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A first look at the new Indiana Jones 2007 game!
10/06/06, 4:55pm EST is the first to publish an Indiana Jones 2007 preview including in-game screenshots. And they look damn good! Here follow some highlights:

Indy 2007 screenshotsBut first, a word on game basics. Or rather, the fact Lucasarts didn't really offer any. At this point, they've engineered the technology to make it run, and they've ironed out the story. But there's little in terms of specifics. And speaking of story, it does in fact tie into the upcoming movie. Developers said George Lucas gave them a chunk of the script for use in the game. But in terms of how many missions it'll have or exactly what kinds of puzzles and obstacles to expect, developers just aren't saying yet. What they have said is that it will include everything fans have come to expect, including plenty of brawling, lethal traps, artifacts and moments of death-defying coolness...

As such, developers have only finished a small portion of the actual game. As absurd as it sounds, though, the technology behind the game is what's truly exciting. And it's so for a very simple reason: it just hasn't been used before now. But after watching a 40-minute demonstration, it's abundantly clear it has the potential to change the way you play games. All of this may sound like obscene hype. It may be. But If Lucasarts winds up meeting its goals and delivers exactly what they want when Indiana Jones ships, then it's not hype; it's simple honesty...

Indy 2007 screenshotsLucasarts treated its guests to a live demonstration to prove how advanced Euphoria really is. The scene took place in 1939, inside of San Francisco's China Town. Indy appeared in the middle of the screen, with three enemies approaching from a nearby ally. They cautiously walked up and started throwing punches. Which, at first, wasn't too exciting at all. It looked great, like most next-generation titles, but it didn't seem innovative by any means.
Half an hour later, opinions had shifted in a major way. Throughout the entire demo, enemies reacted differently to every attack. Every time Indy grabbed someone and tossed him through a window or door, he'd react differently. And that's because there isn't a single canned animation in the entire game. Behavioral intelligence dictates every gesture, punch, kick and grapple...

Indy 2007 screenshotsDevelopers then commented that ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) worked on all the game's lighting at the same rendering farm as Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Poseidon and other high-profile flicks. Impressive, to say the least. Add this to the fact only 20% of the game is actually finished, including special effects, and there's plenty reason to get excited...

By the end of the demo, Lucasarts had everyone in the room convinced: it would deliver one of the first, true next-generation experiences. And it wouldn't be just a massive jump in visual prowess, but the logical next step in immersive technologies. This stuff will help make games play better. And that should be more important than cramming 90,000 characters on screen at once.

These few parts are not all the highlights of the Indiana Jones 2007 preview! If you really wanted me to add all interesting parts, I could have just posted the whole 3 page article here. The whole preview is just that exciting to read! So be sure to check it out at!

Original date: Wednesday, May 10, 2006


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