FilmForce recently had the chance to chat with actor John Rhys-Davies about his acting career. At one point Sallah, uh John mentions his involvement in the fourth Indiana Jones film. Here's what he had to say about Indy 4:

IGNFF: See, and I also promised myself not to ask you a single Indiana Jones question, eitherÖ

RHYS-DAVIES: "Oh, well you're allowed to!"

IGNFF: The only one anyone ever asks you is when a sequel's happeningÖ

RHYS-DAVIES: "They do that all the time. It's so funny Ė everyone, but me, knows that there is a sequel definitely happening, they know that it's in the works, that it's about to be made, that's already cast, really. The question is Ė am I in it or aren't I in it? I get very despondent that my phone hasn't rung, but I was sort of elated the other day when I think Connery got up at a press conference and he said, "Well my phone hasn't rung either!""

IGNFF: People ask you the question as if they believe you're a writer and a producer on the filmÖ

RHYS-DAVIES: "Oh, that's right! I'm so obviously, clearly, an intimate of Lucas, Spielberg, and Harrison Ford. My phone rings all the time Ė they're always saying, "John John John, do you think we should do this? What do you feel about this?""

IGNFF: Where do you see Sallah going, John? Since the character is yours, we feel we should consult with you at every momentÖ

RHYS-DAVIES: "Oh absolutely. Yes, yesÖ I can't get them off the line!"

IGNFF: That's why they installed that red phone hotline for youÖ

RHYS-DAVIES: "That's right! They're just bumming me for ideas all the time."

Click here to read the full interview with John Rhys-Davies.


Frank Darabont completes Indy 4 script!!
Friday, January 30, 2004

According to the trade reporter, Variety, Frank Darabont has officially finished the final draft of the Indiana Jones 4 script.

Frank Darabont mentions that he has completed the script for the long-awaited Indiana Jones 4. "I've finished my work, so now it's in the hands of God, or Spielberg and Lucas if you prefer," said Darabont.
The sequel may shoot this year with Harrison Ford starring, Steven Spielberg directing and George Lucas executive producing. And Paramount is hoping to distribute the film in 2005.

This certainly confirms what has been rumored. Look forward to an exciting year of Indiana Jones 4 news!

Thanks to ComingSoon.Net, Phill Scott and Kenny c. for the heads up!


Lucasfilm's response on finished Indy 4 script news
Friday, January 30, 2004

We asked Lucasfilm for a comment on the news that Frank Darabont has finished the final draft of the Indiana Jones 4 script. Here follows Lucasfilm's official response, which is still exactly the same as in October 2003:

Currently, work is continuing on a final version of the screenplay for Indiana Jones 4, and and once all parties have signed off on the script and schedules permit, shooting will begin. Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford and George Lucas are all returning for this fourth Indiana Jones adventure. At this time, we have no details about the plot or other actors. In the meantime, fans of Indiana Jones can bring the adventures home on DVD with The Adventures of Indiana Jones: The Complete DVD Movie Collection.

Stay tuned! More is coming...


Indiana Jones 4 on hold again...
Thursday, February 5, 2004

Bad news fellow Indiana Jones fans: Variety reported today that the highly anticipation reunion of Spielberg, Lucas, and Harrison Ford for Indiana Jones 4 is on hold again. Lucas was unhappy with Darabont's script so they are now looking for another screenwriter.

Here's what Michael Fleming from Variety reported on this:

The long-gestating reunion of Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Harrison Ford for a fourth "Indiana Jones" pic is on hold -- again -- as a new script draft is commissioned. Paramount had hoped to reunite Indy with his whip and Stetson hat and get back into production on a new "Indiana Jones" pic in 2004 for a 2005 release. Frank Darabont had been brought in to script a concept the trio liked, but sources close to the production said Lucas was unhappy with the draft. The Indy troika will now bring aboard another screenwriter to hone Darabont's script.

Spielberg had no comment on his plans. Spielberg, Lucas and Ford have been trying for nearly a decade to mount one last Indiana Jones adventure, on the condition that all three had to love the concept and script before proceeding.

Finding an availability window for Spielberg, Ford and Lucas is daunting, and it is now looking like a 2005 production start at the earliest.
Ford, meanwhile, is considering other assignments, and Spielberg is likely to move on to another project The Rivals.
Spielberg is also said to be interested in a secret project said to be making the rounds.

Click here to read the full report.

And special thanks to Steve Esposito for letting us know.


More on the Indiana Jones 4 script delay
Saturday, February 7, 2004

E! Online News reported a bit more information on the Indiana Jones 4 script delays yesterday:

"They'll be some more script work," says Spielberg rep Marv Levy, who could not say exactly how long production would be delayed or how it would affect Paramount's targeted release date of July 4, 2005.

If the script problems don't get solved soon then Spielberg, Lucas, and Ford might not even begin filming on Indiana Jones 4 until 2005. And these delays also bring an other problem: the studio also needs to have the schedules of Ford, Spielberg and Lucas synchronized to be able to begin filming Indy 4.

Luckily we Indyfans have already learned what patience is because we will need it now more than ever before.

Click here to read the full report by E! Online. Stay tuned...


Spielberg likes Darabont's Indy 4 script
Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Variety reported 2 days ago that Steven Spielberg liked the Indiana Jones 4 script written by Frank Darabont. Here's what Variety wrote:

Steven Spielberg liked the script. George Lucas , his partner, didn't. So last week, the umpteenth attempt to revive "Indiana Jones" at Paramount got stalled one more time.

It's a very short news message but it's more positive than the previous Indiana Jones 4 script news.


Darabont talks about his Indy 4 script
Monday, February 16, 2004

Indiana Jones 4 screenplay writer Frank Darabont explained to Ain't It Cool News why his script didn't get green lighted from George Lucas.

"The short and simple version of the Indiana Jones 4 situation is that after more than a year of working closely with Steven Spielberg developing the story, I had completed a screenplay that Steven loved and was hoping to shoot in July of this year. However, George Lucas had issues with the script and slammed on the brakes in order to rework the material himself. There is talk of enlisting another writer. Given that George is the producer, but even more so because of their long and close friendship, Steven is deferring to George in this situation.

It is now up to them to try to find a common ground regarding the film. I wish them luck and hope their efforts result in something they're both excited about shooting. What, if anything, might remain of my work at the end of the process is anybody's guess, assuming the film even gets made at this point. As for me, I'm disappointed, but I'm putting the experience behind me and moving on with my life and my own projects."

The future of the fourth Indiana Jones film currently looks dark but let's not give up hope! The makers were looking forward to begin production on Indiana Jones 4 somewhere in this summer. But it currently looks like it will have to wait till somewhere in 2005.

Thanks to Ain't It Cool News and Frank Darabont for this explanation!!


Indy 4 rumor: Release date moved to 2006
Thursday, February 19, 2004 heard some rumblings about the current state of Indiana Jones 4 and its script. They received news that the project is not dead as many people have feared. Here follows the rumors that has received:

  • The 4th Indiana Jones was indeed stalled because of problems with the script. From what we gather the script didn't satisfy the "3 principals." From what we can tell, Lucas is taking the hit for this despite the fact that those in the know making no mention of Lucas specifically as the source of the problem.
  • We believe that Paramount has pushed the release date back a year, from July 4th weekend 2005 to 4th of July 2006. There is still "every reason to believe" the film will get made, despite the growing concern for ages.

Thanks to and Jared Barrett for the good news.
And remember folks, this is still a rumor!


Spielberg says Indy 4 will still happen!
Friday, March 5, 2004 had the chance to chat briefly with Steven Spielberg after the Schindlerís List DVD event. Spielberg talked about whether or not Indiana Jones 4 will still be made, after Frank Darabont's script wasn't approved.
Here's what reported:

After news that George Lucas rejected Frank Darabontís script, the projectís status is in flux. But like a parent reassuring a scared child, Spielberg remained optimistic. "Of course it will still happen," Spielberg said. He would not, however, discuss the problems with Darabontís script. "I wonít go into it with you now, but it will definitely still happen."

Thanks to Coming Soon! for the news.


John Rhys-Davies talks about Indy 4
Monday, March 8, 2004

The Film Freak website contains a new video interview with actor John Rhys-Davies in which Leo, host of the Film Freak radio show, talks with John about his work on Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

At a certain moment in the radio interview, John is asked by a listener if he will be in Indiana Jones 4. In short, John answered that he hasn't heard from Lucas nor Spielberg and that he knows nothing about the script. But he added that the script for Indy 4 has got to be better than the previous films!
Spielberg, Lucas and Ford don't want to make Indy 4 for the money but for the film itself. They won't even start production on this film if they aren't certain they have found the perfect script. "I tell you this; when the next real film comes out, it will be incredible." added John Rhys-Davies.

John Rhys-Davies also talked about his working experiences with Steven Spielberg and Karen Allen and some Raiders of the Lost Ark filming locations. John also shared which Sallah souvenir he received after the completion of his part in the films. You'll have to view the amusing video interview at Film Freak Vault to find out which souvenir!

Source: Dark Horizons.


Pirates writer hired to rewrite Indy 4 script?
Sunday, March 28, 2004 reports that Australian screenwriter Stuart Beattie has been hired to rewrite Frank Darabont's Indiana Jones 4 script:

According to loyal scooper 'Accountant', The Pirates of the Caribbean writer - he penned the screen story - was hired by Lucasfilm pretty much based on the success of that film. He's currently at work on a re-write of the newest script, with suggestions the film still might be ready for a release sometime in 2005.

Earlier this year, Frank Darabont was let go from the production after turning in a sequel script that didn't meet up "to either of the uber-beard's standards".

Stuart Beattie co-wrote the upcoming Collateral, starring Tom Cruise, and he's currently also working on Derailed, a film by Mikael Håfström based on a James Siegel novel.

Consider this a rumour folks!! We are looking into this story so stay tuned for more information!

Thanks to Fred Partridge for letting us know.


More on Pirates story writer Stuart Beattie
Monday, March 29, 2004

The latest issue of Australian film magazine Inside Film contains an interview with Pirates of the Caribbean writer Stuart Beattie. According to 'Graeme', Stuart Beattie confirms in the interview that he has done a re-write on the fourth Indiana Jones film.

A fun fact is that both Frank Darabont and Stuart Beattie share the writing credits for the upcoming Collateral film produced by Spielberg's Dreamworks SKG & Tom Cruise's production companies. Tom Cruise is also starring in the film.

You can find the interview with Stuart Beattie in Inside Film, issue #64: April 2004 edition.

But Stuart Beattie re-writing Indy 4 is still a rumour as long as Lucas, Spielberg or anybody else at Lucasfilm doesn't officially announce this.


Stuart Beattie is not working on Indy 4!
Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Well, here we have it. A Lucasfilm representative has let me know that this week's Indy 4 script news is false and that "work continues on the Indiana Jones 4 script as it has been".

So Pirates of the Caribbean writer Stuart Beattie is NOT working on the script for Indiana Jones 4. It was all only a rumour.

Thanks to Lucasfilm for clearing that up.


Indiana Jones 4 postponed again?
Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The chance that we can go see the fourth Indiana Jones film in theatres in 2005 is getting smaller with the minute. Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford have recently made commitments ranked above Indiana Jones 4.

They originally planned to begin production on Indy 4 during this summer, for a July 2005 release. But these plans began to fade when it was announced that Darabont's Indy 4 screenplay was rejected by George Lucas earlier this year.
Lead Harrison Ford has just singed on to star in The Wrong Element, an action film in which Ford will play a security guard whose family is kidnapped.

Steven Spielberg will begin production on a feature film focusing on the aftermath of the 1972 Munich Olympics, during which 11 Israeli athletes were killed by Palestinian extremists, this summer. It's rumored that Spielberg and his crew have already traveled to Europe looking for locations.
And Spielberg has already announced that he's interested in turning H.G. Wells classic alien invasion tale The War of the Worlds into a film with Tom Cruise. And then there's also The Rivals film Spielberg is interested in.

So it's currently a big mystery when all three Spielberg, Lucas and Ford will find the time to begin production on Indiana Jones 4.
Hopefully this mystery will be solved soon as Steven Spielberg should soon begin touring to promote his latest film The Terminal, his latest film with Tom Hanks that will hit theaters in June.

Stay tuned for more updates on the fourth Indiana Jones film. And check out the Indiana Jones Back on Shelf news article at E! Online.


Behind the scenes of Indiana Jones 4
Monday, May 24, 2004 reported that the latest issue of Esquire magazine includes a long article called Lucas Strikes Back. The article goes behind the scenes and talks about how George Lucas keeps delaying Indiana Jones 4, and if a fourth Indiana Jones film really is a good idea 15 years after the last Indy film was released.

The article, by Esquire reporter Kim Masters, examines what many studio executives and people close to DreamWorks and Lucasfilm think of the whole affair (no one quoted in the article is named and Spielberg, Lucas and writer Frank Darabont all refused to be interviewed for the piece.)

It's a very long article and we can't publish the whole thing here online but has done a very good job at selecting the highlights of the article and added personal comments. Here follows the report:

First, one thing became very apparent to me ( from the article when it comes to the very potential of the film: Hollywood is just as uncertain of the financial feasibility, let alone artistic solidity of the concept.

One studio marketing executive was quoted as saying "this is a movie for old people at this point," while the articlesí author reported that Paramount executives were "heartened last year by the more than $150 million worth of sales for the DVD box set of the first three Indiana Jones movies." Both of these opposing views show just how darned difficult it is to track whether or not Indy could perform like he did in his heyday at the box-office.

From the marketing executiveís point-of-view, he is right in a way that Indiana Jones is a commodity that is infinitely more popular with "Generation X" and "Baby Boom" filmgoers than fans nowadays who were weaned on other newer series (Lord of the Rings, The Mummy movies, etc., etc.). This isnít to say that there arenít younger viewers who were introduced to the adventures of Indiana Jones through videotapes or now even the DVDs, but the core audience who probably drove Paramountís $150 million plus worth of DVD sales presumably are die-hard fans who lived through the 1980s. Youíd hope that Paramount (and Lucasfilm) have their demographics nailed down to as near of a science as it can be, but I wouldnít let those DVD sales get me too excited about releasing a fourth film if those sales came largely from "Generation X" or "Baby Boomer" audiences.

Itís an unscientific observation, of course, but here online Iíve seen so many fans who grew up with the Indy films in the 1980s say another belated trip to the well is just a terrible idea or theyíve resigned themselves to the fact that its going to happen and have just learned to love the bomb, so to speak. Adversely, younger fans are clamoring for a new Indy adventure, but I would bet this vocal group is just a small portion of the filmgoing demographic that Paramount is hoping to hit to make Indiana Jones 4 a hit. Younger audiences are where ticket sales are at (or more importantly, repeat ticket sales) and if a large slice of that demographic would rather see Vin Diesel tearing it up instead of a sixty-plus year old Harrison Ford, well, the math does itself...

All of this may not even be a concern, according to Esquireís article, as it goes on to examine the events that led up to Frank Darabontís completion of the script and Lucasí halting of the entire project.

Hereís what Esquire claims happened from when Darabont first fired up his favorite word-processing program to when Lucasí axe fell (and weíve all known most of these facts for a while, but bear with me, as it gets interesting in a bit):

"By all accounts of those who have worked with [Lucas], he isnít one to multitask when heís making a film. That left Spielberg and Darabont to work out the script. Imagine Darabontís joy when Spielberg pronounced that he liked Darabontís draft, except for some quibbles with the third act. Darabont reworked the screenplay, and a few weeks laterólast fallóParamount was told that Spielberg would shoot the picture in July 2004."

So according to the article, the script was Darabont and Spielbergís baby, unlike the previous three Indiana Jones films (in which Lucas, Spielberg and the screenwriters all toiled together). Itís been reported numerous times that Lucas devised the story for the new film, yet the Esquire article wraps up by stating that "the official story is that the project is not dead and that Lucas will come up with a storyline himself."

Iím not sure if this is stating that Lucas didnít conceive the screen story for Darabontís drafts at all and he will be crafting a new concept himself from the ground up or if this means Lucas will be drafting a brand new script himself (God help us). Lucasí "storylines" for the Indy films (i.e.-stories for the films, but not the actual scripts) have been great, but his work as a screenwriter, as history has proven, is not even a shadow of Darabontís talents.

Either way, Esquireís article is unclear whether Lucas plans on crafting a new story or drafting a new script personally, but the article does end with a couple of notes of doom.

According to someone allegedly close to Spielberg within the DreamWorks fold, Spielberg wonít be too heartbroken if the film doesnít ever come together (Spielberg has promised in the press that it will happen still), and as Esquire tells it (for what it's worth) "many in Hollywood are skeptical that it will ever happen."

"[Spielberg] liked the idea of it, but I donít think he was in love with doing it," the fellow "DreamWorker" told Esquire.

If true, this is never a great way for Spielberg to head into a movie and his filmography, the Indiana Jones series and Indiana Jones fans deserve more than that. Spielberg has throughout his career been infatuated with many a concept. Weíve all seen how many scripts he courts but never commits to, wisely in the end. When Spielberg isnít completely in love with working on a film, he stumbles with works like Hook and The Lost World (which he "always, sort of wanted to do"óa very non-committal reason to shoot the film from Spielberg himself).

Personally, Iíd much rather see Spielberg work on films that fuel his imagination and leave a burning in the pit of his stomachósomething Iíd assume the Mossad project is doing to him right nowóstories that he feels inspired by divinity to tell the world.

Ultimately, perhaps George Lucas has done Indiana Jones and Steven Spielberg fans a favor by killing Indiana Jones 4 (perhaps temporarily now, perhaps outright in the long run no matter what is said in the interim).

For the entire Esquire story, be sure to pick up the latest copy of the magazine, now on newsstands.


A Young Indiana Jones film coming?
Monday, May 24, 2004

Garth from Dark Horizons posted some interesting Young Indiana Jones film talk today. Here follows a part of the news:

With a fourth "Indiana Jones" flick officially 'on hiatus' but unofficially quite dead and buried, talk in Cannes began to spring up about taking the franchise in a new and cheaper direction - taking the 'Young Indy' TV chronicles and shoving them up on the big screen. Now, insider 'Warmest' has heard the speculation and answers some of the talk:

"Anyway, I saw you had something on a "Young Indiana Jones" film and thought I'd clarify that one for you, based on what I know. Granted, this news is a little bit old now, but I'm sure it's still the case that - it's only an idea. There's no greenlight, go or anything official of a young Indiana Jones movie. That's all dependent on how well the forthcoming Young Indiana Jones Box Set does on DVD. They've been working on that for a while, it should be a great set. It'll feature a conglomerate of extra features. Much like TCF's Firefly, if the sales returns are pleasing, then, and only then, will the studio look at doing the Young Indiana movie...

Check out Dark Horizons to read the full news message.

Thanks to Colin from StargateSG-1.Net for letting me know.


Pirates writer reacts to Indy 4 rumour
Thursday, June 3, 2004

Back in March there was the rumour that Australian screenwriter Stuart Beattie has been hired to rewrite Frank Darabont's Indiana Jones 4 script. Beattie is one of the writers of 2003's biggest surprises Pirates of the Caribbean.

The rumour got support from the Australian film magazine Inside Film that contained an interview with Stuart Beattie. According to 'Graeme', Beattie confirmed in the interview that he has done a re-write on the fourth Indiana Jones film. The rumour was BIG and a lot of film news sites helped spreading the rumour. But this rumour soon ended when a Lucasfilm representative told me that it was all false!

We never found out the origin of this rumour nor what Stuart Beattie himself had to say about this, until today. I have received an email from him explaining the whole situation.
Here follows Stuart Beattie's message:

"I haven't read the IF interview concerning my supposed work on Indy 4, but I NEVER said I had worked on it because I never did any work on Indy 4. During the interview I mentioned that Raiders was my favorite film and the interviewer asked me about doing work on Indy 4 which I said would be a dream job for me. The key words being "would be". It seems the interviewer either didn't hear me (to be fair we were 8000 miles apart during the interview) or misinterpreted what I said. Sorry I didn't clear this up earlier, I only just found out about it. Apparently you can't control what other people say you said. By the way, if I had worked on it, that's what the whole article would've been about, right? Writing Indy 4 is not a "tidbit", it's a whole interview. Again, I apologize for any misunderstandings."

A fun fact is that both Stuart Beattie and Frank Darabont share the writing credits for the upcoming Collateral film directed by Michael Mann and produced by Spielberg's Dreamworks SKG & Tom Cruise's production companies. Tom Cruise is also starring in the film.

A big thanks to Stuart Beattie for clearing this up.


Marshall says Indy 4 is still very much alive!
Saturday, July 10, 2004

Frank Marshall, producer of the Indy trilogy, has told during an interview yesterday that Indiana Jones 4 is still very much alive! Despite continual delays and rumors that Spielberg, Lucas and Ford have given up on the long anticipated fourth Indiana Jones film.

"Indiana Jones 4 is still in the writing stages; it's still a live project and Mr. Lucas is working on the script at this time," he told a group of journalists gathered at a press event for The Bourne Supremacy.
When asked if this meant George Lucas was penning the screenplay by himself, Marshall replied, "No. There is a writer on the project... I won't go there."

The mysterious writer who is currently working on the Indiana Jones 4 script is certainly not Pirates of the Caribbean writer Stuart Beattie. I know this from Beattie himself as he wrote us a reaction to that rumour last month. But who is the new writer then? No idea but I will let you know as soon as I find out.

So, just when can we expect more movement on Indy 4? "Well I think that, obviously, we don't want to do this movie unless it's going to be great," Marshall says. "There's only the downside of it if we perceive it as something we all don't feel is worthy. Now we're working on that last third. We'll all get our schedules together again but it's not gonna be for another year or so."

Source: IGN Filmforce


M. Night tells about his work on Indy 4 script
Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Ain't It Cool News received a report from one of their readers about the Regal Cinemas presentation where M. Night Shyamalan spoke live via satellite to 41 theaters around the US about his latest film The Village.
As you might remember, there were rumours in 2001 that said M. Night Shyamalan was working on a script for Indiana Jones 4. Until he stepped out of the project, for unknown reasons. Now we get an answer as M. Night mentioned his work on the Indy 4 script during this Regal Cinemas presentation. He tells why he left the project:

"...Mentioned that when he was attempting to write Indy 4 for Spielberg that he kept having too introspective of an angle on the theme of heroism and what it meant. Spielberg said if you want to continue you can, but Night was getting busy with Signs."

Click here to read the full report.


Location scout mentions work on Indiana Jones 4
Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Tirol Online has an article about safety guard and location scout Leo Baumgartner. In that article Baumgartner mentions he has done some location scouting for Indiana Jones. Here follows the except from the article (translated from German):

Baumgartner: "I had adjusted myself already to drive to Russia for an Afghanistan film but a cancellation came in. For an Indiana Jones sequel I should have constructed a filming bridge and had the Rofan area in mind. But the project has been delayed."

The quote from Baumgartner is quite vague but you could say this is proof that pre-production on Indiana Jones 4 was already underway until something delayed it. Maybe George Lucas' rejection of Frank Darabont's script?

Click here to read the full article about Leo Baumgartner and his film career that includes work for the recently released King Arthur, Around the World in 80 Days, and the upcoming Bridget Jones 2. The original article is in German though!

And here you have a photo of the Rofangebiet Leo Bamgartner mentions.
Thanks to MJ for the translation.



John Rhys-Davies talks more Indiana Jones 4
Wednesday, September 1, 2004 reported that actor John Rhys-Davies has revealed to Sydney Confidential that Indiana Jones 4 finally looks set to go ahead!

"I was talking to Steven Spielberg the other day... we discussed a fourth one," said Rhys-Davies, who is in Australia for a science fiction convention due to his role as Gimli in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
"We're in with the chance of making something absolutely extraordinary," he added.

It was rumoured that Indiana Jones co-writer and producer George Star Wars Lucas had shelved the project earlier this year, which Rhys-Davies confirmed.

"George Lucas had reservations about the script and he said, "The only way I can express my reservations is making another pass at the script myself", so it's gone back at least a year."

"It is the intention of these three great filmmakers [Lucas, Spielberg and Ford] to make another one."

Is there finally light at the end of the tunnel? Let's all hope that John Rhys-Davies quotes here soon get confirmation from Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford or George Lucas! And also that there will be space in the script of the fourth Indiana Jones film for Sallah, John Rhys-Davies own character in the Indy trilogy. Stay tuned and please let me know if you might have more information!



Spielberg says Indy 4 has a very good story
Friday, September 3, 2004

The latest issue of the UK magazine Total Film celebrates Steven Spielberg in a superb huge special feature covering all his films. They also had a chat with Spielberg himself about his career and Indiana Jones 4:

Total Film: So why embrace Indy 4? Surely you could knock that out in your sleep?

Spielberg: It's not for money or success. It's for good times. I've always said that I had the most fun in my life making those three movies with George (Lucas) and Harrison (Ford).

Total Film: It's been a fair old wait.

Spielberg: It's a very good story. It's worth living that long to see.

You can read the full interview with Steven Spielberg, along with short reviews of all his films in the latest, September 2004, Issue 93 of Total Film magazine.


Spielberg shooting Indy 4 next summer?
Tuesday, September 7, 2004

A certain Jenkis told to Ain't It Cool News today that in an interview about The Terminal Spielberg said Indiana Jones 4 will shoot next summer, after he's shot War of the Worlds and then The Rivals.

You may consider this a big rumor as it's coming from an unknown and thus unreliable news source.
It is true that Spielberg will shoot War of the Worlds first. He's going to begin production on that film together with Tom Cruise later this year. But it is not totally certain which film he will direct after that. It could be the untitled 1972 Munich Olympics film with Eric Bana, which is currently being rewritten, or the above mentioned film The Rivals. We'll have to wait and see what Spielberg decides to do after War of the Worlds. But there's still some hope left that production on Indiana Jones 4 begins next summer. So stay tuned!

Click here to read the original news message. It also talks about a 3D Harrison Ford in a film directed by James Cameron... rumor?

Thanks to Indy Benson, Jared Barrett and Brett Hopkings for the news.


Hopes to see the Indy 4 script finished next year
Wednesday, September 8, 2004

The French film site Encranlarge has posted the transcript from this weekend's The Terminal press event at the Deauville Film Festival in France. Both Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks were present and answered questions from the international press. And the press asked about Spielberg's future projects, including Indy 4!

Press: And what can you tell us your various projects: the massacre in the OJ of Munich in 1972, your remake of War of the Worlds and finally Indiana Jones 4?

Spielberg: For the first, I can't say anything to you at the present time yet. For the second, we will begin filming with Tom Cruise next November.

Hanks: (jealous) Tom Cruise!!! (while insisting heavily on the name then by throwing his microphone on the table).

Spielberg: As for Indy 4, it is not that Harrison or myself have become too old, but we are still working on the script, and I hope that it will be done at a time given the next year. (with a small air not to believe in it too much).

Press: It appears that you had a validated script but George Lucas refused it?

Spielberg: Will George Lucas be attending this festival?

Press: Yes!

Spielberg: Then I will not answer this question, I don't want to get into big trouble.

Steven Spielberg humorously avoided to comment on George Lucas' refusal of the Indiana Jones 4 script written by Frank Darabont. (The same script Spielberg was very happy with.) I'm really looking forward to what George Lucas will say about the Indy 4 script to the press at the Deauville Film Festival. If there is a THX 1138: Director's Cut press event scheduled for this weekend. Stay tuned!

Click here to read the original transcript from The Terminal press event, in French.


Lucas hopes to start shooting Indy 4 within a year
Saturday, September 11, 2004

George Lucas had a chat with MTV about Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith and other Star Wars things. And yes, he even mentioned Indiana Jones 4!

Having accomplished so much on a blockbuster scale, Lucas said that after "Revenge of the Sith" and his upcoming fourth "Indiana Jones" installment (which he hopes to start shooting within a year), he'd like to return to indie-style movies like his 1971 debut, "THX 1138," which returns to theaters Friday (September 10) with a new director's cut.

So George Lucas hopes to start shooting Indiana Jones 4 within a year. And Steven Spielberg said the same thing earlier this week! There already were some rumors that Indy 4 was going to start production somewhere in the summer of 2005, for a summer 2006 release. Maybe it's finally going to happen?! But let's stay calm as they are only expressing 'hopes'. It's still not definite until Spielberg & Lucas declare that it WILL happen within a year. Let's all keep our fingers crossed.

Click here to read the original MTV article.

Thanks to Heiko for letting us know! And to everyone else: If you know or found something new about Indy 4 that has not yet been announced on, please let me know.


Lucas confirms other writer is working on Indy 4 script
Monday, September 20, 2004

George Lucas talked with Empire Online about Star Wars Episode III, THX-1138 and the Indiana Jones 4 script. Here follows what Lucas said about the work on the script for the fourth Indiana Jones film:

"We are working on the next script. Another writer has started working on it. We're just not going to make it unless it's really good," he confirmed. "One of the reasons I'm able to work with Steven so well is because every time we come to a disagreement we'll yield to the other one, which means we'll come up with a compromise that considers both sides, and one person isn't determined to have his way. It's what's best for the movie."

So you see that the rumor that George Lucas is re-writing the script himself is false.


Darabont reflects on his Indy 4 script work
Thursday, September 23, 2004

Frank Darabont did an interview with Latino Review to promote the 10th Anniversary DVD release of The Shawshank Redemption, a film Darabont wrote and directed. In this interview Frank Darabont also talks about the news that George Lucas had rejected his Indiana Jones 4 script:

"Indiana Jones is not the reason, but a reaffirmation of a decision thatís been coming for a while," Darabont said. "I wonít say Iíll never do it again because thatís silly. But itís been sort of a career focus for 18 years now, writing for other people. And Iíve come to a place where Iím really very anxious to be focusing on getting my own movies made and not wrestling with other peopleís problems and other peopleís deadlines. Itís been a great run of good fortune for me as a writer. I mean, how many people can claim an 18 year career? But for now, Iíd like to put that on the backburner for the first time, so Iím turning down work right and left. I want to get my next movie made."

Though Lucasfilm and producers like Frank Marshall have said the only problem with Darabontís script was the third act, the writer himself did not receive such specific feedback. "I have no idea and Iím not being coy, believe me. Iíve not heard anything about the third act or anything else. All I know is that I developed the script with Steven and that he was very happy with it and George was not. And so I got stuck in that crack between two very significant opinions on this project. So to my knowledge, I have no idea whatís going on."

That pressure almost counteracted the fun of writing an Indiana Jones movie. "It was an incredibly grueling experience working on that film. I spent over a year working nonstop on that, developing the script with Steven and feeling like I really had something special to live up to as a writer. So for me, it was an enormous amount of pressure to get it right. Consequently, a very interesting and disappointing experience to have Steven think I got it right and George not. But hey, as they say in The Godfather, this is the business we have chosen. Things turn out, sometimes they donít."

Click here to read the interview with Frank Darabont.


Darabont talks more about his Indy 4 script
Monday, September 27, 2004

The interview with Frank Darabont at Latino Review, from last thursday, was only part of a much larger public interview to promote The Shawshank Redemption's 10th Anniversary DVD. About has published the full interview with Frank Darabont which contains some more Indiana Jones 4 script talk:

Latino: As a fan, was it thrilling to be in charge of Indiana Jones?

Darabont: "From a creative standpoint, absolutely thrilling. It was incredibly satisfying which makes of course the end results all the more disappointing. Let me put it this way, as a fan myself, and Iím talking a real hardcore Indiana Jones fan, the movie I wrote is the movie I wanted to see. It was the one that would have satisfied me most. So who knows whatís going to be the result of that. Iím sure it will have, even if itís great, Iíll have rather seriously mixed feelings about it."

Latino: Presumably, itíll still be 2/3 your movie. You know what?

Darabont: "I take nothing on faith, buddy. There might be one line of dialogue left of me by the time itís all said and done."

Latino: Are you confident it will still get going?

Darabont: "No, Iím not confident about anything about that. Once you have a movie thatís ready to start shooting and you decide no, no, no, letís go back to square one, thatís a sure recipe for things dying on the vine. Iím not doubting that theyíll make the movie, but Iíll believe it when I see it."

Go to About to read the full interview with Frank Darabont.


George Lucas talks about Indy 4 script
Friday, October 1, 2004

The Daily Bruin had an interview with George Lucas to promote the DVD release of Lucas' very first feature film, THX 1138. Among the many questions asked to Lucas were three about Indiana Jones 4:

DB: And what can you say about Indiana Jones 4?

Lucas: "We're working on a script. Of course, we've been working on a script for about six years. You know, we're not going to do it unless we get something that's worth doing. And hopefully we'll be able to start as soon as we get the script finished."

DB: So, how many more do you have in you? Or, for that matter, how many more do Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg have in them?

Lucas: "I don't know Ė we just go one at a time. I have to come up with the idea of how it works, and it's pretty hard to come up with the supernatural part of the story and have it make sense. And so I wasn't sure we were ever going to do any more than just the three, but then I came up with an idea that I thought was good. So we've been working with that for a while."

DB: Want to reveal?

Lucas: "No." (Laughs.)

Head over to The Daily Bruin for the full interview with George Lucas. And thanks to for the news.


Indy 4 scheduled to start production early 2005?
Monday, October 4, 2004

Steven Spielberg recently had an exclusive interview with Lauren Weil on the French channel Canal+ in which he tell that his next three film projects are:

  • War of the Worlds: shooting starts next November.
  • Indiana Jones 4: currently rumored to start production in early 2005.
  • Untitled political film: most likely the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich tragedy.

This news was originally posted by


Ford says Indy 4 production will start very soon!
Thursday, October 7, 2004

Jim Mower has let me know that Harrison Ford was interviewed this morning on London based radio station Capital FM. Ford discussed current projects, and the subject of Indiana Jones 4 came up. Harrison said he has been told by Spielberg that he doesn't need to get really fit for Indy 4 and so not to go into full-on training , as he is meant to be his age, not a 30 year old.

Ford commented that shooting will start very soon, and said he was looking forward to playing an action role again, although maybe not as physically demanding as the first three movies. reported the same information yesterday. But their source, an insider on Spielberg's upcoming War of the Worlds, said that the 62-year-old megastar has been told to get his Fedora and whip ready for a January 2005 shoot for Indy 4 but not to go mad on getting buff for the role.

"It's been 15 years since the last Indy movie and obviously Harrison has got a lot older but that's not a problem for this movie," said the source. "Steven doesn't want a middle-aged guy trying to look young - he wants to bring a new type of hero to the screen."

Even though it's mentioned here above that Harrison Ford himself said that the shooting will start very soon it might be best to wait for comments from Spielberg & George Lucas. Not that Ford might be misinformed but only to be absolutely certain. So stay tuned!

A big thanks to Jim Mower, Tony and Heiko for letting me know.


Darabont talks more Indy 4 script work
Friday, October 8, 2004 had an interview with Frank Darabont about his The Shawshank Redemption 10th anniversary Special Edition DVD. Darabont also mentioned his work on the Indiana Jones 4 script but nothing we haven't heard before:

"I wrote a script, Steven loved it, wanted to shoot it this year. George didn't love it, it got sort of lost between two conflicting opinions and now I think they're trying to figure out what, if anything, to do from here," Darabont said.

Which prompts the question, what didn't Lucas like?
"You know what, it's a disappointment and not really worth getting into details on it. Suffice it to say, he didn't like it nearly as much as Steven and I did. Sometimes it works that way," he shrugged. "As they say in 'The Godfather,' 'This is the business we have chosen.' Sometimes things go really well, sometimes things don't go really well. I try to weather both successes and disappointments with equal grace."

Click here to read the full interview.


Jeff Nathanson Rewriting Indiana Jones 4
Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The trade paper, Variety, is reporting that Jeff Nathanson, who penned Catch Me If You Can, is rewriting Darabont's Indiana Jones 4 script:

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have hired Jeff Nathanson to rewrite Indiana Jones 4. Aside from writing the Rush Hour films, Nathanson also wrote Spielberg's Catch Me If You Can and co-wrote The Terminal.

If Nathanson delivers a draft that clicks with Lucas, Spielberg and star Harrison Ford, Spielberg would still have to make the movie a priority to get it into production any time soon.

This is very encouraging news and fans should believe this to be fact. However, even if the script gains approval the Three need to have their schedules clear. That may prove to be difficult since Lucas is putting the finishing touches on Star Wars: Episode III, Ford is gearing up to start shooting The Wrong Element, and Spielberg is working on War of the Worlds & the untitled 1972 Munich Olympics murders film.
Stay tuned to TheRaider.Net for further details.

Thanks to our friends at for the heads up!


Possible Indy 4 locations revealed?
Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Ain't It Cool News ran a story on King Kong, the remake by Peter Jackson, with amazing looking production sketches. The page also contains a report from Darth SugarPlum who had a peak at some of the King Kong stuff that has found its way to Skywalker Ranch. At the end of his report Darth SugarPlum mentions that he might have seen some Indy 4 related papers:

"Also, during the tour of the ranch we visited the library. A pile of papers on the desk were labeled 'To shred' and 'I4'. Indy 4? Who knows? Anyway, they showed 50's photos of the Golden Gate bridge plus photos of 50's London, including Big Ben."

Head over to Ain't It Cool News to read the full report. And be sure to visit when you're interested in the upcoming King Kong remake!


Old Natalie Portman in Indy 4 rumor re-emerges
Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Back in August 2000 there was an unconfirmed rumor that Natalie Portman has asked George Lucas, on the set of Star Wars: Episode II, the possibility of playing Indiana Jones's daughter in the next installment.
The second time we heard this rumor was in January 2001, when an article in the China Morning Post mentioned that Natalie Portman was up for the role of Indy's daughter in the fourth Indy film. It again turned out to be a rumor.

Yesterday, IESB.NET posted a rumor from the premiere of Portman's latest film Closer. Their report from an anonymous source had the same information as in August 2000.

"Portman, 23 , obviously doesn't have to break into cold sweat to reflect on her time on the Star Wars films. There's already talking about the actress working with George Lucas again on another multi-million dollar franchise entry, Indiana Jones. Even before filming had wrapped on The Phantom Menace, Portman let the director know that she'd love a part in the next Indiana Jones movie back, and the word is, he might have found a slot for her in the anticipated sequel. Smells like Indiana Jones has an offspring."

This rumor will soon be 4 years old, and in all this time it has never been confirmed nor denied by anyone involved in the production of Indiana Jones 4. So this remains to be a big rumor.

Go to IESB.NET to read the latest incarnation of this rumor.


Ford says Indy 4 is still happening
Saturday, December 4, 2004

News site was in attendance for a special event for Hotel Rwanda to benefit Amnesty International which was hosted by Harrison Ford and Angelina Jolie. Ford was interviewed backstage and asked about Indiana Jones 4: Is Indy 4 still going to be made?
Ford: "No doubt about it." Could a younger actor play Indiana Jones in Indy 4?
Ford: "No problem, but Indy 4 is mine." Ford also added that he wouldn't mind having a younger actor play Indy in future films, which is similar to what was done with the James Bond films after Sean Connery left. Will you be doing your own stunts?
Ford: "At least some of them."

Ford also said that George Lucas, who rejected Darabont's script, is happy with the new draft from Jeff Nathanson.

This is a lot of good news for just 1 backstage interview. Hopefully Harrison Ford, Spielberg or George Lucas say the same thing in an official announcement. I'm a bit sceptic about this interview, but I hope I'll be proven wrong.


Spielberg to shoot Vengeance in June 2005
Monday, December 6, 2004

According to Variety's production charts Steven Spielberg is set to begin production on his 1972 Olympics massacre film on June 1, 2005.

The current title of this film is Vengeance and tells the story of the aftermath of the 1972 Olympics game massacre of Israeli athletes by the Palestinian Black September terrorist cell.

It's unclear how this could undermine the plans to shoot Indiana Jones 4 in 2005, for multiple reasons:

  • The first reason is Spielberg's War of the Worlds which is still in production. As this film literally rushed into production, it could always be that War of the Worlds takes more time to finish than expected.
  • A second reason is that all previous drafts for the 1972 Olympics Vengeance film did not get approval. And we have yet to find out if the latest draft, which writer Tony Kushner (Angels in America) is still working on, will be liked by Steven Spielberg.
  • And back in the 80's Spielberg was set to direct Rain Man with Tom Cruise, until Lucas asked him to start work on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. A scenario like this could always happen again, you never know.


Jay Leno jokes about Indy 4
Thursday, December 16, 2004

Yesterday night, Jay Leno mentioned during the opening monologue of his The Tonight Show that Harrison Ford is doing another Indiana Jones movie at the age of 62. He then went on to a joke saying "In one scene Indiana Jones claps his hands and the lights come on."

This is the second time in 1 week that Jay Leno jokes about a fourth Indiana Jones film. Earlier he talked about Indy 4 being officially going on and said that they wont need Sean Connery this time because Harrison is now old enough to play Indy... and his father.

Thanks to Jim Strater and IndyandMarion for letting me know.


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