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Looking for Harrison

Made by: Joshua Grossberg
Year: 2005
Country: USA

Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 31 min.



Looking for Harrison follows the mixed-up adventures of two of Harrison Ford's biggest fans on a hilarious, if surreal quest to meet their screen idol. After hearing that Harrison saved two hikers stranded in the wilderness of Yellowstone National Park with his Bell 407 helicopter, Marv (Barbara King) and Shorty (Adam Throne) set out to intentionally get lost in the woods hoping Ford comes to the rescue. Along the way, they encounter various characters from his movies such as the Knight from 'The Last Crusade,' the Rabbi from 'The Frisco Kid' to... well, we won't spoil the surprise just yet.

Film Credits
John Rhys-Davies .... himself
Barbara King .... Marv
Adam Throne


Michael Kier .... The Fugitive
Indy stand-in
Bruce Sabath .... Guido
Ian Tomaschik .... Belloq
David McCamish .... The Knight
Peter Barker .... Amish Guy
Bob Senkewicz .... The Rabbi
Karen Kumm .... Elsa
Joe Camardella .... Ranger Gerard
Directed by .... Josh Grossberg
Produced by .... Josh Grossberg
Written by .... Josh Grossberg
Adam Throne
Executive producers .... Adam Throne
Lisa Olivo
Production design .... Lisa Olivo
Art Direction by .... Lisa Olivo
Costumes by .... Lisa Olivo
Cinematography by .... Todd Sills
Assistant Camera .... Giles Hendrix
Original Score by .... Steven Glaser
Co-produced by .... Elissa Donenfeld
Sound by .... Kevin Wilson
Digital Grading by .... Tim Bond
Post-production by .... DuArt, New
York, New York
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