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Crew Members
Here's a list of the crew members of the fourth Indiana Jones film.
The people behind the camera!
Last update: July 28, 2007

George Lucas
Role: Executive producer & Story

Indiana Jones is his creation! He has produced and written the stories for all three previous Indiana Jones films and it has been reported that he finally approved the screenplay for Indiana Jones 4.

Steven Spielberg
Role: Director

Spielberg has been part of Indiana Jones from the early development stages and directed all three Indiana Jones films. And the fourth Indiana Jones film is the next on his schedule. He starts filming Indy 4 in June 2007.

Kathleen Kennedy
Role: Executive Producer

Kennedy has been a producer of almost all Spielberg films since E.T. and was an associate producer on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. She was not involved in Indy's Last Crusade but she's certainly back on Indiana Jones 4 as executive producer this time.

Frank Marshall
Role: Producer

Marshall was producer on all three previous Indiana Jones films and other Spielberg productions. And it has been confirmed he's back to help produce Indy 4 with his wife, executive producer Kathleen Kennedy.

David Koepp
Role: Screenplay writer

Previously wrote the Mission: Impossible, Spider-Man and the Jurassic Park & War of the Worlds screenplays for Spielberg. According to the latest news (Dec. 2006), Koepp has finished his work on the Indy 4 screenplay and received approval from Lucas, Spielberg & Harrison Ford!

Jeff Nathanson
Role: Screenplay writer

Previously wrote the Catch Me If You Can and The Terminal screenplays for Spielberg. Nathanson replaced Frank Darabont in 2004 when Lucas debunked Darabont's script. Nathanson completed his work on the Indy 4 screenplay in 2006 which was then handed over to David Koepp for some final edits.

Janusz Kaminski
Role: Director of Photography

He is the cinematographer for all of Steven Spielberg's films since their first collaboration on Schindler's List and has confirmed in January 2007 that he will be back to shoot Indy 4 as well. Thus replacing the beloved Douglas Slocombe, who was Director of Photography on all three previous Indy films.

John Williams
Role: Music Composer

Composed all but one of Steven Spielberg's feature films plus all the Star Wars music. The genius behind The Raiders' March will most certainly be back composing the soundtrack for Indiana Jones 4.

Michael Kahn
Role: Editor

Kahn has edited all of Spielberg's films since their first collaboration on Close Encounters of the Third Kind in 1977. And we all expect him to edit the fourth Indiana Jones film as well, though this has not been confirmed yet.


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