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January 8, 2010
Harrison Ford: "I don't think I'll do it in a wheelchair. George is working on an idea, and if it comes to a fruitful stage, all of us are very interested in making another. Some of the best ideas are crazy ideas, you know? Well-wrought, well-manipulated. I think it would be interesting to advance the understanding of the character, as we always have had that ambition throughout the series. I think it would be interesting to deepen the relationship between he and his son and play on that relationship. It's full of opportunity. The series is full of opportunity. I think [scenes with a married Indy and Marion] would be nice grace notes. We'll see what we come up with. Karen's a wonderful actress, I've always enjoyed working with her. I'm hoping that there'll be a part for all of us in the next one."

January 8, 2010
Harrison Ford: "George is the fountain head for the stories. Steven and I weigh in on it at a certain point and we shape and work with what George's inspiration is. But we all have to agree on what it's going to be before we have a willingness to do it so…I don't really know where it is going to go."

January 11, 2010
Harrison Ford: "George is working on the structure of a possible idea. If he's able to come up with something, George, Steven and I have to agree in order to do it. I'd love to do it. I'd love to see the development of the relationship between he and his son and he and his new wife. I think it would be very interesting… I think it would be fun."

January 11, 2010
Harrison Ford: "I've always been interested in developing the character, and bringing more information about the character each time we've gone out. We've found ways of doing that by introducing Sean as my father, Mutt as my son, bringing back Karen – all of those things that work for me. So if we find another story to do and we develop the character a little further and I get a chance to do another one, I'd be happy as pie to do it."

January 15, 2010
Harrison Ford: "Is she kidding? What do you mean, give it to Shia? What are you talking about? It's mine. I don't think it becomes necessary to give him the fedora. I'd love to do another Indiana Jones. What I'd like to do is share the opportunities that that new character presents in exploring the relationship between those two characters, much in the way that the whole enterprise was reinvigorated by bringing Sean in as my father. So I'd like to see that play out. I'd love to do another one of those movies. We're wo... George is working on an idea now. If George and Steven and I can all agree on it I'd be happy to do it again. [Shia] can get a hat of his own. I earned that hat."

January 15, 2010
Harrison Ford: "If George is able to come up with something that Steven and I can agree on I'd love to do it again, but the last one took us eighteen years to come to agreement. I wouldn't hold your breath but I'd love it, It would be great."

January 18, 2010
Harrison Ford: "Sure, if we get a good idea."

January 18, 2010
Harrison Ford: "Sure, it would be fun to do."

January 19, 2010
Harrison Ford: "That might be fun. It would have to be fun, or I wouldn't do it."

January 20, 2010
Harrison Ford: "Nothing yet. George Lucas is working on it right now."

January 20, 2010
Harrison Ford: "George Lucas is working on a new idea. If it bears fruit and Steven Spielberg and I both respond to it, I'd be happy to do it."

January 24, 2010
Karen Allen: "I believe we will be shooting the next Indy film next May of 2011."

January 31, 2010
Harrison Ford: "If we find a script and develop a story in less than the 18 years it took to make the last one, if I'm still alive, I'll make myself available."

February 23, 2010
Harrison Ford [translated]: "I fear no longer be alive if we must wait so long before turning fifth episode."

February 24, 2010
Harrison Ford: "Steven and George and I are sort of agreed on a germ of an idea and we're seeing what comes of it. The process works like this. We come to some basic agreement and then George goes away for a long time and works on it. Then Steven and I get it in some form, some embryonic form. Then if we like it we start working with George on it and at some point down the line it's ready and we do it."

February 25, 2010

Harrison Ford [translated]: "I have two more movies about Indiana. I have nothing against sequels and franchises, I think are interesting because they provide more facts and facets of the characters. I think my relationship with my newly discovered new child can give a lot of game. I know that George Lucas is working on a new story, so if we like Steven and me not be long before we put the fly."

February 25, 2010
Harrison Ford [translated]: "Being humble, there could be Indiana Jones when I was not in the movie. I love to do another Indiana Jones movie but we have a good story, and Spielberg and George Lucas have to agree before starting."

February 26, 2010
Harrison Ford [translated]: "Why not? George Lucas is working on it and if it is successful and if Steven Spielberg and I can be on it, I'm happy. I am willing to make two more Indiana Jones movies."

March 3, 2010
Harrison Ford [translated]: "If it's not 18 years previously required. Sure, I'd love to shoot another part. Maybe even two!"

May 5, 2010
Frank Marshall: "Nothing to report on Indy 5..."

May 8, 2010
George Lucas: "In theory I'm working on that, but I just don't care."

June 9, 2010
Frank Marshall: "Nothing has changed, we are not shooting next year and still in the research phase..."

July 1, 2010

Frank Marshall: "We don't have a Raiders in the works yet, but you know, you never say never on that one."

July 3, 2010
Harrison Ford [translated]: "Why not? If it does not take back two decades to the new movie, I'm ready! It all depends on a better script. George Lucas is working on the story. I think the end of the fourth part offers fabulous opportunities for further development of Indiana Jones, for example by the emergence of his son, whom he previously knew nothing. I think it would be interesting to explore the relationship between the two. If need be, also like in 3D!"

July 15, 2010
Frank Marshall [translated]: "It's not really moving forward."

August 2010
James Cameron: "With performance capture, Harrison could be making Indiana Jones films as long as Steven wants to make them."

August 5, 2010
Frank Marshall: "Steven and George are doing research and talking about it, there's nothing concrete."

August 9, 2010
Frank Marshall: "They don't tell me what the story is. I say, 'you guys get your ideas together, and when you've got one you all agree on, then come talk to us about how we're going to make it.' They're still in the research phase."

August 19, 2010
Shia LaBeouf: "They're script writing right now. I got called into Steven's office and he pitched a little bit to me and it sounds crazy, it sounds really cool."

September 14, 2010
George Lucas: "I don't know. We're working... I'm working on a story, and we'll see if we can get it to a point where everybody likes it."

September 14, 2010
Drew Struzan: "If it were for Steven I sure would. No, I couldn't help it you know. There's a list of guys, the people that made my life, like George... They are good people and if I ain't allowed to do good for good people, what am I doing here anyway? So yeah, I'll be there for them."

September 20, 2010
Karen Allen: "I think, from the little rumours that I hear from time to time, they are working on a story. They take their time figuring it out. They want it, of course, to be the best film that they can possibly make. And it has to be something that Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Harrison Ford all get on the same page with. And they're all very busy with their other projects. I have no guarantee that I would be in it but I think it would be hard to explain what happened to me, now that we're married and if I just suddenly wasn't in it to some extent. But they'll create the story."

September 20, 2010

Shia LaBeouf [translated]: "I am never going to be able to replace to Harrison Ford like Indiana Jones. There is a single Indiana and it would be an error to replace it. I do not know where they will go with the following history. Everything depends on Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. There is no form to know it. It would enchant to me, but I do not have any control in that aspect and nobody said to me if I return. I only know that just they are progressing in the subject."

September 22, 2010
George Lucas: "Uh, well we're, you know, working on it, discussing it with Steven, trying to figure out a story. That's always for me the hardest part. Once I get that part done, you know, then it's his problem! One of the hardest things is to find, what we call a MacGuffin, which is the object that he goes after. You know, because it has to be a very specific thing, that has certain qualities about it and that sort of thing and there aren't very many of them in the world."

September 29, 2010
Shia LaBeouf: "I was put there for reasons."

October 1, 2010
Q: Take that franchise over and do movies?
Shia LaBeouf: "There's greater men than I who could answer that question. I'm in no control. But I wouldn't say no. I know that Steven and George have talked about it. I know that Harrison has talked about it. I know that George is out scouting to find another MacGuffin, so he's in the midst of it right now, in the search. I think he found it. I think that George and Steven are writing right now, but I don't know whether I'm in it or not. I know that I've been kept aware and in the loop information-wise, but I don't know when or where."
Q: The adventures of Mutt Jones, coming up next!
Shia LaBeouf: "I don't think I'd want to watch that movie, to be honest with you. I think you need Indy there or you sort of lose the magic of what that movie is. He is the magic, I think. I think he is the magic. I think he's the magic in a very, very different way. I don't know where they're going to go from now."
Q: Just give a little heads up to George Lucas about taking over.
Shia LaBeouf: "It's not an easy thing to just throw his way. Like, 'hey George, let me take over this whole thing for you.' No, I mean, he knows, I'm, of course, I mean, yeah sure, who wouldn't? But I think Harrison is gung-ho. Harrison is the one who's been pushing them to make another one. Harrison is the most gung-ho out of the whole troop. He wants back in and he knows. Harrison is in his mid sixties. He is so jacked. He is the strongest man, physically, that I've ever come across in my life."

October 4, 2010
J.W. Rinzler: "There is no Indy 5."

November 8, 2010
Harrison Ford: "Let me give you the obligatory answer, I don't need to hear the question. I'd be happy to do another one if we could all agree on it and it was something that I thought was going to work. George tells us that he's working on something, and both Steven and I are waiting to see."

November 8, 2010
Harrison Ford: "We don't know too much. It's on George's plate, and I'm hoping he's working hard at it, because I'd look forward to doing it again if the three of us could get together — George, Steven, myself — I'd love to do another. I'm not at liberty to tell you what I know and what I don't know. No timeline. While I'm alive, I hope. It'll be better for everybody."

November 8, 2010
Harrison Ford: "Oh sure, I'd love to do it. If it's something that the three of us can agree on I'd love to do it. George is working on something now, but I haven't really seen anything on paper.  We've talked a little bit about it. It would be fun."

November 16, 2010
Harrison Ford: "Maybe. George is supposed to be working on an idea, and I'd love to do another one. It would be more than fun."