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The cancelled sequel to Fate of Atlantis game
Saturday, July 24, 2004 - Gilles V

'Iron Phoenix' placed a story online about the cancelled adventure game project Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix, the sequel to the classic adventure game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

Iron Phoenix's plot centered around post-World War II Nazis trying to find the Philosophers' Stone in order to resurrect Adolf Hitler. It was being made around the period of 1993-1995 before it was canceled.
The Mixnmojo article reveals info on the problems in the development process of the game and much more! Certainly worth checking out!

Although the game was canceled, you can still enjoy its story as an Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix four-issue comic book series was published by Dark Horse Comics in 1994. Go to our Dark Horse Comics page for more info on this series.


New Indy game coming based on the 4th film?
Tuesday, August 3, 2004 - Aaron H

An article at about LucasArts' upcoming game based on Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, mentions that LucasArts are also planning a new Indiana Jones game. A game based on Indiana Jones IV!?

Gamesradar: "In addition, LucasArts are also planning a new Indiana Jones game based on the fourth movie in the series, although this isn't likely to be released until 2006."

While this isn't direct confirmation of the movie itself, it does lead to the obvious question... when is the official announcement for our long await film going to take place? Or could it be that is misinformed? Stay tuned!

Click here to read the article.


The value of Harrison Ford's voice in Indy games
Friday, November 12, 2004 - Gilles V

LucasArts president Jim Ward recently talked with The Hollywood Reporter about the company's future in interactive entertainment. During the conversation, Hollywood Reporter asked an interesting Indy question:

THR: You have also mentioned revitalizing the Indiana Jones intellectual property. Would an Indiana Jones game feature Harrison Ford's voice and likeness?

Jim Ward: We're currently evaluating the value that bringing Hollywood likenesses and voices to the table would bring to Indiana Jones. I'm not convinced that the wholesale studio approach that Electronic Arts undertakes with its James Bond and other Hollywood-licensed games is the way to go. ... With Star Wars and Indiana Jones, people identify with these brands. It might make sense to work with one or two actors from a property on the game front, but we'll see. Certainly, with Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones. So something like that might make sense.

Click here to read the full interview with Jim Ward. He also talks about the upcoming Episode III - Revenge of the Sith game and Star Wars games in general.


LucasArts' Indiana Jones video game survey
Friday, December 24, 2004 - Gilles V

LucasArts has hired a third party, Nielsen Interactive Entertainment, to ask us gamers to tell them what we think about Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb.

Please spend few moments answering their online survey questionnaire and help LucasArts make better games!

This survey proves that LucasArts indeed has "plans" to make at least 1 more Indiana Jones game in the near future. I suspect that they will start working on a new Indy game once the Star Wars: Episode III film and game is finished and released. So we can be looking forward to a very exciting 2005!

So fellow Indiana Jones fans, LucasArts is asking us for feedback on Emperor's Tomb! An opportunity we should not ignore so be sure to pay a visit to their online survey questionnaire.

Merry Christmas everybody!


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