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Indiana Jed and the
Search for the Infinite Power

Made by: Marc Linn & Michael Linn
Year: 1992
Country: USA

Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 60 min.

More info:
Download the film and other media at
the Linn Productions site.



Indiana Jed is a critically acclaimed action-adventure filled with wild stunts and numerous special effects. Judges at the 1992 New York Trinity Film Festival called Indiana Jed the most exciting home movie ever made. This film was produced, directed, shot, edited, and acted entirely by high school students.
Based on the Indiana Jones movies, Indiana Jed stars Jed Weyland as the main hero, Marc Linn as his commando side-kick, Evans, Heith Henrickson as the evil villain, Beloch, and Matt Richards as the vicious Kronin..

Film Credits
Jed Weyland .... Indiana Jed
Marc Linn .... Cmdr. Marc Evans
Hethe Henrickson .... Dr. Beloch Henrickson
Matt Richards .... Kronin/Arab
Suzanne Looyenga .... Lieutenant
Shawn Kidd .... Marcus
Vince Kassube .... 1st Guy to Die
Matt Bender .... Guy Killed By Sword
Eric Linn .... 1st Guardian Victim
Jason Erickson .... 2nd Guardian Victim
Jeremy Herman .... Jeremy
Art Martin .... Elevator Man
Jim Gough .... Bill Thomas
Carl Schoenborn .... Combless Man


Nathan Miller, Paul Breeden, Maria Gordon, Tim Miller, Sara Springhetti, Barb Grosz, Toby Wolfe, Steve Eakins, Billy Bobblett, Jerry Wah, Shawn Gab
Drunk teenagers:
Kevin Martin, Chris Horning, Nick Horning
Beloch's Army:
Eric Helgen, Mike Loomer, Jason McGough, Barry Thompson, Brian Liebig, Drew Poljansek, Jason Miner, Adrian Cameron, Brooke Miller, Brett Nelson, William Stone, Matt Ruder, Cody Pepper, Dustin Flatt, Barry Edwards, Jason Tschetter, 'Big' Jim McCann, Nick Filipiak, Ryan Steinback, Russ Cowles, Carrie Hollbrooks, Mike Ray, Joey Williams, Andy Kottke, Victor Nelson, Dan Vresk, Rick Rawls, Renée Faubert, Sam Van Norman, Dave Buck, Nikki David, Chris Petry, Chris Grimes, Travis Jones, Tamara Brandiger, Bowen Gillings, Kevin Jones, Ben Hutchings, Nate Brandiger, Jill Killinger, Nate Renner, Sean Bradley, Jeremy Dangel, Jude Croyle, Joshua Herreman
Directed by .... Michael Linn
Written by .... Marc Linn
Michael Linn
Produced by .... Marc Linn
Michael Linn
Original music by .... Marc Linn
Michael Linn
David Wurst
Other music by .... John Williams
Cinematography by .... Michael Linn
Film Editing by .... Marc Linn
Michael Linn
Assistant Director .... Marc Linn
Special Effects by .... Marc Linn
Michael Linn
Visual Effects by .... Michael Linn


Adrian Cameron, Chris Horning, Brian Liebig, Marc Linn, Art Martin, Kevin Martin, Carl Schoenborn
Other crew:
Sean Bradley, Nate Brandiger, Chris Horning, Travis Jones, Mike Loomer, Kevin Martin, Drew Poljansek, Carl Schoenborn
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