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When Fedora and the gang are following Indy down the face of the mountain you can see that they continue from almost the same spot near the entrance even after Indy took the time to whistle to his horse.
click to enlarge Indy puts down his father's letters twice.
click to enlarge Take a good look to the books behind Indy when he found the X in the Library. They are fake.
click to enlarge The size of the white rose on Elsa's blouse, inside the catacombs, changes size from shot-to-shot.
click to enlarge There are big embers falling from the torch into the petroleum while Indy and Elsa are looking for the Knights tomb, and nothing happens. And when Kazim lights a little match, the whole thing sets aflame.
click to enlarge The torch Elsa is holding disappears after the fire is turning around the corner.
click to enlarge After swimming under petrol in the catacombs, Jones surfaces completely dry, except his wet hair, which makes wet spots on his clothes.
click to enlarge Marcus closes the Grail Diary three times even though he opened it once.
click to enlarge In the airport lounge, two people are reading German newspapers dated 1918, twenty years before the film is set.
click to enlarge The damage on the rudder of the plane that Henry Jones Sr. destroys changes.
Indy kicks the periscope on the tank, spinning it a half turn counterclockwise, and yet when seen from inside the tank, it makes a quarter turn in the clockwise direction.
click to enlarge When Indy is on the tank, fighting with Vogel, somehow when he falls to the side of the tank, the strap of his satchel gets caught on the gun barrel, and then it somehow gets free again.
Indy's face is almost black from dirt and grime in the scene where the tank's gun is grinding dirt onto him from the wall, yet after he climbs up from the side of the cliff to join the others his face is hardly dirty at all.
click to enlarge Indy's whip was still on Dad's ankle but after he climbs up from the cliff it is in his whip holster.
The turret of the tank is (not) attached to the rest of the tank after it hits the bottom of the cliff.
The tiles Indy steps on replace themselves after they break.
click to enlarge Indy pours all the holy water over Henry's wound on his chest. A shot later, there is water in the grail again.
click to enlarge Set in 1938, the Joneses cross the Atlantic by airliner, even though this service did not start until 1939.
click to enlarge Indy and Henry visit a book-burning in Berlin in 1938. But the book-burning was made by the Nazis in 1933.
click to enlarge Indy and Henry travel in a Zeppelin. But the adventure is set in 1938, since the Hindenburg catastrophe in Lake Hurst 1937 Zeppelin travels were stopped.


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