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Help Support Films Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Casting Call Report
'Indy 4' Casting Call Report
posted on June 16, 2007

Billy Dowd Casting organized an open casting call on June 11 and 12 in New Haven, Connecticut, as they were looking for people to play extras in a chase scene for Indiana Jones 4.This particular scene will be filmed on the streets & Yale campus of New Haven from June 28th to July 7.

Here follows a collection of accounts from people who answered the open casting call:

Mitchell Hallock:

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Newspaper advert. scan by Shia LaBeouf Saves the World.

Well, the day I had been waiting for was finally here! Indiana Jones IV's chase scene in my hometown of New Haven - and the call for extras would begin at 1:00pm. But knowing the devotion that fans of Spielberg/Lucas/Ford films have shown in the past - I headed out early and was ready to wait for hours.

Armed with my iPod, magazines (especially this week's Entertainment Weekly, with my "Obsessive Fan of the Week" article) I was ready for my chance to be part of the magic of the movies.

I arrived there at the casting call line - it had a red carpet and was outside the hotel on Crown Street at 8:10 am, and found that I was number 7 in line. There were folks from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and some locals - but for once I felt good about being 40 - I was the oldest there.
Before 5 minutes passed the door opened, and all of us were taking to a room and filled out our information on forms for something called "GENURE productions" contact, measurements, and if we had a dog, could play football and would get 50's style haircut - I was ecstatic - especially the fact that I did have a Golden Retriever - named Indiana, of course.

After that it was a quick photo, and a brief meeting with the casting people and that was it.

I was out by 8:40am!

Now, a friend of mine who went down at 1:00 - the time it was listed at starting said the line was stretching around the block and down the street. There were local news cameras covering it all - and reporters talking with fans looking to play a part as an extra. Though I had a short wait - I wish that I did get a chance to speak with other fans - and turn it into a small gathering of fans of everyone's favorite archeologist - but I can't complain - the folks there were courteous and totally professional - and really accommodating so we didn't have to wait outside for 5 hours until the door opened - so a word of thanks to them!

Here's hoping that I get a call saying I have found a way to be part of the background extra - heck, I even told the folks that since I am currently looking for a new position as a marketing director - I could be around to tell them where the great local restaurants are - and where to get the best Pizza in the world - heck I could even go and get coffee!

Jeff from Massachusetts:

I drove in from Massachusetts (90 minute ride). When we got there at 11:45 we got right in and there were about 80 or so people already there. When we left at 2:00 after getting our pictures taken and going over info, we went outside to see a GIGANTIC line of people wrapping around 3 blocks!!! I could not believe my eyes! Hundreds and hundreds of people! There is no way that many of them are going to get through that line by 9:00. Anyway, I'm so glad to see such a HUMONGOUS turn out for Indy!

Ray E.:

I attended the Indiana Jones Open Call in New Haven today. Heard about it through this site and I'm trying to get my foot into the acting door and this just looks fun plus the fact I am a HUGE Indiana Jones fan. E around 11:15 and there were like 15 people in line My friend and I got there around 11:15 and waited until we got into the Omni Hotel. We walked into a room where a woman handed us a pen and a yellow paper. The paper was pretty basic. Name, address, number. Then two sections, one for men and one for woman. Men section was asking if you played football and at what level, clothing sizes, and if you would cut your hair very short. The woman section asked if you had any cheerleading expierence. Another question was do you have a dog? Lastly they put that dates of production and you were asked to check which you could do and that was it! It was pretty basic as far as extras casting goes but I thought I would share with you the expierence. Also, after we were done we went to get food and we circled back around to see the was extremly long and there we so many different types of people it was just a site to see, I should have taken pictures.

Gail Bugeja:

I went to the auditions for Indiana Jones 4 on Monday, June 11th. I arrived there early in the morning. I knew I was taking a chance because the official auditions didnt begin until 1pm. Luckily, they had already opened they're doors. The process was quick and easy. We came in and filled out our paperwork, took a picture, and had the honor of meeting Billy Dowd himself. He was such a pleasure to talk to and very helpful. He let all of us know that he will be contacting us next week and confirmed our availability. I was out in under an hour and only had to shell out $4.00 for parking. The Omni Hotel staff were awesome too and I am eagerly awaiting the call to see if I may be one of the luck ones casted.

Jonathan Burdick:

When I first heard about the extras casting call with Billy Dowd Casting Agency for The Fourth Installment of Indiana Jones, my jaw dropped and my mind began to race. “New Haven, Connecticut - that’s not so far away,” I told myself. “What’s five-hundred miles? Indiana Jones is my childhood hero, I’d walk five hundred miles and then five hundred more.” Within a matter of minutes though, my rollercoaster of emotions took a sharp plunge as I started to come to my senses. How could I get off work? With all of my expenses, could I really afford a trip like this anyway? How is my Ford Ranger with 192,131 miles on it going to get me all the way from the complete Western side of Pennsylvania to Connecticut? I sighed and decided I should spend a few days thinking about it. Of course, a week later I would be on I-80 traveling those five-hundred miles attempting to make one of my wildest dreams come true, but at that particular moment, I wasn’t so sure that was going to happen.

Those few days that I spent thinking about it, I more or less convinced myself that it wasn’t going to work out. Sure, I thought, I could probably do it… but what’s the point? What are the chances I’ll get picked anyway? Within a few hours though, I got a call from my brother Andy (if there is anybody I know as unhealthily obsessed with Indiana Jones and Harrison Ford, it’s him) who had also read about the casting call online. Being a teacher in the “real world” of North Carolina, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to go with school still in session. Needless to say, he wasn’t too happy to hear that I wasn’t 100% set on going yet. “Once in a lifetime, brother,” he reminded me. “It’s now or never, there isn’t going to be an Indiana Jones 5.” I told him there was a 50% chance I’d go for it and I was thinking about it...

You can read Jonathan Burdick's full casting call experience online here.


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