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Indyfans Day at Legoland is a Smash Success!
01/04/08, 3:54pm EST

Brandon Kleyla of the Indyfans documentary and the fine folks at LegoLand teamed up on March 29th for a day to celebrate the return of Indy, entertain fans and also bring smiles to everyone there, especially some extra special kids! Brandon sent me these report and some photos to pass along the event to fans who couldn't make it out for the celebration.

It was a wonderful day that was also covered by USA Today, so expect to see the article both online and on newsstands on either Tuesday (April 1st) or Wednesday (April 2nd)!

With a park attendance peaking 11000 guests, INDYFANS DAY at Legoland California was a huge success. Guests were greeted by a group of adventurers that were in search of treasure, as well as Chris Devlin, an Indyfan dressed as everyone's favorite archaeologist, Indiana Jones. And if you had a quick eye, you could also catch The Monkey Man running around. But guests were being careful, as he was more than happy to hold ladies purses all day, or maybe even trade a monkey for their baby. Throughout the day, guests could meet Indy, Marion, Belloq, The Monkeyman, Short Round, and for the first time EVER, Mutt and Spalko!

Guests were also wowed by the skills of bullwhip artist Pony R. Horton. Mr. Horton showed everyone a few Indy-ish whip tricks, and also explained in detail what a bullwhip is and how it really works.

There was also Indy trivia that was taking place throughout the day! Prizes included Indyfans t-shirts, brown fedoras, LEGO Indiana Jones Temple sets, signed copies of "Indiana Jones: Off the beaten path," family 4-packs of tickets to Legoland, and more!

In association with Legoland , Indyfans gave out over 100 tickets to the Wishland Foundation. "This is a great organization and we were very proud to be a part of making this a special day for the kids" says Brandon Kleyla, Indyfans director. The Wishland Foundation helps families with terminally ill children. For more information, please visit their site at

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Thanks Brandon for the report, the photos and for making it a special day for Indy fans big and small!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock


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