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LEGO Indiana Jones Video Game for 7 Platforms
22/01/08, 4:10pm EST

The latest new Game Informer Magazine features a huge preview on LEGO Indiana Jones! Their preview includes four pages of exclusive info and brand new screenshots!

The preview also reveals the 7 platforms the game will be available on:
Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Playstation 2, PSP, Nintendo DS & PC.

The Wii will of course use motion sensing to control Indy's whip. But Game Informer also reveals that the system with the most original mechanics won't be the Wii, but the Nintendo DS!

Game Informer: Players will use the handheld's built-in microphone to blow out torches and inflate rafts, and using the touch screen enables you to swing Indy's whip.

And according to Game Informer, this game will be released in June 2008.

I can't publish every bit of LEGO Indiana Jones info and screenshots the Game Informer Magazine reveals. But here follow only 3 of their 11 great new screenshots! Enjoy.

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Check out Game Informer's February 2008 issue for the full preview on LEGO Indiana Jones. This issue should already be available at newsstands.

And special thanks to 'Shipwreck' for the information.

Posted by Gilles V

Play LEGO Indy Game Online
31/01/08, 2:59pm EST

The folks at LEGO are letting us get a sneak peak at the upcoming LEGO Indiana Jones adventures with an online playable level. Starting off in the Marshall College museum, players can look around and highlight some of the more famous treasure hunts of Indy's past. Rollover to the left and mouse over the Fertility Idol and you will get a chance for some Indy action - LEGO style!

This level takes place in the Chachaopyan Temple, as you help Indy dodge and jump over hazards while picking up gold coins all the time being chased be the infamous rolling boulder. It looks great and there are several more unlockable levels that will be open for play in the coming months leading up to the games release now scheduled for June.

So sit back, grab that mouse, take a break (or brick) and play LEGO Indy!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

GameSpot's LEGO Indiana Jones Q&A
10/02/08, 11:42am EST

GameSpot has interviewed LucasArts producer Shawn Storc to find out what will be crammed into their new LEGO Indiana Jones video game. GameSpot's Q&A article comes with a brand new set of LEGO Indy screenshots as well.

Here follows an excerpt from the interview with Shawn Storc:

GameSpot: Where did the idea to do a Lego version of the Indiana Jones movies come from?

Shawn Storc: "Indy is a natural fit for a game like this that encourages exploration, adventure, and cooperative gameplay, as well as a healthy dose of humor."

GS: How will the gameplay differ from Lego Star Wars?

SS: "The characters in the game are much more in tune with their surroundings and are much more physically active as they encounter puzzles, traps, and enemies. For example, you can pick up objects in-game and use them to battle enemies, solve puzzles, light fires or barrels of gunpowder. On top of that, characters are quite athletic and can now climb ropes and swing on vines, swim, and shimmy hand-over-hand across ledges. All of these open up a variety of gameplay options we were previously unable to offer players."

GS: Will there be any content in the game based on the upcoming film?

SS: "As much as we would love to use content from the new movie, our focus remains on the first three original adventures of Indiana Jones."

Click here to read GameSpot's full interview with LucasArts producer Shawn Storc and view the new screenshots.

Thanks to 'QBComics' and fellow fans at The Raven for the Q&A link.

Posted by Gilles V

THQ's Mobile Phone Indiana Jones 4 Game
19/02/08, 5:44pm EST

Besides LEGO, there will be another digital incarnation of Indiana Jones racing across display screen for some gaming action this May coming from THQ Wirelss. The software gaming firm well known for their mobile phone games of films like Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, will be be giving gamers on the go a chance to grab the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. has seen some of the new game and posted some of the screen shots of Indy and Mutt racing around being chased by warriors. While not giving away too much, the game definitely looks to be a fast paced way to pass the time when you are waiting around and only have your phone to keep you company.

You can see the SPOILER images at and register to receive updates on the new Indiana Jones game as they become available.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

LEGO Indiana Jones Game Information
20/02/08, 6:41pm EST

Eurogamer has revealed some details on Indy's latest video game:
  • LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures will support four-player co-operative play. This is said to only be in the console versions, so assume PS3, 360, Wii and PS2 for now. We would expect the PC offering to have it, too.
  • The game will incorporate many puzzles, alongside other adventure elements but there will be plenty of brawls as well.
  • The game will use the plot from Raiders of the Lost Ark and it is still fully intact, just no swastikas on the Nazi villains.
  • The game is set at Barnett College providing the hub area that you access the 18 levels from - six for each of the three films.
  • Interestingly there is no mention of the new film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull being replicated here, even though it launches a week before the game.
  • The Wii version should differ from the others with its motion-sensing controls.
  • Elsewhere the whip is described as being useful for getting to places as well as for whipping baddies, and you will be able to control the monkey in the DS version while inflating things by blowing into the microphone.

And the latest issue of Edge magazine (UK video games magazine) has LEGO Indiana Jones on the cover and a large article inside with lots of never-before-seen concept art and screenshots; such as a recreation of the original Raiders poster and screenshots showing other new LEGO characters like Willie Scott.

Here follow some photos taken from Edge magazine's LEGO Indy article.

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge
click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge
Photos provided by Tim Wilson.

And you can read the full article at the Edge Online website!

No date has been announced for the release date for Europe, but LucasArts has revealed that LEGO Indiana Jones will be released for all seven platforms in the US on 3rd June.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

The Other Indy Video Game "In Production"
23/02/08, 7:34pm EST has an update on the other video game that will be hitting consoles besides the LEGO Indy game.

LucasArts is working on another Indiana Jones game, which has only just gone into production apparently (this one is not to be confused with LEGO Indiana Jones). A source at LucasArts unofficially revealed during the GDC that the game was in pre-production for roughly two years and eventually got sidetracked due to the development of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Similarly to Force Unleashed, this new Indiana Jones game relies on NaturalMotion's "euphoria" technology (you've seen how it works in recent trailers for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed).

No additional information has been given at this time. The game has a TBA release date.

So gamers will be getting their chances at "fortune and glory" long after Indiana Jones finds the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull this May.

We assume that they are referring to this Indiana Jones video game that was first announced in 2006 and has a teaser page at

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

New LEGO Indiana Jones In-Game Footage
29/02/08, 7:18pm EST

Entertainment Weekly has posted new in-game footage from the upcoming LEGO Indiana Jones: The Videogame from LucasArts and TT GAmes. The new 3 min. footage shows clips from what can only be the first chapter, based on the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Developed by the same team at Traveller's Tales that created the LEGO Star Wars series, LEGO Indiana Jones presents a tongue-in-cheek take on the first three cinematic adventures of pop culture's most iconic archaeologist, including Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Click here to watch the clip!

Thanks to Carrie Kattengell and for the video link.

Posted by Gilles V

LEGO Indiana Jones Video Game Preview
11/03/08, 4:22pm EST

There is a lot to cover or rather uncover when it comes to see what went into creating what looks to be one of the hottest games of the year; Lego Indiana Jones. caught up with the folks behind the game, and have a very detailed report on the game was created and how it was designed to be different.

Here are some excerpts:

Traveller's Tales has trained its eyes on Lucas's much-loved matinee world of dusty leather jackets and archeological hijinks. Indiana Jones and LEGO make a pairing perhaps even more fitting than the developer's previous space-bound union, the more playful humour of Indy's whip-cracking yarns squeezing snugly into the template established through preceding LEGO Star Wars games.

With such a strong formula already in place, it's easy to assume that producing the LEGO Indiana Jones game would be a breeze. Surely it's simply a matter of dumping a couple of temples into the Tatooinie desert, giving Luke Skywalker a whip and - while you're at it - why not just throw in the Dr. Jones model that made a cameo in The Complete Saga? However tempting it might have been to throw together this new game from the bricks of the last, Ricks assures us there's a little more going on in LEGO Indiana Jones: "It's a natural assumption that both Star Wars and Indiana Jones are action properties so it would be an easy fix to port one across – and that's what we started to do, but before you knew it, it felt like LEGO Star Wars set in 1945 and you were just running around blasting everything, flicking levers."

"What we had to do was strip it all back and look at what makes Indy films different to Star Wars films and use that guideline to apply to the games," Ricks explains. "A lot of it's about exploration, solving puzzles and riddles and things like that. We took that as our mantra and applied it to how you use LEGO in the game. In LEGO Star Wars you obviously had the Force, and that involved building. We wanted to take it on."

Darker elements Nazis, and "LEGO Hitler"!? Everyone hates those guys - even as a brick!

Some of the darker elements of the Indiana Jones series – of which there are many – provide an interesting hurdle for the development team, but its solution is constantly a delight. For instance, come the climax of Raiders of the Lost Ark and there's is no face melting. Instead, we see the ink washing off the faces of those exposed to the Ark's holy light.

Likewise, LEGO Nazis might have raised some eyebrows but TT didn't have to go too far for a solution. Ricks admits LEGO had already done the legwork, noting, "That was already solved because there's a LEGO Indiana Jones toy series, so they'd had those conversations internally. We did have talks about whether we could have a Weimarch Cross, or whether we could have an eagle. We can have eagles on lapels but there's no LEGO Hitler."

Sidekicks? Now who doesn't like those guys and gals!

However, it's another element of the established LEGO formula that's had an overhaul too. "An aspect we wanted to look at was sidekicks," explains Ricks. "In LEGO Star Wars you've obviously got a breadth of characters which fit very well with our party structure, but in LEGO Indiana Jones, whilst it has sidekicks and sidekicks are very important, he's the titular character, and we didn't want to be just a case of 'Here's Indy... and some other people'".

To read the article in its entirety head on over to and look at some of the games screen shots as well.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

Leapfrog's Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Game
31/03/08, 1:48pm EST

Harrison Ford
Leapfrog game cover
by Steve Anderson.
Leapfrog the makers of children's interactive books and electronic toys have just released a synopsis and cover image of their new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull game for the Leapfrog system. Leapfrog is like an education, big button Nintendo DS, designed to help smaller children with easy reaching and math problems designed around various licenscees like Dora, Spider-Man, Batman, Cars, etc., now you can add Indy to the mix.

The new game posted on kind of lets the Mutt out of the bag (if the info is accurate) as far as what could be going on in the next film. Click here to read what it says, but only read it if you DO NOT want to be surprised!

There you go, and smaller Indy fans can help Indy on the Crystal Skull quest in May.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

New LEGO Indiana Jones Video Game Q&A
02/04/08, 5:02pm EST

Game Informer is back with even more tidbits on the new LEGO Indiana Jones video game, in a Q&A with the game’s associate producer, Kellam Eanes.

Here are some of the juicy details:

Game Informer: We know that Lego Indiana Jones will encapsulate the action from the first three movies—will there be any levels, characters or references to the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?
Kellam Eanes: "Right now, the team is focused squarely on making sure that this game is the best that it can be. However, we are extremely excited about the upcoming release of Indiana Jones: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but there are no plans at this time to make it into a game."

GI: Indiana Jones is obviously a pretty great character. How did you tailor the other playable characters in the game so they’re fun to play as, too, so player two doesn’t get too jealous?
Eanes: "There are going to be a lot of familiar faces around to help Indy get out, each with abilities that Indy doesn’t have. Satipo and Sallah can help dig up buried objects, while Marion Ravenwood and other female characters have a double jump ability which allows them to retrieve hard to reach objects. Willie Scott also gets in on the action and can break glass with her shrill scream. You’ll also be able to play as other characters that can fix broken machinery and decipher codes, too."

GI: Will players be able to beat up Marcus Brody? We hear he really has it coming…
Eanes: "Yes, even though he’s a good guy, you will have the opportunity to vent all of your frustrations on Lego Marcus if you so desire."

Follow the link to to find out if players will also be able to beat up Marcus Brody and see some new screenshots as well.

And be sure to check out Gamespot's LEGO Indiana Jones pages fore more new screenshots, previews, and a video interview showing new in-game footage!

Thanks to 'QBComics' for the Gamespot links.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

Indiana Jones: DVD Game Hits TV
16/04/08, 3:03pm EST ($24.99 US) and ($19.96 US) are making the new Indiana Jones DVD Game available for pre-order on their respective websites. Using your DVD Remote, fans can guide Indy through this TV adventure by answering a myriad of trivia and puzzles. Here is the description from Walmart:

Relive the fateful moments of your favorite Indiana Jones movies and experience what life is like as a great adventurer! Navigate your way through an ancient temple and discover lost relics deep in the heart of the Amazon. Do battle with on-screen villains and race out of the temple before it collapses. Uncover the relics and escape with the most fortune to win the game!

Indiana Jones DVD Adventure Game:

  • Features an interactive DVD with classic movie moments
  • For two to four players
  • Includes:
    - 24 game tiles
    - Hall of ancestors start tile
    - Four Indiana Jones plastic figures
    - Interactive DVD
    - Die
    - 36 cardboard gold coins
    - Three plastic relics
    - Part sheet with boulders
    - 40 fortune and glory cards
    - Instructions

Toys "R" Us lists this item as in stock and ready to ship! So, start whipping those remotes around and head off on the adventure of your life right from the comfort of your sofa!

Thanks to Les at for the heads up and box shots.

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

THQ Releases Indy 4 to Your Mobile Phone
01/05/08, 2:22pm EST

THQ is making their latest mobile phone game featuring the adventures of Indiana Jones and Mutt available to users as of May 1st. From comes this information:

You play as Indiana Jones and Mutt Williams in their journey full of adventures and dangers through the jungles, cemeteries and temples of Peru. Indy uses his legendary whip to defeat enemies and to swing his way over the gaps, obstacles and up to the higher platforms. Indy also has an ability to defeat enemies on lower platforms by attacking them from above. Take a look at these screenshots and download all three trailers.

Check it out for yourself at!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

LEGO Indiana Jones Demo Now Online!
14/05/08, 6:05pm EST

Players can now download a demo for LucasArts' LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures game. Utilizing the formula of the LEGO Star Wars games, LEGO Indiana Jones thrust players into the shoes of the famed adventurer, and places gamers in the original Indiana Jones trilogy that started it all.

The 464.6 MB demo can be downloaded at Games For Windows. The full version of the game releases June 3.

Visit the official updated LEGO Indiana Jones site by LucasArts for more information and features.


Posted by Gilles V

LEGO Indiana Jones Game Released!
03/06/08, 5:18pm EST

LEGO Indiana Jones
Game cover
The good news: LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures is released in stores around the United States of America today!
The less good news: Other countries will have to wait till this Friday, June 6th, to crack that LEGO whip!

And LucasArts’ and Traveller’s Tales’ have thought about all Indy fans as the new blockbuster LEGO game is available on all available platforms : XBox 360, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, DS and the PC of course!

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures takes the fun and creative construction of LEGO and combines it with the wits, daring and non-stop action from the original cinematic adventures that enthralled audiences everywhere (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). With a humorous take on these original adventures, LEGO Indiana Jones follows Dr. Jones escapades through the jungles of South America to the mountaintops of India where you will build, battle and brawl your way through your favorite moments, from Indy's entanglements with snakes to his dashing boulder run. And with the help of a host of supporting characters including Marion Ravenwood and Short Round, players can also mix and match the body parts of more than 60 playable characters to create new heroes just as they could in the best-selling LEGO Star Wars games.

The LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures is already received very positive reviews from critics and users at GameSpot. And be sure to check out the LEGO Indy article at MTV Multiplayer as well. But the best source for LEGO Indiana Jones information remains -- until's Indy Games section is finished. Ha!

Posted by Gilles V

LEGO Indiana Jones Game Review
05/06/08, 4:30pm EST

click to enlarge
LEGO Temple of Doom T-shirt image.
I waited with anticipation for my kids to get home as I had sworn that I would not play LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures until they arrived home from school. The anticipation was excruciating, all I had to tie me over was looking at the exclusive LEGO Indy video game shirt that I received from the local Gamestop video game store as part of the pre-order. It depicts the LEGO Temple of Doom gang (Indy, Willie and Short Round) hurtling through the mine shafts in a mine car and has a secret code to unlock Mola Ram on the front. I did get to watch the trailer for LEGO Batman and the LEGO Indy trailer (I was still keeping to my promise, for I was watching the extras and not playing the game).

Finally it was time I told the kids to forgo their homework and start playing and with that we fired up the Xbox 360 and went adventuring. From the dazzling almost 3D quality of the graphics we were all transported into the pixelated South American jungle, we laughed at the cartoony antics of Satipo and Indy as they edged their way into the Temple. The game is inventive and never dull as you revisit familiar territory but now seen through an entirely whimsical point of view. My boys were jumping up and down screaming "duck" and "run" to each other as they made their way through traps and dangerous predicaments. Climaxing in the run from from the boulder and meeting Belloq, who does a great robot dance when Indy presents the golden head of C-3P0 instead of the idol to him, followed by a rubber duck.

There are many more cameos by LEGO Star Wars characters throughout Indy's adventures (look for Hoth Luke upside down in the Wampa's cave near the Raven bar) and all are a delight as we are presented with the closest encounter Indy will ever have with aliens from another galaxy (LEGO Indy that is). What is remarkable about the genius behind the LEGO Indy game is how all the gun play and violence have been transformed into hilarious moments. We skipped around as the kids wanted to play in the Temple of Doom and had a ball, I was surprised to see how the sacrifice scene is totally redone and no one gets hurt (though clothes are burned off much to the chagrin of the victim - but it beats the old "heartburn"). I want to do the Ark opening and see how it is done. The mine chase is great and and Mola Ram has never looked better, the Club Obi Wan is a thrill as you take control of a poisoned Indy and escape Lao's baddies. The kids loved Short Round (who doesn't) and wanted to go back and do the whole game in FREEPLAY mode using him and Mola Ram -- what a team-up, that is!

Oddly, Barnett College and not Marshall College is Indy's base of operations for this game, but that is the only drawback in this truly amazing video game. Fedoras off to the team of engineers and comedy writers who brought this latest edition of the LEGO series to market. This has to be THE best Indiana Jones game ever to be released just for the sheer fun of watching it all play out before your eyes. We at the Hallock home will be playing and replaying this game for a long, long time. The next question we all have is when is the LEGO Crystal Skull coming out!

Posted by Mitchell Hallock

Indiana Jones Video Game "Very Much" in Development
23/07/08, 4:25pm EST

LucasArts' lack of promo presence for Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings at E3 2008 makes people wonder if the game is in trouble. DailyGame received confirmation from LucasArts that the new Indy video game is still "very deep into development".

Here's what DailyGame wrote:

During our E3 demo with LucasArts this morning (Clone Wars, Fracture and Force Unleashed), DailyGame was able to confirm that the Indiana Jones videogame first shown at E3 2006 is still "very much" in development.

Rumors have swirled that the Indiana Jones game for PS3 and Xbox 360 had been cancelled, either because it missed the window tying it to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, or because recent layoffs had put development on hiatus.

That's very far from the truth, says LucasArts.

Apparently, the Indiana Jones PS3 and Xbox 360 game is "very deep into development," with a team "working very actively" to bring the game up to a form for public/media consumption. And, because the game shares an engine with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, which ships this fall, such a display may not be as far off as you might think.

The progress the development team is making has apparently been paying off in strides, as one LucasArts representative told us that "the game looks great." With any luck, we'll be able to determine that for ourselves in the months ahead.

I believe it has been since the videogame's first announcement at E3 2006 that we have seen, or heard, anything new. And it doesn't look like the new Indy game will make an appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con 2008 either.

Thanks to Jason at The International House of Mojo for the heads up.

Sources: DailyGame,

Posted by Gilles V

Indy's Staff of Kings Comes to NDS and PSP
29/08/08, 3:52pm EST

Staff of Kings image.
PEGI, the European rating board, reveals new info on LucasArt's long awaited Indiana Jones game for the "next generation consoles"... yeah, it's been a while. In fact, the last time we have heard or seen anything decent on this new Indiana Jones video game dates back from 2006!

Now, LucasArts' Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings turned up in the PEGI online database as a Nintendo DS & PlayStation Portable game.

This new info could mean two things; LucasArts has decided to scrap the console Indy game in favor of easier-to-make Nintendo DS and PSP, or they are planning a massive multiplatform release for Indiana Jones and the Staff of King!

The great International House of Mojo has the following to add:

At the beginning of this year, it was rumoured that a developer called A2M were working on a version of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings for less powerful consoles (Wii, PS2, PSP and DS) much like how Krome Studios have done with The Force Unleashed. The rumour suggested that their version not only had a smoother development than the LucasArts version but that it was going to be released this year to coincide with the home video release of Indy IV...

Expect to find out more on this Staff of King video game during the coming months. Best guess would be Kingdom of the Crystal Skull DVD month, October!

Thanks to Mitchell Hallock and Xavier Arijs for the news.

Sources: PSP Fanboy, Siliconera, PSP World , GameSpot and PEGI.

Posted by Gilles V

New Staff of Kings Game Info and Screenshots
21/10/08, 4:57pm EST

Two years ago, at E3 2006, LucasArts revealed the first images and videos of a new Indiana Jones game for the next generation consoles. And we haven't heard or seen much new things of this Indy game since then. But LucasArts representatives say the new game -- also know as Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings -- is still in development!
New screenshot
Two new environment screenshots.

The latest update/rumor doesn't come from a LucasArts official but leaked onto a blog named gone is gone. The most interesting part is that the blog also posted two new environment screenshots, supposedly from the new Indiana Jones video game.

Here follows part of the update found at the gone is gone blog.

While LucasArts and also the Indiana Jones staff saw massive layoffs this June, Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (PS3/Xbox 360) was delayed to 2009. Why not cancel or outsource it like every other LucasArts game?

Additionally, there was or is a still unreleased PSP pendant titled Staff of Moses. Amaze Entertainment finished it sometime in 2007. The studio also did several internal demos for Indiana Jones Wii (never turned into something real, I guess). However, the PSP title might stay unpublished since A2M started development of Indiana Jones games (at least for Nintendo DS, PS2 and Wii) in June 2007, right when Amaze Entertainment was more or less giving Staff of Moses the final touches.

A nice sum-up of latest Staff of Kings info, alongside screenshots and concept art/model can be found at Tiscali Games.

Thanks to Matt Foster and Matt Huebner for the update.

Posted by Gilles V


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