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The Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark

Directed by Phillip Schuman
Written by Phillip Schuman and Lee Davis Knight
Executive Producer Sidney Ganis
Narrated by Scott Beach

Originally a 16mm film, loaded with excellent behind the scenes material, this documentary won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Informational Special. It was produced by Howard Kazanjian and was broadcast on PBS in 1981. It as released on video in 1983 and later in 1989. Also, it was part of the Laserdisc box set in 1993.

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Great Movie Stunts:
Raiders of the Lost Ark

Written and Directed by Robert Guenette
Produced by Sidney Ganis
Starring Harrison Ford

A TV special aired on ABC in 1981 after the release of the film. It's hosted by Harrison Ford and it features some of the material used in the PBS documentary. The focus, however, is primarily upon the stunt work in Raiders and films before it. This documentary was released along with The Making of Raiders special into one single videocassette by Paramount, first in 1983 with the video release of Raiders and then re-issued in 1990 with the video release of Last Crusade.

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Raiders of the Lost Ark:
A Look Inside

A 10-minute featurette on the making of the film featuring interviews with George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford produced for the 1999 video release of the Indiana Jones saga. Part of it was used in ET!'s Behind the Adventure special.

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Indiana Jones:
Behind the Adventure

Directed by Miguel Enciso
Written by Carla Pennington Stewart and Andy Meyers
Executive Producer Linda Bell Blue

A one-hour special of Entertainment Tonight aired in December 2000. The show covers all three films, the Young Indy TV series and the possibilities of a forth film. It featured interviews with Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Sean Connery and many others.


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