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Cleveland Smith - Bounty Hunter
Cleveland Smith

Made by: Josh Becker & Scott Spiegel
Year: 1981
Country: USA

Genre: Adventure/Comedy
Runtime: 9:11 min.

More info:
View this short film online at YouTube!


Cleveland Smith - Bounty Hunter is a 9-minute 16mm short film that Scott Spiegel and Josh Becker made in 1981 with the assistance of Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, and Rob Tapert.

Scott Spiegel and Josh Becker spent the next three years attempting to raise the money to make Cleveland Smith a feature, which they never managed to do. The script went through a number of drafts and the final one, dated 1984, can be found online at Josh Becker's website.

Filmmakers trivia:

Bruce Campbell is the star of the Jack of All Trades TV-series, the Evil Dead series and many other films including Buba Ho-tep and popular cameo appearances in the Spider-Man films.
Sam Raimi, who plays the Nazi in Cleveland Smith, is today better know as the A-list director of the Spider-Man films! He started his film career directing the Evil Dead films in the early 80's.
Josh Becker went on to direct several episodes of the Xena: Warrior Princess and Jack of All Trades TV-series for executive producer Sam Raimi. He was also involved in the making of the Evil Dead films.
Scott Spiegel went to high school with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell and helped them make the Evil Dead films. Spiegel is involved in many other films and also has a good relationship with Quentin Tarantino; who credits Spiegel with helping him establish his film career.
Film Credits
Bruce Campbell .... Cleveland Smith
Cheryl Cuttridge ....

Damsel in distress

Sam Raimi .... Nazi
Directed by .... Josh Becker
Written by .... Scott Spiegel
Josh Becker
Produced by .... Scott Spiegel
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