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January 9, 2012
Steven Spielberg: "You know something, I get asked the question more than any other question. It's up to George Lucas. He, when George comes to me and calls me on the phone and says 'I've got the story,' then I'm his man. But I'm waiting for him to make that phone call. That hasn't happened yet."

January 12, 2012
Kathleen Kennedy: "Nothing. Not because I donít want to tell you anything, but we genuinely do not have a script on either one, so weíre not close. We definitely want to do Jurassic 4, I donít know where we stand with Indy to be honest. I mean if, (inhales) our feeling is when a good story comes along weíre always game, so we'll see."

January 17, 2012
George Lucas: "Iím retiring. Iím moving away from the business, from the company, from all this kind of stuff." He was careful to leave himself an out clause for a fifth Indiana Jones film.
"Steven is a born director, which is why heís such a genius. Heís truly a cinematic genius. But heís like a kid with a video game. Itís like: 'Címon, weíre going. Weíre leaving now.' Death comes... And then Steven goes: 'I got one more game! I got one more game!' One day, theyíre just going to unplug it and say, 'Youíve got to go home now.'"

January 18, 2012
Rick McCallum: "George is contemplating the idea of taking a little bit of time off right now. Heís got Clone Wars which heís still doing, heís got another season or two seasons of Clone Wars and heís also working on an animated film which has nothing to do with Star Wars. So, heís got his plate kind of full, but heís going to take a little break after Red Tails and figure out what it is.
"He got to be able to do everything that he actually wanted to do. Now, with this completed, a little bit of rest, now I think he can set upon the next chapter of his life and figure out, ďOkay, do I have a new set of films, a new kind of films that I want to do?Ē And thatís what we hope and wait anxiously to hear from him on."

February 9, 2012
Q: "Steven Spielberg says heís waiting to hear from you."
George Lucas: "I know, and Iím supposed to be working on it right now, but Iím talking to you instead (Laughs)."

April 15, 2012
Lawrence Kasdan: "I would listen to anything those guys said to me -- no question. They had spoken to me about the previous movie, but I've been hesitant to go back to that same area. I'm old fashioned, which means I think 'Raiders' was absolutely perfect in my mind. I'm not sure we can do any better than that. George and I are always in touch."

April 30, 2012
George Lucas: "I am working on a fifth Indiana Jones. I have to get it approved by Steven and Harrison. I'll only say this, the last time it took 14 years to get it approved. So you know, it's again, it's not something that everybody's crazy to go out and do. I mean, nobody needs the money. You know, the chances are that it will be not well accepted much more than it will be well accepted, so there's not a lot of impetus to do it."

May 29, 2012
George Lucas: "I'm moving away from the company, I'm moving away from all my businesses, I'm finishing all my little obligations, and I'm going to retire out to my garage with my saw and hammer and build little hobby movies. I've always wanted to make movies that were more experimental in nature, and not have to worry about them showing in movie theatres. I go over and check in on Clone Wars, Underworld is sitting on a shelf somewhere. Right now it's not financially possible. Somebody will do it one day - I probably won't be around!"

June 1, 2012
Frank Marshall: "No, no, no. If you think about it, in an Indiana Jones movie thereís gotta be that quest, that object. Itís the Crystal Skull or the Lost Ark. The Bermuda Triangle doesnít fit into that. I could feel with full confidence, without even talking to George or Steven, that we werenít doing that."
He has authorized the following message: A new Indy movie is no closer than it was six months ago. Rumors that Frank Marshall will be at the center of it, and asked to do something demented, are probably accurate.

June 1, 2012
George Lucas: "Iíve spent my life building Lucasfilm and as I shift my focus into other directions I wanted to make sure it was in the hands of someone equipped to carry my vision into the future. It was important that my successor not only be someone with great creative passion and proven leadership abilities, but also someone who loves movies. I care deeply about my employeesóit is their creativity and hard work that has made this company what it is today. As the company grows and expands I wanted to be sure the employees of Lucasfilm have a strong captain for the ship. I also care deeply about our fans and it was important to have someone who would carry on the passion and care that Iíve given the films over the years. So for me Kathy was the obvious choice, she is a trusted friend and one of the most respected producers and executives in the industry."
Steven Spielberg: "Georgeís prescience is once again proven by his choice of my long time producing partner, Kathy Kennedy to co-chair Lucasfilm. Kathy has been a member of both of our families going into a fourth decade so it does not feel like she is going to another galaxy far far away. She will get just as much support from me with Lucasfilm as George has given both of us all these years."
Kathleen Kennedy: "George is a true visionary. Iíve seen him build Lucasfilm from a small rebel unit in Northern California to an international fully integrated entertainment company. Iím excited to have the chance to work with such an extraordinary group of talented people. George and I have talked about the enormous opportunities that lie ahead for the company, and as George moves towards retirement I am honored that he trusts me with taking care of the beloved film franchises. I feel fortunate to have George working with me for the next year or two as I take on this roleóit is nice to have Yoda by your side."

June 1, 2012
Kathleen Kennedy: "What George has created is so iconic, and it'll be my job to carry on the existing franchises and look into the possibility for new ones. No one really knows where the [movie] business is going, but Lucasfilm is perfectly set up to move into the future. I'm still a filmmaker and [Spielberg]'s a filmmaker, so hopefully down the road we can work together again."

June 1, 2012
Kathleen Kennedy: "George and I have to sit down and talk about the various divisions, what the company is doing. I'm not going in to invent anything new." She said she would like to look at "the possibility of [Lucasfilm] making more movies." As to whether one of those movies could be a fifth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise, all she would say is, "That's always a possibility; it's certainly something we all talk about."

June 1, 2012
Kathleen Kennedy: "I'm really, really looking forward to not only reconnecting with the relationships I've had up there but bringing in new relationships I've made over the years. Because what I really love is making movies, and that's something I hope to bring to the Lucasfilm family."
Micheline Chau: "We are a fully integrated entertainment company, and everything leverages everything else. Movies are a big part of that." Chau added that includes both new projects and existing franchises Star Wars and Indiana Jones. "It's very important to bring somebody in that respects the legacy. But for any company to thrive, we have to continue to create product, and new product is part of the fabric."

June 2, 2012
Kathleen Kennedy: "I thought it was an incredible opportunity for George to ask me to step into what has become such an incredible legacy that he has created over the years. George and I have not had time to sit down and focus on the specifics. I'm certainly fortunate that he's not going anywhere."

June 3, 2012
Rick McCallum: "George has officially retired now. And I think what that means is that he needs a year off to figure out what he wants to do. Itís a curse and a blessing and I know that sounds weird, but it really is. I think he needs to take time out to really figure out what he wants to do, but also Ė more importantly Ė what he wants to say. Because this is all about do you have a voice? Can you tap into the zeitgeist or say Ďno, I donítí."
"Writing is so painful for him and he certainly knows there are a lot of you who donít like his writing (laughs). But theyíre his stories and thatís the way he does it, but itís hard for him. And directing isnít the main focus of his life. He wants to gather all the material, but heíd really rather just go into the editing room and do that."

June 10, 2012
George Lucas: "Iím gonna retire from the company and the business, and all the things I have. Iím gonna just go back to my garage, get out my hammer and nails and build hobby movies ó model movies that I can fly around in the back yard. Iím working on a script for those guys, but they have to approve it. It took me 14 years to get 'em to do Indiana 4. Harrison wanted this and Steven wanted that. In the beginning, it was easy. I said, 'This is the script, weíre shooting it, letís go to work.' Now theyíre all superstars."

July 31, 2012
Frank Marshall: "No. Not yet. Never say never, but, you know, not yet."

July 31, 2012
Frank Marshall: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, only one [is moving ahead]. Not Indy. I don't know if it's definitely not happening, but it's not up and running. They talk about it. We all talk about it. But there's no script, there's no ideas. It's not on until there is a writer on the project. There is no writer on Indy. With Jurassic, we have two writers on Jurassic, and they're writing."

August 7, 2012
Q: "People are always talking about another Indiana Jones. Do you think itís realistic to expect another, or do you think the last one is going to be the last hurrah?"
Frank Marshall: "I think, for me, itís the last hurrah. I know that, yes, we talk about it, but thereís no idea, thereís no MacGuffin."
Q: "George has talked about going into indie movies in the garage. It doesnít seem like heís that hungry to make another Indiana Jones."
Frank Marshall: "No, he isnít. Heís obviously passing the baton to my wife. Thatís kind of fun, isnít it?"
Q: "When she told you she was being offered this position, what was your initial reaction?"
Frank Marshall: "Fantastic. George has been a great friend ever since raiders. We spent a lot of time with him. I just thought it was a great opportunity, and certainly something that would be exciting and fun for her to do. As long as we didnít have to move up there it was fine with me."

August 8, 2012
Q: "We hear George Lucas is writing a fifth Indiana Jones movie. If a fifth movie gets going, will it be helpful to have gotten the fourth one out of the way and all of the baggage that came with doing Crystal Skull after 20 years?"
Frank Marshall: "On Indy? As far as I know heís not writing a fifth Indy."
Q: "Really? Thatís been news since after Crystal Skull. Even Harrison Ford said, 'George is working on it.'"
Frank Marshall: "Well, I think heís thinking about ideas but heís certainly not writing one. Everybody, weíd love to keep the series going but again, itís got to be a really good story."
Q: "I just think there should have been five in between 3 and 4. There shouldíve been a new adventure every few years."
Frank Marshall: "Yeah, well, theyíre hard to do."

August 14, 2012
Steven Spielberg: "Iím afraid to think about it. Because if I think about it, Iím really going to want to do it. But itís not up to me Ė itís up to George. So the person who needs to be thinking about it is George, not me. And Iíve given George my pledge that if he wants to write a fifth Indiana Jones movie, Iím his man to direct it. But itís all up to him, and I donít put any pressure on him. And if he decides that another one is warranted, Iíll be happy to direct it."

August 15, 2012
Steven Spielberg: "I'm up for it, but it's up to my partner, George. He's the big boss man of the stories. He comes up with the concept, and then we all work together on the scripts, but he hasn't presented me with a concept yet. That's been my relationship with George ever since I met George in 1967. (Laughs) He's always called the shots. So I'm accustomed to being a kind of a blue-collar guy for George's Indy ideas... I'm just waiting to see what he's going to come up with, if he even decides to do a movie."

September 5, 2012
Karen Allen: "If [George] comes up with a story and if he wants to go forward and do another one, Steven says he's completely on board and wants to do it. I certainly would want to do it, and I know Harrison would love to do it. We just have to wait for George to get his act together."

September 17, 2012
Karen Allen: "Thereís always the ongoing conversation about whether or not weíre going to do a fifth film. So itís just one of these ongoing themes of my life.
"[Marion and Indy] have got a lot of catching up to do. They have to get to know each other all over again. George and Steven tried to bring into the film, that even though they havenít seen each other for twenty years, itís like a blip on the radar screen and it just goes back to right where they left off. I was left with a feeling that they were going to try to go off and have a real life together. They make the decision to get married and they have this young son -- I see them going into domestic bliss like that. I see them creating a life together, going off and having adventures together. When I try to picture what the next film will be about, I think theyíll bring it into the sixties, when they left us in the fifties. Weíre left with that sense that Indy has sown all of his wild oats out and he is ready to settle down at seventy. I think everybody loves the idea of there being one last adventure. So weíll see, weíre waiting for George. George has to come up with the idea, and itís all in his big, capable hands."
John Rhys-Davies: "I thought, If I was Paramount I would be sending these guys very big Christmas hampers every year with little notes like 'So um, have you thought about doing...' And I guess they still are.
"Understand youíre talking to a member of the chorus here rather than the central characters. I think that we could probably get one more out of it at least and I would love to be in it. I never cease to point out to anyone who listens, the most watchable ones are the ones that have Sallah in the back. Realistically, geography is a constraint. Itíd be rather odd to have Sallah turn up in India or someplace like that. I guess the writers can do anything really. And the other constraint of course is that the world has changed. Perhaps a character like Sallah now-a-days is less believable than perhaps he ever was and that is a tragedy for every country and every culture. I think heís a great bridgemaker. The very fact that they are charging the most technologically inept member of the Raiders of the Lost Ark team with a promotion of this kind, means that at least somebody in the world sort of rather likes Sallah."

September 17, 2012
Karen Allen: "I would! And I, in fact, just talked with Steven Spielberg recently - we e-mailed back and forth, and I said, "What should I say? I'm doing this publicity, what should I say if people ask me that question?" And he said, "It's in George's [Lucas] hands! I'm game, Harrison's game, and now it's up to George to write the script or to get the script organized, and the story." And so I think it's - they want to do a fifth, from what I understand, but they don't want to do it just to do it, they want to do it if they can come up with a story that everybody is happy with and that everybody likes."

September 18, 2012
Karen Allen: "We didnít really talk about whether there would be another one. But during interviews for Crystal Skull, reporters were always asking Steven, "Why did you wait so long?" And he said, "Well, because I really had no intention of doing a fourth one, but people just wouldnít let it go." He said, "I canít tell you how often people were saying to me, 'Arenít you going to do another one? Arenít you going to do another one?'" And finally, he just said, "Okay! Iíll do another one!" So I think he kind of feels the same way about the fifth one. Do people want to see a fifth one, and can they come up with a story that they really feel excited about. Thatís the criteria. They would love to do another one, but they donít want to do it just to do it."

September 18, 2012
John Rhys-Davies: "The truth of the matter is, he's a character borne of a location, and if the location isn't covered in the story, then he's surplus to the requirements of it (and he would not return). The problem for the producers is, he's a very loved character. He's very attractive to an audience, so there must be at least a temptation to bring him back for a new generation. To counter that, maybe times have changed, and perhaps a character like Sallah is no longer theatrically viable."

September 28, 2012
Kathleen Kennedy dodged the question with a shrug of her shoulders, offering up neither a glimmer of hope or kabash on the idea.

October 21, 2012
Steven Spielberg: "I could do the action in my sleep at this point in my career. In my life, the action doesn't hold any-- it doesn't attract me anymore."

October 30, 2012
George Lucas: "I'm confident that with Lucasfilm under the leadership of Kathleen Kennedy, and having a new home within the Disney organization, Star Wars will certainly live on and flourish for many generations to come. Disney's reach and experience give Lucasfilm the opportunity to blaze new trails in film, television, interactive media, theme parks, live entertainment, and consumer products."
Jay Rasulo: "Our Lucasfilm valuation is almost entirely driven by the Star Wars franchise, so any success from other franchises would provide upside to our base case."

October 30, 2012
Jay Rasulo: "No, we're going to concentrate on the Star Wars franchise."
Bob Iger: "There are some encumbrances with Indiana Jones, largely with Paramount. But I would say though, on the whole, what we've got here are far fewer encumbrances to get at value that existed when we bought Marvel. We didnít ascribe any value to the Indiana Jones franchise when we valued Lucasfilm because of the encumbrances that exist. We love the franchise by the way, but it's not factored into the equation, so to speak, with this acquisition."

October 30, 2012
George Lucas: "We've, you know, got a plan for 7, 8 and 9, which is the end of the trilogy, and other films also."

October 30, 2012
George Lucas: "I have story treatments of 7, 8 and 9 and a bunch of other movies, and obviously, we have hundreds of books and comics and everything you could possibly imagine. So I sort of moved that treasure trove of stories and various things to Kathy, and I have complete confidence that she's gonna take them and make great movies."

November 13, 2012
Frank Marshall: "Well, I don't think it really changes anything. It's still open, but it's really on the back burner, and we're not really talking about it. Star Wars is next so that's what's being focused on. Indy's back there but nothing, nothing has changed."