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Indy 3D release date
Monday September 20. 1999

JediNet announced that there is a possibility that Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine will be released around November 20, 1999.  Click here to read the news.


No Indy 3D for PlayStation
Wednesday October 06. 1999

Next-Generation posted that LucasArts has cancelled Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine for PlayStation.  The PC version is on track, but the PlayStation version of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine won't see the light of day, LucasArts tells NGO. "Related to our recent announcement regarding the cancellation of Star Wars: Episode I Racer for PlayStation, LucasArts Entertainment Company will not proceed with the extension of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine for the Sony PlayStation platform. Instead, the company is refocusing its resources in anticipation of new titles, both for current and next generation platforms," a spokesperson said.


Indy 3D Release Dates
Wednesday November 10, 1999

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine will be on store shelves this coming Monday (Nov 15) in the US. It will be out in France, and most likely also in the rest of Europe, only a week of two later. Let's say in the week of Nov 30.


12 new Indy 3D screens at LucasArts
Wednesday November 10, 1999

Lucasarts released 12 new screenshots of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine at the official Infernal Machine homepage. They are very good and show some really nice things.


Indy 3D DEMO is online!
Thursday November 11, 1999

"Guide Indy through the hazards of a volcanic island in the south seas in search of part of the Infernal Machine."
Lucasarts finally released the Infenal Machine Demo. The file is 35,7Mb big. More info on the Demo coming soon!


10 new screens at GameFan
Friday November 12, 1999

GameFan released 10 new screenshots of LucasArts' Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine.


Indy Infernal Tec Support Guide
Saturday November 13, 1999

LucasArts posted their technical support guide for the Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. The area will provide you with general information as well as answers to specific problems.


The first Indy 3D Review!
Saturday November 13, 1999

GameFan has reviewed LucasArts' Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (the first Indy Infernal review!!) and gave it a score of 97 out of 100. The review comes with lots of new screenshots! Here's a part of the review:

In the end, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine totally drew me in and hooked me. It’s by far one of the best adventure games every created, and in my opinion, it totally blows away Tomb Raider. The graphics are good, the art and scenery is great, the music and sounds rock, and the controls and gameplay are just outstanding! If I were to pick one adventure game to buy this holiday season, I’d get Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, without question. If this isn’t the perfect adventure game, I don’t know what is!


New Indy Infernal website
Sunday November 14, 1999

There is a new Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine website named "Indy's Inferno". It is a great site plus it has a Forum! I think there will come many new Indy 3D sites when the game will be released.


Indy Infernal awarded
Tuesday November 16, 1999

GameDudes have officially awarded Lucasarts' Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine a 'Ditch Your Date' award. They also posted a info page on the game as well.

Buy the Infernal Machine today in a games store near you!!


Indy 3D interview
Wednesday November 17, 1999

The Daily Radar posted a interview with LucasArts' Production Manager Wayne Cline regarding Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. The interview covers many topics from the background story, types of environments, and weapons to voice acting and combat. Here's a part of the interview:

DR: How did the game's plot get written?
WC: It's an original story by Hal Barwood who is also the game's project leader -- he was also project leader for Fate of Atlantis as well so he's pretty familiar with the Indy character. He's actually a friend of George Lucas' from college, and he's a pretty fantastic storyteller in his own right.
The game's focus is squarely on the storyline -- it's probably about 75 percent discovery and exploring and about 25 percent combat. Hal in his heart is a storyteller and that's what we wanted to get across in the game.


Official Walkthrough
Thursday November 18, 1999

Lucasarts has posted a walkthrough of level 1 on their Indy Product Spotlight page. It comes with a screenshot for every step you make in the level, which is very interesting.


Indy 3D Patch
Friday November 19, 1999

Lucasarts released a patch for Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. The patch improves gameplay and AI. You can download the patch here (778k).


Indy Infernal Review
Monday November 22, 1999

Dilusioned Entertainment has a new Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine review. They give the title a 98% rating. Check out the full review here.


Indy 3D in-jokes
Monday November 22, 1999

LucasArts has always had a lot of hidden in-jokes and Star Wars references in them. And Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is no exception. Jedinet Software have unveiled quite a few of them. If you want to find out more, go to Jedinet Software to see for yourself.


Easter Eggs in Indy Infernal
Tuesday November 23, 1999

It appears that there are many easter eggs and in-jokes included in the Infernal Machine. Here are a few more:

  • There is an Easter egg on the temple level behind the gong. After you push the block all the way in move Indy to the right most corner of the block and the wall and press CRTL until a picture above your head appears. Indy says "It looks like a Phillippino princess!!" If you have trouble, just make sure you are facing the corner on the right side of the block.
  • In the final level you are able to gain access to a perfect 3D level of The Barbery Coast!" (The infamous barber shop on Plunder Island! in MI3) The secret level is yet to be confirmed.
  • On the mine cart level where the track switches are, there is a picture on the desk with a kid in a fedora and Indy says "What a good lookin' kid."


Indy Infernal for N64
Friday November 26, 1999 posted some news about Indy 3D for N64. Here's what they posted:

A while ago LucasArts reported that they had cancelled the Playstation version of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. Well we have some good news for you console gamers. Our source at LucasArts tells us that they're currently working on the Nintendo64 version of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. According to our source, the N64 version looks "incredible". The release date has not yet been set. Once we learn more about the console version, we'll let you know.


Gamespot UK review
Saturday November 27, 1999

Gamespot UK posted a review of LucasArts' Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. They gave the game an overall score of 9/10.
Click here to read the review and here's a piece of it:

Like two of the films, Indy's task is to recover a biblical artefact, the titular Infernal Machine. Legend tells that a machine of unknown power was dismantled and scattered throughout the world after the destruction of the Tower of Babel. It was ignored by all except the newly created communists of the USSR, who hoped that it could prove to be more powerful than attempting to create their own atomic weapons. Fate of Atlantis' Sophia Hapgood is leading a CIA attempt to capture the machine before the Russians do, and asks for your (Indy's) help.


2 new Indy 3D reviews
Monday November 29, 1999

As can be expected, the Indy reviews keep pouring in from around the Net. The latest two new Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine reviews have been posted.

ESCMag gave the game a score of 8/10. Here's an excerpt from the review:

The engine works well. There’s plenty of running and jumping, though only rarely does that become exasperating. (That prize goes to a river-rafting sequence, where even getting close to sharp rocks takes a chunk of the raft.) Indy’s whip doubles as a mode of travel, of course, and the screen often pans to outcroppings that can be crossed using it. It’s a nice touch, especially with the Indy song playing briefly.

From Gamesmania, the game received a score of 7/10. Here's a tidbit from the review:

Well, actually Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is a lot like Tomb Raider. This cannot be understated. You do the same kinds of things--shoot baddies with a variety of guns, climb ladders and pull yourself over ledges, evade deadly traps, and you even push/pull giant blocks around from time to time. Your 3D Indy also has many of the same moves as Lara Croft--running, jumping and grabbing the ledge of a cliff, swimming and diving, shimmying, crawling through small caverns, and so on.


More Indy 3D reviews
Wednesday December 01, 1999

Two new Indy Infernal reviews have been posted:

ActiveWindows gave the game a score of 90/100. Here's a part of their review:

So what is new about Indiana Jones, well not a great deal actually but what is here works very well. Here are a few of the new features. As you walk around the 3D environments you find various artifacts that will turn into cash when you complete a level, you can use the money you have gathered at something called a Trading Post, from here you can buy new items such as ammunition or health items. A nice feature that shows that collecting artifacts isn't a pointless task. Indy can also use his whip to swing over ledges etc etc, I know there are a lot of boys out there who would love to see Lara with a whip, but we won't go into that.

And PC Gameworld gave it a score of 82/100. Here's a part of the review:

The Jones license is the only one which has not been used to death. Indy has only had a few titles on the PC, the last good one being Fate of Atlantis, which came out, what, six years ago? Why go into this? Well, because there is no doubt that thousands of people are going to buy this game because it has his name on it. The same way Tomb Raider IV will sell ungodly amounts. Wait, did I mention Tomb Raider already?


Monkey Island in-joke screens
Wednesday December 01, 1999

We found the location of Plunder Island (Monkey Island) in Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. It can be spotted from the deck of the Russian boat, on the Boat stage.


More MI in-jokes
Thursday December 02, 1999

Oops, we made a mistake yesterday. Those 2 screens were not from the Barberry Coast but from Plunder Island, another new in-joke. Thanks to The SCUMM bar for the screens.


4 new Indy reviews
Friday December 03, 1999

There are 4 new Indy Infernal reviews online. Here they are:


Huge Walkthrough page
Monday December 06, 1999 has posted a huge walkthrough. The Prima Fast Track Guide to Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine provides essential walkthroughs of Indy's exotic excursions. While it offers enough information to complete the game, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine: Prima's Official Strategy Guide will give you detailed descriptions of the characters, weapons, and the special "Monkey Island Easter Egg" section, as well as the final chapter, "Back to Peru."


2 New Reviews
Thursday December 09, 1999

Two new Indy Infernal reviews appeared on the internet. Games Xtreme gave the game 87% and IGN only 78%. Don't they like Indy?! The game deserves much more than that.


New Strategy Guide
Saturday December 11, 1999 has posted a guide with walkthroughs and strategy guides. Travel the globe and solve the mystery of the Infernal Machine with this Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine game guide. Search this complete guide for:

  • Basic Training: Controlling your archeologist alter ego can be tricky, especially when you reach a difficult jump. Head into this section for a rundown on how best to navigate Indiana Jones, keep him healthy, and use the trading post.
  • Combat and Weapons: Look here for some proven combat strategies as well as an introduction to Indiana Jones' arsenal of weapons, from his trusty whip to the powerful bazooka.
  • Complete Walk-Through: Take a trip through all 16 levels on a full path through the game. Solve all puzzles, snag some treasures, and effectively battle the enemies. You'll also find a walk-through for Infernal Machine's secret level, Return to Peru.


Meet the Indy Team
Monday December 13, 1999

New at the official spotlight of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine (! They now introduce you to the key development team members behind Indy Infernal. You'll get a glimpse at the training and influences of the game authors and see the array of skills that come together to make a game. In the video segments, watch for team-tested pro-playing hints and tips.
This week, we'll meet Hal Barwood, Project Leader and Bill Tiller, Lead Artist.


2 New Reviews this week
Thursday December 16, 1999

There are a few new reviews on the net: Gamesdomain reviewed it and Gamelinks gave the game a score of 65/100. It looks like that the opinions of the game vary much, but ofcourse we all know that the game deserves much more than 65.


Console Infernal Machine Lives
Thursday December 23, 1999

LucasArts has revealed to GameSpot News that despite the PlayStation version's cancellation, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is still console-bound. According to a company official, we can still expect the game to land on a console platform(s). "Right now we're trying to see which platforms would be most viable for the title." The Dreamcast, with its similarity to PC's architecture, would be a likely candidate, although rumors have also surfaced that point to a potential N64 version.



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