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Is Indy 4 coming soon?
Monday January 10, 2000

Isn't it odd that both Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg's next projects haven't been announced yet?  Ford is already done with What Lies Beneath and Spielberg dropped out of Minority Report. Are they both waiting to make the official announcement of Indy 4?  I think I remember Spielberg saying a while back that filming could happen in the summer of 2000. Let's all hope!!

Indy 4 script ready?!
Tuesday February 8, 2000

George Lucas has completed a script for a fourth Indiana Jones movie, but neither potential star Harrison Ford nor director Steven Spielberg has seen it yet. Without Ford's or Spielberg's approval, a fourth movie is unlikely, according to USA Today columnist Jeannie Williams.

"If there was a script they all loved, they would kill themselves to clear their schedules," Ford's agent, Patricia McQueeney, told Williams.
"They love it so much, but they can't seem to get their heads together on a script they are all enthusiastic about."

Ford just completed the supernatural thriller What Lies Beneath. Source: Scifi.Com


Ford on Indy 4 again
Tuesday February 15, 2000

Corona Coming Attractions had someone sent some Indy 4 news again. The scooper was at a taping of an interview with Ford and he again reaffirmed his strong desire to play Indiana Jones again. Here's a part of the interview:

Question: Will there be another Indiana Jones film?
Harrison Ford: "Oh Yehhh...(audience claps)......(laughs). Now wait, I'm not making" any announcement here tonight. I want it to happen. There is no script yet that everybody is REALLY happy with. George is a bit pre-occupied with that "other" movie (audience laughs), but Steven and I are very ambitious to do it. But we all realize it has to be great."


An Indy 4 article
Friday February 18, 2000

Just received a link to an Indy 4 article from Mave. It's nothing really new but it is interesting to read. Click here to read the (news) article.


Is Indy 4 finally coming?
Thursday February 24, 2000

Variety has just reported that Harrison Ford dropped Steven Soderbergh film Traffic. According to his agent, it is done so that he can take on action movie. With Spielberg not directing Harry Potter anymore, could it be the next Indiana Jones? Well with recent reports from Ford and Lucas on the script, it may or may not be. Only time will tell. Read the full report here.
Again thanks to the Spielberg-DreamWorks Fansite for the news.


Spielberg on Indy 4
Tuesday March 14, 2000

Steven Spielberg was honored with a Life Achievement Award by the Directors Guild of America yesterday. Today an Italian newspaper runs a story about Steven Spielberg, who honored with a Life Achievement Award by the Directors Guild of America last Sunday. The newspaper asked Spielberg something about the fact that he always talks about movies in his family.  Here's what Steven answered:

"Actually, I have to answer to the same question all the time: 'Dad, when are you going to film a new Indiana Jones movie?' But tonight I want to make a promise: Indiana Jones is coming back soon."

Thanks to for the news.


And Steven Spielberg's next film is...
Wednesday March 15, 2000

Okay, it's official!!  Steven Spielberg his next film will be A.I. ("Artificial Intelligence").  That's the movie that Kubrick was working on when he died and now Spielberg will continue.  After A.I. Spielberg will start working on Minority Report.  Spielberg also said that Indy 4 will come soon.  Let's all hope!
For more info go to the Spielberg-DreamWorks Fansite.


Harrison Ford on Indy 4
Tuesday April 25, 2000

A Cinescape contributor had a chat with Harrison Ford on his new What Lies Beneath film with Michelle Pfeiffer. Ford also said something on Indy 4. Here's what he said:

"We wait long enough and I'll play his father."

Not informative but I say it's a funny quote from Ford on the state of Indy 4.


Indy 4 in Pre-Production
Thursday May 25, 2000

Steven Spielberg took a break from working on the Band of Brothers TV series to give a 'cyber-lecture' to Liverpool John Moores University on Wednesday, May 24, and confirmed a fourth Indiana Jones flick is "is currently in preproduction".
Source: Dark Horizons


Indiana Jones and the Lost Continent?!
Saturday June 3, 2000

IGN Filmforce posted some Indy 4 news today.  One of it's visitors was trading some stock on Hollywood Stock Exchange ( and came across some interesting stuff about Indy 4.  This is what he found when he was looking for George Lucas stocks:

2001 - Indiana Jones and the Lost Conti (Producer) & (Screenwriter)

This might be the true title but Indy 4 can't come out in 2001 when Spielbers is working on A.I., Lucas is working on Star Wars: Epîsode 2, and Ford on Tom Clancy's The Sum of All Fears.  It's also possible, and I hope not, that we may add this title to Indy 4's other potentials:  Indiana Jones and the Sons of Darkness and Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Fallen Empire.
For more info visit IGN Filmforce and


M. Night to write Indy 4
Thursday June 22, 2000

Around this time last year not many people knew M.Night (the writer/director behind the Sleeper Hit, The Sixth Sense). Now a kid on every block knows of him. Not to mention the three biggest kids in Hollywood. Ford, Lucas and Spielberg are in talks with M.Night to pen down the script for Indy 4. According to Variety, everyone is getting ready for 2002 shoot which obviously puts the movie for summer 2003 release. This is perhaps the best Indy 4 news in the longest time. If you wish to read the full Variety article which includes news on Terminator 3 click here. Thanks to 'Jim,' 'Bowfinger,' 'Slayman' and Sean.


More writers are contacted for Indy 4
Tuesday June 27, 2000

Last week there was the news that Lucas, Spielberg, and Ford were in talks with M. Night Shyamalan (check news here under) about writing the script for Indiana Jones 4. MovieHeadlines called up Lucasfilm's Jeanne Cole to get the full story. Turns out that the news report was partially correct. M. Night Shyamalan is only 1 of the several writers being considered for writing the Indy 4 script. There is currently no deal with M. Night and the other writers are still being considered.  They also asked if Indy 4 is a project actively being worked on, Jeanne confirmed it is and that it is a project that Spielberg, Lucas, and Ford all enthusiastically want to do. Check back later for more news on Indy 4 and maybe more names of potential Indy 4 script writers.


How reliable are the latest Indy 4 rumors?
Thursday July 6, 2000

Remember the last 2 rumors on the state of Indy 4? Variety reported that Spielberg, Lucas and Ford contacted M. Night and that they will start working on it in 2002... a few days later MovieHeadlines posted that M. Night was 1 of the writers who was contacted. Fellow Indyfan Ken wanted to find out more about the rumors so he contacted MovieHeadlines. Here's a report of his digging:

Spielberg, Lucas and Ford haven't talked to any one person yet. They're talking to several people. The Variety article made it sound as if they were only talking to M. Night Shyamalan and nobody else. It even makes it sound like they're in the final stages of discussion.

Do we believe Variety, a reputable Hollywood publication, or MovieHeadlines (who also run and we know they have good sources at Lucasfilm)? Everybody is excited to read about the possible 2002 start date, but that also still a rumor. Entertainment Weekly posted the same news today and they wrote that 2002 could be the date but so can 2007.

I say that we must take all the upcoming Indy 4 news as rumors until many different sources tell us the same.  As for these rumors, they did contact various script writers and M. Night might be one of them.


Ford talked about Indy 4
Monday July 17, 2000

The Calgary Sun talked with Harrison Ford recently.
Here is what he said about Indy 4:

"Of course, I'd be eager to do a fourth Indy. It's a great character and the movies are great entertainment. A lot of groundwork has been sown on this character and these films. It deserves to be revisited. Steven, George and I have spent many, many hours discussing a direction for a fourth adventure. I'd personally love to see Sean Connery be with me in the next chapter."

The Hollywood trade papers recently announced that M. Night Shyamalan, who wrote and directed The Sixth Sense, is working on Indiana Jones 4. Ford is adamant that this "is just another industry rumor. There have been so many rumors connected with this project. If he really is working on a script, it's something I haven't been made aware of."

Click here to read the full article.


More Indy 4 talk by Harrison Ford
Tuesday July 18, 2000

Harrison Ford was on E! News Daily. Here's his quote regarding Indy 4:

"George, Steven and I sat down 3 months ago and talked about a number of ideas. As soon as George is free from the burden of coming up with the stories for the next 2 Star Wars films he will turn his attention to this. I would expect sometime in the NEXT COUPLE YEARS that we will get a script and we will make a 4th Indiana Jones."

It tells us a bit more about what Harrison said yesterday. A good step into the right direction... Thanks to Ken for the news.


Harrison Ford talked with Sci-Fi Wire
Wednesday July 19, 2000

Harrison Ford confirmed, while talking to, that he has met and talked with M. Night Shyamalan, The Sixth Sense writer and director, who might be one of several writers working on a Indy 4 script. They asked if M. Night was the primary writer, Ford replied, "Can't really tell you that at the moment." As for whether the next film will feature Sean Connery, Indy's daddy, Ford said, "Actually, I don't know. I hope so." You may expect more Indy 4 Ford talk now Harrison is taking many What Lies Beneat promotion interviews. Source: Cinescape


M. Night and more Indy 4/Ford talk
Thursday July 20, 2000

According to MovieHeadlines.Net, M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense) called Howard Stern and told him that he's only talking to Steven Spielberg about doing Indy 4. Nothing is official on the writing of Indy 4.

This was taken from a NY Post article yesterday: Ford confirms that Indy 4 is in the works from director Steven Spielberg and writer George Lucas. But there are reports the creative duo and Ford aren't flexible enough to begin shooting until 2004, when the actor will be 62.
"Well, I don't know about that date, but yeah, OK, I accept the math. And how old would that make Sean Connery if he agrees to play my father?"

(Answer: 74.) By casting heroes in their golden years, are Spielberg and Lucas playing raiders of the lost spark? When asked how long he thinks he can keep up this business, Ford shrugs.
"It just depends on what the action hero's obstacles are. There are racing-car drivers in their 70s, including Paul Newman. There are guys I wouldn't want to come up against in an alley who are in their early 70s, like Clint Eastwood. I don't think it's really a question of chronological age as much as it is vitality."

Ford admits the next Indiana Jones movie will probably have to include some reference to the character's battle with the calendar.
"I think it would be fun to address. The issue is really whether the character can age; whether the character's virtues are based on his youth, or on some other aspects of human nature which continue to be interesting to the audience - his wisdom, his intelligence, his indomitability or other skills that might be more appropriate than pure animal magnetism. I don't know that being a sex symbol is exactly the requirement for playing Indiana Jones."

Many thanks to Ken for this great article.


More M. Night and Ford news
Friday July 21, 2000

Here's some more Harrison Ford Indy 4 talk that should have been posted yesterday:
NY Daily News talked with Harrison Ford about Indy 4. Will he do his own stunts?
"I’m looking forward to Indiana Jones."
Harrison said Tuesday at the Los Angeles premiere of his new movie, What Lies Beneath. That would be the fourth Indiana Jones movie, now in development and still a few years away.
"I can’t tell you whether all the special effects will be used or not. But if you’re asking me if computer animation is going to be used because I’m too old and creaky to do the action, then absolutely no. I’m still up for it,"
Harrison said. Source: Cinescape and Ken.

Here are some more Harrison Ford quotes taken from the same The New York Post article from yesterday. He discusses his old Indy injuries:
"I lost the anterior cruciate ligament in my right knee on the first Indiana Jones. No, The left knee was the first Indiana Jones, the right knee was The Fugitive. I herniated several discs in the second Indiana Jones - or maybe it was the third. I separated my shoulder, knocked out my teeth."

Here's some more M. Night news about yesterday's Howard Stern call: On yesterday's Howard Stern show, writer M. Night Shamaylan called in and said he was collaborating with Steven Spielberg on a project. Howard said that he had heard something about M. Night doing Indy 4. M. Night was nervous and said that he couldn't talk about it. But Howard plugged on and on, asking "are you doing Indy 4?", until M. Night very wearily responded, "yeah". That was it... Now we have confirmation finally.
Source: Dark Horizons.


Yesterday's M. Night news has changed
Saturday July 22, 2000

I have received a question regarding the Howard Stern and M. Night news from yesterday. Ken wanted to check the news at the source page, Dark Horizons, but their post contains nothing about M. Night saying "yeah" to writing the script. The news did come from Dark Horizons so I couldn't understand why he didn't find it. I checked their news again and noticed that it has changed. Here's what it's says now:

"Howard tried to get information out of him concerning his project with Spielberg. At first, he was hesitant to answer their questions. Howard finally asked "Are you doing the next Raiders of the Lost Ark movie?" M. Night responded that him and Spielberg are currently only in talks about doing the new Indiana Jones movie and nothing is final. Howard Stern then got into how it would be possible to do a new Indy flick because loved the original Raiders movie and Ford is now about 60 years old. M. Night said he loved the Indy series and he would like to write the script for Indy 4. He also said he likes the idea of writing a story of an aging Indy.


Nick Gillard answers Indy 4 question...
Tuesday August 8, 2000

Yesterday (I guess) were Rick McCallum and Nick Gillard invited to an interview session about Star Wars: Episode 2 in Australia. Someone asked to, stunt co-ordinator, Nick Gillard if George Lucas approached him about Indy 4 yet. Nick responded (with a smile) that "he might have" (a non-confirmation confirmation). I don't know but when people answer with something like that, I understand "yes, but we can't say yes". Anyway, this is better than nothing.
Click here to read the full interview report, includes some Star Wars: Episode 2 news, at Dark Horizons.


Portman wants to be Indy's daughter
Sunday August 20, 2000

Before you're getting excited or afraid... this is an unconfirmed rumor! This could very well be a joke from a guy with a bad sense of humor, and that's why I was first planning to not post this "rumor"... but I felt I had to.

Coming Attractions reported 2 days ago that one of their scoopers told them this:
"Apparently from the set of Star Wars Episode II, Natalie Portman has asked George Lucas the possibility of playing Indiana Jones's daughter in the next installment. Looks like another tie in between the two franchises... and Natalie does have the looks and resemblances to actually make this rather likely..."

I also want to add that there isn't even a confirmed Indy 4 script so nobody knows if Indy will have a daughter in the movie. But do you remember that the old Indy from The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles has a daughter? So why not adding a daughter in Indy 4, and Natalie would do very well. (my opinion)


Harrison Ford is not too old for Indy 4
Wednesday September 13, 2000

Harrison Ford recently told that he is not too old to play Indiana Jones. Harrison, who is now 58 years young, didn't say much new about Indy 4, but he confirmed again that he'd love to return to the franchise in the very near future. Here's what he said:

"I'd be very happy to play Indiana Jones if we can get a script we can all agree on and make a film that is at least as good as the ones we've made before,"
(We have heard this part before)
"Steven is enthusiastic, I'm enthusiastic, even Lucas is enthusiastic. And you may know that M Night Shyamalan is anxious to write the script. I hope the deal can be made and I would hope to do it in the next couple of years."

Hit the link above to read the full article.


Indy 4 script news update
Thursday September 14, 2000

The person who posted yesterday's Indy 4 script news, on the forum, gave away some more details. I want to add again that this is still a rumor so don't get too excited. I personally have some doubts believing the 'possible' Indy 4 plot because Indy has experienced adventures with it's subject before. Click here to read the post that holds some possible spoilers!!


Michelle Yeoh in Indy 4?
Sunday September 24, 2000

Coming Soon reported yesterday that Hong Kong action star Michelle Yeoh revealed to Cinescape that she has been in talks with Steven Spielberg to co-star in Indy 4. While discussing her upcoming martial arts epic Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Yeoh said:

"We had a couple of meetings, and we did talk about (Indy 4). He is one guy who has a passion for filmmaking. He's inspiring. And I love the Indiana Jones films. Would I be interested? Of course I'm going to jump up and say, 'Yes, please!"

Maybe she'll be Indy's next female sidekick... not a bad idea! Click here to find out more about Michelle Yeoh.


Indy 4 official in Production?!
Friday September 29, 2000

A certain Patterson has posted a message on the Forum in which is written that he has heard that Lucasfilm has placed a moratorium on licensing Indiana Jones merchandise as Indy 4 is in production. According to Patterson, the same thing started about 18 months before the release of Last Crusade. This may also be the explanation why the Indy DVD's aren't coming, yet. Will the release of Indy 4 be for 2002? Or is everybody too optimistic? Hit the link above to read the forum message.


New Ford - Indy 4 interview
Saturday September 30, 2000

Movieheadlines.Net has posted that IMDB had an interview with Harrison Ford. It's a very good interview worth checking out. Here's a part of it:

"We're still hammering out the details, but I'm pretty confident we're going to do another Indy although it might be at least a year or more before our respective schedules allow us to do it. I'd personally love to work with Sean Connery again. I think audiences would enjoy seeing us back together."

Hit one of the 2 links above to read more!


Two more Indy movies coming?!
Saturday October 7, 2000

Ain't It Cool News has a spy who told them the following about Indy 4:

Lucas and Spielberg plan to make 2 more Indy films not one. I didn't know what to think of this one until I remembered that Jeffery Boam completed a script before he died that Lucas and Spielberg said they were going to shoot, then suddenly M. Night Whatever has just completed one. What if this wasn't a new draft but a second script based on a new story?

They already have trouble getting 1 more Indy movie complete and now they want to do 2 sequels?! Hold your hopes until this gets confirmed or denied because this seems rather unlikely. Source: MovieHeadlines.Net


Indy 4 filming in 2002
Friday November 3, 2000

At last, there is some good news on Indiana Jones 4. USAToday is reporting that In today's Variety it was reported that the film will be going in production in 2002. They didn't say when will it come out but I can tell you summer 2003.

And Variety reported that the whip-cracking archeologist will return to the big screen in a fourth installment of Indiana Jones. According to a report in June in the Hollywood trade paper, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Harrison Ford are courting Sixth Sense director M. Night Shyamalan to write the new adventure. Spielberg is expected to direct; filming is scheduled to begin in 2002.

Hit the USAToday link above to read the story.


M. Night, Lost Ark & Indy 4
Wednesday November 22, 2000 recently interviewed the sensation M. Night Shyamalan. This 3 page interview consist of his early life and highly recommended to everyone. It turns out that M. Night's life was changed forever when he first saw Raiders of the Lost Ark at the age of 12. Samuel L. Jackson says A lot of directors don’t have shot lists, let alone storyboards. The only other person I’ve ever seen who had something like that was Steven (Spielberg) when he was doing Jurassic Park.” (Perhaps it’s no coincidence, then, that Spielberg and George Lucas recently talked to Shyamalan about writing a fourth installment of the Indiana Jones series.) Read the full interview here.


More M. Night - Indy 4 talks
Tuesday November 30, 2000

The Chicago Sun Times talked to M. Night Shyamalan about what might become his next job, writing Indiana Jones 4. Shyamalan is on the top of Steven Spielberg's wish list to write the next installment.

"I've got to think about it," Shyamalan said. "There are a lot of things on my plate, and with the actors strike coming up, I'm not sure what I want to do next."
Unfortunately, meeting his hero Spielberg for the first time was like entering the Temple of Doom. "I was physically sick that day with the flu. Unbelievably, for that hour of meeting Spielberg, my body said, `I'll give you a little break.' I suddenly felt fine for that little window and then felt sick for weeks afterward."
Maybe it was the adrenaline. "Steven Spielberg told me he had seen The Sixth Sense three times." says Shyamalan.

Thanks to MovieHeadlines.Net for the news.


M. Night interview about sequels
Wednesday December 6, 2000

Empire Online talked with M. Night Shyamalan about sequels and of course Spielberg's 4th Indiana Jones sequel. Here's a part from the interview:

One project he reluctantly confirmed was his ongoing negotiations with Steven Spielberg over Indy 4, “They were asking me to write it and I’ve been talking to them about it. We’re just in the very early stages of it and I don’t know what will happen to it at the end of the day. There’s a lot of people who have to come together to make it happen and its complicated. But, it’s very exciting and I’m very honored to be in that group of people and to even be thinking about that.

Visit the link above fore more info. Thanks to MovieHeadlines.Net for the news.


Ford Interview with U.K. Star Wars magazine
Friday December 8, 2000

Chris has let us know that the latest U.K. Star Wars magazine contains an interview with Harrison Ford.
Ford puts the kibosh on rumors that he felt he might 'need' to do an action picture next, observing "I don't know where this stuff comes from." He did note, however, that "I have fun rolling around on the floe with the stunt guys. And it's interesting to try and develop a story in action sequences."

Could that mean another turn as the intrepid archaeologist Indiana Jones could be on tap? Well, maybe. Although Ford made it clear that rumors making the rounds about a fourth movie movie in the series dreamed up by Lucas and Spielberg are so far exaggerated, he didn't close the door on the possibility.
"The reason people are still asking is because we're still saying that we all want to do it. It's simply a matter of finding a script we all agree upon, that we're equally enthusiastic about, and finding a time when we can all three work together."

But, he added, no such script has been written yet. Everybody knows that they are talking with M. Night about writing a script, it's all up to him. Click here to comment on this news.


2001 might be a great Indyfan year
Saturday December 9, 2000

Want to know why? Indiana Jones Trilogy Special Editions will be released next year (video or DVD?) and Indy 4 will start lensing next July!  Here's what TheForce.Net received from Roger Rabbit:

Just finished watching the Entertainment Tonight Indy special. In it, they announce that Lucasfilm are about to wrap on the Indy Trilogy Special Editions to be released next year and Indy 4 will start lensing next July.

If that isn't good news!! We'll search for more info, so don't wander off!


Indy 4 and Trilogy news are False!
Sunday December 10, 2000

Here's an update to yesterday's news: Don't believe it, it was a false report!

Neil and Superman UF both contacted TheForce.Net and reported that there was no statement about an Indy Special Edition or Indy 4 on the Entertainment Tonight Indy Special. It was a bogus report. I knew we couldn't trust Roger Rabbit. *sigh*


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