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The careers of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg rose during the heyday of Mad Magazine and its imitators. In 1973, Mad artist Mort Drucker drew the American Graffiti movie poster before his satire American Confetti. Since the first Mad art auction in January 1991, the directors have purchased original cover art spoofing their movies. Spielberg also owns the 1952 cover of Mad #1.

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Mad Magazine in the 1980's
1984 cover, Germany, Brazil
1989 cover, Germany, Sweden
Publisher: EC Comics
Writer: Dick DeBartolo
Pencils: Jack Davis & Mort Drucker

January 1982 #228: Raiders of a Lost Art, October 1984 #250: Inbanana Jones and the Temple of Goons, March 1986 #261: Mad's Do-It-Yourself Indiana Jones Sequel, December 1989 #291: Inbanana Jones and his Last Crude Days. In April 2000, Mad Color Classics #1 reprinted the three movie parodies in color.
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Cracked Magazine
Publisher: Major Magazines
Writers: Various
Pencils: Various

Cracked Magazine featured the following parodies in black and white: December 1981 #183: Traitors of the Lost Ark (8 pages), November 1984 #208: Indianapolis Bones and the Temple of Gloom (7 pages), November 1989 #249: Windiana Bones and the Loot Crusade (5 pages).
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Bananas Magazine #50
Published: 1981
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Writer: R.L. Stine
Pencils: Sam Viviano

Featuring a 5 page color parody, Trailers of the Lost Park. After Bananas Magazine folded in 1984, Sam Viviano became an artist and art director for Mad, while R.L. Stine wrote Indiana Jones Find Your Fate books and the bestselling Goosebumps series.
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Crazy Magazine #83
Published: February 1982
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Paul Kupperberg
Pencils: Bob Camp

Crazy Magazine was an illustrated satire and humor magazine published from 1973 to 1983 for a total of 94 regular issues. "Raiders of the Lost Argh" features Hoboken Smith and Morion Surewood in 6 black and white pages.
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National Lampoon Vol. 2, #52
Published: November 1982
Publisher: NL Communications, Inc
Writer: Gerald Sussman
Pencils: Alan Weiss

National Lampoon was a humor magazine published from 1970 to 1998. "Robbers of the Lost Crock" features Dr. Saskatchewan Smith, gynecologist, and Winnipeg Wilson sent by FDR in 1940 to find a virility potion buried in King Smut's Tomb in 9 color pages.
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Playboy Vol. 31, #1
Published: January 1984
Publisher: Playboy Enterprises, Inc
Writer: Harvey Kurtzman
Pencils: Will Elder

Kurtzman and Elder left Mad Magazine in 1957 and started drawing Little Annie Fanny for Playboy in 1962. "Raiders of the Temple of Voom" features Annie and Harrison Furd's many ill-fated stand-ins filming scenes from the movie in 3 color pages.
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Pilote Magazine #M124
Published: September 1984
Publisher: Dargaud
Writer: Thierry Cailleteau
Pencils: Olivier Vatine

This issue contains a 3 page one color Temple of Doom parody "The Beautiful Stories of Uncle Spielberg." Also: 3 page Oliver Jones and the Cursed Casserole, and editorials The Indy Look, Indiana made in France, The next Indiana Jones, etc. Pilote was a Franco-Belgian comics magazine published from 1959 to 1989.
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Cherry Poptart #3
Published: 1986
Publisher: Last Gasp
Writer: Larry Welz
Pencils: Larry Welz

Oklahoma Smith and the Lost Temple of the Doomed Raiders is 9 black and white pages. Cherry Poptart was an adult comic book which ran 22 issues from 1982 to 2000.
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1989 US cover
2008 cover
Publisher: Éditions Les Artistocrates
Writer: Marc Samson
Pencils: André Gagnon

Safarir is a Canadian French-language humour magazine first published in 1987. In 1989, #18 featured a 3 page black and white Last Crusade parody, "Indiana Jaune." In 2008, #234 covered Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
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Movie Insider #4
Published: October 2003
Publisher: Live Publishing
Writer: Nick Nunziata
Pencils: Lewis Cox III

Movie Insider was a British magazine with articles from the CHUD website. It lasted six issues from 2003 to 2004. ROTFLMAO of the OMGWTF is a 1 page color parody of Raiders in the short-lived Hollywoodn't series.
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Harry Johnson and the Case of the Crabbes
Published: 2004
Publisher: Fulp Fiction
Writer: Charles Fulp
Pencils: Craig Rousseau

Harry Johnson, Uncouth Sleuth is a 2-part comic story, 36 color pages each. It was collected and reprinted in 2011. It contains many characters and scenarios similar to Indiana Jones, with plenty of double entendres.
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Mad Magazine in the 2000's
Germany cover
Publisher: DC Comics
Writers: Various
Pencils: Various

February 2005 #450: Suggested Titles for the next Indiana Jones Movie, June 2008 #490: The Top-Secret Indiana Jones Memo from George Lucas to Steven Spielberg, Embryonic Jones and the Temple of Womb, 10 Things Indiana Jones Hates More than Snakes, Mad Fold-In, September 2008 #493: Inadiaper Jones and the Kingdom of the Creative Dry Spell.
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Cabezón Jones
Published: 2008
Publisher: Dolmen Publicaciones
Temple and Crusade covers
Writer: Enrique V. Vegas
Pencils: Enrique V. Vegas

Cabezón Jones y el Arca Escondida, Cabezón Jones en el Templo Maldito, and Cabezón Jones y la Penultima Cruzada are 48 black and white pages each. The "Obra Completa" hardcover collection was released November 27, 2009. "Cabezón" means stubborn or "big-headed" in Spanish.
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The Mis-Adventures of Adam West
Vol. 2, #3

Published: February 2012
Publisher: Bluewater Comics
Writer: Jeffrey Renaud
Pencils: Luis Rivera

An exotic amulet transports Adam West, Julie Newmar and others through space and time to a new genre every issue with an ongoing storyline. This 24 page color issue features Adam West in ancient Egypt.


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