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Arizona Smith and the Lost Ore House
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Made by: Clarke M. Smith
Year: 1989
Country: USA

Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 27:52 min.

More info:
View the short film online at MySpaceTV.



Modern adventurer Arizona Smith, unaware that he is almost exactly like some famous movie icon named Indiana Jones (he doesn't get out much) is on a quest for an ancient treasure at a mansion called the Ore House. Arch enemy Scab Dolinsky is on his trail, as Smith and a female reporter battle the Evil Priest and his minions, angry natives, and cats (he's allergic).

Created for an independent study course at the University of Arizona, and shot the same summer as the release of Last Crusade. Re-edited version completed Summer 2007.

This film is a tribute to Steven Spielberg and the Indiana Jones films.


Film Credits
Thomas Findlow .... Arizona Smith
Beth Treumann .... Sloan Fresh
M. Todd Meador .... Scab Dolinsky
Ande Felix .... Evil Priest
Bradley Grimm .... Henchman #1
Kyle Fellows .... Henchman #2
Roger Harrison .... Nate
Mike Sees .... Frank the Pilot
Sherry Felix .... Librarian
Kaylani Moats .... Native
Leilani Moats .... Native
Clarke M. Smith .... Native
Bradley Grimm .... Native
M. Todd Meador .... Native
Directed by .... Clarke M. Smith
Story by .... Bradley Grimm
Screenplay by .... Bradley Grimm and
Clarke M. Smith
Edited by .... Clarke M. Smith
Costumes/Props .... Bradley Grimm,
Roger Harrison,
M. Todd Meador,
Clarke M. Smith
Stunt Pilot .... Dr. Mike Robinson
Truck Fight Sequence:
Camera car driver .... Bradley Grimm
Truck driver .... Roger Harrison
Grips .... Kyle Fellows,
Kaylani Moats
Dance Sequence:
Choreographer .... Ande Felix
Camera .... Roger Harrison
Music Coordinator .... Nancy Kane
Map sequence by .... Roger Harrison
Behind the Scenes
.... Roger Harrison
and Ande Felix
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