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LucasArts chooses The Collective to make new Indy game
Tuesday, January 22, 2002 - Gilles V

This is becoming one memorable week for the Indiana Jones fans! LucasArts Entertainment Company today announced a development relationship with The Collective, Inc. to create the next Indiana Jones game, marking the return of film's most compelling and celebrated action hero to interactive entertainment. The game, expected to release fall 2002, will be available on a variety of next generation console platforms and PC.

The upcoming title follows in the epic tradition of LucasArts' rich Indiana Jones action-adventure legacy. It will feature an all-new intriguing and historically relevant story set amidst the world's most exotic locales. The game will utilize The Collective's proprietary engine technology, bringing to the series a dynamic new level of fighting action and challenging puzzle elements.

"Similar to LucasArts' collaborations with other premier game studios, The Collective bring considerable technological and development expertise that, in this case, will greatly benefit one of our most important brands, Indiana Jones,'' says LucasArts' President, Simon Jeffery. "The Collective's efforts on the highly anticipated game Buffy The Vampire Slayer were a key component in determining this relationship. The two companies together will bring new and compelling elements to Indiana Jones that will ensure a deeply engaging and fun game play experience.''

"My partners and I have admired LucasArts and their commitment to quality and innovation since the early 8-bit days and we are thrilled at this opportunity to bring Indiana Jones to life on next generation consoles and PC,'' says Doug Hare, vice president of production for The Collective.

Click here to find out more about The Collective and LucasArts. Thanks to samurai from The Raven for the news. Please stay tuned as we get more information in the near future. Oh, before I forget it....Yeeeehaaaa!


"Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb"
Wednesday, May 8, 2002 - Gilles V

More information on the new Indiana Jones game that was set for a fall 2002 release has come online, a lot more info... Lucasarts launched the official website of Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb (that's the title of the new game) today together with 6 concept art drawings and 6 screenshots. The new Indy 3D action/adventure game will be released on PC, Playstation 2, and XBox in fall 2002. According to the XBox version will probably be released on November 1, 2002.

Here's what today's press release says:

Indiana Jones is back and better than ever! From the crocodile-infested waters in Ceylon to the bustling streets of Hong Kong, perennial action hero Indiana Jones' wits, agility, whip lashing and hand-to-hand combat skills will be put to the test as never before in Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb from LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC. The exhilarating third person action-adventure is expected to release fall 2002 for Xbox, PlayStation 2, and PC. The game is being developed in collaboration with The Collective, Inc.

Indy's latest adventure plays out in dramatic fashion thanks to new gameplay features such as brawling combat. This time, in addition to using his trademark whip and pistol, Indy can engage in fierce hand-to-hand combat against foes, many of whom are well-versed in martial arts. Improvised weapons such as shovels, chairs and table legs also can be used to fend off adversaries. The result is a more immerse and more Indy-like gameplay experience, set amidst spine-tingling movie-like action sequences, such as a rickshaw chase in Hong Kong and a spectacular battle atop moving gondolas in the South China Sea area.

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb features The Collective's proprietary 3D engine that supports completely immerse, highly interactive environments. The game will offer 10 levels, all set in unique locales such as a 15th century castle that looms over Prague, an underwater palace in Istanbul, and a mountaintop fortress in China. A sophisticated camera tracking system makes sure that the player always has an optimal view of the third-person action. "Indiana Jones is back in a bold new way that players have never seen him," says Tom Byron, director of product marketing for LucasArts. "Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb faithfully recreates all the heroism, action and edge-of-the-seat adventure of the blockbuster film series thanks to a state-of-the-art game engine, a rich story, and compelling gameplay."

Indy's whirlwind adventure, set in the Far East in 1935, plunges him into an international crisis of terrifying magnitude. As the game begins, a powerful underground Asian society, the Black Dragon Triad, and a German mercenary, Albrecht Von Beck, have formed an unholy alliance in the hopes of acquiring the Heart of the Dragon, a black pearl that gives its possessor the power to mold minds. Rumored to be buried in the crypt of China's first emperor, it has been safely hidden for more than two thousand years. Now, with this unwelcome coalition in desperate pursuit of one of the most powerful artifacts known to man, it's up to Indy to prevent the Heart of the Dragon from falling into the wrong hands. Indy enters the race for the Heart at the behest of Marshal K'ai, an Asian businessman who asks him to retrieve the pearl and return it to the government of China. But in order to retrieve the Heart, Indy must first traverse the world to find and assemble the three scattered pieces of the Dragon Seal, the key to unlocking the crypt. Jones is aided in his search by K'ai's stunningly beautiful assistant, Mei Ying, who helps him throughout this epic conflict.

Well, this press release sounds much promising and the concept art and screenshots at the official site look astonishing! It'll be another 2 years, at least, before Indy 4 hits the theaters but Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb will certainly keep the Indyfans satisfied till then.

Thanks to Elias, Zach and Robert C. for letting us know.


First "Emperor's Tomb" trailer online!
Thursday, May 9, 2002 - Gilles V

Did yesterday's Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb screen shots not convince you that this game will become a fantastic adventure, then this first Emperor's Tomb trailer certainly will.

The first trailer gives us a glimpse on some levels, the more detailed Indy, and certainly the action. Indy's hand-to-hand combat looks indeed very advanced compared to the Indy in Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. Now, let's hope this new Indy can do more with a whip also.

View the first trailer online at or save it by right clicking here.

Thanks to indyfanmc from The Raven Bar for letting us know.


Second "Emperor's Tomb" trailer online
Tuesday, May 21, 2002 - Gilles V

A second Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb game trailer came online at it's official LucasArts website. This trailer shows us some more levels, action scenes and already proves to me that it will be soo much better than Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. Check it out!

Hit the link above to visit the official website and view the trailer.
Thanks to Zach for letting us know.


New "Emperor's Tomb" screenshots and Concept Art
Thursday, May 23, 2002 - Gilles V

Newly updated on the official Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb website are 9 new screenshots and 4 more concept art pictures.

The new screenshots shows some nice camera angles, great lighting effects, sharks, German agents, a U-boat, sharks, etc. and the new concept art shows is a nice Indiana Jones picture, a Nazi soldier and a fantastic scene that might be related to the climax of this new Indy adventure.

Click here to go to the official game website and view the new screenshots and concept art. Thanks to Gregoire Defence for letting us know.


First two "Emperor's Tomb" E3 previews online
Wednesday, May 29, 2002 - Gilles V

Two games websites went to E3 this year and visited Indy display in the E3 booth. There they saw demonstration of the game and one of the things they found out is that Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb takes place just prior to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom...

The first, TechTV was impressed by the new Indy game. Just read how their preview started:

"If adventure has a name, it must be Indiana Jones." You'd be hard-pressed to find a better catchphrase than that, yet the name Indiana Jones hasn't meant very much to videogaming in recent years. That pistol-packing upstart Lara Croft has stolen Indy's thunder. All that's bound to change when Indiana Jones & the Emperor's Tomb launches next fall on the PS2, Xbox, and PC systems. LucasArts wants its thunder back, and judging by the limited E3 demo we got a chance to play today, it just might redeem the world's greatest archaeologist in the eyes of action/adventure fans.

And even the preview at The International House of Mojo was very positive after seeing Emperor's Tomb demo in action:

Indiana Jones has always been an eagerly anticipated property from LucasArts. After such critically successful games as Last Crusade and Fate of Atlantis, people have enjoyed stepping into Indy’s shoes and adventuring all over the world. The previous third-person game, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, drew mixed reactions from fans and critics. While I did find Infernal Machine to be flawed, it seems that Emperor’s Tomb has really done some things right here.

Hit the links above to read the previews.


GameZone Online previews "Emperor's Tomb"
Sunday, June 16, 2002 - Gilles V

Playstation 2 magazine GameZone Online previewed LucasArts' Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb 3D action/adventure game based on a presentation at E3 2002 in Los Angeles. Here's a part of their preview:

Indiana Jones’ fisticuffs are just part of the innovations brought to the game. The character models have been upgraded and cyber-Indy bears an uncanny likeness to actor Harrison Ford, and Indiana’s work with the whip has been enhanced.
The graphical elements in the demonstrated version had wonderful environmental elements, but the animation – especially in the hand-to-hand fighting sequences – was nothing short of remarkable. In fact, the animation seems improved over previous Indiana Jones games.

Again a very positive look at the new Indiana Jones game that will be released on Xbox, PS2 and PC platforms this fall. Hit the link above to read the preview.

Thanks to Aaron Gantt for letting us know.


New "Emperor's Tomb" action screenshots
Saturday, July 6, 2002 - Gilles V

The official Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb website has updated it's screenshots gallery with 5 new action shots of Indy showing off some of his new moves.
And these 5 new screenshots are some of the coolest yet! They show Indy punching scum up in the sky and over ledges but also kicking them in the stomach why they're on their hands and knees. What must be the most surprising screenshot of the 5 is the one where we see Indy swimming under water, chased by a very hungry looking crocodile. Yummy!!

Click here to view the new screenshots.


"Emperor's Tomb" interview at GameSpy
Thursday, July 18, 2002 - Gilles V has an interview with Lucasarts assistant producer Nate Schaumberg about Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. Here's a part of the interview:

GameSpy: Are there powerups or pick-ups in the game like health and ammo?
Nate: Indy will gain several different weapons throughout the game, and he will also pick up ammo for these various weapons from time to time. Health is a little different, as Indy drinks from his canteen to regain health. There are freshwater fountains scattered throughout the levels where Indy can refill his canteen.

Hit the link above to check it out. It even has a few new screenshots!
Thanks to 'QueZTone' for letting us know.


'Emperor's Tomb' not for fall 2002?
Monday, July 29, 2002 - Gilles V

According to, the Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb game by LucasArts and The Collective has been put back until January 15, 2003 on PC and Xbox and the Playstation 2 version is pushed back to March 17, 2003. There goes the "too good to be true" Fall 2002 release date!

Thanks to J. Kovach for letting us know.


'Emperor's Tomb' Gamecube bound?
Sunday, August 11, 2002 - Gilles V

Sources close to LucasArts have told IGNcube that a version of the action-adventure Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb is in development for Nintendo's next-generation console.
LucasArts has not officially confirmed development of a GCN version of the game, though Playstation 2 and Xbox versions have already been announced.

Also, the official LucasArts website added 1 new Emperor's Tomb screenshot to it's gallery last week. Click here to view it.


'Emperor's Tomb' soundtrack recorded in Seattle
Tuesday, August 13, 2002 - Gilles V

An article on talks about a recording session recently held by LucasArts with the Northwest Sinfonia Orchestra in Seattle. The Northwest Sinfonia Orchestra previously recorded the original score for games like Medal of Honor, Myst III: Exile, and Total Annihilation and may now add the new original score for the Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb game to their list. The composer is none other than LucasArts' own Clint Bajakian. Here's a part of the article:

Clint Bajakian from The Sound Department (Outlaws, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, Escape from Monkey Island), who composed the score, explained why they went with a live orchestra:
"LucasArts recognized that it was time to bring the magic that only a live orchestra can produce, into something as important as an Indiana Jones game. We recognized that the Indiana Jones film scores were great, not only due to the brilliant writing of John Williams, but on the dazzling quality of 80 world-class musicians playing their hearts out in an orchestral ensemble."

Hit the link above to read the full article. Thanks to for the news.


New 'Emperor's Tomb' screenshot online!
Saturday, September 7, 2002 - Gilles V

Oh boy! The official LucasArts website released one new screenshot from Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb action/adventure game that will be released in spring 2003. This new screenshot is one of the most action packed so far! It shows a gun handling Indiana Jones facing a guy with a big sword and in the background you can see two other characters fist-fighting each other while a third character is running from the top left corner towards Indy. Very exciting!!

Click here to go to the official Emperor's Tomb website and view this new screenshot.


'Emperor's Tomb' preview at
Sunday, September 8, 2002 - Gilles V

Online games magazine has published a preview on Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. The preview talks about Indy's comeback to the games industry, it's story and the game's technology.

The gameplay has evolved since previous versions of the game and will feature Indy using a lot more of his fists, people who have seen demos claim these sequencies are breathtaking. Indy has all sort of moves in this title. The type of moves you'd expect from Indiana Jones. The combat system consists of two buttons, which, when pressed in any order, will perform a number of punches, kicks, and grabs. Combos are generally three button pushes in a row. A quick tap on either button will throw right and left jabs, and most combos work off of those.

Hit the link above to read the preview. Thanks to The Indy for the news.


Mojo interviewed 'Emperor's Tomb' composer
Tuesday, September 10, 2002 - Gilles V recently got a chance to talk with LucasArts veteran composer Clint Bajakian. In the interview Clint answers questions and talks about his score for the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. This is the first original score that both Clint and LucasArts have done that is recorded by a live, full orchestra. Here's a part of the interview:

Clint Bajakian: "It was both LucasArts’ and my idea at the same time. Jeff Kliment, the sound department manager at LucasArts, mentioned the use of live orchestra to me when he originally told me about the project and expressed interest in my composing the score. To all of us, it seemed exactly the right time to make this effort. Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine called only for short musical stingers for which sampled orchestra seemed appropriate, but the extensiveness of the score envisioned for Emperor’s Tomb pointed straight towards bringing in a full live ensemble."

Hit the link above to read the full interview.


'Emperor's Tomb' interview with producer Jim Tso
Tuesday, September 10, 2002 - Gilles V

HomeLand Fed got the chance to chat briefly with LucasArts producer Jim Tso as he talks about their plans for the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb action/adventure game. Jim Tso answers questions about picking The Collective as developer, why Emperor's Tomb is coming out on multiple platforms, how combat will be handled, why this game will be more action than adventure, etc. Worth checking out as it contains some new info.

Hit the link above to read the short interview.


Another 'Emperor's Tomb' interview online
Friday, October 11, 2002 - Gilles V also interviewed Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb producer Jim Tso. Here's an except:

GameZone: Saw the demo of this game at E3, and the first thing that was both surprising and wonderful at the same time was the face of Indiana Jones. For the first time in the game's history, it is the face of Harrison Ford. How hard was this to pull off, frame-after-frame, in the game?
Jim: “It was fairly difficult, our art director spent a huge amount of time working with scans of Harrison's face and getting those into the game. The power of these new systems has really given us the ability to make an Indy game that's closer to the movies.

Hit the link above to read the full interview. And thanks to the official Emperor's Tomb site for letting us know.


Emperor's Tomb' on Xbox preview online
Tuesday, October 29, 2002 - Gilles V scored the first Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb on Xbox online preview. It's a great preview that talks about positive and even a few negative things on the gameplay, environments and action. Plus the preview comes with 15 fantastic screenshots! Here's a part of the preview:

So what all can Indy do this time around? We'll start with the obvious: Indy can whip. The whip can be used to knock weapons out of enemy's hands and swing from conveniently placed ledges. You can hit people with it, but it does little more than stun the enemy for a brief second. Aiming the whip isn't too hard, and swinging with it is a cinch since not only is there an icon in the corner of the screen to let you know you're in position, but once in position, using the whip will automatically attach you the protruding ledge.

Hit the link above to read the Xbox preview.


New 'Emperor's Tomb' concept art online!
Friday, November 1, 2002 - Gilles V has received two new and exclusive Concept Art pieces from the upcoming action-adventure Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb by LucasArts. As you can see, Indy will not only wear his trademark fedora and leather jacket outfit in the course of the game but he will also appear in his 'Dr. Jones' suit and his 'James Bond' like tuxedo. Indy also wears the exact same suit and tuxedo in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, which this game is a prequel to.

A special thanks to LucasArts. Click here to visit the official Emperor's Tomb site.


GameSpot has new 'Emperor's Tomb' screenshots
Thursday, November 7, 2002 - Gilles V has posted 18 new Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb screenshots today. The screenshots show Indy fighting some new adversary's, using some new weapons and exploring some amazing looking locations. The quality of the screenshots is a bit less than others but that's probably because these are screenshots taken from the Xbox version and not from the PC game version. Nonetheless, they certainly look amazing!

Hit the link above to view the screenshots. Thanks to QueZTone at The Raven Bar for letting us know.


The 'Fate of Atlantis II' fan project is back!
Saturday, November 9, 2002 - Gilles V

Alexander Zoller from IndyProject, the group of fans working on a sequel to LucasArts' Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, has let us know that their new homepage is finally online. The new URL is

Check out the Amberfish Arts site for much more info on this exiting project!


Struzan's 'Emperor's Tomb' poster is coming soon!
Thursday, November 14, 2002 - Gilles V will be interviewing artist Drew Struzan about his recent work on the box cover art for the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb action/adventure game.
LucasArts gives all fans of Drew Struzan's Indy-themed works the chance to submit questions about Drew's newest Indy project. If you have a question for Drew, post it in this thread at our 'The Raven' message board and LucasArts will get as many questions answered as they can during their interview with Drew Struzan.

Check the official Emperor's Tomb site in the coming weeks for the complete Drew Struzan interview and the unveiling of the Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb box art!


'Emperor's Tomb' manual details
Tuesday, November 19, 2002 - Gilles V received some information about the instruction manual for Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. LucasArts guy Sam Saliba reported that the Emperor's Tomb team hunted down the biggest Indy fan they could find, who also happened to be an accomplished graphic designer, and set him loose on the manual.

Saliba says the full color book is covered head to toe in Indy, with numerous in-jokes and obscure references throughout for the bored (us) to dig around for. We're holding him to it. Sounds perfect for reading while waiting for it to install, or for your brother to stop hogging the game (the jerk).

Hit the link above for more information and news on LucasArts games. Thanks Jake!


'Emperor's Tomb' box art coming next week
Friday, November 22, 2002 - Gilles V

The latest LucasArts Insider #27 announced that Drew Struzan's box art for Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb will be unveiled on the official site somewhere next week! Accompanying the illustration will be an interview with artist Drew Struzan. LucasArt's newsletter also contained this small teaser image of Struzan's box art.


'Emperor's Tomb' box art revealed!
Thursday, November 28, 2002 - Gilles V has premiered Drew Struzan's Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb box art poster. Drew's latest work is simply WOW!! As you can see here right.
With the premiere of the box art also comes and interview with Drew Struzan in which he explains how it was created! Here's one part of the interview: What artistic choices did you make to ensure this game cover would be compelling?
Drew Struzan: I just included what the game promises. The subject matter is rich and full and all drawn from the game itself. I compose the picture and elements in a strong and classical manner to set the scene with the proper emotional tone; that of secure and powerful, rock steady design. The color composition is warm, as is the trademark of so many of the Indy pieces, making it at that magic hour with the setting sun. Of course the reason I was asked to do the piece in the first place is that my style and taste is recognizable as the authentic Indy representation. With me doing it, it says immediately that this product is the real thing.

Hit the link above to view the box art and read the excellent interview.


New 'Emperor's Tomb' trailer and interview online
Thursday, December 12, 2002 - Gilles V

LucasArts producer Jim Tso has been interviewed about his upcoming Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb again. IGN talked with him about the latest Indy game plus added some new and very cool screenshots to the interview. Here's a part of the interview:

We decided to set the game in the Far East because that's an area the movies haven't explored too much and it has plenty to offer in terms of history and flavor. Before he ends up in the Asia, Indy does travel around the world quite a bit; the game starts in Ceylon, and from there it moves to Prague, Istanbul, and finally to Hong Kong. From Hong Kong, Indy has to make his way to a secret Nazi sub base and then to a hidden fortress on top of an island. Finally, Indy ends up inside the tomb in China.

And there's more. A new trailer for Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb can be found at the official Xbox site. The new trailer shows more of the really cool fighting animation and combat. The only draw back is that the trailer is in streaming video, not possible to download the trailer. I highly recommend checking it out here.

Thanks to for the news.



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