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The year is 1938. Just back from a hunt for the legendary Cross of Coronado, Indiana Jones is "invited" by multi-millionaire Walter Donovan who has discovered a mysterious stone tablet. Indy instantly recognizes it as the first of three hidden markers that reveal the location of the legendary Holy Grail itself.

But Indy's excitement over the Holy Grail soon fades when he hears that the man who found the tablet is world's greatest Grail expert Dr. Henry Jones, Indy's own father, and that he has gone missing.
Following his father's trail, Indy and Marcus Brody journey to Venice where they meet with Dr. Elsa Schneider, Donovan's colleague.

Dr. Schneider leads them to the place where she last saw Indy's father where they hope to find a clue of his disappearance. But they are being followed by the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword, whose members have vowed to protect the Grail at any cost. After a spectacular boat chase one of the Brotherhood members gets caught and reveals that Indy's father is being held in the Brunwald Castle in Austria. Once arrived at the Castle, Indy discovers that the castle is currently occupied by Hitler's Nazi soldiers and that both Else Schneider and Walter Donovan are Nazi double-agents.

Indiana Jones and his father can eventually escape the castle only to find themselves chased through the streets of Austria, through the skies above Germany and through the deserts of Turkey.
With the help of Sallah and Marcus Brody they finally locate the Grail's resting place. But when entering the temple the Joneses find out that they have been beaten by the Nazis.

Determined to force Indy to retrieve the Grail, Donovan shoots Dr. Jones Sr. who collapses to the floor. The only thing that can save Indy's father from a certain death is the healing abilities of the Holy Grail.
But that appears not to be an easy task as Indy needs to get past three deadly traps protecting the Grail...


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