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Raiders of the Golden Eyeball:
The Special Edition

Made by: Wayne Poe
Year: 1982/2004
Country: USA

Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 15:39 min.

More info:
Download the short film and other media at
Wayne's Raiders of the Golden Eyeball site.



Wayne Poe made this Indiana Jones movie in high school back in 1982. In order to use the new video cameras and VTRs the school just bought, Wayne joined the Media Class. They had to come up with educational movies to make, and since the media class teacher was also the health instructor, it was decided that the movie had to have something to do with health class.

So, they made Raiders of the Golden Eyeball, where Indiana Jones would go find the Eyeball that held all sorts of great secrets about eye care. They had such great time making it that they started making a sequel just for fun, but that was never completed.


Film Credits

Frank Rodriguez &
Lawrence Cummings

.... Indiana Jones
Rocco Garcia .... Pepe
David Anderson .... Colonel Bob
Matt Ursin .... Martial Artist
Ric Loya .... Handi-capable Nazi
Bill Lozano .... Thug
Rocco Garcia .... Pancho
Cindy Bibb .... Carjack victim
Wayne Poe .... Voiceover Male
Rosalia Hendrix .... Voiceover Female
Directed by .... Wayne Poe
Produced by .... Ric Loya
Screenplay by .... Wayne Poe
Asst. Camera .... Pat Loya
Asst. Director .... Frank Rodriguez
Edited by .... Wayne Poe
Edit Asst. .... Frank Rodriguez
Sound by .... Wayne Poe
Makeup by .... Cindy Bibb
Casting by .... Wayne Poe
Video Tech Asst. .... Brian Young
Props by .... Wayne Poe
Special Effects by .... Wayne Poe
Animated Maps .... Zamboni
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