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museum.wav (23,6 Kb)
Indy: This belongs into a museum.
ark.wav (75,5 Kb)
Elsa: What's this one?
Indy: The Ark of the Convenant.
Elsa: Are you sure?
Indy: Pretty sure.
soul.wav (81 Kb)
Kazim: If you don't let go, Dr. Jones, we'll both die!
Indy: Then we'll die!
Kazim: My soul is prepared. How's yours?
tapestries.wav (102 Kb)
Butler: This is a castle. And we have many tapestries. And if you are a Scottish Lord, then I am Mickey Mouse
in_doors.wav (107 Kb)
Henry: Well, I am sorry about your head, though. But I thought you were one of them.
Indy: Dad, they come in through the doors.
Henry: Good point.
junior.wav (179 Kb)
Indy: I came here to save you.
Henry: Oh yeah? And who's gonna come to save you, Junior!?
Indy: I told you - (sounds of the machine gun fire) - don't call me Junior!
greek.wav (83,6 Kb)
Brody: Does anyone here speak English? Or even ancient Greek? No water, no thank you. No, fish make love in it.
goodbye.wav (109 Kb)
Vogel: And this is how we say goodbye in Germany... doctor Jones.
The Nazi beats Indy's head.
Indy: Ouch!
on_fire.wav (75,5 Kb)
Henry: I ought tell you something.
Indy: Don't get sentimental now, Dad. Save it 'til we get out of here.
Henry: The floor's on fire, see?
improved.wav (24,6 Kb)
Henry: Our situation has not improved!
pilgrims.wav (66 Kb)
Henry: My boy, we are pilgrims in an unholy land.
squeeze.wav (88,3 Kb)
Indy: All I have to do is squeeze.
Elsa: All I hav to do is scream.
next_man.wav (89,5 Kb)
Indy: It's disgraceful. You're old enough to be her father.... her grandfather!
Henry: I'm as human as the next man.
Indy: I was the next man!
fly_yes.wav (82,3 Kb)
Henry: I didn't know you can fly a plane!
Indy: Fly yes... land no!
birdssky.wav (93,5 Kb)
Henry: I suddenly remembered my Charlemagne: "Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky."
jehova.wav (298 Kb)
Indy: The name of God . . . Jehova!
Henry: But in the Latin alphabet, Jehova begins with an "I"
Indy:"J" *ough!*
chose.wav (33,5 Kb)
Knight: He chose ... poorly.
letitgo.wav (182 Kb)
Indy: I can get it - I can almost reach it, Dad.
Henry: Indiana. Indiana!! ...Let it go...
name.wav (103 Kb)
Sallah: Please... What does it always mean, this...this "Junior"?
Henry: That's his name. Henry Jones, Junior.
Indy: I like Indiana.
Henry: We named the dog Indiana.


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