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Memorable Quotes
Fedora: You've got heart, kid.
(indicates cross)
Fedora: But that belongs to me.
Indy: It belongs to Coronado.
Fedora: Coronado is dead. And so are all his grandchildren.
Indy: This should be in a museum!
Fedora: You lost today, kid, but that doesn't mean you have to like it.
Panama Hat: Small world, Dr. Jones.
Indy: Too small for two of us.
Panama Hat: This is the second time I've had to reclaim my property from you.
Indy: That belongs in a museum.
Panama Hat: So do you.
Indy: Archaeology is the search for fact... not truth. If it's truth you're looking for, Dr. Tyree's philosophy class is right down the hall.
Indy: "X" never, ever marks the spot.
Donovan: As you can now see, Dr. Jones, we are on the verge of completing a quest that began almost two thousand years ago. We're just one step away.
Indy: That's usually when the ground falls out from underneath your feet.
Donovan: Find the man and you'll find the Grail.
Indy: You've got the wrong Jones, Mr. Donovan. Why don't you try my father?
Donovan: We already have. Your father is the man who has disappeared.
Brody: The search for the Grail is the search for the divine in all of us. But if you want facts, Indy, I've none to give you. At my age, I'm prepared to take a few things on faith.
Elsa: [The last time I saw your father we were in the library. He was very close to tracking down the Knight's tomb. I've never seen him so excited. He was as giddy as a schoolboy.
Indy: Who? Atilla The Professor? He was never giddy, even when he was a schoolboy!
Elsa: What's this one?
Indy: The Ark of the Covenant.
Elsa: Are you sure?
Indy: Pretty sure.
Indy: Petroleum. I could stick a well down here and retire.
Indy: Are you crazy?! You don't go between them.
Elsa: Go between them. Are you crazy?!
Indy: Talk or you're dead! Dammit tell me! Tell me!
Kazim: If you don't let go Dr. Jones, we'll both die!
Indy: Then we'll die!
Kazim: My soul is prepared how's yours?
Indy: Listen. Since I've met you I've nearly been incinerated, drowned, shot at, and chopped into fish bait. We're caught in the middle of something sinister here. My guess is dad found out more than he was looking for and until I'm sure, I'm going to continue to do things the way I think they should be done.
Indy pulls Elsa to him and kisses her.
Elsa: How dare you kiss me!
Now Elsa reaches for Indy and kisses him.
Indy: Leave me alone, I don't like fast women.
But he embraces her, and Elsa begins to nibble at his ear.
Elsa: And I hate arrogant men.
Indy lies on top of Elsa, kissing her. He stops for a moment as he hears the Gondolier singing.
Indy: Ahh, Venice.
Butler: This is a castle. And we have many tapestries. But of you're a Scottish Lord, then I am Mickey Mouse.
Indy: How dare he.
Indy: Nazis. I hate these guys.
Henry: Junior?
Indy: (a reflex) Yes, sir.
Henry: It is you! Junior!
Indy: Don't call me that, please.
Henry: Late Fourteenth Century, Ming Dynasty.
Henry is all about the broken vase which he still holds in his hand.
Oh it breaks the heart.
Indy: And the head. You hit me dad!
Henry: I'll never forgive myself.
Indy: Don't worry I'm fine.
Henry: Thank God!
Henry has clearly been concentrating entirely on the vase... he is examining the broken end carefully.
Henry:'s fake. See you can tell with the cross sections.
Henry: Well, I am sorry about your head, though. But I thought you were one of them.
Indy: Dad,,they come in through the doors.
Henry: (laughs) Good point.
S.S. Officer: You have the diary in your pocket.
Henry laughs genuinely, believing himself to be laughing at the expense of the S.S. Officer.
Henry: You dolt! You think my son would be that stupid that he would bring my diary all the way back here?
At which point an awful thought strikes Henry.
Henry: You didn't, did you? (a beat) You didn't bring it, did you?
Indy: Well, uh...
Henry: You did!!
Indy: Look, can we discuss this later?
Henry: I should have mailed it to the Marx Brothers.
Indy: Will you take it easy...?
Henry: Take it easy?! Why do you think I sent it home in the first place? So it wouldn't fall into their hands!!
Indy: I came here to save you.
Henry: Oh, yeah? And who's gonna come to save you, Junior?
Indy: I told you...
Indy's eyes blaze! His nostrils flare! He's so pissed off, he literally rips a machine gun from the hands of one of the startled soldiers. He turns and sprays the room with machine gun fire, cutting all three Nazis to ribbons and blowing them backward across the room.
Indy: ...don't call me Junior.
Indy: She ransacked her own room, and I fell for it.
Indy: How did you know she was a Nazi?
Henry: She talks in her sleep.
Indy nods, and then the statement catches up with him. He looks at Henry with surprise.
Henry: (to Indy) I didn't trust her. Why did you?
Man in Chair: Because he didn't take my advice.
Indy: Donovan!
Donovan: Didn't I tell you not to trust anybody, Doctor Jones?

Henry: I misjudged you Walter. I knew you would sell your mother for an Etruscan vase. But I didn't know you would sell out your country and your soul to the slime of humanity.

Elsa: It's perfectly obvious where the pages are...
(looking at Indy) ... he's given them to Marcus Brody.
Henry: Marcus?! You didn't drag poor Marcus along did you? He's not up to the challenge.
Donovan: He sticks out like a sore thumb. We'll find him.
Indy: The hell you will. He's got a two day head start on you, which is more than he needs. (beat)
Brody's got friends in every town and village from here to the Sudan, he speaks a dozen languages, knows every local custom, he'll blend in, disappear, you'll never see him again. With any luck, he's got the grail already.

Brody disembarks from the train along with the other passengers, a cross-section of Arabs and Turks.
Brody: Is there anyone here who speaks English? Or maybe even ancient Greek?
Brody: No water, no thank you. No, fish make love in it.
Brody: My reputation preceeds me.
Sallah: There is no museum in Iskenderun.
The second man overhears Sallah. He and his companion turn quickly.
Second Man: Papers, please.
Sallah: Papers? (laughs) Of course.
Sallah puts Brody's luggage down and glances at Brody.
Sallah: Run.
Brody does not run. Sallah pats his clothing, searching for his papers.
Brody: Yes.
Sallah: Papers. Got it here.
Sallah laughs and pulls out a newspaper.
Sallah: Just finished reading it myself. (laughs; then, to Brody) Run!
Brody: Yes.
Sallah: Egyptian Mail. Morning edition. (to Brody) Run!
Brody: Did you say...? Uh, uh...
Sallah puts the newspaper in front of the second man's face, then punches him through the newspaper.
Sallah: Run!
Elsa: Don't look at me like that. We both wanted the Grail. I would have done anything to get it. You would have done the same.
Indy: I'm sorry you think so.
Indy and Henry are tied back-to-back. Elsa bends to speak quietly into Indy's ear... which is near enough to Henry's ear.
(whispers) I can't forget... how wonderful it was.
Henry: Thank you. It was rather wonderful.
She smiles and kisses Indy passionately. Henry glances back and looks rather disappointed.
Elsa: That's how Austrians say goodbye.
Elsa exits. Vogel stays behind for another moment.
Vogel: And this is how we say goodbye in Germany, Doctor Jones.
Vogel punches Indy in the jaw. A hard and vicious jab that snaps Indy's head around.
Henry: Ohh...
Vogel exits. Indy shakes his head clear.
Indy: Ooooh... I like the Austrian way better.
Henry: So did I.
Indy: We've got to get to Marcus before the Nazis do.
Henry: But you said he had two days' start. That he would blend in. Disappear!
Indy: Are you kidding? I made all that up. You know Marcus. He once got lost in his own museum.
Henry: I ought to tell you something.
Indy: Don't get sentimental now dad -- save it 'til we get out of here.
Henry: The floor's on fire! See?!
Indy: (turns and sees) What???
Henry: And the chair.
Donovan: Germany has declared war on the Jones boys.
The Fireplace floor rotates and Indy and his father find themselves in the Radio Room. The floor begins to rotate again, and Indy and Henry find themselves back in the burning room.
Henry: Our situation has not improved.
Henry: I find, that if I just sit down and think...
Henry sits on a chair which tips back, hitting the wall behind it. The floor at Indy's feet suddenly begins dropping away!
Indy grabs a railing to keep from falling, but loses his grip and plunges through the opening which has formed a spiral staircase. He rolls down the stairs.

Indy: Dad!!
Henry: ... the solution presents itself.
Henry: Would you sah this has been just another typical day for you? Huh?
Henry tosses his case at Indy who catches it and angrily throws it back to his father.
Indy: (ironically) Ooof! No! It's been better than most.
Henry: Stop! Stop!
The motorbike skids to a stop.
Henry: You're going the wrong way! We have to get to Berlin!
Indy: Brody's this way.
Henry: My Diary's in Berlin.
Indy: We don't need the Diary, Dad. Marcus has the map.
Henry: There is more in the diary than just the map.
Indy:Half the German army's on our tail and you want me to go to Berlin? Into the lion's den?
Henry: Yes.
Henry: Well, he who finds the Grail must face the final challenge.
Indy: What final challenge?
Henry: Three devices of such lethal cunning.
Indy: Booby traps?
Henry: Oh yes. But I found the clues that will safely take us through, in the Chronicles of St. Anselm.
Indy: But what are they? Can't you remember?
Henry: I wrote them down in my Diary so that I wouldn't have to remember.
Henry: The quest for the grail is not archeology, it's a race against evil. If it is captured by the Nazis the armies of darkness will march all over the face of the earth. Do you understand me?
Indy: This is an obsession, Dad. I've never understood it. Never. Neither did Mom.
Henry: Oh yes she did. Only too well. Unfortunately, she kept her illness from me. All I could do was mourn her.
(the Joneses are watching a Nazi parade in Berlin.)
Henry: My son, we're pilgrims in an unholy land.
Elsa: You came back for the book? Why?
Indy: My father didn't want it incinerated.
Elsa: I believe in the Grail, not the Swastika.
Indy: (vicious) You stood up to be counted with the enemies of everything the Grail stands for -- who gives a damn what you think?
Elsa: (hard and fast) You do.
Indy: All I have to do is squeeze.
Elsa: All I have to do is scream.
The zeppelin is about to take off. Indy and Henry make themselves comfortable in one of the compartments.
Indy: Well, we made it.
Henry looks over his newspaper at Indy.
Henry: When we're airborne, with Germany behind us, then I'lll share that sentiment.

Vogel glances up and recognizes Indy -- who quickly punches Vogel in the face, knocking him toward the window. In another quick move, Indy tosses him out the window onto the tarmac below.
Shocked Passengers blink in bewilderment.

No ticket.
Everyone else with a ticket quickly produces it and waves it in Indy's face.

Henry: You know, sharing your adventures is an interesting experience.
Indy: (meaning Elsa) That's not all we shared. It's disgraceful. You're old enough to be her fa-- er, her grandfather!
Henry: Well, I'm as human as the next man.
Indy: I was the next man.
Henry: (laughs) Ships that pass in the night...

Indy: Do you remember the last time we had a quiet drink?. I had a milkshake.
Henry: Hmmm... What did we talk about?
Indy: We didn't talk. We never talked.
Henry: And do I detect a rebuke?
Indy: A regret. It was just the two of us, Dad. It was a lonely way to grow up. For you, too. If you had been an ordinary, average father like the other guys' dads, you'd have understood that.
Henry: Actually, I was a wonderful father.
Indy: When?
Henry looks up from his Diary.
Henry: Did I ever tell you to eat up? Go to bed? Wash your ears? Do your homework? No. I respected your privacy and I taught you self- reliance.
Indy: What you taught me was that I was less important to you than people who had been dead for five hundred years in another country. And I learned it so well that we've hardly spoken for twenty years.
Henry: You left just when you were becoming interesting.

Indy climbs into the cockpit of the Biplane as Henry takes the tail gunner's seat.
Henry: (with delight) I didn't know you could fly a plane.
Indy: Fly -- yes. Land -- no.

Indy: Dad, you gonna have to use the machine gun. Get it ready.
Henry turns and grips the mounted machine gun with a perplexed expression.
Indy: (turning; pointing) Eleven o'clock!
Henry pulls out his watch.
Indy: Dad -- eleven o'clock!!
Henry: What happens at eleven o'clock?

The Messerschmidt banks to the left, but Henry keeps it in his gun sight. Henry swings the gun around, inadvertently cutting his own rear stabilizer in half.
Indy: Dad, are we hit?!
Henry: More or less. -- Son, I'm sorry. They got us.
Henry: Those people are trying to kill us!
Indy: I know, Dad!
Henry: It's a new experience for me.
Indy: It happens to me all the time.

The Sultan walks toward a trunk filled with gold and silver objects of every description. He goes right past it and begins to inspect the Nazi staff car parked nearby.
Rolls-Royce Phantom Two. 4.3 litre, 30 horsepower, six cylinder engine, with Stromberg Downdraft carburetor.
The Sultan points to the engine under the hood.
Sultan: Can go from zero to 100 kilometres an hour in 12.5 seconds. And I even like the color.

Henry: I suddenly remembered my Charlemagne. Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the sky...
Brody sits alongside Elsa in the rear of the car carrying Donovan. Donovan hands a canteen back to him.
Care to wet your whistle Marcus?
Brody: I'd rather spit in your face. But as I haven't got any spit...
Donovan: Well, Marcus, we're on the brink of the recovery of the greatest artifact in the history of mankind.
Brody: You're meddling with powers you cannot possibly comprehend.

Brody has been left aline in the tank. Henry climbs down into the tank and taps Brody on the shoulder, startling him.
Henry: Marcus!
Brody: Arghhh! Oh!
They exchange an old University Club toast, swinging their arms at one another and missing. Then Henry flaps his arms and tugs his ears.
Henry: "Genius of the Restoration --"
Brody: "-- aid our own resuscitation!"
They exchange a handshake.
Brody: Henry! What are you doing here?!
Henry: It's a rescue, old boy! Come on.
As Henry starts to climb out of the tank, two Nazi soldiers drop down froom above, their Lugers drawn.

Vogel: What is in this book? That miserable little Diary of yours!
Vogel removes a glove and slaps Henry with it.
Vogel: Here's the map. The book is useless and yet you come all the way back to Berlin to get it. Why?!
He slaps Henry again.
Vogel: What are you hiding?
Another slap.
Vogel: What does the Diary tell you that it doesn't tell us?!
Vogel reaches out to slap Henry yet again, but Henry grabs his arm, stopping him.
Henry: It tells me that goose-stepping morons like yourself should try reading books instead of burning them.
Donovan appears at the turret cover of the thank; in which Vogel is interrogating Henry.
Donovan: Colonel? Jones is getting away.
Vogel: (indicating Henry) I think not, Herr Donovan.
Donovan: Not that Jones -- the other Jones!
Sallah approaches on horseback leading five camels.
Sallah, I said no camels! That's five camels. Can't you count?
Sallah: Indy, your father and Brody --
Indy: Where's my father?
Sallah: In the belly of that steel beast.
The soldier holds Henry from behind, forcing the gun toward him. Henry reaches down and pulls a fountain pen from his coat pocket. As the soldier pulls on Henry's face, Henry lifts the fountain pen and squirts ink into his face. The Soldier falls, his head smashing into the wall of the tank.
Brody: Henry, the pen --
Henry: What?
Brody: But don't you see? The pen is mightier than the sword.
Indy finally manages to pull himself atop the tank once more where he punches Vogel over the side, then peers down to Henry, still inside the tank.
Indy: Dad?
Henry: You call this archaeology?!
Indy pulls Henry and Brody from the tank. Vogel pulls himself back atop the tank armed again with the shovel which he swings at Indy.
Brody: How does one get off this thing?
As Indy winds up to punch Vogel, he catches Brody in the face on the backswing, then completes the movement and knocks Vogel down while Brody falls off the tank.
Elsa: I never expected to see you again.
Indy: I'm like a bad penny. I always turn up.
Donovan: Step back now, Doctor Schneider. Give Doctor Jones some room. He's going to recover the Grail for us.
Indy laughs.
Donovan: Impossible? What do you say, Jones? Ready to go down in history?
Indy: As what? A Nazi stooge like you?
Donovan: (scornfully) The Nazis?! -- Is that the limit of your vision? The Nazis want to write themselves into the Grail legend, take on the world. Well, they're welcome to it. But I want the Grail itself, the cup that gives everlasting life. Hitler can have the world, but he can't take it with him. I'm going to be drinking my own health after he's gone the way of the Dodo.
Donovan: (he draws his pistol) The Grail is mine. And you're going to get it for me.
Indy: Shooting me won't get you anywhere.
Donovan: You know something, Dr. Jones?... You're absolutely right.
Then Donovan shifts his aim, just a bit, and shoots Henry. The bullet enters his side below the ribs.
Indy pulls away some cobwebs to reveal a cobblestone path. Each cobble is engraved with a letter.
"Proceed in the footsteps of the Word."
Henry lifts his head painfully.
The Word of God...
Brody: No, Henry. Try not to talk.
Henry: The Name of God...
Back to Indy as he studies the cobblestones before him.
Indy: The Name of God... Jehovah!
Henry still lies in Sallah's arms. Brody leans over him.
Henry: But in the Latin alphabet, "Jehovah" begins with an "I."
Back to Indy.
Indy: "J."
Indy takes a step and immediately a stone breaks away and Indy falls up to his hip -- his leg stuck through the hole where the stone once was.
Henry reacts.
Henry: Oh dear!
Knight: You must choose. (beat) But choose wisely. For as the True Grail will bring you life -- the False Grail will take it from you.
Donovan's skin turns brown and leathery and stretches across his bones until it splits. His skeletal hands reach for Elsa's throat, choking her.
Indy rushes forward and pushes Donovan away. As he falls the body breaks into flames, then shatters against the wall.

Knight: He chose... poorly.
Knight: You have chosen wisely. But the Grail cannot pass beyond the Great Seal. That is the boundary and the price of immortality.
Henry: Elsa never really believed in the grail. She thought she'd found a prize.
Indy: What did you find, Dad?
Henry: Me?... Illumination.
Sallah: Please... what does it always mean, this... this "Junior"?
Henry: That's his name. Henry Jones, Junior.
Indy: I like Indiana.
Henry: We named the dog Indiana.
Brody: May we go home now, please?
Sallah: (to Indy) The dog?! (laughs) You are named after the dog...
Indy: (embarrassed) I've got a lot of fond memories of that dog.
A moment passes as they all ready their mounts and Sallah continues to laugh at Indy.
Last lines:
Indy! Henry! follow me! I know the way! (to his horse) Ha!
Henry: (to Indy) Got lost in his own museum, huh?
Indy: Uh-huh.
Henry: After you, Junior.
Indy: Yes, sir. (to his horse) Haaa!


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